ABC News Live Prime: Thursday, December 3, 2020

Head of Houston COVID unit: Health care workers are 'so exhausted'; President Trump’s final acts; Fighting vaccine misinformation
49:52 | 12/04/20

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Transcript for ABC News Live Prime: Thursday, December 3, 2020
Everybody has to be. New needs. You know stay home you can really you can try keep members down. The times is to relax. Austin mayor Steve apple just the latest leader being called out for his hypocrisy. Telling constituents to stay home while he was in Mexico on his daughter's family honeymoon and swords. Following a small wedding in Texas today wanting was back home. Singing a new tune. I want you to know that I regret that travel. I recognize. This fact that I took him. This same time is continuing to urge people. To be cautious and she's she's. Control more than 100000. Americans hospitalized from Kobe as we cost fourteen million. From cases CDC director it's. US was severely under prepared as the agency extends trouble. The holidays. Special delivery the massive game plan to distribute the vaccine across the US how the first forty million doses will make it into the arms and Americans. One flight prepping for go time. Plus fighting this information when it comes in the vaccine also spreading faster than the virus itself. As another want a president trumps election law students gets rejected. His administration's credit to bush to cement his legacy but you're creating just do. Yeah science news that are inside report on the roster full of Cold War. Kill campaign promises. The wildfire danger in Southern California wind gusts are causing thousands of acres to burn. I was from their homes is very easy trillion dollars exams through talking about yes a trillion dollar disaster. We're not talking about wild fires hurricanes or earthquakes I do. Agency explains why it's not too late to get ready for. Good evening everyone I'm Lindsey Davis thinks so much for streaming with us while there had an. Cases are once again on the rise and just yesterday 2004. Americans died from Kobe that's highest number of any day. Throughout this entire pandemic just put that in perspective that's roughly the same number of Americans who died from the September 11 attacks grief and sorrow as a reminder of the contributions from some true heroes at doctors nurses first responders and essential workers all working round the clock to care and more than 100000. Americans currently hospitalized which is also a record number. And shout out to all those scientists who put their lives on hold isolated from their families and work seven days a week all for our benefit the result. What doctor felt she told us last night is beyond unprecedented and most extraordinary highly effective vaccine eat less than a year. More on that vaccine in just a moment but with Johnson leads us off what that drastic action states are now taking tonight to Stallone was Brett. Tonight the governor of California says he is pulling the emergency brake. Warning the State's forty million residents to brace for likely lock downs in just days we do not anticipate having to do this once again but we really all need to step up we need to meet this moment. When you do everything we can't. To stem the tide then that occur a three weeks stay home mortar triggered when icu capacity in a region falls below 15%. Many areas right on the edge businesses like bars wineries Harris salons would close. Any in person schools could stay open along with limited retail and take out restaurants. As California braces for potential lockdown president elect Biden making news saying he has talked to doctor Anthony found sheet asking him to stay on. I ask him to stay out of the exact same role he's had for the past several presidents. I asked would be in chief medical advisor for me as well. And be part of the Covert team. And the president elect saying his inclination on inauguration day is to ask Americans to Wear a mask for 100 days to help slow the virus and save lives in the first. They're Margaret to say I'm gonna asked the public for 100 days. To mask. This 100 days the mask now forever 100 days. And I think we'll see a significant reduction. This as a nation plunges into the darkest days of the pandemic more than 24700. American lives lost in just 24 hours and this stunning admission from the director of the CDC. This nation was severely under prepared. It is and then I think we had to call the woods more eggs around the country starting to run out of room. Stark County Ohio bringing in a refrigerated trailer as Kobe deaths climb. Over the Thanksgiving week him. We became. Completely filled out here at the more. And hospitals bursting at the seems at least 100000. People now hospitalized with Covert. A new record that's because of this virus. Might or fall of code patients I can't deal with those patients that need need when they come in with you her father we don't have staffing for so they're forward that's. The CDC extending its travel warning through the end of the year pleading with people to stay home. As cases surge the holiday season rush on testing continues this right through testing site in Norwalk Connecticut many of the cars here are lined up hours before the gates even open now you're seeing the numbers take up again. Correct absolutely the numbers are buying back up and we know that that's because. People were exposed. And their finding out who contact me think that they might be at risk. In Oklahoma. Icu nurse Lizzie and Jennings lost for mother and husband to the virus within