ABC News Live Prime: Monday, August 12, 2020

Belarusians take to the streets after presidential elections; Black Lives Matter organizer facing potential charges stemming from July protest; By the Numbers: Record number can vote by mail in 2020
50:56 | 08/13/20

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Transcript for ABC News Live Prime: Monday, August 12, 2020
Often run by Lynn Harris democrats' historic presidential ticket appearing publicly for the first time together today. Slices on Joseph Biden this is a serious moment. For our nation pummeling air. Presidents mismanagement. Of the pandemic. Has plunged us into the Hurst. Coming out swinging from an almost empty gymnasium today then pandemic presidential battle trump hints campaign's reaction tonight. No warning from the CDC. Saying all Americans need to Wear a mask meanwhile the Florida sheriff ordering his officers and anyone entering their apartment. To uncover their face. Slipping through the cracks while the debate rages over whether to send kids back to clients many families are stuck millions of students. Homes where English is the second language. Are getting them behind. B we're marginalize people are. Now that gap is even larger. Down on demonstrators the UN human rights chief condemning the violent response to thousands of protesters. Take into the streets and bowers. Countries you're trying to crush opposition. What many are calling another fraudulent victory. And so black lives matter activist whose arrest is prompting outraged hundreds of thousands. The charges not to be brought against him to Ghana Colorado. After police say protest she organized very dangerous we are here. Our interview tonight. Good evening and thank you for stream of us I'm Byron Pitts and for my friend Lindsey Davis and there was an historic scene in Wilmington Delaware today. BP rollout unlike any you've ever seen because of the pandemic. Don't cheering crowd just killed by Pamela Harris side by side. A socially distance the first time as the presumptive democratic ticket for the White House both making a forceful case against president from. How he's run the country during an unprecedented global crisis. And Harris speaking harshly about her own story and that of the man who selected her to be his running mate. Mayor Bruce was there and leads us off tonight. Tonight in Delaware history was made in a near empty high school gymnasium. Joseph Biden introducing his running mate noting she's like none who have combo. Korver. As a child of immigrants. She knows personally. Immigrant families and rich our country. As well as the challenges of what it means to grow up black candidate American in the United States of America. Her stories America's story. Biden promising senator Connell Harris will inspire a new generation this Marty. All across the nation. Little girls woke up special little black and brown girls. Who so often feel overlooked. And undervalued. Their communities. But today. Today just maybe. Their seeing themselves. For the first time and do away. As the stuff of president. And vice president. Biden coming to harris' defense seizing on president Trump's attacks on his running mate. Our job was already started his attacks. Calling cobble a Croat nasty. Why be about how she's pro mean to his appointee he's. It's no surprise. Because whining is what Donald Trump does best and and and he prisoners in American history. Is anyone surprised ultra present problem. With a strong women are strong women. Across the board. I didn't painted his onetime rival as a member of the family citing her friendship with his late son beau. Kabul that even an honored by and for quite some time. I know how much respect to commoner work. And that matter a lot to be honest review. As I made this decision Harris also paying tribute to her late friend. Ever since I received Joe's Kong I've been thinking. Guests about the first Biden. That I really came to know and that of course is Joe's beloved son one of his beloved sons. And let me just tell you about Bo bite. I learned quickly. That boat was the kind of guy who inspired people to be a better version of themselves. He really was the best of us. And when I would ask him where it hit that witness come. It always talk about. Is to. And I would tell you love that they shared. Was incredible. To launch. It was the most beautiful. Display. Of the love between a father and a son. Harris says she's been inspired by the essential workers from doctors to truckers who've stepped up during the pandemic. But whenever I think. That there is a reason shipped out whenever I've had my own doubts. I think of you. The American people. The doctors and nurses and front line workers were risking your lives to save others. The former prosecutor then taking direct aim at the president case against Donald Trump. And Mike Pence is open and shut us. This is what happens when we elect a gun who just isn't up for that job. Our country ends up in tatters. And so does our reputation. Around the world. Mary Bruce joins me now from Wilmington area this supposedly if you raw lot of unlike any in recent memory what was have a spare like there today. Byron this is truly surreal and a little bizarre normally this is the kind of roll out and historic unveiling of a ticket don't haven't had a massive campaign rally instead. It happened in this near empty high school gymnasium in front about. Two dozen reporters. And staff there was no applause there was no big cheering now in contrast was happening inside outside. Of this high school here it did a little bit more like a traditional campaign event at about 200 supporters showing up with