Why some Republicans are now targeting Trump, GOP senators

ABC News' senior congressional correspondent Mary Bruce speaks with The Lincoln Project and Republican voters who now say they will vote for Joe Biden.
4:01 | 08/02/20

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Transcript for Why some Republicans are now targeting Trump, GOP senators
From what I've seen a lot of Republicans are going to vote for Joe. Maybe they're not saying publicly. But when I was out there on the trail, a lot of people came up to me and said, Jill, I'm a Republican but I'm going to vote for your husband because he's a moderate and he's a steady leader and we believe in Joe. Dr. Jill Biden making the case that Republican voters are going to be crossing the aisle to vote for her husband this November. Several Republican groups are hoping for the same, waging war against the president of their own party. Here's senior congressional correspondent Mary Bruce. Covid has robbed America of so much, none of this had to happen. We have suffered needlessly because trump is a fool. A liar and a failure. Reporter: Blistering ads targeting president trump, not by Democrats but a group of many using the president's own words against him. Again, when you have 15 people, and then 15 within a couple of days is going to be close to zero. Close to zero. We pull no punches. We illustrate why he's unfit for office. Reporter: It's called the Lincoln project and the co-founder tells us many of the ads that are running heavily on Fox News is intended for an audience of one. What we see strategically it throws him and his campaign off his game. A million people wanted to come out to your first big rally. Turnout in Tulsa -- a dud. Reporter: Trump is not amused but he's taking the bait. So they shouldn't call it the Lincoln project, it's not fair to Abraham Lincoln. A great president. They should call it the losers project. Reporter: His response to pandemic is taking a toll. A new poll out Friday found that 66% of Americans disapprove of trump's handling of coronavirus. The president now trailing Biden by double digits and down in the key battleground states that delivered him the white house. The group Republican voters against trump is hoping to amplify the voices of frustrated Republicans. I voted for Donald Trump. My bad. Not my proudest moment. He's an anti-masker. He's a conspiracy theorist. He's mismanaged, has zero leadership when it comes to the coronavirus. The goal to sway trump voters to back Biden. We can help nudge them over into Joe Biden's camp using messengers from people within their community. Reporter: Its founder Tim Miller tells us that the coronavirus has been a tipping point. About a month ago, when we were doing focus groups with these soft trump supporters, a lot of them were making excuses for him on the coronavirus response. In the last month you've seen people really start to get frustrated with him. Reporter: Former bush administration officials are now piling on. What do we have here? The greatest nation in the world on its knees, because of failed leadership, we can't have four more years of this. Reporter: Gaelen is more blungt about his long-term goal -- riping out trumpism. I do believe that a philosophically driven center right party is healthy for the United States. We don't have that right now. Reporter: The Lincoln project now broadening their scope. They chose trump. Reporter: Targeting Republican senators who have sided with the president. It's not about just Donald Trump, although he's the prime target, it's about all those people who failed their oath of office. You'd be gutting your own party. It's not our party. For us it's not about the party it's about the country.

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{"duration":"4:01","description":"ABC News' senior congressional correspondent Mary Bruce speaks with The Lincoln Project and Republican voters who now say they will vote for Joe Biden.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/ThisWeek","id":"72132355","title":"Why some Republicans are now targeting Trump, GOP senators","url":"/ThisWeek/video/republicans-now-targeting-trump-gop-senators-72132355"}