three days of each other. People. Mezan laying with her husband Dennis in his final moments I'm gonna let you go now okay. And I. At the at east. Our thanks to which Johnson from that in now what some are calling one of the biggest government operation since World War II to perhaps continue ahead of that critical vaccine authorization meaning which will happen at one week from today which if the first Pfizer vaccine has approved getting it distributed across the country will be only part of the battle convincing enough Americans and people around the world to take it. We'll also be a struggle GOP VITAS has more. Tonight as the first doses of this life saving vaccine are distributed that news about Pfizer supplied just moments ago. The Wall Street Journal reporting Pfizer already dealt with early supply chain obstacles the company slashed its initial projections of doses. In half this year from a hundred million to fifty million doses worldwide. After finding raw materials and production that didn't meet its standards. Flies are stressing the problems have been fixed and will still hit its target of delivering twenty million doses in the US this month. Tonight doctor Anthony felt she raising alarms saying the UK cut corners and rush the approval of Pfizer's vaccine. They kinda ran around the corner of the of the marathon. He joined this in the last mile he later apologized but hoping to convince Americans the vaccine is safe. Felt she saying the FDA is carefully reviewing the data if we had jar doldrums hurdle here quickly and inappropriately. To gain an extra week or week and amp. I think that the credibility. Of our regulatory process would have been damaged. States and cities preparing for the biggest and most complicated vaccine rollout in American history. New York governor Andrew Cuomo today unpacking a sample block supplies as vaccine. Which must be stored at minus 94 degrees holding up a file each containing five doses. The bucks can only stay open for no more than ninety seconds this is. The weapon that is going to win the war. And that is the light at the end of the tunnel right. New York City officials say fifty hospitals have the cold storage capacity to store a total of at least one point five million doses the other herculean challenge convincing Americans to get vaccinated we need to be very trans parent. Armed with. Patients doctor Victoria Smith participated in the Pfizer trial in Louisiana. One of the reasons why I would want it to participate. Was two. Be a model of participation. Have my own example be. RO a model boat of the safety. There vaccine and the processed and tonight convincing people was a priority but delivering the vaccine. We'll do you challenged like never before. This is the biggest logistical talents that idea industry in general has ever faced. ABC news getting an inside look at United's cold storage facility at Chicago's O'Hare airport the vaccines will be in refrigerated shipping containers and those can be stored in even bigger refrigerators like this. Quite an impressive operation here do bonito joins us now on GO such massive undertaking it seems like it let's take a wild as a stock at triples and. Oh absolutely and indeed you see one of those triple seven's right there at the belly of that plane that is where the vaccines will go and united tells us that they'll be able to fix. More than a million doses of vaccine in each one of those planes really a monumental effort right here in Chicago. Do you Benitez our thanks to you. With the staggering number of Kobe nineteen cases and deaths that were reporting tonight. This image has some additional meaning this is doctor Johnson our own head of the crew on a virus unity united Memorial Medical Center in Houston you see him there in his full personal protective equipment embracing an elderly Kobe nineteen patient on Thanksgiving Day. This now viral image says it all it captures pain and loneliness of the sick and the compassion. Of the exhausted health care workers who treat them. We are joined tonight by doctor Ron Ron thank you so much for your time and and certainly for the important work that you're doing clearly this is quite a a touching moment that that were seen in that picture a back story of how this came degree. You probably know I have been very open weave the media are beaten trying to get immediately to two who shall what goes on Eden you know we're reviewing its so. Particularly I help restore momentum what are we seeing it fair. Who was just taking pictures for or one of bay picture companies. I'm going to my unit. These monies. Standing up next is bit he's. I hoga I got the door behind me and I just went straight to see patients when I see this man he's trying to let you baby. I see is very very assess right as a human I asked him what's going on with you just need wanna be with my wife. Sorrow is it is elderly gentleman who wants to be with its wide scale was just you know demon hunting and that's what it. Without knowing the mr. what I was behind angels taking pictures. So you write down wouldn't be sham are clearly called him down. And then the next eight people are calling hit your picture is ordering products at what picture I didn't even know what picture or. In a whole does the isolation have on these Kobe nations and easing might play a role in in the outcome of their house. Absolutely no question you know when somebody gives the brits were so many Eagles in want to leave when somebody who was that we leaving. The kind officially over recent in Kobe unit needs tremendous. I mean automating their role where nobody can