NJ Transit Train Engineer in Stable Condition

ABC News' Charli James and Gio Benitez discuss the latest developments about the NJ Transit train crash in Hoboken.
7:20 | 09/29/16

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Transcript for NJ Transit Train Engineer in Stable Condition
Pickings for ABC news digital in Hoboken, New Jersey we are just across. From the train station where earlier at this morning an accident. Killed at least one person injured around a hundred still a few people critically injured as well. And right now we are awaiting a press conference that the governor's in the art and New Jersey. Day should be coming to this podium over here soon you can see the massive amount of media that have assembled. Outside of here waiting for them. And also on the side this is about as close as anyone is able to get outside of investigation personnel medical police. From this terminal. They are still. Checking out these structural damage as well and at this point a lot of questions still to be answered that we wanted to just give you look. At what the scene is here. And the media. That are covering this and a lot of people that are just. Standing by trying to get a look at the scene and what's happening to everyone along that's police brown Lang. You can see the podium down there where governor of New York Andrew Cuomo and governor of New Jersey Chris Chris here expected to be. Very soon. We are being held on this side of the warrants bicycle rack by the police. And while the we're awaiting the governor's arriving let's lock down this lane of media here and we're going to. Meet up with ABC news his GOP need to as he has been here since this morning on the scene talking to witnesses. Watching the investigation and so. He can give us a little more insight on to what's been happening so far. And you see helicopters here and the background as well where officials have been. Landing to get to the CN. Heights you know we are live on FaceBook right now if you could just give us a little update on. Where we stand with the investigation at this time well we've actually just learned within the past few seconds that the train engineer he's actually in stable condition right now. So now they're gonna begin that process of asking him. What happened what happened why it was that train. Going so fast as it approached the station here is so many people were right there I mean we're talking about you know hundred injuries you can just imagine in the rush hour traffic. All of those people. We're just standing there waiting for the strain as anybody would. When this thing came barreling. Room and many of the injuries we've heard about were people that were on the platform not necessarily on. The train itself that's obviously going to be key if he if the engineer he or she is able to speak to investigators. I'm however we've heard that there isn't any reason as of now to believe there something sinister behind this. Right we don't know anything right now of course investigators haven't ruled anything out because they're just beginning. On and and we don't even know if they've even talked. To that engineer just yet the NTSB is coming down here. To look at that because when you're when you're talking about a train crash you're gonna look at the engineer you're gonna look at the maintenance are gonna look at the tracks you're gonna look at all these different things to see what could have possibly triggered this one of the witnesses I spoke to said you know what. I was on this train for some five to seven stops all of the stops were fine until this. And you've been here on the C and cents this morning I'm how many how many people work here and able to to talk with media. I'm in what were they sang. You know a lot of people here were just saying it sounded like a law that they didn't know what was going on so many were telling me about. How they missed that train you know one man missed trained by thirty seconds I was getting calls from people who said I just missed that train by a few minutes so people were thinking about my gosh I could have been standing. Right there waiting for the train as I would any morning. And that same thing from business owners because this station and is right across from what's one of the main roads here in Hoboken where there's a Duncan donuts all kinds of restaurants and bars the it was right there. The W Hoboken is right then and so there are a lot of people do it. Still heard this and it's exactly told me that that it sounded like a bomb going off even from. Outside and across the street so definitely if this was. A huge explosion and we can't really see from here but pictures from inside and from witnesses show. A large amounts of structural damage I'm roof collapse saying. And do what do we know about what's happened inside as far as the structure and any chance that this will be open anytime soon. Well they're not gonna open it just yet because they're trying to determine if this building is actually safe because what happen was. That it actually hit some beans and so when it hit those beams the roof came crashing down and and that is what they believe is also you know what caused so many injuries the woman there's a person who. Who died and that person appears to have been struck by some of this debris and then we're still learning more about but a very sad situation but. But they're looking to see if the structure is actually safe and you can see right there looks like Governor Christie. Is just about to walk through I don't know if you can get the camera. Show you looks like Governor Christie has arrived. And he's walking here because he and he's about to deliver press comment looks. Like Governor Cuomo is next to him as well maybe we can walk down there and try to. Get a glimpse of them coming by this is why we've been corralled to one side. Is because. The governors are coming down. Didn't see them passing right here Governor Christie and governor and injured. Looking solemn as they walked down together. Count this station. A joint authority by new York and New Jersey which is why both of them are here. It's one of the busiest stations in this area a lot of people. Switch. From new Jersey transit to the path train in the path train is like connects the station two New York to Manhattan. And so this is a very very busy station and especially at the time that this happened it pretty 5 in the morning. A lot of commuting going on see you can see. The governor's up at the podium now. And so they'll be giving the latest information if we want to go to that. From the governor's I'm sure that they have the latest information and they were just. Over at this terminal at the station so seeing the damage for their own eyes. We see a number of police and safety and fire personnel behind them and with them here. Think. So you can watch that press conference here on ABC as well for the latest thank you so much watching him traffic jams.

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{"duration":"7:20","description":"ABC News' Charli James and Gio Benitez discuss the latest developments about the NJ Transit train crash in Hoboken.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Travel","id":"42455247","title":"NJ Transit Train Engineer in Stable Condition","url":"/Travel/video/nj-transit-train-engineer-stable-condition-42455247"}