House Dem: Trump has tried to 'distract us' from being world's 'moral authority'

Congressman Elijah Cummings, D-Md., is interviewed by Chief White House Correspondent Jonathan Karl on "This Week."
8:00 | 08/12/18

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Transcript for House Dem: Trump has tried to 'distract us' from being world's 'moral authority'
Ong africaamericans,nly 3% joininus now is congress Elijah Cummings. And a former Chan of the congressiol black caucus Good be with Y. So you heard the president's message now, a year after charesville. Let's put it up he screen one more time. He say mogether as nation. I coemn all S of racism and ts of violence. Ace to allme. Has the prw gotten the mee right onhis not gonearenough. I think it's a low bar for the president the United States to simply say he's against racism he got to doetter thanha he's got to addre people who are espousing racist type comments and doing rac cist type ac white supremacy seems he N'e T I think an do BETT. And thing, Jonathan, is you gotlook at it one thing to S ts another thing when we look at the action that yg ansee that the very things that you say that you stand for, you undeine througyour actions. Of suppressing vote. Look at the way he has dealt with hlth care, kiway heal care for so many ic look at the way he has treated and his adstration has treathe G immigrant children and R parents. Thathorrendous and so when I hear the W RDS ring hollow wie. He seemed to reach out to you the beginng of hi idency. Yes. Ith him at the E house. Lasyear so before charlottesville, you told him that some of his languon ce is huful D insulin afichave you tked to him since? I talked to him once or T but at to a yeargo noafwith him. T in that meeting so said something else, Jonathan. Esou cannot be the psident F a few pele, for 36of the you'ot to be T president tire nation, and you're not doing that. Some ofr colleagues, him a racist,st flatly idsident's a racist. I don't think I've heard you say that. Do youhink -- and you can label them however you want them. But do not believe thaent trump has be man of his word. I keoing back his inaugurati sd ask the president right to go back a Rd his inauguration ee talked about unity and and how O unity will to be theery best I the world and I ink he has done thh his acs rything he could to take that unity and THIT away. Have you D to reachut him again? Yoa very strg message that you giving Thim right now, butavu asked to him again? No, no.ce or twice don'--en to a pot where I'm totally frustrated. Jonathanen you are dealing witheone who cls trh lies, it's kind of hard. After me the first time, he did not accely depict wt happened the meeting, a T M know, so pause. Iit hopeless? What do you want him to do now? Come out, certainly the message is differenthan what year may note far Engh, but what dyou want himdo? I whihonest, first of all, with tmerican people. I want ho bring ingrity bathe white house. I want him top doing T thin that he Doi working in conjunction with publican congress to suppress the vote. I want him to make sure that health care is pd citizens, D I wantim to get him S because as far as I can selike theres -- they don't se to know wt they'r doing, particularly when we look at ws happeninwith these imant children So I want to ASU about these allegations from omarosa, but before I Gou on that let's hear again what she to us just after she left the white house inember. Do you think this pde is racis Aolutely not. I would never sit nor work for someone eve to be race. So omarosa he any ability onhis? I don't know. I don't know omarosa, but I can only judge from whatseen. Whgo around asking is somebody a racist, you know what happens? Once I say tif I were say that, that would be the ne and nobwould ever gee message. What I saying to you and the message that I want to get is that the has coistently tried to distract us from the things that we've been fighting for, act us fr T country that we are,act us from bei the mor authority of third, and dtr frhe erosion- I think S efforts to erode our democracy. I want to ask you on a differsuzabeth warrade some cents the other day that have gottte a bi B she was G about law enforcement and she said -- this is the quote -the hard truth about R justice system, it's racist, I mean from T to back. E's calling the criminal juste system risnt to back. Do yougrthat? I don't necessarily agree with that but I do know that rain baltimo W some real problems with policing. Wasn't Abt ce and WHE police, it was just some bad police. We ended up withsent decree thaweg rough now. We have to have smart pong. Have toe ity CING. Certainly ser Warren I entitled to her opinions, but that's WHE stand. The president has said, you hear in the on to the ow, over and on, ands actually true. That Mary well berue but we he to ask what kind of jobs are those african-amerig? Jonath, ll you, when fair every year, thousands of people come trying to get a jobs. E the economy may be good, qualityf LI. So one last question. Thwain politic cesae term electould bring the first African-American Eaker of T you THIT could Happ do you think -- we've seen a L of democts, a loof candidates come out against nalosi for spe it time for an possible, I'bet everytng I've go thancy Pelosi will B spear, A you suppo her without queson I withoues. I think that she has been a phenomenal S And no chance you yourself run foea house? No. Elijah Cummings, thank you R . W let's br

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{"duration":"8:00","description":"Congressman Elijah Cummings, D-Md., is interviewed by Chief White House Correspondent Jonathan Karl on \"This Week.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/ThisWeek","id":"57144549","title":"House Dem: Trump has tried to 'distract us' from being world's 'moral authority'","url":"/ThisWeek/video/rep-elijah-cummings-state-race-relations-america-57144549"}