actually. Talk to you your family can be nixed you you've got people coming to you you know India says spacesuits. And brought about is that you feel isolated you feel lonely. Why try to make human rights else to gore give them being even at pictures of ourselves so people can identify us. It's not the same people who lose track of time. It's it really can make a difference in that a. And we've been talking about the patients but also talk lessen the agony for the families who had asked only are able to have maybe a video called but not physically president to to hold the hand of their loved ones in. In often times are most dire hour. Under a 100% Gregg and you don't and that's particularly. More of these she called for the elderly people may not be so technologically Scotty. May not know how to make of the vehicle even if we show them. Used to see somebody and if Florida civil you know I think somebody quote. So it's a very very sets racial. And when you've been talking to those family members and and you have to pass along. Often times some some really morbid news. How does that go especially when it's a phone call it they're not there in person. Well I mean to be Israel's until it provided it hurts any church to see that somebody may being that less mean council life. Bacon a crowd that loved ones. Nixon. I mean these these pandemic really trust us. Taught me that the end of all black sometimes. You can die alone and that's Veres. And you say that you worked 259. Days in a row witches is just astonishing especially in such tough circumstances. I feel like and why haven't you taken any time. Well I mean it it it don't get a told you mean your duty to minors is Monday. Colleagues friends everybody gets its April miners his son crying in the middle of the because you haven't aged and the patient. I have kept my evidently bowing a look at some projects and I can do to just you know get us happy we're we're humbled me in a music meteor just to. You've got being that sense of Ole Ole. Doom that we kept us us asking Asians we get so tired of seeing patient patient after patient. And ask how have you managed to keep yourself healthy from both the virus itself and just. How taxing us almost be emotionally and apart from the music. Julio what is the right sort of thing that I've got some degree of immunity because you're telling go into 159 days that's actually quite impressive. A little time it was not eating well you know we were eating whatever we could because we're spending sixteen to twenty hours a day in the hospital. In the last. Few weeks actually tried to exercise. That's helping. Or leave the strip. And finally want to play that music video that you were just a reference saying that something that showcases some of your other talents. Ed tell us about this and how it's helping health care workers were on the phone. It's. Let me wish one of the things that you see or hear your workers are getting burnt Sorrell. You know that that the person. When I hear. B billion aches and in the music. See you reach out to me ascertain what you think about it as that sounds great idea that you'll see what's. Nice music. Right leaping up your spirits I mean so pixels it so tired. Can't care workers how do go. Can actually. This is listening to two B is and as a bigger and you I mean you don't fight at a shelter workers brought. Dot org and it's really really a foreign media I had a blast creating their behavior we've home we have Michael weeks. I feel inspired used to watching that and listening to you talk to us so thank you very much doctor brown for all you're doing your time and and we don't think it's arrests in. You very much extraordinary. Meantime what millions of Americans in dire need and more benefits set to expire at the end of the month. There's were president appears willing to support a new stimulus bill and that's fueling some optimism tonight that a deal may be in sight where Bruce joins us now from Washington Mary just a few days ago the scene like a long shot what's changed exactly. Well what's changed is there's new 900 billion dollar bipartisan compromise plan we are seeing it. Gaining serious momentum on the hill even a growing number of Republicans. Are now coming out signalling that they can get behind this. And now we are seeing conversations. Starting for the first time since the election we saw today House Speaker Nancy Pelosi Republican leader Mitch McConnell actually have a conversation about Kobe and released. And this next round of stimulus but so. Both sides are growing increasingly optimistic speaker Nancy Pelosi says she's hopeful they can get this done Mitch McConnell says the compromise is possible here but it's still not clear exactly what he is willing to support all along he's been pushing for a smaller more targeted deal and then there's the question of the president he so Clark hasn't made clear exactly. What he's willing to sign but late night is Kot valley on the hill Republican senator Lindsey Graham said he thinks that the president can get on board with that 900 billion dollar price tag. The question is whether in get on board with all of the policy detail so Lindsay has always. Doubled in the DL. If that's her and keeping responsible Mary that the public announcements by speaker Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Schumer that they would consider that big bipartisan compromise package. Really have been aimed at forcing majority leader Mitch McConnell can't. It certainly seems that they are attempts to come out to back this compromise bill even though of course it falls far short