85-year-old man survives alligator attack in Florida retirement community

The 9-foot, 9-inch gator was captured by a wildlife trapper; the man was rushed to the hospital after he was bitten.
2:36 | 12/04/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 85-year-old man survives alligator attack in Florida retirement community
Send it down to Miami and Victor attend this is an interesting story 85 year old man. Whose foot is bitten by an alligator and then in scenes that gators and spotted at some point later on whether she would his mouth click here. It was quite a scene Lindsay entered a Ford official while it officials will be interviewing that man to find out exactly how this happened. But according to a FaceBook post from the retirement community where this happened. That man may have been trying to scare some birds away from the pond. Let's take that scene shows they can see what it was like as trappers were about to pull that thrashing nearly ten foot alligator out of that Central Florida pond. Look closely as he gets closer to the shore inside its mouth. They gear releases would it took from its victim a white sneaker that was just left bobbing in the water it took three men to pin down that Gator. That's the one that Ford official while officials say bit that 85 year old man right behind his home. At a retirement community our neighbors seem that he was just behind this house in a Gator came a bottle water any grab them by the leg and dragged him into the woods his wife apparently could hear him screaming. That man was taken of a hospital in stable condition so we is expected to be just fine. And we should find out at some point from port official Malek exactly what he was doing before he was bitten. And to know that he is doing well Victor in this kind of attacks becoming more common. He's in calendars are coming a bit are becoming a bit more common although the attacks are rare here's what's going on. A few things at play. As the climate continues to get warmer those alligators are migrating further north so we're seeing them in places were normally wouldn't before which means that people have to. Learn how to live with these animals there is another thing happily here we continue to develop waterfront property along their natural habitat so. Those two factors creating more encounters with alligators but just in the past few months we have seen. I some pretty crazy sightings in these attacks. Over the summer for example for a woman. Dragged underwater into a lake killed by twelve foot alligator. And not long after that nearly dude in Hilton head South Carolina another one walking her dog killed after an eight foot alligator pulled her underwater. Also in South Carolina we've seen a massive. Twelve foot Gator that says frequently been spotted strolling along a golf course. Another one in South Carolina scaling a fence in a backyard we've seen him on doorsteps in Louisiana. That healing C awareness and at the advice from experts do not walk along a body of water with small pets. Or children got to be aware. Okay good because you're walking along the body of water but at least you don't have a pet or child with you stay safe down there victim her. They.

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{"duration":"2:36","description":"The 9-foot, 9-inch gator was captured by a wildlife trapper; the man was rushed to the hospital after he was bitten.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"59601599","title":"85-year-old man survives alligator attack in Florida retirement community","url":"/US/video/85-year-man-survives-alligator-attack-florida-retirement-59601599"}