Ken Starr on Manafort: Cooperation with special counsel 'significant breakthrough'

Former Independent Counsel Ken Starr and Norm Eisen, who was Obama's chief ethics lawyer, discuss Manafort's guilty plea and what's next for Mueller investigation.
10:52 | 09/16/18

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Transcript for Ken Starr on Manafort: Cooperation with special counsel 'significant breakthrough'
Open acount Toda ???????????? agreeing to cooperate. You expect he'll do so fully and thoroughly? We do.thank you. That was ABC's Pierre Thomas talkwith Paul Na attorney kevinowningn friy after therumppaign chairmanaded guilty to lesser charges of conir in exchange for coopeh special counsel rmueller's investigation. Manafort become fifth a share what hs with his arrangement requires him to er fully, truthfully, questiabout all tter and to furnish documents and other relevaat he agrees to testify at any cot proceeding waives the riavesent during intervisy investigators. Joining O discuss at this mean, Ken Starr, author ntempt, a Mo the Clinton investion" and T Obama's ethics czaruthor of "E last pace." Judgestarhis developme surprised a of us. Were you Surpris to see fort ple a to ts corporation? No he was under tremendous press E his counsel, I would say Paul we had our shot. Hnity bore a jury. He was convicted by a jury on a of counts. Ser GE theht thing. 'Ve been imueller's oes trying to get agreements wait give whatueller offered here, caears for allse charges, how significant WOU the prefer have have beeort? Negotiations we're led to believe. We don't know. I would say that, it is very likely that Paul manafort has indid through S counsel and direly that he can providehermation, useful to the bottom what Bob Mueller and his team have been charged to dificant break through. Having said that, from my own experiens as I rnt into the book, you enter into an agreement Webb Hubble - dithk, a echo of the cooperated wit us. We entered into agreement with Jim guy tucker, very similar situation T pau manafort. Turned out H didn't have as much information as W thougould. E Mica lewins did. That's other part of the story. Ruthfully, T adverbs that were used that are very import fully, truthfull and so fart. Will the witnessfact -- wi paulanafort beruly forthcoming and give more than what the typical cooperating wi Wille give 100 T ff up. People say he'll say anything THRs want him say. . Bomueller isn ethicaguy. He's an hest guy. He will as we W say to our wites, deal withhe truth, the truth is. What we can't deal with is lie. Norm, you've known robe muelr for decas. What's youread on wh he expects to get from Paul manafort? Well, jon,hanksor me back on the show. Pleasure to be heith my friend judge Starr. Bob is highly ethical, but also among the rigorous I would Y there iso prosecutor alive more rigorous thob. Don't thingie nature that put up, the seriousness of the crimes and the power of the evidence those est this deal would have been OFD absent se poweul evidence. In defend and prosecute criminal matter only get deal like if you GOP the chai whis up the chain from Paul manafort? Washe chair of the trum campaign. N Dr., Roger one, the campaignelf and peap ultimate I thine is a sunte don't know forsure, the judge isight.ere's a substantial ssibility at this evidence that manafort is offering wi mebody up the chain. Positive about the president a lot of doors that haven't been opened. R investigation. At same time hear a dism president's legal . This is meingless, has nothing to do with president hims who rht? We don't know. We don't know.unably it would be dismissed by thesident as going burgerthere's nothing to this. Inright. Bob Mueller so cooperating with him. Was on thther side of the courtroom F eve step O the now you venafort sa I'm now he to help. I'm going to be honest and truthful. The way, ift is not truthf, the deal is off. It's pwhmakes action whether the using up to the agreent of bei truthful and operative. We D't know. Ller -- I ve worked wbob muelle the way H looking atts I'm now looking to getting to nissueaul manafoas doing I his esentationand viions of feral law are all prior T trump campaigorth.ere's ancient history tot he has plead to. Now he was of course the campai managerthry helpfulhi the americanple. I kn that the natis divided. We should want truth. Get the facts t'otave fake ns. Let's just have the truth.I think muler Isa situatn to help us do that. Manafort S E joint defense agreement with the presidt's does that compte things? Does go awaynow. Joint defense aments are te E interests have diverge at doesn'to privilegent and hi lawys with manafort ans lawyers originating frommp. During the agreement it se as if prent trump had provided that attorney/clipr information to his own lawyers. That'ste manafortan't say he is what I heard the presmeeting.manafort can S fully and complely the reason I believe this is a pitag point anthe judge knows this full well from hiinigation whh secured 14 convict- manafort is a sherpa for the key moments.omebodyan come to who was at the infamous trump ter meet we he his notes. He can expla notes. He can talkut the run-up to thatmeeting, the afterwards. How sigcant is the agreement that say will talk to investigatohis torney prent? It's enorusly againhelpful to doing W let's get to the truth of the matter. It's HD to overeim sense that prosecutors have. Get to the bottom of eso we have all the facts ants. It's all the morlpful that truth ING but the truth. This is really good for th country. What ppens if the president pardons fort at th P He S the poweto do th then it becomes an I an abuse of poby the president in light ongoing vestigatiove a very rent view obstction of just for a number of. His a topic for another si whatappens if I? Does the cooperation cease? Can manafort walk away from Al The pardon, if anything, creates more exposbecause ce you havat pardon,here M that you have onal -- thanafort has any additi fifth amendment risks. So you can J and throw hi the Grandy. Ou I really -- The pardon doesn't stop in my viewy hurts trump. It only gs the holdeeper. Going to be oked back aic turnint. We're just about out of me. Predictions from both of you. How much longer does this go on? His an indation that the Mueller investigation islly justeginning O wrappin ends on what Paul manafort has to say. What is he pointing folks to? It maythat he potspoints to is HD off to oersn the justice my B. 'Srte deputy attorney general. When do you think this ends? G just comet history of demtion points over the past 100 yeajoen through the windowsofus judge -- to see me there. This I B the beginning of the end, but the end of the beginning for Donald trump.we have se a chapter. He's going to revive mana's testimony. Veruchl churhillian of

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{"duration":"10:52","description":"Former Independent Counsel Ken Starr and Norm Eisen, who was Obama's chief ethics lawyer, discuss Manafort's guilty plea and what's next for Mueller investigation.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/ThisWeek","id":"57857706","title":"Ken Starr on Manafort: Cooperation with special counsel 'significant breakthrough'","url":"/ThisWeek/video/manaforts-cooperation-special-counsel-president-trump-57857706"}