signs cheering on. This ticket but just it probably not exactly what Joseph Biden or Kabul and Harris had in mind and a really remark. Time to time sure the pandemic and race were frightened senator of their message against the president. Fair to say their goal is to make this election a referendum on the president's handling of those two issues. Absolutely. The next three months are going to 100%. Be all about. President drugs handling of the pandemic the national reckoning on races on and also the economy and you are going to continue to hear divided Harris ticket hammer. Away at those points they are arguing that what this election is really about is a battle for the soul of this country going forward they meet that case today. They continued to make it over the next eighty plus days. Mary Bruce our thanks to you. As a former presidential candidate herself and stand out in several high profile senate hearings public Harris has already been a national figure. But her pap to the biggest stage in the world has been quite different from running mates who came before. I am not perfect. Lord knows I am not yeah. But I'm always speak with decency. And moral clarity. And treat all people with dignity and respect. Send a couple of hands. The 55 year old stepmother and wife the daughter of immigrants and Jamaican father and in the amount. Who assert guiding force growing up in the California Bay Area art. Tears in her beliefs that you will be judged based on your attacks on humans are mother also units sold life at all. If you ever letter unit she was sentenced him now. A lawyer by training senator Harris worked her way up the political change. Purses deputy district attorney get Oakland in the 1990s. Prosecuting gang violence drug trafficking and sexual abuse. In 2004 she became the first woman in San Francisco's history to become district attorney. Then attorney general of California. First woman first person of color to hold that post. She faced criticism over stance on police prosecutions. But a start continue to rise in the Democratic Party. Easley winning her race be US senate in 2016. Is always the squares the former prosecutor became more widely known when someone for notable moments in senate hearings went viral. Including during the 2018 Supreme Court confirmation hearings of Brett Cavanaugh. Can you think of any effective government the power to make decisions about the male body. I'm happy to answer more specific question mailers has been. There are. Medical procedures. Her fierce grilling deployed again during the Moeller investigation. Attorney general Barr has the president or anyone at the White House ever asked or suggested that you open an investigation of anyone. I wouldn't I wouldn't. Yes and a Q could you repeat that question as a democratic candidates for president herself last year her fiery debates now often flat. Her competitor America does not want to witness a food fight they want to know how to put food on their table. Reserving some of her harshest criticism for Joseph by. Confirming him for touting his ability to work with anyone even segregationist senators. It is personal and an I was actually very it was hurtful. To hear you talk about the reputations. Of two United States senators who built their reputations. And career on the segregation. Of race in this country. She went on to attack Biden's past position on school busing there was a little girl in California. Who was part of the second class to integrate her public schools as she was bused to school every day. And I little girl was me. Ability to get tough but Biden garnered headlines throughout the beach stakes process. Making some wonder at the two could get past their tense moments. As speculation mounted about who would be his running mate. Bite was seen at a press conference with notes showing harris' name. And the talking points. Do not hold grudges. Harris' relationship with the Biden's began with Sun Bowl its who both served as attorneys general at the same time before he died from brain cancer. We'll always be ill and strong. About the greatness of who vote by it and I passage you know snow in large part through close relationship is. By big gouging his son's bond with his VP pick in his announcement saying she worked closely with vote. I was proud then and I'm proud now to have her as my part in this campaign. Three months after dropping out of the presidential race Harris threw her support behind Biden. I have decided. Tying him with great enthusiasm. Went indoors still button for president of the United States. She begin appearing at fund raisers and a good supply including his last major event before the pandemic all of the campaign. Look I view myself as a bridge. Not adds anything else there's an entire generation of leaders you saw stand behind me. They are the future of this country. One of those younger leaders now he's running the women reported to be your competition from roaring their support behind. Senator Elizabeth Warren sweeting throughout her career she has been under frayed in an inspiration to millions of women who see themselves in her. Former UN ambassador Susan Rice calling Harris quote a tenacious in trailblazing leader. And from congresswoman bella deadening some power for reflection saying to sing a black woman nominated for the first time reaffirms my faith that in America. There is a place for every person to succeed. No matter who they are or where they come from. President comes campaign has reacted to the choice of Connolly Harris with a mixed message calling her both the most liberal member of the senate. While also claiming she's not progressive enough for some democratic