ABC News Live Prime: Tuesday, March 2, 2021

White House adviser: COVID relief bill ‘will meet the needs of the pandemic’; Ballot Watch: States target voting rights; International demand for Russia’s Sputnik V vaccine soars
49:53 | 03/03/21

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Transcript for ABC News Live Prime: Tuesday, March 2, 2021
A mostly submerged camper likely takes its final ride and it's no road trip. Floating down the Kentucky river after the past few days brought historic flooding to the region. Moving up the timeline president Biden with the news tonight that there will be enough vaccine doses delivered for every adult American months ahead of schedule. And deploying a secret weapon the First Lady in the battle over reopening schools. And then. President and move. The tune rival companies teaming up to increase vaccine production the Biden administration brokering the deal amid concerns over delays. The president calling it an historic partnership. Plus the latest states to ease restrictions on mass mandate. Horror on the highway at least thirteen people are dead after an SUV believed to be carrying more than two dozen people. Was involved in a crash with a big break soundly Jack did from the crowded vehicle. Several others seriously injured the latest from the scene as questions swirl around the case. CS CI director grilled on the hill today over the capital insurrection. And who the bureau blames for the deadly violence on January 6 quite a number of them who we would culture militia violent extremists. The Supreme Court wrestling over voting rights and racial discrimination. The justices hashing it out. Deciding whether to uphold a set of laws argued to be unfair to minorities why this case is so crucial to our democracy's future. Any of these measures. It even legitimate. While president Biden takes his first actions against Russia a closer look at why some other countries are attracted to Russia's funding vaccine program. And in plain sight the newly uncovered audio diaries of the former First Lady Lady Bird Johnson. A woman with a knack for being in the right place at the right time a front row seat to history. And her understated influence. Curriculum could cry and remember tasting and my mom. Good evening I'm juju Chang in for Lindsey Davis tonight thanks for streaming with can't we begin tonight with promising news in the race to vaccinated the country each president Biden late today announcing their should be enough shots of the vaccine for every American each by the end of may that is two months earlier than previously thought. This comes as the first shots of the Johnson and Johnson's single dose vaccine have started going into arms you can see sleeves being rolled up there at Ohio State in Columbus. And part of the reason for president Biden's optimism more doses of that Johnson & Johnson vaccine will be available earlier thanks to an unprecedented. Collaboration between fierce competitors. Biden announcing today pharmaceutical company Merck will use its production facilities to produce the J&J vaccine. Are you the program lead to sought to. Tonight president Biden witnessing encouraging headline that the US is on track to have enough vaccine for every adult by the end of may. This country will have enough vaccine supply have safe again for every adult in America Biden and made. An intimate. That's progress. Johnson & Johnson have said they would supply the country with 100 million doses by the end of June. But today the president invoking the defense production act. In an historic partnership between the company and pharmaceutical rival Merck to ramp up production. Enabling J&J to now have its 100 million doses ready by the end of may the president also announcing that under the federal pharmacy program pre K through twelve teachers staff and child care workers. We'll be prioritized for vaccination it's our goal is to do everything we can't help every educator receive the shot. This month the month of march today there was much anticipated Johnson and Johnson's single dose vaccine finally making their way into the arms of the mayor hit. The name and then one shot and this I just felt like this is what I had to do. The vaccine also 85% effective at preventing severe illness and 100%. Effective at preventing hospitalization and death. Nearly four million doses now headed to vaccination sites across the US the CDC also expected to give the green light this week her fully vaccinated people to have small gatherings in their homes. With others who also been vaccinated the CDC still asking vaccinated people to Wear masks and social distance in public. After weeks of Kobe case is on the decline the daily case average has increased 3.4 percent from a week ago despite the uptick at least eleven states have either recently loosened restrictions or plan to in the coming week. Added Texas it is now time. To open Texas. 100%. The governor ending its statewide math mandate and allowing all business is to fully reopen starting next week. Our Marcus Moore is in Dallas. For a year businesses across Texas have been under strict orders to prevent the spread of Kobe at nineteen. Now with the governor's announcement some owners tell me they face a real dilemma. Do we continue to stay open that are community. At risk. Are doing these are life savings and no hundreds of thousands of dollars that we put us restaurants. This has three still unpublished studies found the Brazilian bury it not only more contagious. But in Brazil it appears it may be able to re infect people who'd previously had cove it. In theory it has so far been found in at least seven state health experts doubling down that now is not the time to ease restrictions. If we do not come at least suppress. This we will continue with to be challenged. By Berrian. Which have a way of coming back to Midas as they say. Even pilgrim joins us now and it got a lot hopeful headlines that still tops health officials and president by inch seem adamant about reminding the public to remain vigilant. That's Reggie do president died today at his making that announcement about the historic partnership between work and Johnson & Johnson for the vaccine production should tell the American public now is not the time to let. Saying now is not a time to let our guard down and eat sheep sheering that our health officials repeatedly. They are concerned about these very ends and where we are right now with these numbers. And what can you tell us about that partnership the president touted between Merck and Johnson & Johnson they're saying it was quite a negotiation. Yeah this is quite the negotiation and president Biden negotiated this wind between those two companies himself. Merck and Johnson are. Rival companies they are usually odds with each other competing for that