Texas Senator Ted Cruz on Harvey: 'This disaster is unlike anything we have ever seen'

Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, joins "This Week" to discuss Hurricane Harvey relief efforts, North Korea, and more.
6:29 | 09/03/17

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Transcript for Texas Senator Ted Cruz on Harvey: 'This disaster is unlike anything we have ever seen'
Joining me now, senator Ted Cruz. A member of the armed services committee. I know you've been Har hard at work here in Houston. We'll talk about that in a moment. Listen, North Korea, right now, is the most dangerous place on the face of the planet. Kim Jong-un, the dictator there, he is radical. He's unpredictable. He's extreme. He's getting more and more dangerous weapons. This step, if it is right, that they have now developed a hydrogen bomb, is a serious step forward in their ability to commit mass acts of murder. It will call for further serious steps to prevent North Korea from using those weapons. What kind of steps are you talking about? President trump said one thing. That made it sound like military action. I think the president is right that Kim Jong-un and other bullies only understand and respect strength. That weakness, that appeasement, encourages this action. In term of what happens, listen, no rational person wants to see a military conflict with thort Korea, with the nuclear weapon there is. Almost any snare Joe, you're looking at tens or hundreds of thousands of casualties in matter of days. It is very dangerous. That's why un wants those nuclear weapons, precisely to make military conflict exceptionally costly. Is there anything you could do militarily that wouldn't cause -- thf U.S. Could do militarily that would not cause major conflict? I'm talking about something like striking a mizle that they fire out? A medium range or -- Yes. There is. What I have advocated for some time is a three-part strategy. The first focuses on what you're talking about. Missile defense. Enhancing our missile defense. We have some capacity. Increasing Thad missile intercepters. Increasinging ouf intercept capability. I've been pushing this for a long time tone Hans our capacity and take to the next level the ability to take out and icbm from North Korea that is targeted the United States. If they continue on this path, the risks of their accepting a missile that could murder millions of Americans, it's growing every day. You have been working on it a long time. It would take a long time. This is an Yiu are jet problem. If he keeps firing missiles. I was just over there. They're ready to fight tonight. That doesn't mean they want to. This is an you urgent problem that has to be dealt with rapidly. No doubt. We have to deal with the immediate and long-term planning. You look at whatti Israel has been able to do. Missile technology and missile interception technology has increased dramatically. The next arena, theater, where this will play out is in space. China is enhancing its ability to take out satellites in space. We need to do the investment now so that in years to come, we have the ber September capability. We need to yauz economic leverage to go against not only North Korea, but every company that does business with them. Almost all of them rely on the U.S. Financial system. Cutting after they money off their money is critical. Following Reagan's strategy for delegitimizing the sow yet union. One step of that. Just last month, congress passed and the president signed into law a big sanctions bill that included legislation that I drafted directing the state department to move forward with saxs. Which he clear sli not listening to. Move forward with designating North Korea as a state sponsor of terrorism. That's important as well. We have shows of fours. We have sanctions. Nothing seems to work. You to think it hurt or help when president trump talked about fire and fury? Just a simple answer. Hurt or help? The president speaks in ways that I wouldn't speak. That is his prerogative. I think it helps for North Korea and China to understand that we have a president who is strong. That is beneficial. I will say we're seeing some science that China may be more helpful than they have in the past with North Korea. I have little trust at the that will continue. Think the only way we have chance of it continuing is if it is coming from American strength and not a policy of weakness or appeasement. I do want to talk with you. We're gettinging to the a huge segment on Houston. And the flooding. But I do want to talk to you about what this last week has been like for you. This last week has been horrific. Houston is my home. I live a couple miles the from here. My mom lived a half mile from here. Heart breaking to see this? Her parents lived right down the street. My grandparents. The damage is unlike anything I have ever seen. It's -- you know, in Houston, you're used to hurricanes. Part of living on the gulf coast is getting hit by hurricanes and you come through it. This disaster, Harvey, is like nothing I have seen. It hit south Texas. I was in rockport, south Texas. Homes just obliterated. It parked over Houston for four to five days, dropping 50 inches of rain. 20 trillion dpal Lons of rain. Then it went to Beaumont and Port Arthur. I'm going there later. The geographic swath. People are hurting. I would be remiss if I didn't tell you in the face of that disaster, we have seen incredible bravery. First responders. Individuals. We're going get to that. I'm going to stop you right now. I appreciate everything you have done this week. I know that the people of Houston do as well. Thank you very much for joining us.

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{"id":49594268,"title":"Texas Senator Ted Cruz on Harvey: 'This disaster is unlike anything we have ever seen' ","duration":"6:29","description":"Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, joins \"This Week\" to discuss Hurricane Harvey relief efforts, North Korea, and more.","url":"/ThisWeek/video/senator-ted-cruz-49594268","section":"ThisWeek","mediaType":"default"}