voters. And the president has label Harris quote nasty and mean multiple times in the past 24 hours. While doubling down a ritual appeal for white suburban votes. ABC's chief White House correspondent Jonathan Karl is tracking it all. Just two weeks ago Donald Trump said Kabul Harris would be a quote fine choice to be Joseph Biden's running mate. Today he called her a disaster she is a disaster she's going to be a disaster I think for their party and in an indication of how he's likely to take on Biden and Harris. As the campaign goes forward. He called both of them socialists. I heard actually she's the most liberal person in all of congress. That's what I've heard more liberal than Bernie Sanders believe in and a so far team trump has been all over the map in their attacks on Harris. A Republican Party spokeswoman for example tweeted Harris is quote completely controlled by the radical left. But an RNC press release then declared liberals aren't revolt over Biden's choice. On call with reporters trumps targets called Harris who's a former district attorney. Both too soft on criminals and also too tough. I. Are art current minutes later. And as Biden welcomes the first black woman to a major party's presidential ticket. President trump is now publicly embracing a Republican candidate for congress from Georgia. With a history of making racist anti semantic and anti Muslim statements. Marjorie Taylor green is also an outspoken supporter of the so called Q and on conspiracy theory. That the president is fighting a so called deep state and what she calls a quote. Global co ball of Satan worshipping had a files green declared victory last night with these words about House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. I mayor and where he. Economy. Today the president waited big green was quote a future Republican star. And a real winner. Jon Karl joins me now is John you covered the mixed messaging from the trump campaign and Harris so far are you surprised they didn't have the more clear line of attack given Harris has long been considered our front runner for the. VP pick. Wolf would yes I mean when you think about it firing I think you and I were talking about Kabul Harris has the likely. Choice to be Biden's running mate back in March. Before he even. Actually won the nomination when he when he took the lead we started talking about possible running mates Kyle Moyer seemed to be. At the very top of the list so was hardly a shock that she was chosen they've had months and months to prepare and yet you've seen them come out. You know on one hand. You note to describing her as somebody that is totally taken over by the far left of the party on the other hand. Talking about how liberals are in revolt against her. Too tough on crime to. To us soft on crime on an all over the map they really haven't settled. On the on the line of attack but I expect that ultimately the line you're getting here is what you heard tonight from the president he is going to try to portray. Joseph Biden and Kabul Harris as extreme. As extreme members of the Democratic Party to the far left. That's a pretty tough case to make considering that the extreme left of the Democratic Party certainly doesn't look at Biden or harassed and say. They're one of us here. And John as you've been reporting a president has also doubled down those racial appeals to voters. After Harris this election that the camping thing that message will attract voters beyond the president's base. Look firing I've covered this president as you know since they won. I have seen very little that he used on. To try to appeal to voters outside of his base his entire reelection strategy seems to be based on. Firing up his base getting his base to vote out to vote. If they believe they hope. In numbers more than those that will be of voting for upper wideners but I don't see anything in what they're doing to appeal to undecided independent. Voters. Jon Karl thank you so much. Thank you buy. There's the hat lined it just won't go away and tonight another new warning. There are troubling signs of a possible Covert resurgence in several major American cities. At a growing risk and college stands all of this is some districts are having second thoughts about having students returned in class instruction. Baghdad and has more. Students demanding in person close. Their teachers this is their job Saturday. The teacher Brad Charles has diabetes and warnings about the risks of getting coated I feel like an away. They made us enemies and he's calling it quits I am resigned. As of yesterday. In Bourne Texas it was the first date back to school students separated by Plexiglas in all teachers and students required to Wear masks. But in Cherokee county Georgia nearly 12100 students and staff or quarantined after dozens tested positive too high schools now closing for two weeks. Another Georgia high school where these images of students without masks ignited a heated debate. Now has 35 people testing positive students protest in the school board decision to switch to partial online learning. We shouldn't be forced to go online because others are fearful. I tonight the CDC director urging every American to Wear a mask. I'm not asking some of America to whom we've all got to do warning of the consequences. If we don't do that as I said last April. This could be the worst fall. Who public health perspective we've ever had. We David S stock without you about those images of students without masks they should be universal wearing masks when I see sites like that. It is disturbing to new case is down in 49 states in California one hospital system. Taking matters