ABC News All Access: Wednesday March 11, 2020

The latest on the coronavirus; disgraced Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein is sentenced in court; a look at harp seal pups in the middle of the northwest Atlantic and more.
44:55 | 03/11/20

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Transcript for ABC News All Access: Wednesday March 11, 2020
Tonight on ABC news all access the rush to contain the spread of cold mid nineteenth at the World Health Organization called it a pandemic. The warning from overseas and the response here at home. Plus Harvey Weinstein sentenced a disgraced Hollywood mogul sentenced today to 23 years on sex crime convictions. So what's next as he faces another trial in California. And extraordinary earth how an ice flow in the middle of the northwest Atlantic is affecting harp seal pups. We take you there. Good evening I'm Diana say it all that more coming up tonight on ABC news all access. We begin tonight with the cold bid nineteen outbreak nearly three months after the virus was discovered in Wuhan China. John Hopkins says at least 122. Countries are now reporting cases of the virus. The World Health Organization is even calling it. Up global pandemic. And urging aggressive action saying it's not too late for countries to act. Doctor Anthony bow to director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases appear before congress today telling lawmakers here at home the outbreak is going to get. Worse is the worst yet to come doctor yes it is in your matter. Well whenever you have an outbreak that you can start seeing communities spread which means by definition. But you don't know with the index cases and the way you can approach it. His eye contact tracing when you have enough of that. Then it becomes a situation where you're not going to be able to effectively and efficiently contained in. Whenever you look at the history of outbreaks. Which you see now in an uncontained way. And although we ought containing it in some respects. We keep getting people coming in from the country that a travel related we seen that in many of the states that are now involved. And they would you get community spread it makes the challenge much greater. So I can say we will see more cases and things will get worse than they are right now. How much worse will get. Will depend on our ability to do two things to contain the influx. In people were infected coming from the outside. And the ability to contain in mitigate within our own country. Bottom line it's going to get worse. Bottom line mr. she. If we don't test people. The Regina how many people are infected Zack correct. That is correct and as I'm sure that doctorate militarily as the looking Fo would right now as commercial. Entities get involved in making. A large amount of tests giving bearable when you do two aspects of testing. One a person comes in to a position. And asked for a test because they have symptoms or as circumstance. Which suggests they may be infected. The other way to do testing is to do surveillance. We you go out into the community. And not wait for someone to come in and ask for a task. But to actively pro get proactively get a test we are pushing for that and as bobbled doctor Redfield tell you. That the CDC has already started that in six scent that'll cities and will expand that in many more cities which are absolutely correct. We need to know how many people so the best of the ability are infected. As we say under the radar screen. Meanwhile US health and human services secretary Alex a's cartels are George Stephanopoulos. That US officials are taking well very aggressive measures to contain the spread here's some of their conversation on Good Morning America. Secretary of sir thank you for joining us. This morning as we just heard there are still so many issues surrounding testing here. In the United States were still hearing from doctors they can't of the tests they need to display at the bottom lines right now how many Americans have been tested how many will be tested. And what is lake in what is that likely mean for the number of cases here in the United States. So George the key thing your viewers need to know is that we have and always have have the capacity to test anybody who's suspected of novel corona virus right now we have millions of -- available. Anybody who's a person under investigation suspected by medical professionals or by public health officials. Is going to get to get tested will get tested we'll get that down and if there are positive case. Let's talk or these containment measures we're seeing New Rochelle being contained a right now watching state expected to announce today really a ban on any kind of large. Gatherings and doctor statues priests over yesterday. Afternoon. How much more of this or Regan in need. More these containment measures are gonna need to have been a big spike in cases. Yet George we're gonna see very aggressive efforts to try to mitigating contain the situation we commend New York we commend Washington were embedded with them working closely in fact today. We're going to be releasing the CDC's recommendations to various jurisdictions that have put that it had clusters. And we're gonna lean and as the vice president's side we're gonna be. Always recommending fairly aggressive measures because if we can slow the spread if we can contain these clusters in certain communities. Ring that speed down. The hope of course is there that like most respiratory diseases as we get to warmer weather. As people disperse and just naturally distanced themselves with outdoor activities except her. This can help actually slow things down so were working always to buy time. So that we mitigate