of what Democrats have been demanding all along it certainly is upping the pressure on Republicans and on majority leader Mitch McConnell to come out and at least on the table and try and reach some kind of deal also know. As we head into this very dark winter there is a dying here. And urging me and millions of Americans are looking to Washington looking to their elected representatives. And saying why can't they get this dot. So both sides agree something has to be done the question is can I get it done. And what Wendy. That has been a caution and still remains OK Mary Bruce our thanks to you. And tonight president trump is refused to say whether he has confidence in attorney general William Barr after the two reportedly had an intense meeting at the white house on Barr who has so often been right there at the president's side told AP that his Justice Department has not found evidence of voter fraud that would. Overturn the election. Tonight once again a question of presidential pardons is back in the news our Jonathan Karl reports in from Washington. Still refusing to acknowledge he lost the election president trump is now lashing out heard his own attorney general bill Barr. Accusing him of not looking hard enough to find election fraud. Well yes and things yes it looked. They haven't looked very. Which is a disappointment to be honest with you it in fact just days after the election -- are in an extraordinary move. Did authorize US attorneys around the country to looked for evidence of voting irregularities. But earlier this week he told the Associated Press quote. We have not seen fraud on a scale that could have affected a different outcome in the election. ABC news has learned the president confronted bar about those comments in a contentious meeting at the White House you saw a confident about our. Actually that. Inning and grouped weeks. Today in Wisconsin the president was handed yet another defeat in court. He and his allies of Gloucester withdrawn more than thirty cases so far. But his lawyers are still on a traveling road show states. Where they are trying to convince local republicans' to overturn election results I'm going to be very brief because I have a number of witnesses. Last night trial lawyer Rudy Giuliani was in Michigan for one democratic lawmaker accused him of lying about election fraud because he wants to get a pardon for himself from the president. Your attempt to disagree aren't the wise and not part of that rep I will I would I would list that he'd be he'd be disciplined for that. First of all. First of all that lets her first the most what he said there untrue. Second that is say that is a defamation in my professional character. Rudy Giuliani clearly flustered their Jonathan Karl joins us now from washing Jane and John Kerry the president's Alison discuss preemptive pardons for the president's children and and then just this week in Washington among the charms after a five hour deposition in connection with a civil case. This was a five hour just a deposition with DUO indeed DC attorney general. It was related to an investigation into whether the trump international hotel here in Washington. Improperly profited from the trump inauguration. A five hour deposition in that case a ball control put out a statement after words. Just today saying that the investigation is quote it politically motivated demonstration of vindictiveness. And a waste of taxpayer dollars. But losing this is really just the tip of the iceberg. Just related to the trump inauguration or years ago just related to the inauguration we know of at least two other investigations. So you know many many investigations ahead potentially here a for the Tron fan. All right Jonathan Carl our thanks to you. Thank you with me and when we come back a moment. Most famous telescope's. Crashes. To the earth. Stunning decision by major film studio could going to leave Peter eventually become another victim of cold it but up next. During the final months of every administration president's move to firm up their legacies and priorities of the question now. What did president trying to do while in office at this moment that will be hard for biting to undo past. The search continues for possible victims it is managed when a 600 foot wide mud slides slammed into their Alaska neighborhood this all unfolded in Haines Alaska officials say it's four homes were completely destroyed and many others were damaged fortunately though for people who were missing. Were ultimately found six. President trump has just 48 days left in office and while he's been publicly keeping a low profile and refusing to concede the election. Her scenes his administration is racing to solidify his legacy are filled campaign promises an overhaul dozens of federal regulations that could take the bite nineteen years to undo. Our Devin Dwyer reports from Washington. It's a sprint to the finish for a president hoping to leave the final mark. Even as he refuses to concede Donald Trump is reshaping policies disrupting government norms to the very end. I think that there will be a lot of things happening between now in the twentieth. January a lot of things. From immigration to environmental protections trump is pushing eleventh hour rule changes that could last for years we called midnight regulations. Last chance. These rules on. Foreign. Administration changed here and they had any terrorists and he's a nonprofit new site pro public eye tracking three dozen major pending regulations with even more expected before trump leaves office in January. The Obama administration actually. I