tweets and hands. Because sending tests that outside labs can take so long to get results. Hospitals like this when Providence Saint Joseph. Let's make enormous resources on obtaining machines like this the Abbott PCR machine which can process up at 900. Covert tests every day poll of eight in house. But tonight a new model predicting places like Chicago Baltimore and Boston could be emerging cove it hotspots. This virus is still hear it very much president and that's our reality. He New York police now investigating after this video emerged of a group of young people taking over a city bus turning it into a party. No masks in sight across the river in New Jersey where the governor called for schools to re open but hundreds of teachers refuse to return to the classroom. Tonight the governor relenting eleven schools the option of going all virtual. Are there is no one size fits all plan. To this very difficult situation. Back out to the West Coast now where Matt Gutman joins us from Los Angeles Matt we heard from California's governor Newsom today. What do you say about how the state is handling cases and what the plan is for school. You know it's interesting Byron we're in this soup of statistics right now it's only numbers flying at a still. On the one hand the governor really saying the first positive thing that I've heard him utter. In at least a couple of months he said that the state has turned the corner on the pandemic that is. It was in California hospitalizations are down 20%. Right that's all good. There are also some very negative statistics that have come out that it hinder the state from opening up. All the schools and all the counties like the ones behind me here. Outside of Los Angeles and that is that there had been. A there has been a 150%. Increase in Covert cases among children and teens just over the last month so. As that. Statistic continues to grow continue to Monterrey and at some point when. Child infections and overall infections. Decreased below with certain threshold then Opel and all the schools so. Again everybody here in this state as they are across most of the country very much in a wait and see note Byron. Backed government in LA thank you so much. With so many schools across the country beginning the academic year with remote learning. Educators are increasingly worried some students could slip through the cracks fall further behind. Particularly those learning English as a second language ABC's air arrests have takes a look at the challenges they may face this fall. The covic nineteen crisis forcing schools nationwide to grapple with how war is making it opened safely. This photo of mostly massed close Kidd jam packed into a high school hallway and Georgia still being alarmed. Nine students and staff there are testing positive this school moving all classes online. Some parents emotionally debating what should come next. What if worst comes to worse. School board members commit to contributing to the bill funding campaign of a couple facing medical bills that their son or daughter contracts until mid nineteenth. Emblematic of the high stakes conundrum education when some of the most vulnerable students like those classified as English language learners or ELL. Facing dire a fax. For Brooklyn seventh grader Jerry clean school here in the US in the best of times has been a challenge brought all my. Science and art classes were difficult to teach because I'm smiling which bear here. So I ended up telling the teacher that my son will only take English and math classes but now his mom says that cope mid nineteen pandemic is posing unparalleled obstacles humor and can't be volatile and makes it harder for my son to ask questions especially when you have to take classes virtually with the rest of the classmates. With virtual learning becoming a new norm for any schools nationwide. The switch to this Greek just one more barrier children of non native English speakers already facing an uphill battle. Com the bill or don't. When you learn this math and doesn't understand he is unable to ask questions but I try to teach him I teaching the way out was tied in Korea. Then my son would tell me that this isn't the way his teacher toxin and the problems magnified for students with special meet. Jerry has autism and his mom's and the major adjustment has rattled. Signed in mount Davidson. But it is opinions would probably feel. That round thing. What's needed at their. Bodies delayed it. But the you this. John skiing and crying whining put on how daughter who delivered temperature. And Cyrix family is not alone concerns are mounting that the 10% of public school students in the US who are identified as ELL about five million. Are considered at risk of being disproportionately. Affecting. No in person interaction or validation. No in person one on one men touring no peers to lean on remodeling support. And school year we were actually shut down. She's the teachers' new parents. And children the children newly teachers not yeah America. Kindergartens Brandon never been school. With a teacher. At. AM and the doll so it's going to re EE AA. Sharon's order air agree teachers parents. Actually our students. Animals. Are English. It's a reality educators like Chicago principal Judy sorry say is widening existing gaps in education. Do you feel that students who are in the ESL programs and get a terrible education while earning virtually. The market lengthy war. Not even larger. He's chill ran and had not only the challenge of learning and Atlanta which. Culture. Now all he got worse for them. Even afford Coleman at the national level ELL students had a high school graduation