Washington Gov. Jay Inslee: 'We feel very positive' going into midterms

Gov. Jay Inslee, chair of the Democratic Governors Association, discusses the Democrats' strategy for the 2018 midterms on "This Week."
6:36 | 08/05/18

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Transcript for Washington Gov. Jay Inslee: 'We feel very positive' going into midterms
Let pre John Kasich -- one of the messages he S sending T. He said Democrats haveve F than simpl de Donald Trump. T? I heard John's message and what I has you've oy one option as an American voter thisr and that T democr I democratirnors. Have veful ssages. Number one we're goio protect ex not strip it away. And you cannot trust the Republican guberrial candidate, Mike dewine, to protect health he's made a lifetime passion for taking awa hlth ce that johnped establh in Ohio. That's happening in Maine and Florida and Neva ousso expand hlth care for fie secondmessage is rescue America, and we Wille America from the grasp O unhingarcissist O creating the chaos that Jo and ents and Democrats are banding togethescue ssion for Erica. To the democratic party this year. We are defining gross domestic product thway it should be. The "D" in G domestic product should mean domestor fali ve learned and what we learned imy state is that we have own up theyth that if you actually foon job creation and wagcrease, th somehow htson look we've do I passed, GHTs, expaioof clean energy, expansion of access to college. O you get? You get 62 cranes in Seattle, E my two out the last threaica. TRE three powerful messages. We need Al them. Very remarkable to hear lomy ag ry is beinmmered rig now Let me lk about the campai is T some of ur candidates including Stacy abra runningor governor of Georgia. Here's T run now byponent. Meet sty Abrams, most radical liberal to run for governor. Politician funded by sinifr I'm thrilled that Stacy Abrams tocratic gubernatorial primary in georgialast night I forward Tsu her campaign in the months to co Concerned at all? We've se Ni come up in Republican ad after as well a facthat she wants to be speaker the democratic control,s it hurt your party's efforts? Ok great shape and I'd much rather be in the democric seat than any other at right now we've wo42 specialctions, increasederformance in Iowa. I was in Iowa the other day talking to the party. There's an averagin of 25 points ive special elections. We're in good shape and ths that. Number owe have great candidates, the most diverse field we'ver had.ve Stacy aams and sooe America. Stacy tells a story about how meetinwoman namepa thout ING to havto be a retail clerk forever and then she say dreams of opening a beaualon. Bubarriers to . Stacy talks about overco those barriers and she talks G in favor of Pam being in favor of working people and THR dreams that is a ING messagac the United States. Michelle Grisham new Mexico, I S just the talking about how to create clean energy jobs. Right now a saw all the day withcy in Georg an african-amicin Gia, coulde we feel ve positive ING intothis election cycle. It's part of the chaosdonald ump but it's also part becauseernors have shown to elect demratic governors so we a Chan to use of representatives so we N do the tngs theatre necessto restoreealth care across this country and restore economic growth and stops huge inequality of instead of lping workg people helping pe get Colle ahaving an fr program,he Republicans haven't built a house sin D trump haberesident. They're giving money to the top wns of dollarof cuts. So I really like oes I really like our candidates. And I really like the year 2018 this county restoreshe tons of docracy. That's why we're getting so much from repuicans. I know your focus is on 2 there's also been some talk about yolooking the for president in 2020. What could tip you the race? Well, I do think that we all have thingwestrongly change a front burner issue. It was really interesting, two Dago we had ING historical irony it was reported that this last ar was probably the hottest Yee history of O species. The very se day dona trump orted to T to repealhe sions rulethat deft carbon pollution, th decrease tportation costs get better mileage because of his slavshto denial. We Democrats are the only party that has accepted science bee we belie ie and ha aed this visit of job creation around clean energy. We've shown this in my state where cleaenare growing ice as fasas the E economy. Is is a jocrsage. His has nobe the presidential discussion ye and N and it's a winning message in governors' S across T country. Hubble inig Iowa is cud turbines. Janet mills in Maine, Michelle in new mexico,we great work. Florida, 'S the sunine ate, but the Republicans want a climate denier. You got a lot in E. Governorlee, thankfor your time this morning. Thank you

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{"duration":"6:36","description":"Gov. Jay Inslee, chair of the Democratic Governors Association, discusses the Democrats' strategy for the 2018 midterms on \"This Week.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/ThisWeek","id":"57041097","title":"Washington Gov. Jay Inslee: 'We feel very positive' going into midterms","url":"/ThisWeek/video/washington-gov-jay-inslee-outlines-democrats-potential-midterms-57041097"}