impact here in the united since it does not mean events like you'd like the NCAA tournament here are gonna have to be rescheduled. I think any type of large gatherings have to be assessed by the organizers but it needs to be considered in community comptek but then each of us as individuals. We need to assess whether it makes sense for us to go to large gatherings and we have made it clear. If you're elderly and are medically fragile or if you have any if her medically fragile generally of any age you really should avoid large gatherings you should of would long travel from. Certainly avoid getting on a cruise ship. So always think about your own situation the circumstances of your community and the nature of what you're planning to do. You mentioned the timeline this'll all began in China of course they're slowly starting to turn things around there although the crimson back in for Terry Turkey's. People a sense of where we are here in United States would that timeline. This is the beginning the middle be the beginning of the end. So give China's gotten this very much we're very very aggressive action I think they had only 46 new cases the other day but we're seeing the real explosion of cases in Europe. We're seeing increasing cases here in the United States which we've been clear we would see. We're still lied say. In the beginnings of spread of this disease in the United States but that's why we're taking such aggressive containment measures of the border as well as mitigation steps and local communities. As I set to try to slow the spread. We need to be really clear we've been clear from the start we're going to see more cases this is a virus through this will spread to. We need to take steps to slow that. Buyer sells time every day we buy is a valuable day in terms of spreading nuts why aggressive efforts are needed in public cooperation is important. Secretary of her thanks for time this morning. Our thanks to George and secretary a's are earlier today I also sat down with ABC news chief medical correspondent doctor Jennifer action hears it she said in response to some of your questions about Kobe nineteen. And let's get back to doctor -- in now with your viewer questions we have many other and one get right to them first on how does a quarantine work is ours who gives a specific person the order to quarantine. So this. Irving and most people are completely unfamiliar with because we really haven't faced quarantines in this country in in the large proportion like this but. It reminded me of it when I was when you're talking to James long and who's on self quarantine in the UK. Here's the first thing that's important for people to understand. Self quarantine. Is not a stay patient self quarantine is done for a person who may have had an exposure to known corona virus and for James it was travel. Om and prolonged exposure he had been to Italy multiple times and when you sell quarantine the premise. Is that your positive that you actually have been infected that's why has to be rigid. Has to be by them well. There has to be significant and aggressive distancing if you live in a home with other people you know it's not like you're having family meals. It's not like you're all in the kitchen together is like you're sitting on a sofa together. It's hard. It's logistically hard it's psychologically hard but it is done out of an abundance of caution assuming. That a person Hispanics closed will in fact become positive. In terms of what look we're seeing here in west Chester outside of New York City and that kind of hot honor at the center. That is done for really three reasons number one. From an academia logic standpoint we call it flattening the car with act does is it slows the spread of the virus. Which then does two things. As a result number one it protects the vulnerable populations because again it's not just. You might get sick and you find that you might get sick and then infect someone with a preexisting medical condition or an elderly person who could potentially and very gallery and I so it protects vulnerable populations and it buys time. And the timeline on this virus. Especially here in the US is critically and cordoned. Because there have been studies that have come out with Barry limited data we have on core this corona virus but based on other. Behavior of corona viruses that suggests that if left unchecked. This virus and doubles the number of cases doubles. Every week. So literally every day in tatters and add as part of a question about who gives the order took quarantine this is coming up in a case in Missouri right now we're a family is denying that's right that they were told to Koren rain so where does that order so there's Dan Abrams that our senior legal analyst spoke about the legal aspects and that you know I stay in my lane in just talk to the medical aspects. Yes I think judges can give orders but most of those. Recommendations are coming from positions and right now it's generally one person removed so it's not a you know a person who knows a person who knows a person that you would self quarantine it's really. Have you had contact with someone who either is positive or could likely be positive so right now it's one person but again. This is evolving it's dynamic it's changing and we're seeing a lot of kind of you know figuring it out on the spot with it with this issue and elected self quarantine. This next question my fifteen year old is leaving for a field trip to a student convention with 3000 kids from all over the country. How worried should I'd be they are flying and staying at a large hotel for forty. This is. A really hard question you know I'm alarm and two college students who had just hadn't. The remainder