10 Years a Captive: Kidnapped Woman Finds Family Through Facebook

Isidro Medrano Garcia charged with kidnapping girlfriend's daughter for 10 years.
4:59 | 05/22/14

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Transcript for 10 Years a Captive: Kidnapped Woman Finds Family Through Facebook
This is a special room. Holding a woman captive for decade this man charged with kidnapping a fifteen year old girl ten years ago in California. Keeping her in his home and and fathering a child with her the victim finding her family through FaceBook and escaping with her child. Hello everyone I'm Michelle Franzen in New York a scary story that is becoming even more bizarre. The accused -- -- was actually the ex boyfriend of the victim's mother and the victim today speaking out but hiding her face. Watching it all for us in Los Angeles ABC's Devin Dwyer DeVon. Hey Michelle the suspect was in court today charged with felony counts of kidnapping rape three counts. Of lewd acts on a minor -- he's being held on one million dollar bond. Her story sounds like a nightmare kidnapping rape physical abuse over ten -- now relief to be home. I got done my left foot hit show them my -- and not only see it. The alleged victim who does not want to be identified clutching the young daughter she fathered with her alleged captor. That Nancy -- Garcia appearing today in court is her mother's ex boyfriend a man she says assaulted her -- change her identity and married her. I west fifteenth. Is -- and the next thing I had it -- -- What heat -- She says she tried to escape twice but was beaten and kept an emotional chains police calling it brain washing. She's told by him it doesn't care vendors come looking for her she's got nowhere to go she doesn't speak English. In April the woman found the courage to speak out contacting her sister on FaceBook -- going to this police station where she stunned officers with her story. Sometimes -- the truth is stranger -- -- fiction. A police report from 2004 verified her disappearance. But many neighbors who knew the couple -- the story. He can act and I -- clean and -- -- and it looks as has always happy with who lived with them. On the outside a model family but experts say the abuse could have been easily hidden -- -- looking -- is a person who didn't know what to do because she's already been trained to be passive in a very. Violent situation. But finally breaking free. Thank -- I was -- little. But I wasn't never there wasn't. My thumb -- it wasn't it me. Now the victim's mother praised god for her daughter's return she says she hopes Garcia will pay for his crimes. Of course the suspect and the -- -- nineteen years to life in prison if he's convicted of all these charges show and -- the suspect 42 year old -- -- Garcia. Who was in court today what else do we know about him. -- he yet was sued the former. Boyfriend of the mother of the victim. They were dating back in 2004. For some period of time that's when he came into contact with his fifteen year old girl. Garcia's attorney did they came out after this court hearing and basically defended his client saying that. This was a consensual relationship that there are domestic. Conflicts. And there are two sides of the stores should be -- -- see how this plays out. -- and you mentioned that the neighbors couldn't believe it and the victim actually address that let's take a look and listen. Jay -- the conflict. -- flipped me in my -- it. Then he bought everything in Iowa but Iowa and bad idea I I -- my. I -- her out of my five million -- beans. And -- ten years in captivity she says do we know -- she ever attempted to escape before. -- police says this -- say that she tried to escape twice over the ten year period but that Garcia allegedly physically abused her physically assaulted her. On both attempts -- that really he kind of created an emotional. Psychological prison around her. With threats she was an undocumented immigrants. And is still is an undocumented immigrants so kind of created this situation where if she were to flee if she were to talk he could threaten. Her to be deported her -- it'd be deported. Police are saner claiming all of this of course. So it sounds like there there was more to just the physical threats here. Now they capture sort of hiding in plain sight the alleged again his attorney coming out today saying that. This was a consensual relationship they were very happy together as evidenced by some of those neighbors that we've heard from. And that they really don't understand why she didn't come forward sooner so this will play out in court. Michelle Devin Dwyer thanks so much for that report from Los Angeles -- so this has been an ABC news digital special report keep up with this story in real time by downloading the ABC news -- star in this story. For exclusive updates on the go for now I'm Michelle Franzen -- New York.

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{"duration":"4:59","description":"Isidro Medrano Garcia charged with kidnapping girlfriend's daughter for 10 years.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"23833870","title":"10 Years a Captive: Kidnapped Woman Finds Family Through Facebook","url":"/US/video/10-years-captive-kidnapped-woman-finds-family-facebook-23833870"}