rate of 67%. Compared to. 84% where they're needed English speaking peers. And the most recent data estimates that roughly 60% of ELL come from low income families. We know that our Colin Campbell. And it has she. You know and you hear is an early. I'm knowing I'll settle. You know. Essential which aren't sure what is what is role. And and you know I don't reading. Add to that a major shortfall in essential resource is like computers and Internet with ELL students less likely to have access cities vital tools we noticed a lot of. Closing her right arm and so. Turning to a lot of our line yeah I went out and meaning you eat was an issue as. I. Six year old kindergarten or Tony Rodriguez doesn't have a computer at home he and his parents struggle with English language instruction. NDP a difficult because he he we don't speak a lot of English we don't know English and for handy communal Spanish. So when he starts school that's typical him. Through the pandemic his family has turned to a local nonprofit said Tony wouldn't fall behind mentor Mary Beth Smith conducting lessons over the phone. Really happy Larry and then and just know eight and none very Xena just basic and build Eden had. You battle didn't it to a New York. They have helped him into English and English because he you know lack English and now he knows a lot. Tony's mom says the personal attention has made all the difference. And it's not just volunteers like Mary that's going the extra mile saris and many ELL teachers in her district are now working in over dried. Some even spending out of pocket and meat of their classes. I don't know teachers. That are going out and I don't want ports. Check want to be. In this press it. And they all that you'll. It could be able to be the best and teachers are library. Will be. Time instructional material. Being pretty shoot you're two inch and even I horses. With the enormous bird experts say comes a new opportunity to bright future for these kids. Really you. Arts center. Three weeks honored its old you know. Our singer art eighties. And intentionally packing it in our. Students. Students and are we EI. You know are. Being. Lee I really chatty and ask. And create new hope for families like Tonys and here is that even in these uncertain times they won't slip through the cracks. Aerial rash at ABC news New York. You've heard the warnings about why it wearing a mask is so important tonight the new research that shows you why. As we're learning about a former sheriff who banned as deputies for a mass in many cases it work Marcus Moore has more. Tonight as more businesses and local governments are requiring massed one Florida sheriff is banning them. Marion County sheriff Billie Willits is prohibiting his deputies for wearing mask that work. And visitors to the sheriff's office to while there are exceptions including jails hospitals are dealing with suspected cult it patients. The sheriff says the policy is to ensure there is clear communication. And for identification purposes the move comes after the county's largest town Ocala recently passed the mandate that the mayor vetoed it. CDC says face mask would stop droplets of saliva. Are a front line defense against the spread of cold at nineteen researchers from Duke University. Use lasers to better visualize how well different mask stop those droplets. Matt I don't want. Yeah they hope the people. More particles visible in the light the less effective the mask building only ran the test once their study found the fitted in 95 masks the surgical mask. And the poly cotton mask did best. This one here. It is. Please use and lock them little particles. Researchers at the flea skater they tested actually resulted. In tinier particles being released and speaking out a mask that who problem because they had an easier time. EK nearly a year but experts don't tell with a tiny droplets necessarily increase the chance of transmitting the virus. Byron it is important to stress tonight that this was a limited study and researchers still don't know what size are how many particles it takes to make someone sick the bottom line. Health experts agree any mask is better than no mask Byron. Our thanks to mark when we come back. The protests and violence escalating in Belarus thousands taking to the streets demanding change US and European officials react. Earlier about that Republican candidate who was under fire for alleged anti Semitic remarks yet won her contests and has been embraced by the president. We'll have more on some of the other winners from last night's races plus. The major recall tonight over breaks. That being you work. Welcome back secretary of state might come pale weighing in today on that controversial vote. That has left thousands of dollar is enraged and now on the streets demanding change. Pompeo called the recent elections quote not free and fair and tonight. Outrage is building against dollar strongman leader who once claimed Bok may cure colds that Patrick reed now has more. This is where protesters in Belarus is capital Minsk have faced since Sunday's election. A wall of steel brutal and indiscriminate violence from police. Security forces using stun grenades. And what's it. Rubber bullets. The response from belarus' is authoritarian leader Alexander Lukashenko. To their demands that he step down. Police attacking people at random. Hundreds injured at least one dead. Authorities say they've detained 6000. People over the last three days. Outside jails in Minsk dozens of people waiting for news on friends and relatives chip and art. Yesterday in the evening my father was kidnapped. They were walking on the streets when riot police