Newt Gingrich Says Trump Has 'Most to Win and Most to Lose' in GOP Debate

The "This Week" powerhouse roundtable on the first GOP debate and the potentially changing Democratic field.
9:03 | 08/02/15

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Transcript for Newt Gingrich Says Trump Has 'Most to Win and Most to Lose' in GOP Debate
The roundtable is here now. Former house speaker newt Gingrich. ABC's cokie Roberts. Democratic strategist maria Cardona. And Kristen soltis-anderson. Mr. Speaker, I asked you about Mr. Trump, how are these republican candidates going to deal with him on that stage? I don't know. I think he's the guy that has the most to win and the most to lose. I think what reince described has a certain irony to it. It may well be that the folks who are at the 5:00 debate have a more interesting debate and a greater ability to get their message out in an age of social media, they can take their best lines and get them out to all of their supporters. It may be the 9:00 becomes the trump versus everybody brawl and in some ways, you might be happier not to be in the middle of the barroom. While the brawl is going on. You have a situation you could see the former governors of New York, sitting governor of Ohio at the kids' table. The rules are crazy. The only reason it matters, because once they're cut off, it puts them in a position which makes it harder to raise money and organize, because they look like losers and I think that's crazy. I'm sorry that Mr. Priebus has limited the number of debates. I loved the 23 debates. You didn't mind all of the debates? No. Hillary and Barack Obama had 22 debates. Right. There's this establishment fantasy, that if only we had controlled the debates, somehow our candidate would have emerged more articulate, more intelligent, less wounded. But we are where we are, and I actually think, having two debates is not a bad idea, and my advice to the ones who are in the 5:00 debate, if you optimize your opportunity you may actually get more out of it than the bottom half of the 9:00. I think it's going to be all about creating moments. It's going to be all about creating the thing that helps you cut through the clutter. Even for the just pretend. You know, most Americans are going to see the couple of moments that come out of this and the question is, are those moment moments people picking fights with Donald Trump or Donald Trump picking fights with them? What is your guess? I think that's going to be a night democrats are going to be grabbing their popcorn and republicans are going to be grabbing their ulcer medicine. I think the earlier debate could have much more serious conversation about substance. I think Fox News lost an opportunity to put everybody on stage, which CNN is doing as an example. Have back-to-back debates. Exactly. In at least in primetime. They're not relegated to the loser -- Trump's big thing is that right now, in our poll, 30% of republicans say there's no way they're going to vote for him. Now that's a huge number. And if he can convince those people that he is someone to vote for, that's his big challenge. And you don't underestimate him. You think he can actually win this? I think Peggy Noonan did a column yesterday, something's happening in this country, people are disgusted with the failure of this country to make sense, and people look around and they see the borders are uncontrolled, they see Isis still existing, they see the mess in Greece, they see Baltimore, they see Ferguson, and people don't like chaos. People like leadership. But do you think trump could actually win the republican nomination? Yes, I do. Trump is playing this game, and everybody else is playing this game. The establishment understands this game. Trump's game is very simple -- we need someone really, really tough. I'm really, really tough. As you remember well, a lot of the same people voted for George Wallace, the segregationist from Alabama, we're seeing that same kind of disgust from that establishment. I want to move to the other side, some polling this week showed a potential problem for Hillary Clinton. First of all, quinnipiac showed Jeb bush with a narrow lead, and even Scott walker neck and neck with Hillary Clinton. Now we see Joe Biden may jump in. I don't think that's a problem at all. I think this is frankly something that the campaign has already built into their strategy, they knew early on, we talked about this the last time I was on that she was going to be challenged. Early on, the thought was it's -- it might be Elizabeth Warren. Then, Bernie sanders jumped in. Do you think Biden is going to come in? I think Biden should consider every possibility. I think right now, you're seeing all of his friends, all of his family, they're going through an incredible grieving process, it was beau Biden's last wish, he has to consider it, he has to deliberate every single possibility and avenue for him to jump in. And I think he deserves to do that for beau. But I also think at the end of the day, doing it because beau Biden wanted him to do it is not reason enough. But what you have people in the establishment, as you say, coming and saying, we're scared, we're scared she's losing. She's not going to make it and then that becomes a very compelling argument. But let's be very clear, we're not at that point yet. All of the polls you mentioned, look at the enthusiasm among the democrats. Yes, Bernie sanders is getting huge crowds and yes, he's getting bigger Numbers in the polls. But he still has a substantial lead over him and the democratic enthusiasm within the democratic caucus and primary voters is tremendous. What is your read of Biden, could he get in this and actually give her a real challenge? Single digits in the polls, really, he hasn't shown a lot of strength. Up to this point, Hillary Clinton is clearly the strong front-runner. I think Joe Biden has been in the game a while. But he's certainly better than Hillary Clinton on that metric. So, to the extent he can excite people who may be think that Hillary Clinton is too much a traditional politician doesn't have clear answers on questions, that may be his opening. She did a very good job at the urban league, where she did get african-americans fired up. And she went after Jeb bush, in which they also responded to. They also have a new message out, the grandmother message and she's using it very well. Climate change, everybody says I'm not a scientist. She says I'm not a scientist either, I'm just a grandmother with two eyes and brain. That's brilliant. She had banner day on Friday. Not only did she take it to Jeb bush in Florida at the national urban league focusing on the right to rise, and contrasting that to all the policies that Jeb bush would not help this rise. At fiu where Rubio has a teaching gig, so, she's really taking them on and the contrast between a forward-looking engagement with Cuba and Rubio and frankly the rest of the republicans focused on a backwards-looking policy, I think, is tremendous. Mr. Speakerer, Biden has to look at what happened to Hillary Clinton and look at the polls and see an opening. Biden would like to run, if he can figure out the right angle. I agree, he tends to single digits. But I see this institution a little bit different. President Obama has presided over the worst collapse of state and local offices of any president in the democratic party. In the last century. Okay, so you're coming in to '16, already having lost most of your bench, et cetera. It's going to start sinking into democrats that, despite good speeches and lots of bravado, Hillary Clinton is a disaster, because of corruption, because of arrogance. What trump said was right. You look at how they treated general petraeus and you look at what she did with her e-mails, in any other circumstance she would be going to jail. Not the white house. We're out of time. Thank you, everyone. Coming up, my conversation with baseball phenom Bryce

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