GOP strategist: Trump has 'surrounded himself by people that are unfit'

The "This Week" Powerhouse Roundtable debates the week in politics.
7:39 | 08/12/18

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Transcript for GOP strategist: Trump has 'surrounded himself by people that are unfit'
It's a smart way toeat lunch in peace. Sweet, oblivious peace. We'rback with Brazile. Mark short wife house three weeks ago where he servedthe presidt's of legislative affairs, no a senior fellow at uv Miller cr of public swan, axi nnal political reporter. And political strategist and ABCNEWS contributor, Navarro. Thank you all for joining us. Donna, one year after charlottesville the president certainlhas a dierent message. Let me you what as Elijah CMI does he have the right message now? No. I think the ident's stst year about -- let me make I'm right -- very fine people on botdes and the statthis week, types of rac it echos S me stateme. You ve to -- this is a moral issue. Cism, thers no equivent. The president has to condemn racism. He needs to emn the kk ds to condthese groups.'re not Justin Washington. They're marching all over Amer so the president needs to come out aatement. Look, condemns Bron James he cdemns our ie condemns Maxine ws. Callhed condemn these groups and the violence that they are out there peetrating. Ark, you were at the white house at T time of T charlottesville tragedy. You saw E president' respon. What was yr reactionn real time when heard him out and Sary fine people on Bos? Jk I've said th the ite housdn't hand as well as we H from a pr perspective but when saould have Ed th out by name, this is what D August 14, racism is evil and those who violence its namein and S include kkk, neo Nazis, E prnd other groups. We say the president dtl them out by name, but id. As a mixedessage which was unforte and wronbut the president did call it out and of't remember th. We L have thavery fine both sides. You me try to get an answer out of klythat. I J said I agree with U. That was mixed messaging and thatas unfortu. But to say tt he never called them out is also wrong. The facts say that HD and ent reitered that yeday. Ana? This weekend is about Heather Heyer. Leer her name. She lost her life ar S killed protesting white ISTs. She raised her voice against racism. The problith Donald today is one day butre days a year anst of those through racialines, ethn L immigration, whatever it may be. Whether it is going after John Lewis, whether after Lebron jamesdon lemon,alling ers low iqjust a F days ago he was again tweeting ainst the L athletesaking a knee, afn-american atet so many times he has gone after african-americanfter people . We see him puttiit children, immigrant children behindhances. Eeac migratn except it is wife. I'm gladyear-old Melania C be reunid with her parents. I wish children at the border whwere getti separated from theirs and being put in jail andtreated LI animalsould the same beef let's turto what OMAR sayi Oh god, why? Jonathan, before we get to the substance what she's saying, she reed her cosahe west wi.s got a Ta of herselg fired. In the situation room. That's kind of mind blowing. Ie ly never H oything like it 'S -- I me, it's -- S it ever happened? S someone er recorin the situatn Roome and apparently pd it on TV. Ecause sheasd in the situation room and she recorded as they held her in the situatioroa locked door. When you enter the situation room yave to givup all your phones so if she did that, that's quite an affront. Omarosa for the full year she was in the white house and a book and all of a sudden she lcle and body is -- I donnot' I don't know if anybody is cag her an ocle. But let me ask you, Donna, you heat she told news right after she left, the president's not a racist, uld never or a racist. Now she's sayingctly the opposite. Does she have any credibility on this?nown her for a long time Of course I've known her for a long time and I believe we're gointo hear a T her cause she has more than E tape St's get refer the next reiteration of her tape. Omarosa believes sgly that esident trump has displayed racist anxiety, racist rhetoric. Why dn't she sa wheshe was stl working R him? Whdid ien she left? Whyid she go to work for one who she perhaps believed that durthe time o"the apprentice." She said not just he book but E has saidhet thwhere he has used the vile "N" word.I don't kn. I haven't all I know is omarosa believes her not to tell her story. Sa has a buc make. She is- look, I'norump, thats no secre and I uld tell yirds of a featr flock tother. Again with Donald Trump it's berounded himself with people who are loyalty to him and so have no qual about tng loyalty toes at's what are seen book. Why did the H E knew her the most interesting thing about her -- She knew him. It's not thatpl I've ted to mennside, men, senior men who worked inr, they'recared of they're all scared of her.I'm not gog to talk out mark. Maigbut I've hrd gwn men whoay if omarosa ys somethi, you do it.they're lirally scar of her. But there's less fo Mary elizabeaylor who an rican-ameran on our team who did more in Hite house T get Neil Gorsuch confi than anybody else. There's less focus O smito is lead the effort -- You still don't have a senior adr to the president's rican-amerann offin the Westin Not true. Jeron Smith's office is in the eating. He is he white Hou I hired head of policy for the viceresident othited Ates. There's a lot O focus media on O B less focus on those who are doing Rea hardobs. Masa was at the very top level, the maximalary. Yoknow, you T say that he her the very T job. That's fair but there's S I just puout for one of tm are among the 55 top paid STAs on the wte house staff, none of the They ardoing phomenal Jo. Marylizabeth In fathn-americant the top. She could be head of -- Mar omarosa is the of dtrump and he desert this exactly. We've got to take a qui break. Will be bk with morfrom the. Cong up next, we'll talk

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{"duration":"7:39","description":"The \"This Week\" Powerhouse Roundtable debates the week in politics.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/ThisWeek","id":"57145028","title":"GOP strategist: Trump has 'surrounded himself by people that are unfit'","url":"/ThisWeek/video/gop-strategist-trump-surrounded-people-unfit-57145028"}