who ran to lend and took him to the police vehicle. Police to not get any information. Showing for hours and RD pass since he was kidnapped but we have no information about his whereabouts. Authorities have tried to conceal the crackdown they shut down the incidents moost foreign media organizations including ABC news have been prevented from entering. We were able to speak to a journalist on the ground. Or be nominated station and the is based soap organization based and it. Desire. They deny what she should are unprecedented and it's like that catches are so scared and I'm done half and you the next anymore. There is now there are basically no rules. Lukashenko often referred to his Europe's last dictator has been in constant 26 years. He's faced protests before but not like this. The main difference now that's and well again people protests across the country every red because everybody wolf ills to adopt. People want justice people once fans in pre Election Day ones they have bright students accent but bailed bullets to be contents. And they've done seeded don't have it. The process had been building before Sunday's election he gave Lukashenko AT could sense of the votes the results most observers say a flagrant ballot rigging. His key opponents that on a T cannot sky only entered the race after her husband's a popular blog was jailed until recently she was a stay at home mom. There's a challenge to Lukashenko attracted unprecedented support. After the election she demanded Lukashenko handover power peacefully to her so that new elections can be held. She left the country implying here family had been threatened. Mom has nineteen you can't go. God forbid that you may face such a choice that I faced with the people please be careful you know life is a good price for what his hat. They now. Protests a continuing demanding that new Cushing could lead and seeming still to grow. Today thousands of people peacefully demonstrated across Belarus. Kicked off by hundreds of women wearing whites in Minsk. An international outcry beginning to build cools within the European Union to sanctions the US saying it's considering its options. We want good outcomes for the Belarusian people and will take actions consistent with a whether that turns out to be sanctions are turns out to be making decisions about. Product deliveries those are all things that are yet to be determined. And Belarus the question now what happens. Will the protests grow with standing to crack down. Flew the regime managed to bludgeon them away they. The dozens that if the Christian had documents. Recent progress in this raid it will be in more than he ever tried. He he below dear I'm in RNC has already shown bias cuts at the same time with people. So angry they have so many reasons bullies its contents and the amount to sit here pageant we Eagles for ABC news life. It's still to come here on crime the massive parties taking over in New York City bus driver unable to stop. The latest in the investigation into that incident. It changes coming and how you can reply to tweets we'll explain. And with a sick except for both parties and our closer look on how millions will vote but first our seven day. The moment come out come all of found out she was the peg. Welcome back with probably Harris selected as Joseph Biden's DPP we now know who will be on the ballot only eSATA November. And new analysis from the New York Times shows how many Americans will be able to cast those ballots by mail. Let's take a look by the numbers according to the times analysis a record 75%. Of Americans will be able to receive a ballot to vote by mail and 20/20. Overall 24 states and DC have expanded access to mail ballots between two when he due to the pandemic. Nine states plus DC will mail ballots directly to 43 million registered voters including California for the first time. Another eight states will send an application to request an absentee ballots all voters. And 33 states with some a 108 million voters will allow voting by mail put out an excuse. Just eight states will still require an excuse to request an absentee ballot beyond corona viruses are. And based on the primaries more mail in voting will likely mean higher turnout experts predict some. Eight million ballots will be mailed this fall more than double the number in 2016. How quickly they'll be able to count may be the bigger concern come November. And we still have much time they get to hear a prompt. Our conversation with the black lives matter protestor whose name has been trending after she was recently arrested. So many parents concerned about what to do with the children and school won't take a look at pandemic hides doesn't pose a different risk. But first here's a look at some of our trending stories on But from. The. Rivals turned running mates from the first time. Next vice treasure United States. Obama apparently. Remember California senator Kabul Harris had initially joined Joseph Biden in the race for 220 from the newly minted democratic ticket taking the fight to president trump. This election we'll isn't just about eating gluten not only from my pants. It's about building this country back better. As Joseph Biden's vice president Nick Harris makes history. First black woman and a major party ballot and the first Asian American to get them VP nine. She was very very nasty. Two to one of the reasons it surprised me and you is very disrespectful to Joseph by. Virtual is not as good as being there it's spiritual it's just the same thing across the country. Pre school districts and parents are locked in a heated struggle over for clearing union person learning and whether that can