of their academic years canceled in person one of them is moving out of her college dorm room as we speak. I think at different schools and different levels are figuring that out on their own. In real time obviously a lot of large gatherings and schools are canceling. Or rescheduling which is unfortunate in some ways but and think it speaks to the uncertainty here that we don't know about the severity certainly when you have groups of large students large people period. From all over the country in closed prolonged contact. That is a risk. And we heard doctor Tony found she yesterday. Kind of start to shift his home loan to. It's not a matter of if but when and it's not a matter of where you are in the country it will be every where. So I think that's an individual. Concern and only the person can decide for them solve their level of risk tolerance. Next question is if you do get the virus what exactly is the specific treatment. No treatment right now it's supportive so we think that the vast majority of people will have milder or even possibly no symptoms so you would stay at home just like you would do if you would gotten a virus or cold or flu six months ago when you had even heard this. He would stay at home you arresting me take plenty of fluids. If you had a fever or anybody he would take as he diminished in our ivy Croat and for the smaller subset of people who would develop severe symptoms and will be a lower respiratory tract illness which would be bronchitis or pneumonia. They're gonna need medical attention and it and in some cases hospitalization. What we worry about in August of virus if it causes pneumonia and then you can get a bacterial super infection which then would need antibiotics. And IV fluids in some cases oxygen but that's for hospitalized patients so again the good news is the majority will be fine and resolve on their own at home again that's why we link people to stay home that they're sick. But we are gonna see people that need hospitalization and and I think people need to be prepared for that. And be sure to tune in every weekday at noon right here on ABC news live for the latest on Kobe nineteen and to get your questions answered by our medical experts. Well we come back powerful Hollywood mogul turned convicted racist Harvey Weinstein sentence. How that all played out in the court and how long he will now be behind bars. When we come back. Welcome back to ABC news all act says it was an emotional day in court as former Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein was sentenced to 23 years in prison. That's sentence came down after Weinstein addressed the court directly here's more from our special report earlier today. Hi there Diane this is seen as a severe sentence and perhaps a watershed moment for the meat to movement Harvey Weinstein sentenced to 23 years. Behind bars twenty years for criminal sexual assault three years. For its third degree rape those sentences to be served consecutively. He had been facing up to 29. Bars a judge selling very little mercy for Harvey Weinstein saying that he will now be categorized as sexual. Creditor and and as a sexual its. Her between. Prosecutors had called Weinsteins criminality. Something that had been sustained over the course of many many years and had been unchecked for decades Weinstein. Did it you're in a wheelchair today. He address the court for the first time we did not see him testify in his own defense during the trial but today he didn't speak today. And he said that he. At a me to movement he likened it to the red scare of the 1950s saying that many men. Had been accused snap out just like canned and without due process and fair trial he said that. A he barely showed any remorse frankly Diane hardly any contrition from Harvey Weinstein as he faces now. Those 23 years. Art in a powerful moment some of his accusers walked into court today flanked by the prosecution. Meany Haley and Jessica man that two women upon whom the testimony. They're testimony convicted Harvey Weinstein and those two charges. Both of them. Delivering very emotional victim impact statement saying that those sexual assaults that occurred many years ago had had really had this lasting impact on their lives Diane and this is truly a severe sentence something judge Burt. I handed down with. A serious. Serious nor. Conviction and and we now Luis we will see Harvey Weinstein. And to a processing facility where he will be evaluated medically there are three facilities here in New York where he could be housed prisons in New York they could take care of him because he is 67 years old in a relatively poor health. And that is something that that defense had tried to focus on tri tip. I can get some degree of mercy from the judge that did not happen. Today dye and a big day for the prosecution a big day for those victims are Russia from the courtroom we appreciate area thanks. Now let's get some legal analysis on the sentence and the pending case in California. Criminal defense attorney Julie Randall and joins me now on the phone Julio. What do you think about this sentence. I would I say it that I probably the one that would not. Hi my act needs and what that you're going to get him anywhere between fifteen inch one it would for cart Q. The criminal sexual assault and that he was going to give back it time sport that second accuser and every act that was back. I think that the judge wanted to make short that. Parking wine scene and the public knew that he would separating their patent they had to make sure you held separately responsible for eat it that. And that's why did it at a low back. In her cart but at that was quite telling in terms of how to judge felt about. This at