Viking Life Meets Modern Life

ABC News' Charli James is onboard a re-created Viking ship, where crewmembers celebrate medieval traditions as they sail around the Atlantic.
4:56 | 09/21/16

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Transcript for Viking Life Meets Modern Life
Now this ship is beautiful that there are actually people living on board as well during these adventures. And so show us a little bet. What's called the valley which is where everyone's lips and that's at this tent over he. Yeah. And not attend here yeah honey the thinking went up 24. Small and plenty its. An exciting. And now. Had become a little bit of a public and shop and adamantly didn't learn. Yeah but normally is the only area where. It's true athlete and has knowledge there. Every little. Piece that is again yeah absolutely don't make me want to put down. You're happy. Outside NG. And I Anderson you happy special treatment now I. Yeah. Larger war that when he used the alliance Atlantis coffee break you know. I you couldn't do the war. I'm him. A. I. And you. Thanks political. Yeah talent and bombarded. And daisies that also and you constantly. Yes. Exercises. People who will wait toss anything. On an awesome when they meet partnerships. And they knew today back to haunt me the odds of them with this war. And is that historically accurate as of this type of more and that they would have you both clubs apart everything yeah. I'm so before we wrap up and we're coming to the back this the or show us where you're area is where the captain is. During the yeah. I don't have an area I don't have the Catalina I have a bunk this in that and had everybody can find me something happened. Best of British I have nothing else we've worked together and we are. Exploring the same conditions in the absence of so this is smoked. No special treatment Noah. But when you are scaling your back here at yeah. With these really interesting and currently frowned then yes to rave U. Caught who asked me. And that is. This rate is on the food service and every night and I think one guy out into and come back and things stores. So we. We people. No brake on the Allen. Into enters this once before him. And now. It's. Are you. Charge. And here we have crawled over to sit. And that behind you. Is stick until and this is. This stealing. This release to you don't do you rather have him. We have a name. Starr report. Call me from the right. He's on his side and that. Because they pissed off road on reports. So before we go tell us from little dissent about that anyone wants to see the ship for themselves or come visit length and they do that in. Every day between eleven and 6 o'clock in afternoon. Here in the post cold might not be sad and frightening. Friday saying. We are here to do it. And and the evening. I also Cummings did. Coming soon to Connecticut if you can't make it to New York edition I'm happy and thank you so much for picking up support in giving up his or her really well experience now. I really. Nothing to see it in New York City not every day that you have a real. Like he's ship is in the it appears that thank you so much. You ended in the you're watching ABC news or more great. People who lives in great stories we're stick with us every day I'm Kelly Jane thanks for watching.

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{"duration":"4:56","description":"ABC News' Charli James is onboard a re-created Viking ship, where crewmembers celebrate medieval traditions as they sail around the Atlantic.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Travel","id":"42256495","title":"Viking Life Meets Modern Life","url":"/Travel/video/viking-life-meets-modern-life-42256495"}