be done ceiling so many of us where desperately need. Warning kids to meet face to face. Schools in Cherokee county Georgia went back. The class last Monday and as of this morning more than a thousand. Thirty G staff members are real and Warren teen at home. Superintendent visiting the united staff members and students don't including Glynn kindergarten her and tested positive for gold in nineteen I'll cross nineteen in the schools don't. Are. Crucial video on Omar and one of the democratic progressive women known as the squad. Has won her primary in Minneapolis. The Black Hills I don't think we would have happened on the calendars. It's not being. Completely eight. Omar held off a challenge from Anton Miller genuine it to you raise billions of dollars to trying to feed the progressive incumbent. President -- offered praise for a controversial congressional candidate despite embracing a fringe conspiracy theory here is a patriot. We've got that first error and facing backlash first espousing racist anti semantic and Islamist voted views in recent videos and president trunk congratulated businesswoman Marjorie Taylor Green. On winning the Republican runoff for Georgia's fourteenth congressional district will trump called greed above future Republican star who is strong on everything and never gives out. And many Republicans have condemned her comments before the. Recalling more than 558000. Midsize suvs or North America because the Braves may not work properly to recall covers certain Ford Edge and Lincoln and KNX vehicles will be affected suvs may experience legal sub in brake fluid and that can make it difficult to stop. Ford says it doesn't nobody crashes or injuries from the problem. This unsettling cell phone video shows dozens of people storming an MTA bus in Queens new York and turning it is told party must not one person wearing a mask. We NYPD is now reviewing the footage as part of an investigation into the incident from the bus operator says that when he tried initially took all the empty bus off from his scheduled stop. Several double parked cars were blocking a man when he went out to clear path for people began piling inside. Users can now choose who can reply to their tweets before sending a tweet users will select from three options everyone only equally follow or only people they mention more everyone is the standard default setting from even if he can't reply to a tweet you can still re tweet share comment or like get the winner says the changes meant to increase the amount to more meaningful conversations. And known to the potential dangers of pandemic Potts who knows that children expected to stay home from school this fall some parents are forming their own. In person learning groups health and safety experts are now sounding the alarm particularly if you missed some key precautions. Diane Macedo has more. This is an elementary school level science class David the nanny is holding in his backyard. It's part of a pandemic learning Todd he's formed with other parents in his San Carlos California neighborhood realized her children weren't absorbing the same degree of for of education that they were custom to lament that we want them to have. That's when we formed our parts been Eddie an advocate for in person learning. Now helps link parents and teachers who want to form their own pandemic pods during his free web site start normal. Things are really exploding and arrogant in calls a cross country. But in person learning pods can be expensive. There is a concern that any and that they are eating occasional inequity and experts warned pods can increase risks that parents may overlook starting with the sides of the pod. I would not expand it beyond you know three to I had other children. Realistically we want to keep this as small as possible because every other child means increased risk salt families need to agree unsafe practices. Making sure everybody is wearing our mask I'm can't hygiene environmental cleaning and disinfection. Hiding space so that I'm children should really stay apart are socially distances much as possible. Also who's teaching a background check is a must. I started I'd be a teacher or any. All your hiring and bringing it here is an I don't as an editor at all and would be liable. And host parents prepare for additional medical responsibilities. You may have a child who has not asked you a hero you may happen as you know and be an urban how. Someone's got to be responsible for that. But Eddie says while it's up to the families he connects to do their own bedding an agreement he doesn't dies this is only for low risk groups every family has to make their own decision everybody has to meet their own choice. And and we basically leave it up to the parents to have to decide for themselves game. Did you across. Colorado's attorney general is investigating whether there are rural police department allows practices that deprive people of their constitutional rights. This in response to the death of a lodge in McLean. 