Snow and ice wreak havoc as millions return home after Thanksgiving

Midwest storm cancels more than 1,200 flights.
2:10 | 11/26/18

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Transcript for Snow and ice wreak havoc as millions return home after Thanksgiving
Well speaking of the Thanksgiving. Hopefully you let her home from your Thanksgiving weekend it is when I know I hit some traffic yesterday but nothing compares to what's going on in the restaurant now Alex. You're pretty much living in O'Hare airport at this honey how are you any other travelers differently than people are still stuck seven in a backdoor can't. The applesauce. It has been a very long 24 hours for a lot of people a lot of passengers here at the airport you look. I mean here at things look pretty normal and normal operation that any airport but look the other way it'll be here you see this long line that loops around. A couple of times here this is that canceled flight re booking line here at the united terminal and there aren't similar lines at the other terminals at the airport and you can expect scenes like. This one right here at other big airports across the midwest. The problem here with the storm was the timing it could not have been any worse mother nature was impeccable with her timing this storm striking coming down on Sunday where the busiest travel days of the year some three million people were headed to the airport. On Sunday some 48000 people we're gonna get on the roads. On Sunday and we now know the impact of this storm more than 12100 flights have been canceled more than 5000 flight. Delayed so a lot of people not just working on finding a way home re booking those flights it's taking a lot of patience we talked one. Gentlemen here who has been to the airport for dinner at the airport for about two days he's trying to get back to Denver. And his situation was a little complicated but long story short as he hasn't. She able to get on a flight home and he couldn't get a rental car either he said because they're all. Booked. Rented out in have any for him so he's been sitting at the airport for Dana half trying to figure it out stories like that we're seeing here at O'Hare. People really turning to half their set ablaze and what they had on Thanksgiving Day to sort of get them through these few days here as they try to get back home. Alan seeing others canceled flights isn't so much anxiety for me to see so good but glad you're at the airport not myself I guess. I can't really complain about a little bit of traffic. Well keeping it homestand.

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{"duration":"2:10","description":"Midwest storm cancels more than 1,200 flights.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Travel","id":"59421749","title":"Snow and ice wreak havoc as millions return home after Thanksgiving","url":"/Travel/video/snow-ice-wreak-havoc-millions-return-home-thanksgiving-59421749"}