that they heat port ending the war. Urea period the out I would keep people would be hit. You may have expected but it sounds like that was not the general sentiment I'm ugly among legal experts then the general estimate seem to becoming. On the lower end of this range so what kind of a message do you think that this sends for other cases like this going forward. I think one of the things that's interesting is that it did send armed parked on the I yet that he has no criminal record. And I think one of the things that stood out I think it Jack went. Yet no criminal record arguably because she never got caught over all these years and I think that that. If something that the judge can enter when he needed determination as to what you her pre that. What now how that reflects aren't there he is. Where a defendant is cute generally I'm not sure because. You partly why he is unique in the sense that. He won eight or get away with it but nobody year Trent they're teaching and we hope. That people will be willing to come forward and will hurt. By about what that much quicker. And it and we know that he also has this pending trial in California. What happens next now that this sentencing is given in New York. Though he's going to have to go to LA. And that the courts it is he going to darkness near I'm an LA I heard it in a -- here my dad. If they're gonna bring in LA it's gonna be hostile to bring him back or. And eat it then going to have to trial there now some people saint. That he's going to be guilty because of what happened here I don't think there's that she can't act I think that he had. A strong opt EL. What he gets to California with. And it Jackie air can hit him concurrent time. With what you you're bringing your work in Vietnam an additional eight year on top of the twenty we are already direct. All right Julie Wrenham and we appreciate your announces thanks Julie. And I'm want to go back over Mariel who's there outside the courtroom aerial having been in the courtroom and all this is happening. It's home like reliving emotions like in the courtroom as Harvey Weinstein himself addresses the court and in the victims get to hear the sentence and down. Guy and you can imagine the tension. I'm now hugs and motion that. He led up to this event culminating with Harvey Weinstein the incentives to those 23 years behind bars remember that the maximum here was 29 years so very little difference there if you look at that degree of sentencing we know that Harvey Weinstein declared himself quote. Totally confused by this verdict by the need to movement. Which he said appeared like McCarthyism as I mentioned as. The red scare of the 1950s saying that it's basically deprived other men thousands of them according to him. Up due process. Weinstein also casting himself so as an empathetic character who is a father. Several children saying that he will now not be able to be in contact with those children and that he is essentially had this historic fall from grace since 2017. Has been convicted in the court of public opinion but now has been convicted in this court a lot Diane and now sentenced. Coming up after Joseph Biden sweet on many Super Tuesday a defined please Sanders is vowing to stay in the race. What does he have planned for the next leg of his campaign. That's coming up next right here on ABC news all access. Welcome back to ABC news all access after a rough showing against former vice president Joseph Biden last night. Senator Bernie Sanders gave voters an update on his campaign's. And why he's not dropping out take a look. You get by reiterating. Deficit from day one of this. And that is that Paltrow the move things for its president. And modern history of our country. He must be defeated. Tragically. President today with. Pathological liar who Friday Cuomo administration. He clearly does not of the stands the constitution. States. And thinks that he is a president who is oh well. Cool. In my view he is racist. And sexist. All hopeful. It's doubtful any religious bigoted. And he must be defeated. And I will do everything in life how to make that happen. Last obviously it's not a good night for I'll campaign. Eight delegate point of view. We lost in the largest state programs yesterday stated mission. We lost in Mississippi Missouri and are you. On the other hand we want it bought the colder and we lead the vote. In the state of Washington the sexes. Largest state contested yesterday. With 67%. Of the votes. Being counted we are a few thousand votes on top. What became. More apparent yesterday. Is that while we are currently losing the delegate count. Approximately. Eight for delegates for Joseph Barton. And 660. For us. We all watched along we windy. Flu enormously. Important areas. Which will determine the future all our country. Poll ever the poll including exit polls. Show that he's strong majority of the American people. Support I'll progressive. Agenda. The American people are deeply concerned about the grotesque level. Of calm and it wealth inequality in this country. The American people want the wealthy and walk profitable corporations. Those thought okay. Their fair share of taxes overwhelming support. The American people. August that the federal animal weary troops have been won by a law is they thought they should ways they want to raise the minimum wage this country. Who were living wary of at least fifteen dollars and now. And the American people on the slant. That our kids are gonna make it into the middle class this country. We must make public colleges universities. And trade schools tuition per. The American people this thing. That we cannot continually. Cruel and dysfunctional. Health care system it is amazing the the seed and