Should Unruly Passengers Pay for Flight Diversions?

Sylvester Pitman of Airlineguys discusses rise in unruly passengers and airlines' possible solutions.
2:25 | 06/02/14

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Transcript for Should Unruly Passengers Pay for Flight Diversions?
I'm stimulus it's obvious story we're talking about today is the increasing number of on unruly passengers on -- white lights representatives from the different airlines are meeting. To discuss the issue last year there were more than 8000. Unduly passengers. On flights across the world joining me now is a former flight attendant for fifteen years. Who also writes a blog on line called airline airline guys Sylvester commitments to tell me when you hear. These large numbers -- it was 5000 the year before -- Shock you know it is he really is. That the rise in the amount I'm really passengers. It's a little bit unsettling because. We are moving into the summer season where fights are going to be extremely full. -- will be rattled. There's that possibility that things could get even worse you're telling me you know it's not just a lot of people think it's just out. No it's not just alcohol there are many factors that. Come into someone being -- -- on board the plane could be something going on. Home personal -- -- could be something from the office then there's the detection process going through security. It's the shorter disease sort of -- coming from a -- to put your bag absolutely all of these things can add up to. And really and not just alcohol you know alcohol can play a part how do we fix. One of the solution would be just making sure that. Your crews are turning and they are turning on annual basis. She noticed behaviors. All plaintiff in this should be trained in dealing with -- -- -- What do you think about the efforts without charge these only customers. Or flight diversions and things like that. I think it's an interesting idea and I think -- could possibly. Keep some people from becoming as generally if they said no thank you could be talking -- war. The diversion of the flight for the fuel to get to the ultimate destination it's you could be targets for all of the -- connective customers onboard that flight. It couldn't call from people to -- down. Thank you very much and from what I hear those charges could be anywhere from 6002. As much as 200. Thousand dollars or diverted flight. That's because it's it's -- -- -- on Twitter at Steve those --

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{"duration":"2:25","description":"Sylvester Pitman of Airlineguys discusses rise in unruly passengers and airlines' possible solutions.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Travel","id":"23967375","title":"Should Unruly Passengers Pay for Flight Diversions?","url":"/Travel/video/rise-unruly-passengers-airlines-meet-find-solutions-including-23967375"}