At least 31 dead from Irma's wrath, more than 2M without power

ABC News' Amna Nawaz checks in with Molly Hunter in Bonita Springs, Florida.
5:47 | 09/14/17

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Transcript for At least 31 dead from Irma's wrath, more than 2M without power
So we're actually just in between. Fort Myers where Cecilia is an Naples where president Tran has weren't Bonita springs Florida and you can see it's completely under water and just to give you a little bit of a look where we are. I cameraman zoom in this was this three as you can see now completely under Y you actually see that entrance street night. I'm gonna take you over here you actually seen either that hark back there you see these treated and we can see a basketball court completely underwater. Behind you with a mobile home park and RV park and those houses they're either floating or completely underwater but this is the kind of devastation on the that we're saying. I in spirit sporadic pockets around but we actually just not president chuck. Fly over at so when he took off from where Cecilia what he was flying over in choppered. I've surveying damage like this and they flew right over here in Naples. And Naples we batting for the last couple of days I Naples is one of the hardest hit areas. But on the it is sporadic where this storm's fury kind of hit hard it. Naples is just up the coast from Marco Island of Marco Island where my meet its second landfall. I'm I don't think president temple get a look at Marco Island but there are parts of Naples either severely damaged huge trees down sidewalks and roads ripped out. Houses collapsed. Because of those treat a lot of downed power lines and its affiliates that. At power outages for people is one at the biggest frustration but the biggest problems the latest numbers I have it's just more than two million people across this state without power. The guys. It's ninety degree it is so humid it is so speaking. There without air conditioning that's really dangerous for certain people we have started here at war stories at crossed the state when people don't have air conditioning. I'm up mulling what are folks telling you Odyssey power it's a huge concern what about water what about other supplies are they able to through to get with the need. It cobble together some kind of existence right now or or is it just impossible without power and that kinda heat. I mean I do think it's impossible in some ways in that kind of heat we've been apps are for a couple of days in last that we finally let intact. What are the only hotels in Naples. They had running water and power they didn't have ice and now they don't have running water but that air conditioning with the game changer on that people who actually get. Coming I didn't fit in the lobby just equal lock briefly. I really think to local radio and also at the local radio stations we're just giving residents places that they get guided shell at wheelock churches shelters. Some hotel lobbies that World Bank anywhere on the power grid that actually did have are that people could just got a chill out and I'm I do to try to tell you we did here. And it's the really furious straight our colleague tongue honest with Hollywood Florida covering this horrible story. I have a nursing home I now of course we know that hospitals opt in or on power grids that heat. Power during these disasters if they're lucky of course. This nursing home got in Hollywood thought it was directly across the street from a hospital. I'm but something went wrong with air cooling system Perry sees this and criminal investigation has now been hoping he has at least eight elderly people actually died. He Hud's of that those complications now we know that a couple of those people died inside that nursing home couple that once they weren't hospital. That's what's so dangerous right now in its ninety degree heat when you're inside. With closed windows back it be a 10500. And I hung on the fact she went inside when it does you're seeing on and the windows were all closed every even some rooms where the windows wouldn't old spent. Now police and officials are kind of going also I don't little bit of an information Kate. Italian that you if you are also using a generator generators also come with their fair share of dangerous we're using a generator to wreck our equipment off of right now. But the officials are actually saying that if you're good he's a generator you have to make sure that generator is. Outside the home is on the Ross aiming straight out people. A dying to get the carbon monoxide poisoning they're keeping that generator inside the garage just that people are so desperate that they cool. The heartbreaking story about nursing only notable following the latest and a habit. On all ABC platforms. There about Molly before you go what what about relief when is the power expected to come back we have any idea. Donna what we're seeing it again I was on the East Coast we drove up front is cuts in new Smyrna beach through Orlando all the weight of the southwest we are right now. And we saw cruise around the clock 24/7. There's an army of people out here working to get it beat back up and running. I think the latest numbers we're about 20000 repair workers. From thirty different states including Canada. And we know we just heard president Chung kind of praise obviously August 1 responder than all those repair workers out there. And we know they're down on the Florida Keys which is down the coast from me on that we also know that their 20000 Yankee purse not helping out with I believe where. I haven't bank got the keys but again we you have colleagues have been down there. That is one of the hardest hit areas as far as we can be as far as we can tell. I'm kind of on this Gulf Coast and we are hearing from residents about the frustrations of actually getting the flight out there Citic he's rant about a 112 miles. As of yesterday they were only letting residents and homeowners up until 33 miles just because they weren't sure what with. What with the eighth exactly and we did Garrick hike Eva Conger and down there on the ground. As FEMA with delivering water at the National Guard and it was dropping in supplies and people were only allowed one case of water per person I get in its heat you need water you need it needed and that frustration kind of mounting. I think back you're on the mainland after hearing Naples. Now publicly the big grocery chains here is open eight do you have stock shout not a lot of perishable thing. But they're certainly our options now more options by the day I can get those basic necessities but as C affiliate fact and part Myers. With those big relief tables that National Guard handing out water we've seen that same thing all over the state that they are mobilizing they are trying to get into neighborhoods like that. To get people that supplies in kind of support they really need on. Rain a lot of help needed down there a lot of work to be done line on July 4 in Bonita springs Florida thanks line gets top.

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{"id":49851453,"title":"At least 31 dead from Irma's wrath, more than 2M without power","duration":"5:47","description":"ABC News' Amna Nawaz checks in with Molly Hunter in Bonita Springs, Florida.","url":"/US/video/31-dead-irmas-wrath-2m-power-49851453","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}