a conservative states like Mississippi. There was an overwhelming. Thing. That we are outspending twice as much per capita on health camp. As the people any other country while 87 billion of us remain uninsured. Or under. And this crisis that's absurd health care says. Is becoming more and more obvious that the American people. As we face the challenge. Of the corona virus had done it. That we don't currently experiencing imagine facing a pandemic. And having 87 million people. Cool off having a difficult going to adopt them when they need. And the American people know like the cultural. Climate change is an existential threat to our country plotted. That we need to transform our energy system all away from fossil fuel energy efficiency and sustainable energy. The American people look. We need fundamental trends invasion of Rogen and raises. Criminal justice system. As well as the crow immigration it's useful dictate keeps millions. Of people. Living in view. But it's not shots. He ideological. Debate. I'll progressive movement is putting. We are all Winnie the generational. Debate. While Joseph Barton continues to do very well. We're older Americans but especially those people over sixty audit. Our campaign. Continues to win the vast majority of the votes of younger people. I am talking about people not just in their twenties. But in their thirties. And therefore use the younger generations. Of this country. Continue. It very strong don't lose lose all our campaign. Today I'd say the democratic establishment. In order to win in the pure show. You need to win the voters who represented both future. All our country and your own boss speak with the issues all concern too that. You cannot simply be exotics. Like winning the votes of people. Who are old. While our campaign has won the archaeological debated we all those. The debate. Overall electability. I cannot tell you how many people out campaign I've spoken to him. Who have certain quote. I like Woodrow campaign stamps all I agree. With what you'll campaign stance well. But I don't go to vote but Joseph Biden because I think Joseph is the best candidate. The guilty Donald crow quote we have heard that statement. All over this. It was the site are strongly. Disagree with those. But that is what millions of Democrats and independents that are equally. On Sunday. Aren't very much look forward to the debate in Arizona. With my friends Joseph bought. And let me be very frank X that the questions that aren't will be asking true. Joseph. What are you going to do. Well look like for the people who go bankrupt our country. Because of medically related debt. And what are you gonna do for the working people all. This country. Small business people walk paying on average 28%. Of their incomes the health care. Joseph what are you gonna do it at your certainty. Of the United States of America being the only major country on earth. Where Coke it's not a human right. Are you really. Going to veto. A medic four or bill if it is passed in congress. Joseph how are you gotta respond to the scientists. Who tell us we got seven or eight years remaining. The transform our energies as well before irreparable all takes place this planet. Because the ravages. Of plugged. Joseph at a time when most young people you know higher education and make it into the middle class. What are you going to do to an actual all of all people. Can go to college or trade school recall goes oh they're called. Nobody gonna do about the millions. Of people who are struggling. With outrageous levels of salute and oh one we more people in jail. Communist China a nation. For clients slaughters. What are you going to do. Mass incarceration. And races. Criminal justice system. What are you going to do to end the terror. That millions of undocumented people experience right now. Because of open and humane immigration. Joseph what are you gonna do about the fact that we have a higher rate of the ovals that any major country on earth. And a living with the fact that 500000. People. All homeless. And eighteen million. Husband happened there in the courtroom others. All importantly what are you going to do. And the absurdity of billion. Buying elections. Three wealthiest people Merkel war world. Oh. So let me conclude. The where you are again. Our cultural must be defeated. I will do everything in quite well to make. On Sunday night in the first one on one debate of this campaign. The American people the opportunity the city which candidate. Is best position. Who called. School schedule. Coming up we visit the northwest Atlantic where we get up close and personal with some seal pups. It's accused story every don't want to miss this right after this. Welcome back to ABC news all access we are counting down to the fiftieth anniversary of Earth Day showing you twentieth struck various places in 20/20. Last time without a messiah volcano in Nicaragua. Now we take you to an ice flow in the middle of the northwest Atlantic and a rare look at Hartsfield thoughts are TJ Holmes has more. Then the student animal on the planet we're talking about a harp seal pup know most people cinnamon pictures that the only way. You probably will because to get to them you have to take a plane to an island and from an island. Take a helicopter out there and land on a piece of ice and that is exactly what I did but I wish I could tell you this was just a few story. This is also a climate change story and how was threatening to wipe them out. You it's. A heat. It's. You looking at perhaps the biggest and oldest baby nursery on her. Harp seal pups. Thousands of I am on an ice flow in the middle of the northwest Atlantic. The person really helped me survive out here National