measure at. A little more than in the past and answering my gap they include religious exemptions for federal contractors who looser efficiency standards for shower heads and washing machines. In stricter eligibility for food stamps even as millions out of work and the pandemic look to the government for help. Finalist and administration are obviously hugely important and it's just natural to want to get things done Carol Browner read the EPA during all eight years of the Clinton administration and as a member of president Obama's transition and first climates are. There were some things that we didn't want to finish. But you're not free agents do and willing yelling there's a long there's a science there's a process a lot of his midnight regulations are focused on Myanmar meet. This EPA effort to ban the reliance on any scientific study that doesn't fully disclose all the raw data right why is that so problematic. Will simply not. Quality of science. EPA needs to make decisions and this is a theory very intentional move on Garrett are polluters which is to limit the science. Gear or limit the ability EPA to make the smartest decision. Browner says a rush to auction off drilling rights in the Arctic strongly opposed by pres elect Biden is especially high stakes. The degree to which the leases have been entered into you might have to buy them back. But hopefully the reality is seeking continue to protect these areas that have yet been protected predictor for hundreds of years now raise your right hand. There are new moves on immigration in his final weeks trump adding eight new questions to the citizenship test. And trying to make it harder for high skilled foreign workers to give pieces. In this last minute rush before the inauguration and drug administration is doing everything cancer ring legal immigration closer and closer to. Bare minimum. Ramping up enforcement actions. And really trying to do everything they tend to happen with. Finished checking those boxes and make it as hard as possible for the by the administration. To rebuild the nation's immigration system. The president also racing to withdraw US troops from Afghanistan. And last month formally indeed be open skies treaty and move critics called a gift to Putin. It allowed US and Russia to conduct mutual surveillance flights to build trust wrong. Russia didn't adhere to the trading. So until they adhere we will pull out. Some of Trump's actions will have permanent impact but the rush to perform more federal executions. Before president Biden has the chance to put them on hold. Eight federal inmates executed so far this year the most in more than a century with five Morse waited before inauguration day. Pace of these federal executions has no historical costs the last time you had more than ten. People executed by the federal government in a single year you have to go back to shoot Grover Cleveland's second presidency. I'm unite. Behind the president also giving executioners greater flexibility in how they kill the regulation will allow them without challenge. To use whatever method of lethal injection that it wants to use. Meanwhile the president is continuing a record number of lifetime appointments to federal courts. Breaking with a 123 years of precedent by confirming more judges. After losing reelection. Generally wants an election occurs confirmation stop until the next congress begins its hard to know the impact right now exactly that these trouble when a Drexel. Legal is going to be big. It's gonna be huge it's going to be generational. Some of Trump's final acts face challenges in court if Democrats win control of congress there could be fast tracks repeals. But experts say many changes won't be easily earned done. There are people whole who crosses all over. Multiple years a lot of resources. And this congress in my design. I'm reminder of the power of the presidency can make a lasting impact on America. To the very last minute of the White House transition. For ABC news live I'm Devin Dwyer in Washington. Our thanks to Jennifer that'd still ahead here on prime. Wind gust fueling wildfires that are once again threatening homes in California we are on the scene. Major update in the case against the seventeen year old who claim self defense after gunning down two people in separate incidents during protests in Kenosha. Of the found she affecting could have a major impact in medical schools across the country we'll explain. Today former president Jimmy Carter joining efforts of presidents Obama Clinton and bush in bolstering support for the Kobe vaccines. If authorized. I. Welcome back everybody as Kobe hostels nation's skyrocketing across the country have been reporting on the extreme toll it's taking on arch health care heroes who risk their lives to save others Welch it turns out that many more are hoping to join in the fight we look at the dramatic rise in medical school applications during Kobe. By the numbers med school applications are up 18%. Compared to last year according to the association of American medical colleges and that's impressive since year over year increases have been averaging lesson 3% over the past decade now despite translates into more than 7500. Additional medical applicants nationwide according to the AMC. Stanford University School of Medicine one of the nation's top schools reports of CHD percent jump in applications since last year with 111000. Applicants now vying for just nine DC looks and of course getting into med school has never been easy pre pandemic US medical schools had an average acceptance rate of just. Six point 