Sen. Amy Klobuchar: ICE raids are 'about scaring everyone in the country'

2020 presidential candidate Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn., discusses immigration and the state of her campaign on "This Week."
8:31 | 07/14/19

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Transcript for Sen. Amy Klobuchar: ICE raids are 'about scaring everyone in the country'
democratic senator and presidential candidate Amy klobuchar. Senator klobuchar, thank you for joining us. I want to start first with these I.C.E. Deportation raids. Can you from your vantage point, on the senate cue dare area committee, what is going on? Because we didn't get answers from Ken cuccinelli. What do I think is going on? If you really wanted to go after security risks, and there are people who are security risks, why would you alert them and say you're doing this on a Sunday and doing it two weekend in a row? Why? Because you want to make news, right? It's not about giving people who are security risks deported it's about scaring everyone in the country and it's also about changing the news from things like, pharmaceutical prices that are going up at record levels and this president has made endless promises that he's going to do something about it, or he's going to do something about infrastructure and we got electric grids catching on fire and levees bursting where I am right now in Iowa. That's what's happening right now. No, I don't think this makes sense. I think you do want deport people who are security risks to people in our country. That is true. I think we need comprehensive immigration reform and the president knows this but he refuses to act because it will -- off his base. Most of the country will like to get rid of this chaos. And a have much orderly process, where you take people who are following the laworking, who have been in this country for years and allow them an arduous path to citizenship so they can we don't have enough workers in our fields, factories, nursing homes in the midwest, this would be a much smarter way to do this. But instead, he simply wants that chaos and to distract people from the real things they care about, he has not kept his promises. That's what I truly believe. He wants us to be talking about this today and he uses these people as political pawns. Now, Elizabeth Warren this week came out with a proposal following on what Julian Castro said in the debate to decriminalize unauthorized border crossings. You said you were going to look at that. Have you? Do you support that idea? I support different enforcement priorities. And of course, I'll look at this statute, to see if you can make changes depending on the level of a security risk. But no, I don't support open borders and getting rid of this statute. I think the answer is to have a new precedent. The answer is when we're on the cusp of getting comprehensive reform done, so much better for our economy, it brought the deficit down by only $150 billion in ten years because people would start paying their taxes, then you take some of that money and you can use it for better order at the border for targeted reasons and then you can also look at those countries we're talking about, where we have seen this surge of asylum seekers, let them seek asylum in the countries where they are, the Obama administration allowed that in limited circumstances. Go back to that policy, that woulhelp a lot. Then at the same time, work with our allies to get things under control in those countries. None of that is going on right now. Again, the president wants these images, he wants chaos because it distracts everyone from all of these other things we should be talking about. I promise you, Jonathan, that's what he wants and it is so sad this humanitarian crisis that's happening right now, which could be prevented by some smart policies when we got people on both side of the aisle that want to let dreamers stay. That 250es million people, right. You have Republican senators leading the charge on that. The people who are here legally in temporary status, like the Liberian community in Minnesota who have been here for decades, they were just a few days away from deporting them this past year. This is not what we stand for, we need to move forward, our country, we need to move our economy forward. I think you do that by tackling the challenges in front of us. Climate change, yes. Immigration reform, yes. Doing something about our health care costs, but instead, it's chaos every day and the people in the state like this, in Iowa, they're sick and tired of it. So, as you look at those images of the humanitarian crisis on the border from the vice president's trip, what's your reaction? You see 400 men in that -- again, we only saw a sliver of what was going on, a place that was, you know, pre-screened because the vice president was visiting it, what's your reaction to that? I just think it's incredibly sad. I think that they got what they came for, you know, they claimed that they were going to show us how great things were done down there and all of the things they had done, then you saw these people in cages. That's why we have pushing for standards in place, by the asylum process and by stopping this chaotic policy, because what happens is the traffickers say to the people in those countries, hey, the president has changed the policy again, or a court changed it because the president did a policy that was illegal. They start coming up. That's the kind of chaotic policy that he has created. Once again, if you really talked to people -- But you heard Ken cuccinelli saying, it's your fault, it's congress' fault. In fact, the Republicans did have a $4.2 billion request back in February to have 52,000 additional beds at the detention facilities on the border, was it a mistake for Democrats to oppose that back in February? No. We just put out billions of dollars for the border and they know that and the president signed that into law. All right, he signed into law and he just did it. And there have been repeated efforts for bipartisan compromises on a number of things like infrastructure, like pushing on the pharmaceutical prices, like doing something on immigration reform. Instead, he likes to govern by tweet at 5:00 in the morning in his bathrobe. I have been in senate long enough, including when George Bush was president, to see that you can get things done when people in good faith want to work together for the good of this country. I'm running for president because I truly believe that. I think Americans are tired of people in this country -- people in this country are tired of broken promises. They want someone to look them in the eye and tell the truth. And I think we need someone a track record of bringing people together. This president just doesn't do that. He tries to divide people every single day. The men in cages incredibly sad. But that's what he wants us to see. So, before you go the fund-raising numbers are due tomorrow. You clearly know how much money you raised in the second quarter, can you tell us here? We're going to put all that tomorrow. I can tell you I'm going to have enough money to win, we had a good first quarter and we continued to be smart about how we're spending our money. I know you're going to have another candidate on next. Yeah, I don't have the kind of money that he has and I welcome him to the race, but I'm telling you, the American people already have one multimillionaire in the white house, I don't think that should be the only criteria of who gets to be elected in this country. I come from a different background. My dad was a newspaper man. My mom was a teacher. America is about people who succeed, who come to the forefront and get things done. I bet that they want something different than having another wealthy person in the white house. Senator Amy klobuchar, thank you for joining us on "This week." Appreciate your time.

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{"duration":"8:31","description":"2020 presidential candidate Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn., discusses immigration and the state of her campaign on \"This Week.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/ThisWeek","id":"64327724","title":"Sen. Amy Klobuchar: ICE raids are 'about scaring everyone in the country'","url":"/ThisWeek/video/sen-amy-klobuchar-ice-raids-scaring-country-64327724"}