Geographic Explorer in Hays. The scene coming very. This is Amy and then knowing yes that's mom has leveled she's she's coming your problem she just didn't then noticed announced his of recognition. Are you my mom are you might broaden that guy. Too young to go in the water and see he's coming around. Thin thing moments seals migrate once a year in search of a good stable ice platform to give birth until it suggests site introduced myself to this morning. The. We've. T ideas and this little guy and I got a quick. To declare this. We think they can not live with the. Al-Qaeda and born on. They need about three weeks sometimes up to four to learn how to be a hard still mature and deal to survive on their own. Over the last thirty years warmer temperatures have led to less winter ice. We're slowly warming towards this this golf that Lawrence went out through. Peter Galbraith a resurgence sausages for Canada's department of fisheries and oceans. Estimates that in just 75 years these animals will no longer have any solid ice. There's no escaping at any nukes if it's completely tied to the global warming. But even before ice potentially disappears altogether from this area for good increasingly thin ice like we have this year poses a real threat. And Rebecca all the worth from humane society international has seen that firsthand. When I first went after the Iceland's you could drive vehicles across the products and today. We're seeing very often broken advice where we should be seeing solid C yanks. Some areas there's no. And these animals are dying because of it. Watch this week's old pump climb Owens did struggling to find solid ice. Spray hair CM he's actually in the water. If he doesn't get back up on that ice you'll drown. We're gonna watch him missy when he does he do one of them. He key in his this is kind of an accident he got in the air looking probably singing it was good it was being solid yeah. Okay skin and make it he's gonna say he's getting it's a solid ice. There is no stopping us as long as the world keeps pumping Hutu and yet mr. global warming low. And wintry are tempered. Guys we'll get weaker weaker it's less cites one day no ice for them. Our world is changing and as it does their world. Disappear. Every body has an impact on his every one of us and I think if we all. Felt we are part of this figure ecosystem that we might actually look at what we do. Are we telling his story and then possibly be stories making impact on some of their decision and their behavior. Morning. So what a story and I got to let them tell their own story if you will lead is not just about those cute adorable faces. They are in trouble now let me gave you the good news guys. The health of the hell harp seal right now the population is stable that's a good thing there's a stable population but as one of the scientists put it we don't ever have now good years in bad years device they're just okay years and bad years and that's not a good thing. But again go out there is not experience ever thought I'd have but. They got to tell their own story you know me not to be wanted to at a loss for words right I can I can talk with the best film and I still can't find the words. Do do thrive in this experience you have to take a helicopter guys out over the northwest Atlanta. Nick and you'll land on a piece of ice and that he's the vice is essentially home and needed for survival for these beautiful panel animals and I need to now. Have you just go with me into their world. News you know seeing this. That sounds someplace you don't want to steps to you get testy ice that needs to go a step or use them India news National Geographic Explorer ten days. Says her heart is with the harp seals of bagged the right. She's been documented their annual puppy season for a decade drinking beautiful. Yeah. It's crazy. I am playing on a block of ice in the Atlantic staring in the guys who can't seal. It was gone online. I. Let me mom along behind this move. Each pop really have different. Literally different personalities this is the little side of the little curious as the little scared. It's like sitting in the middle of the giants preschool you have the shy one using he had the outgoing ones in you have to really loud winds this one's allowed wearing them. It was a slow that price for. Well he's wondering where mom is seeking well I might be hungry there she. Visited him in my. Life on the ice is just half the story didn't as the keys to the kingdom will look. She drops a special audio device called a Hydro phone into a hole through the ice recording field conversation. He did or calling yes. What is that OK did you. But you can see it's. He enacted. It was. Billion compensation and going. On the ice it's a little bird that through the cool. I envision mothers down they're talking. How is your problem. What's your pup doing. Are you gonna meet when Jody is here now from the dose lost a lot of his hurt I'm not mainly gel Joseph was still last season I can lift this up. And on the end of this our goal throws and I can said he Indian these ice holds. So I can document that comings and goings in the underwater world. The camera down there's a microphone down there but often done you are down there. Yourself what is it like them it. It's like swimming in an ice can see droll. Wind ice over your head and amazing formation it feels like the Sistine Chapel me out of ice. The CDs formations and beautiful. These seals are lucky they don't know what they're swimming through our. Do you want to know what I found out. The seals do keep your silly what are you who are yeah. He'll come in close. They'll turn on your back simulate chatter that you brought probably like won't. So it's neck and