7% according to the NIH's some medical school admission officers have called this new enthusiasm in the so called. Felt she effect well whatever the motivation we wish all of these students well and result unless he gets you here. This information about the upcoming vaccines is running rampant on social media platforms what can be done it's tonight's vaccine. We know. Update earthquake and fire threat plaguing California but there is a different potential disaster that has happened there before that could cost taxpayers a trillion dollars of it happens again. That's in this week's it's not too late the first. Big stories on From. For. Wearing face coverings. Exploiting groups keeping our distance. Avoid unnecessary brown. Let me continue to Wear your house from leaving your home. The other tracking project awards more than 100000. Americans are currently hospitalized from car in nineteen annual record and more than double the number at the start of the month warning from the director of the CDC about the months ahead in December and January and February. Gonna be rough I actually believe going to be the most Paul when. I don't holocaust history of this nation today after the United Kingdom approved advisors corona virus vaccines our emergency units doctor Anthony actually telling CBS news and I'm process tonight and rush as they really rush from lieutenant who. Against him. The FDA in the United States of America and drug administration's. Is the goal stand. The Illinois teen charged in her chest related shootings in Wisconsin has lost its bid to dismiss some of the charges against him. Court denied a defense motion to dismiss two of the six charges Kyle written house faces in connection with the deadly August shootings in Kenosha then followed a police shooting of Jacob Blake. The court determined there is probable cause to believe written house committed felonies and down the case over for trial. And events trying to stop that by arguing ridden house and acted in self defense but the court rules that's for the trial to determine arraignment is set for January says. Dramatic collapse of the car racing boats inventories massive radio telescope seen on camera. Engineers unable to see what was one of the most important innovation of the last fifty years a proud Puerto Rican landmark made famous in movies. Including James Bond flick goldeneye. But it wasn't just the stuff of movies were huge discoveries. In 1967 astronomers here learned that it took Mercury 59 days to make one phone rotation. On Tuesday evening news was devastating meteorologists not a monthlong fighting back tears. I'm mark I think I do what I thought I don't care enough and I'm not an easy go on sale. Let hill Monday night. On investigations under way afterwards. Hi Garrett is actually war per SE big cat sanctuary in Florida that was featured in the Netflix documentary series tiger tank but paramedics took 69 year old candy house. Into the hospital they Samir Omar injury in this morning she noticed a greater role male tiger named Schambach. Wasn't right cage in the facility in Tampa so she went to closing date. And that's one of the tiger attacked. Fighting her mom's. We're. One per cent to have surgery and the tigers right now visible quarantine them. And I'm. President and grew by one of Hollywood's biggest studios Warner Bros. citizen is entirely 121 slate of films will stream on HBO Max this same time it hits the theaters includes the new matrix movie Godzilla vs behind him when Manuel Miranda Isabel originally on this station in the heights. Warner Bros. the films will be rolled out like you online and Peter save time and one month later in the movies will be pulled from HBO that spinal continue to play. In theaters. Welcome back to Canyon's south east of LA are in flames tonight as the bond fire which started small has now exploded into a massive wildfire. Mandatory evacuations are underway during a time officials are encouraging people to stay home because of coverage as will Carr reports of fire is being fueled by nearly 100 mile per hour Santa Ana winds. Tonight in California dual emergencies raging wildfire in a painful pandemic. Bon fire Orange County has scorched thousands of acres. And forcing families to flee from their homes in the middle of the night. The fire came so fast that I couldn't get it so we literally had to depend upon other neighbors. To common ground forces grab our dog. We're tonight the two firefighters have been hurt in the region that has not seen significant rainfall in quite some time. Fear the flames eating through. Bone dry brush is acting essentially as his jet fuel this fire if pushing the fire Santa Ana winds with gusts over ninety miles per hour. Powerful out knocked over tractor trailers in San Diego County willow fire has damaged towns. And coupled with the extreme fire danger California's looming stay at home borders announced today. Which could lead gamely with few options if they're told to evacuate. Lindsay was strong winds continuing to fan these flames tonight there's another red flag warning that's going to California next week in a historic fire season that's showing no signs. Of letting up. Or. Will our thanks to you and turning our focus east now our weather team is tracking potential major storm system brewing in the soccer ace is set to head up the coast. The storm supposed to bring heavy rain while cross southeast and strengthen as it makes its way north on Saturday depending on where you are in the northeast you could experience gusting winds and isolated flooding if you live an interior New England some spots