Previewing Chinese New Year Celebrations at Mandarin Oriental DC

ABC News' Janai Norman gives a behind the scenes preview of Chinese New Year celebrations at Mandarin Oriental DC.
10:13 | 02/02/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Previewing Chinese New Year Celebrations at Mandarin Oriental DC
ABC's eight Norman we're here at Mandarin oriental. Talent Washington DC I had a big celebration for the Chinese new years I'm joined here by some of the hotels after Hillary. That direct your indicator of Peter and they. Get any better indication an executive chef. Path so this is where little over hours going to be big celebration for Chinese here yeah. Before our big surprise in a couple of minutes tell me about that we do we have. For the Lunar New Year were celebrating all month long. These of these is offering tonight in the restaurant as well so alone have a lot of acceptance. Some one trouble. The raw and to cut him some. This is or run. Were also doing the lions had doubling as well here right so. An array of different foods to celebrate the new year and is all Barry and like feeding it and it's all very Asian inspired a lot of it somebody in my travels to Vietnam also tried as well court trial comes celebrated as leaders not only just about Chinese here also. Vietnamese coast wells summary business operatives was a lot of those. Experiences brought together. Sudanese you choose each need I was yourself and decide what you're gonna I have this so that I mean that what America. Yeah yeah different countries. Right there eating at the scene and bringing back isn't Jordan being a part of the culture and identity management like yours right. Countries so get these people in need of food and coming back every incidence of the matter until truly given an authentic. You know knew that we excellence I think is really big restaurant news and also look good news. It was a great success last movie was all those years later he's in ages he celebrated in I didn't yes yeah how. Nose spray it's fast it's great yeah. Okay just part of it right there can be heard here. He got aren't coming. Yeah. Moore's friends and store wondering what day. You just coming out the decorations here as we're heading out of this beautifully every. Yeah. Yeah yeah yeah yeah. Yeah. Lower floor yeah. Yeah. I'm yeah I. I'm every year not only you have a city animal that you have different meanings and yes I mean there. That's how this happened accidentally it. Patents are here. Thanks. I mean nasty Nancy Tierney team and now from that era well. When I heard chef Adam shot at a I heard about him today did this last year's end here. What's. Different Fisher site BE elements and beauty bruiser. Ears you relax let me. Oh yeah you can read here. It's here yeah. Figures is looking a lot of people's yeah. Yeah. Can't. Yeah. I'm Gary something we injured Rick. I don't have gotten more out and landlocked east. Yeah I mean I'm okay. About Atlanta's.

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{"id":45231619,"title":"Previewing Chinese New Year Celebrations at Mandarin Oriental DC","duration":"10:13","description":"ABC News' Janai Norman gives a behind the scenes preview of Chinese New Year celebrations at Mandarin Oriental DC.","url":"/Travel/video/previewing-chinese-year-celebrations-mandarin-oriental-dc-45231619","section":"Travel","mediaType":"default"}