it. And are now with my survival guide who took me out there this is Vinatieri is messages gravity explorer. You know I tell me what is that like you've been doing this over a decade I think I would be seals who what's it like to take a new be out there and introduce somebody like me. Okay you're reading the priceless its prices to take to introduce you. And your viewers. To the heart still nursery and to others to let people can now. Can neck to climate change see this cloud soft and with the city unites its priceless. Things are uses the sir this is why you you heard me wax poetic earlier about this but this is where I give it is very passionate as he's been walking me through this for the past couple weeks now. Over the thank you both to walk and that's all through an old country through this TJ but we understand you acquired they encountered a bit of a dangerous situation and I'd herself. The delta we have we gonna show you this we have a clip well they have but there are on the ice Jim lowers our viewers now. Is that moment you were out there with me you if you try to think be careful where do walking. Because you can go through that I thought guys I was absolutely fine but yeah and you make the point that this was a very good illustration actually. Of the problem because years past you didn't have to worry about where you are stepping because that was better solid ice. Exactly shore to shore ice historically short a short thick ice stable platform and now we have a really fractured environment. Bit windy and whether they daybreak of a gets smaller and smaller Smart and it it creates this unstable environment and they always dangerous to the clouds with you'll leave his own use have vehicle's out there on the -- you can drive route not are not us but historically and the locals that yes they used to be able to get to literally traditional bill downing goat they could walk great distances on the ice and out here and now. Certain years we we eat you actually variation in a poll and you feel your way through an on occasion. You find a soft spot with a pole or with something else. And I found a soft but again guys I was fine but a lot more people we're gonna as they are going through the ice these days a lot of tours to do go out there pretend. Thank you so much. For what you do for taking us through this experience we do appreciate it the guys she is the one has been doing this awhile is helping us bring this story to our viewers and hopefully gets in their minds. And it sticks and like you say all the time. The decisions we're making back home have an impact on another world at a game. House. New career goal conversation with the seal pup thanks to that TJ and continue to watch ABC as we count down to the fiftieth anniversary of Earth Day keep it here. Coming up an exclusive look at the new avengers campus opening at Disneyland or stay with us here on ABC news all access. Welcome back to ABC news all access big news for all the marbles fans out there we have an exclusive look at the new avengers camp is currently under construction. And set to open at Disneyland California adventure this summer ABC's clay and sand Dell has that's. Story hey Diane Star Wars is kind of my thing right but today I am here to talk to you about. The avengers and the new dangerous campus that is coming. This summer to Disney's California Adventure park of course Disney is the parent company of ABC news. Right this whole land is big construction site so we've just got some concept art to show you there is a giant avengers headquarters building. There's an area called the sanctum where doctor strangely hanging out. And then there are the rides and I want to start with the first big one. That is called web Slinger is a Spider-Man adventure and as you can imagine this is the place where your going to be able to live out your Spiderman fantasy. Disney promises that when you get on this right you'll actually be able to sleep let's just like Spider-Man you'll be able to. Put on some reading glasses you'll be moving through a scene. And we are told there are these out of control spider pots that you and your team how to destroy or contain and it will keep school work. It'll all be in 3-D it's kind of a mix of virtual reality and real sense that we also found out that Tom Holland who of course plays Spider-Man in the marvel cinematic universe. Will be back we don't know exactly how but he will be playing Spider-Man in some fashion either his voice or his image. In this Spiderman ride. Now what are the really cool things they're doing it of interest campus is you'll actually see Spiderman doing some extreme acrobatics are above the crowd as high as sixty feet above one of the buildings there. And they are doing this using a brand new technology colts don't promise. Now we got a preview of this technology a couple years ago. A Disney and engineers developed it it is a basically a human looking robot that can perform all of these crazy aromatic feeds. They have now put a Spider-Man costume on one of these robots and you'll see it swinging to and from. Doing all these flips you'll see it throughout the day of interest campus and we're told us that the very first time he's ever been used at any Disney park. And like I said avengers campus right now is one big construction site they are working furiously to get it done in time. For the opening date which was just announced. Will be July 18 so just a few more months away Diane. Thanks Clayton the adventures campus opens at Disneyland California adventure on July 18. And that does it for us this half hour of ABC news all access I'm Diane Macedo you're watching ABC news lives.

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