may get up to a flip. You heard that write a foot of snow. And we just weeks ago before some Americans make an important Kobe nineteen vaccination decision this information conspiracy theories are flooding social media experts aren't concerned today in an exclusive interview with ABC's Bob Woodruff. They announced its launching a new plan to remove postings identified by scientists and specialists. As damaging and wrong here's Bob Woodruff with the latest taxing launch. Which vaccine delivery likely a few weeks away the Internet is flooded with dangerous misinformation. We've seen if information bikes if it's because people are and that's and people are taking a policy to the fact that people out of that ten. There were. O has been tracking these inaccuracies since the very beginning of this pandemic. She says these distortions are driven by political and economic motives or conspiracy theories. Certain posts falsely claimed return as Covert nineteen vaccine will change people's. The people and that don't pay and they come with a also Arctic which is it's gonna change DNA. Claims like this are firmly debunked by scientists and have no basis. Yet they continue to be shared online critics. Shall I. Today FaceBook announcing a campaign to remove coal would vaccine misinformation. Shared by its users on both FaceBook and mr. Graff. Questions and we will start to remove. An army. Slew of east Har. In an exclusive interview with ABC news vice president of product and social impact Naomi quite. Says FaceBook has long warned users of inaccuracies. With banners on the site. And has removed about twelve million misleading Kolb in nineteen posts since March. But now it's actively searching for vaccine falsehoods. Make it. Should remove the. He really technical challenge Misha are making these decisions are is why we are working with equal partners to identify them. Clues these co owns next to be learned. It's also why we're working with terrorists you identify information enmities. But according to experts FaceBook and its program aren't the only home for misinformation. Very easy to fight a solid safe but could twin track and that problems are discussed at great you know I actually huge she is a real problem. This video for instance has over fifteen million views on this Joseph Rogan podcast conspiracy theorist Alex Jones is invalid claims. I'm going undisputed. So in this Didier you've got out ex giants he's on a Paul cost. And he's talking about vaccines and he's talking about these consent about DNA we. He's saying is that there's an army that is part of the vaccine will somehow be incorporated into the DNA Sheehan sells the that's just wholly false. The motivation for people want to intentionally you know this bad information. Sometimes it's to make money. Sometimes it's it's likely to that website whether she setting helps supplement that was in every entrance to create a community other people. I'm seeking questions. That night and they have found can means you don't mind that people have that idea why you liked it darn right well. Making it all the more challenging to combat. Most vaccine misinformation. Is shared in close circles on line. How did tonight what effect raking in these great because the messages are being set by people who know each other you're more likely to believe it. We have a lot of sports you I'm groups there's a lot that we urgent moves he and yeah eaten contest. Community standards we will take Alan excuse. Me where. I. What do you say to those acts are critics out said he. Dunn who's really to ready to. An experiment as had been a top priority for that kind since January. Every one company is working comments in time play. Twitter tells us it has been labeling some inaccurate tweets is disrupted information. While removing many others permanently. YouTube says it is taking similar steps. And right now accurate information is crucial. Because by the end of this month hundreds of thousands of Americans will decide whether or not to take a vaccine. Bob Woodruff tracking the race for a vaccine. Super helpful information Aaron thanks to Bob cabana when we come back the pandemic has taught at 100 year threats can become reality so the question. He heard of it arc storm. New Jersey is about to inform us about what we can do now about this disaster that will happen again. Finally tonight coated hurricanes wildfires twenty colony has had all but there's a possibility of a trillion dollar disaster and you haven't heard anything about it. Likely won't happen this month but is jitters explains in this week's it's not too late. Now's a time to get ready. Yeah. Packed contingency and it's not today. This week it is absolutely not too late we can all get ready for what could be California's most epic disaster of all time. It. I'm. Not I'm not talking about Knoblauch by. And not the next big earthquake. I am talking about a disaster that you probably haven't heard about before it's something that experts call the arc store. Now imagine it's. Almost a month of drenching storms along the West Coast they would swallow California in ten to twenty feet of rain. We were talking 200 inches in some places. Imagine. Parts of Sacramento to San Francisco Bay Area Los Angeles San Diego all going underwater. There would be thousands of landslides major dam failures and the State's entire farm industry decimate. Wait a few of us ever heard this dire prediction. Well it's not because people don't remember the last time it happened. Get hurt me it has happened in what was California deadliest and most destructive natural disaster in reported history. It was called the mega store it happened in the winter of 1861. And 62. California. 