Powerhouse Roundtable: Trump's 'shifting stories' on Russia 'are a problem'

The "This Week" Powerhouse Roundtable discusses the Russia investigation and the question of collusion.
8:57 | 08/05/18

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Transcript for Powerhouse Roundtable: Trump's 'shifting stories' on Russia 'are a problem'
Roundtable is Ince. Ined by chrchristie, former governor of New Jersey, so now on news contbutor. Patrick Gaspard, president of the open stiion, also democratic strategist, worked for president Obama. Writer on litics rig now. And Amanda carpenter, welcome to as well, rublican strategist. I want to get right into it. We just hefrom Jay sekulow. You're also the author of "Gaslighting America." I wantat out the elwe just hed Jay sekuw and this hasn part of E pattern for the whole week. Llusion didn'tpen. It did happen it's not a problem. Thing to TRE with th tower meetg. Wi that hold? We're going to see how the facts play out, geor Wyers arg the a all the time. There was no collu, but even if there was, E's no cri. This is not unusual. There was loof hubbub mayor Giuliani said it for the first time. It's lawyerguing theative. What's going to matter is what turn out to be - That's at I wanted to get to at I was gettio wi Jay sekul.ident is arguing that even if this mng was set wi the rusans, that's not a problem at all. Legal, isn't T presides we know is orney, Ando the theument they need to make on his behalf as I've told them for a long time is WHE should permit them to do. Which get the questn are T tweets huing more than they're helping? They are. It's more than just tweets. Some ous are old enough to remember December ofwhen an denders ofonald trump were running around saying there wa absolelo contact between the Russians and the trump campaign. Cedived it went from no contact to, well, if there was act, thereas no co nowearing, wel collus a crime B conspiracy to ort our election crime and suspeceets will ay a ll in convcing many th there's some fire nd this. T to get to the question raised at E top of T prrait did seelike we hit a new level this week with the the sed an awf L. The series of tweets about Bert Muell, series of atements a all week long seem to get more and more eagweek goes on. Saw him dy any possible trouble there for don the facthat don Jr. Has been interviewed by Robert Mueller should conceim. Loo he has E moments. He ragcomes back. Who knows what sets him off. But I think it is an issue. The shifting ses are a problem. He's very frustrated that this is not wrapping Ike he T to do. Rying ever, and at he idea that he's going olve this L by sitting do and actually going on the Rd and goinder oath seems to Hain his Ady better bring their legal fe Do you believe that? You beeve he Reay does wan to D or show. I K the question of if the eeurting him or not is an interesting one because he's playing to base. What he wants most is to G his ba firedpbouthe mid-terms and he needs to promdea that he'e viim th plays verwell and wl continue Tay very we. Andndcarpenter, anossible findingsrom Robert mur. He's basically saying you can't trt what comes froobert muellerecause he's conflicted S got a cot inst Absolutely. If president trump is not worried Abt E abtely shoulbe. N has testified under oath the senatjudi committee foimes that Neis father Abt the trump Jay sekulowe intview today was sg E if they did dcuss those things, it's not illegal. We have to remember at its core the Mueller inigation is counter ll investigation and if any member of the trump campaign, family R not, knongted or encouraged that criminal activity, that triggers all kind conspiracs. Then there's the second layer. There was talk of ceing electis help in exchange for sanctions relief, which has been on the table because tussians contily bring sanctions, ts ral bribe cha which applies Tes which C carry 15 Y. Don jris potent in a heap . There are a host of laws at There are a host of even though, you're right, wor collusio doesn'txist in those statutes. I wo if amandas to something about one of the real reasons presidenump can't with robertll is it crlet he can deny under oath that he knew about that meetingtrump Towe Hdenied it fo assume that's what he would do under as well. E fact is thk when you see tests, I think is right, this is who he is. He's expressing his frustration abth ay believesha there was no colon between his campgnussians. He uslly isolate I and sometis hangs the LE in the campaign out to dry. Because he believes that nobo in the camp had au make these decisions. Son and CEO may have unintentionally co Pck, listen think th anyby situation is going to look to try tfend thn. So thajust human but wh io you on T on her and what the risks are, this is why the idea that Michelle puts ward which I thhas some credility Thate might wa sit down is what everybody is knowledabhis needs to tell him, it makes no sense. It'so different because nobody in this situation -- ther point -ll let -- I just want to get in here. Thheit down based on the ideahahift his STO whenever wants, whenever says fine, he has no T. He HD at he has loosreip with th truth, creative exaggeration and all that which is fine if Al you're trying to do is spin the rules when U sit downnder oath and it's unclear if he knows that. Ene on how many times his storyas simply shifted on this meeting. This is someone who has lied under -- perjured hi the past in other trials against his many, so there'habit of that already. I think that the other point th you made,ichelle, is a terr importantne. Donald trus a skill propandist W's trying to stirhis base before the mid-termelections.when he ADTs actions to delegitimize the C and the press and the community, th's all to fe a co kabow. 'S one thiged the game in terms he trump R meeting D don Jr. This week.iuliani wadesperate to ahead of ak alleged from Michael Cohen's legal team in while reportedly will the special counsel that he was prenald trump told about that meeting. What is interesting about that tiuliani also placed Robert Gates at those -- Rick Gates. Rictes, at the preplanning sessions. Rick Gates hlready plenty, has been cooperati withuece last uary. That I a possible corroborati witness for Michael Cohen. They're bh telling the prosecutor the truth and can coorate it, at's Ver damagi for trumpf T premeeti did happen. A lot of IFS. Other thingle prethere that th rump administration. Kear to delegitimize anything he would come oith. Mber whatheush administradid, bush 41, DI to Lawe Walsh. This is not a new playbook. Everybody when you're being Vey someone ts ciumstance does that. Hen you'reennd spent three years to affirm that, yes, Vince fosr did indeed side, T's a need to delegi that. Where you stands depends on where yosi by the way,his starteasthusion and 're thing aal this week against Paul manafort about bng brought special cns nd that's W these things work. I'm soy that tru D this. M point isn't that that is a valid osecution.my point is to Patrick P. Th what happs to speci counsels and that's why there's delegitimatization by all these folks. I think there's a determat perhaps manafoad a reasowhy he had to rely on Russian oligarchs which spe issue of collusion. Hat goes bac5. Wasn't worried about Donald Trump then. We don't ow what el mur might origave on tdent.got to takquick Brea wel be rightac Fidelity is value R investor

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{"duration":"8:57","description":"The \"This Week\" Powerhouse Roundtable discusses the Russia investigation and the question of collusion.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/ThisWeek","id":"57043951","title":"Powerhouse Roundtable: Trump's 'shifting stories' on Russia 'are a problem'","url":"/ThisWeek/video/powerhouse-roundtable-trumps-shifting-stories-russia-problem-57043951"}