23 year old who was place and choke hold and inject it with Kevin mean before he died in August of last year. The announcement comes as his family has filed a federal lawsuit. Alleging that McLane civil rights were violent. And now we bring you the story of black lives matter organizer Janet arrived back backlash behind her July arrest. The twenty year old was taken into custody after police say a protest she organized took a turn for the worse it ended it with cars being damaged and the safety of multiple people including a four year old put at risk. Police recommended a number of charges that prompted fears that she honor could face serious time. Supporters have created the free T on a hash tag and change dot org petition calling for the charges to be dropped. Has over 300000. Signatures. With me now is T on our Rhonda and her attorney lead merit. Janet we'll start with the you tell us what happened that day and different protests and go from being peaceful to dangerous as the police allege. That protest that happened on July 20 earned Swiss actually incredibly peaceful and super filled with joy. There is a narrative being Klesko that's not accuracy of what actually happened that day. The police department initially recommended charges that could mean time behind bars first down and the district attorney is. Now considering what charges will actually be brought forth link question for you and your opinion. Why would any charges be unfair. He appropriate choice this year. Shouldn't be directed NT eyes as she does explain a moment this. Was from a mile Alex student perspectives. A concerned citizen leading a group of young people to exercise their First Amendment right. To speak out about injustice in the country she was not an ball in any criminal activities. And it's clear that this was. A move on behalf of law enforcement designed to discourage protests and a community. Generally sell Louis Obispo police chief said the city quote supports peaceful protest but we will not support violent acts and will continue to take actions to protect our community. What's your reaction to that end and didn't feel protected by the police in your community. My reaction to that it is. Every single protest that would need. I bet I've been apart. In ten incidents that has been peaceful it's been banned completely joyous. One. And who. I've also urged to everybody a protest. Numerous times we are here. To be peaceful to be calm and and there's anti protesters and agitator is the best thing to do for us is it ignored them and not. Give away our energy. Where the police department especially your right rest. I don't feel safe but also. Have a background where I've seen police mistreat my clothes since Stanley since the agent banks since grade school. So there's always demanded a distressed not only meet but also with mark unites communities and at least. Lead you had strong words and and Seagram for the district attorney of San Luis Obispo in your post you told him. He should drop the charges quote before your county's city and home alone barter by activists from all over the country. Find out if this isn't ideal idle threat if you want to. Are you weren't all that some bad actors may take advantage of this moment and your message do you feel possibly. That you put the DA at risk. I think that bad actors have already been on the work. Criminalizing. Tina TI it is the voice that we need for the small biz that the boys that they nimby eats it needs he hurt at least be respected each image and in the community needs to adjust around that message of those young people that is the masses for Beijing the country Britain couch in his receives the backlash from the state this unprecedented American history's worst day in our resources. To criminalize speech heart. Protesters rightist protesters with a clear message. Violence that comes from mall or Smith you know who live in the deities please call an editor and so we we me voices let he justice and a citizen of this will not only continue and community in that they don't respond my message. Tool to Libya it was clear our community will stand in support black women who stands or protesters and he will so to that region of the country and demand justice. But isn't there a need you think for all sides to ease up on their rhetoric just a bit. Let's and I want to be clear is not rhetoric choruses what Seattle is fighting for is like contest meant better in this country. Unlike any other country America we teach you more or citizens. I think our screen more citizens. Than any nation and world history speaks is not a Roberts court does not not all the rhetorical manner of the reason you've seen some of these states is news because people are standing in and a man speech equal protection under the law and equality when it comes who. Police and eat again and again. And John a final question to you you're you're young woman a student. What's your reaction to all the support we're getting. And social media people donating money and supported him. It's incredibly overwhelming skinny I and. Super excited. This instance injustice against me and also to use that to be able to amplify. Other people's stories who maybe don't have the same platform that I'm being get it this time. Elaine thank you both so much we will see you again. You think you and we'll be back in a moment. A passing to note tonight media mogul Sumner redstone has died. In 1954 he took over his family's drive in movie business and through major deals he built that company into an empire that included CBS and Viacom. Let's down was 97. Before we go tonight the image of the day take a look at this beautiful baby boy named George and is 28 year old mother inside their home in Lebanon. Both just days ago were in a bid at a hospital when their room was hit by that first blast. The boy's mother says she saw death in Iraq hospital staff brought her into a quarter just before the second catastrophic explosion. The other said during the process she just by George. Has to come to life and I have to be strong. That's our show for this hour stay tuned to ABC news live from more context and analysis of the day's top stories. I'm Byron Pitts in for Lindsey Davis thanks for the company thanks for streaming.

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