Lions, zebras and elephants, oh my! Safari to Tanzania's Ngorongoro crater

ABC News' Juju Chang and the Nightline team avoid being lions' lunch at the Ngorongoro Conservation Area in Tanzania.
10:22 | 03/03/17

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Transcript for Lions, zebras and elephants, oh my! Safari to Tanzania's Ngorongoro crater
Hi everybody it's huge thing baby seat and we are. Crater the guard work grader at Tanzania we're coming out. On alliant you can tell frankly because they're all those safari trucks when they forget I don't think I. Given the big crater. Here. Is a giant hole at them aside painted and Tora Bora. May also mean. They give them life with on this plane. It's assertive and three lions. So we are we have seen on our dry today in the span of like a couple of hours. Baboons hip problems like not just when people but like a doesn't have a swimming. You can see client right there the king of the jungle just Killen hanging out. An all around us in this crater area. Which looks like sort of a prehistoric. Land that time forgot you see. All sorts of different grazing grass land animals so we've seen will the peace. We've seen these snow we've seen the Bruins would come across. Buffalo. Without even trying we see cranes and all stages walking around and it's just like suddenly. Eaton you feel like you walking around pan points. And some of these trees they're called flat top vacations. They look like something out of a time of dinosaurs. In fact this is. An area where some of the oldest bones of early man have been discovered so this farm acts three million years. Just Sunday. And we're told it wherever you sea lions you won't see it grazing animals but you can stumble on to you heard of crazy when he sees me. There's tons of grazing animals and act so what do we see us. Oz is now focusing on. Z Britain's. Buffalo. Tour guide today. Is the former Pau poacher who knows so much about these animals. And a painter not a poacher he was an anti poacher. Former ranger who knows his way around he says he's into the crater a hundred times what terrorists. Alliance is moving toward test cash cash tops. Tasty whenever you do. It's unbelievable. It's so exciting. She's the queen of the jungle. So mighty queen. And you can see why. And gore groped crater is one of the most popular destinations in Africa. Because if you sir. It isn't Kenya look she's just walking right up to a she's literally. Just walking up to our camera. This is incredible. She just wants to say hello to either that or she wants launch quick quotes. She can we. She's incredible look at her. She didn't feel amazing she looks like she's looking right at me. And who wouldn't want to give not a direct towards late in the victorious went. I've literally. Where I'm literally within I don't know ten feet of the queen of the job. It is an amazing site. And you can see why the gore gore creator is one of the most popular tourist destinations you encounter terrorists from all over the world. Because it's very much untouched land. Diameter of the crater is about ten to twelve miles and people don't live in this region so there's no skyscrapers there certainly. Now she's relieving herself she. Maybe that was at the time com. There's no villages the messiah for awhile live down here but the government move them away. But it's an area that there's no farming there's no agriculture beyond sort of subsistence farming. And if an area where literally. Bumped into fabrics come into. Continued. You just mainly in animals going about their day and because they're so accustomed to these. Safari trucks moving through there unafraid of the humans that sort of wander among them they must think we're just lumbering giants. The make a lot of noise and smell funny. So I don't know if you can get a good sense that these are. I don't know if you can tell these are quite mountains this is what you're looking at is the rim of the volcanic crater that we're sitting inside. It's about at its elevation like 7600. Feet and then it drops down about 2000 feet. To the base of the crater to about 5600. Feet. Kenyan people and literally tens of thousands of animals in this crater area one count was estimate about 25000. All just grazing and living. Together now to tell you see ostriches and hyenas sort of in one sweep but whenever there's all packed audience. On the other animals to start she can see. There's also. A handful perhaps a dozen black rhinos remaining in this area. They had uncounted over a hundred decades ago the pop population dwindled and now that they're quite threatened. Also this is. To help assist them sign lion. In the sky line. So these are must guidelines which are also threatened so what we're seeing. Sorry but this isn't density population. Messiah lions and conceived. David BP excitement turns. Why it. Went to. Help look forward yes we can get done. So that over there are. That will that these. Will the be for the left right. The wilderness he bursts are coming to hunt. They don't believe that the line. So they're checking out to make him an excellent and they can match. We do well what's happening why should. Be. Can do. Such well it's a standoff why are those movies coming of honestly. Don't know why this why are those were the things coming this way. Chuck. Here's a check us. Justin and I. It. That's how they get confirmation. Will beef I have no Santa. Both east and the soprano way. Vietnamese now if we can't wind picking cotton. We're gonna go forward president. We're gonna. See if any defense with will be get. Not that way. There are about to get confirmation. They're all standing. Alone staring at alliance planes. We knew it. Secluded like. Now we're a little bit back live now. For us for him to women to. Two. Lady tiger to lie and into. Female life. How hard it will disease it's like something out of Lion King I mean entirely this entire crater is like something out of line. And you know they really say when them. Ugly in the cot in the product academic dot so. The little Swahili and I've learned in my time in Tanzania to you know Laurie Kinney is no worries we know. Com site we liked him but John Wallace well he's like kind of like aloha. And now we also like from Tucson which means thank you and I so thanks for joining us this crime. And out. We'll keep you updated if that will decreased. Us.

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{"id":45888662,"title":"Lions, zebras and elephants, oh my! Safari to Tanzania's Ngorongoro crater","duration":"10:22","description":"ABC News' Juju Chang and the Nightline team avoid being lions' lunch at the Ngorongoro Conservation Area in Tanzania.","url":"/Travel/video/lions-zebras-elephants-safari-tanzanias-ngorongoro-crater-45888662","section":"Travel","mediaType":"default"}