1862. It is ready for almost 45 days. The slowness. Mold he re extreme precipitation. Flooded and that. Usually filled out this CB you can person central valley with slim order creating and movies eat supposedly. 33 miles quiet in 150 miles long. And it wasn't just in California it was one of the most destructive and deadly in Nevada Arizona and Oregon. And that's flat. It's gonna happen again and it could be three times as devastating as the earthquake and the fires. Published nine years ago doctor Lucy Jones and her team were warning that a storm went out of 186160. Tale if it happened today. Could cost the state more than 700 billion dollars. Our model that we get what we called the ark storm. It was actually great for about 25 days. And that was announced to rule out one quarter of the property and California. This is your emergency trillion dollars a disaster that we're talking about it also results in blossom housing for hundreds of thousands if not a couple million people. In California potentially can completely wiped out the agricultural industry for a couple Beers as well as. This silicon Alley corridor in the Bay Area and and the movie industries and in California along with terrorism it. One point five million people would have to be evacuated from their homes we're talking about movies all out of harm's way. For our parliament I'm antiques until the lead in the area in society. A corner of the building in the state of California could flat and here's the real issue only 12% of the properties in California are insured for flood. A storm like this is inevitable 186162. Old wasn't a frequent that. The tree rings and the rocks tell us that there were six mega storms that where more severe than the mega storm in the last 18100 years. Hey here's the good news though we will be able to see it coming we're really good at predicting this type of thing at least a month they're selling advanced but. Badness when we see it coming if it were to be say next month. We're not ready. For example the California Levy system set up for 75 to 200 here flats not a maggots to. And there's one other silver lining that if you plan for the arts storm don't sell complements planning for earthquakes. We are not prepared I would assume then for another 186160. It's very difficult to prepare our many race and we half. You can argue that we make it worse because weak credit are flat control and we go underneath. So we have. A lot of Holmes sitting in flood plains protected by wealthy individuals each and Noah at risk are nowhere where you lived in didn't have a plan your family mansion emergence. And that arc storms simulation and I tell you about well put together almost a decade ago so it even nothing. UCLA professor Daniel swain is working on on a brand new model for the art store. Ten years ago the model did not take climate change into account. I think what we're trying to do now is is that a regional arts firm scenario for the 21 century using the improve science improve modeling tools. Also incorporating the fact that were rush are confident. Sort of about the teach health of our warming climate that is. Clearly increasing the risk extreme precipitation events. That means that the storm swain and his team will model this time around. Might actually be worse than the flood of 1862. But here's the upside of the news simulation. And most optimistic about the fact that. This is something that we may have. You know now. Balls so early enough there's not a lot we can do that preventing the event itself. There's a lot can be done to me you and. Less dad. The wet winter between 1617. Was a wake up call for the state Orville damage you'll remember nearly failed. I'm not sure how many shirts realize that there there was a very real possibility at a thirty foot tall water coming down Federer Indian into the central valley. That near failure was hired violent sports. So it visiting Nashville dollar Billings are lost and you're still watching this wondering why this mattered to me. Well how about a million dollar disaster in California that sends the entire US government lady current that. It can also empty your kitchen table. California grows a large portion of our country's crops 99% of walnuts 9% of aren't taxed 97%. Of key weeks. California though is committed to doing its part. This planning is taking place spent part of part of their responsibilities on them to be an arm to stand arm in tune to do their part we. Open up our minds it and looking at all the consequences in the overall margin. What government needs to be doing for us is being. Jerry church's future. A future that will include another mega storm at some point. But it would plan right we cannot be ready and because of that and intimacy and a promise it's not too. Yeah. Fascinating and terrifying all the same time our thanks as always to juniors before we go tonight our image of the day take a look at this medical staff member from the -- Houston hospital as a head of the icu we spoke with earlier tonight. It is pictured in his PPE you're taking a quick break before going back to work are trying to mend is gratitude to all of the health care workers across the country. Putting their lives on the line working tirelessly to fight has helped emergency. On all of our hats that's our show it is our richest eighteen ABC news slot for. More context and analysis of the day's stories I'm Linda Davis thanks so much restrained with us ink and.

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