the same in gold they are now going to be working together under the depends reduction act to make the Johnson & Johnson vaccine Merck is going to be getting two of their production facilities to help make this vaccine so we're actually going to happen. Updated Thailand they're gonna have a hundred million doses of the JNJ vaccine by the end of day that is good news for Americans are looking to get back. Working better for the greater good thank you Yu-Na. And for more on this major development in the vaccine timeline I'm joined now by White House senior advisor Cedric Richmond thanks for being here. Thank you for having me. Well president Biden says there will now be enough vaccine doses for all American adults produced. By the end of may H. I'm sense of just how significant that development is and does it change the timeline in your view for when the country could get back to normalcy which. Doctor found she and others and said would more likely have taken place at the end of 20/20 one. Well look we certainly hope so but we still need. Fellow Americans to do those things that will help us beat the pandemic and that is to Wear a mask that is to stay socially distance. That's to make sure you washing your hands into an all of those things and done that is a big. Piece of beating the pandemic. And the last thing of course is maybe the most important thing is to take the vaccine when you have an opportunity to do that and we believe if we do that we hope. That we can do it sooner rather than later. We saw the mask mandate dropped in the state of Texas and yet the CDC had has asked that people keep up their vigilance how do those two pieces of communication. Conflict and how do you balance those messages. Well we're still gonna ask the American people to Wear masks we're still gonna ask him businesses. That's it and encourage them that they can still mandate. Mask. But to come and their business and so it's buckets. Texas governor and it went he thought was best for his state we're doing what we think is best for the American people. And we know from the last administration that Wear masks being socially distance is the best way to prevent people from contracting. About cove in nineteen and that's the best way to save lives. So let's turn to the Kobe and released package senate majority leader Chuck Schumer said today that your administration's one point nine trillion dollar. Released bill could come to the senate floor as early as tomorrow. Does having vaccines fully available by the end of may in this new timeline does not lessen the need for so much emergency aid for example could extended unemployment benefits be scaled back if people are able to get back to work more quickly. Now we don't think so look we didn't do a package that goes in perpetuity we did a very limited packets because we were concerned about the cost but we did a package. That would allow us to defeat the twin crisis that we have. Going on the economic fallout from the pandemic in the health. Fallout so we just so bunch of gratuitous and actually things and then this is a bare bones package to be this pandemic to meet the needs. The American people so we are hopeful and we're as aggressive as we came in the make sure that we. Produces many vaccines as we came to make sure begin distributed we've added. Over thousand detonators. Around the country so we're doing up part and we're gonna keep doing it. Probably do need congress to do their part in past America risky plan. So that we can do everything we need to do two defeat both of these crisis that we're space where right now. And as you know Democrats have faced criticism for not negotiating with Republicans enough to get bipartisan buy in for this relief bill as all the past Coleman released bills have does the White House see any cuts to this bill that could help address Republican concerns and in for example they've argued that state and local governments are not hurting as much as expected which in their budget so clean cuts to aid dare bring down overall costs and maybe gain some Republican votes. Let me just tell you the last five bills that you mentioned that will bipartisan all had one thing in common they were too little too late. And they never gave us a chance to get in front of the pandemic we just kept chasing it. And American people kept dying and so what we wanted to do was meet the needs. The pandemic and meet the needs of the economic. Crisis and look we have entertained. We have engaged with we have hosted Republican senators. At the White House to see if we could get to some meeting of the minds where one point nine trillion they came in at 600 billion. And then a question becomes what are we leave out. Do you want to take out the twenty billion that goes to veterans a 130 billion that would go. To get at schools open do you want to take out 14100 dollars that we promised. To give to Americans to help get him through this all the unemployment insurance will not willing to leave people behind. And I am sure they don't want to leave out. Nutrition and the money and then to make sure that people are Kinney for the first time in this country sister. One in seven people. Our report that they don't have enough food to eat. And so we're being very intentional about help in this country through this. Pandemic and to the extent that anybody wants to give us a a real offer and engaging conversations were willing to do that. Among want to turn now to the southern border and we're seeing a major influx of migrants included on including unaccompanied mine cash on your administration is faced some criticism for deploying those temporary facilities for processing each and housing those migrants at the border while other critics say a more lenient approach on immigration which might just invite more migrants on does he should have a handle on this or is there are concerned that it might she spiral into the same sort of border crisis that we saw in 2019. What we're still picking up the pieces from her the last administration's broken immigration policies or lack of immigration. Strategy. And just like secretary me out to sit yesterday that we are dealing with it and we did open a temporary facility. But it's a different environment right now is a retooled facility that has educational needs it meant to help. Counseling and it is a more nurturing environment. Well let's think about where we are we we can't house people the way we used to house people. A year ago we're gonna make sure that they socially distance we're gonna make sure that it is a cold it. Conscious atmosphere. And that do that you can put less people and facilities and therefore you gonna need more facilities right now under in the short term. Well we are use and it. Absolutely as a temporary facility we want to get those kids in there we wanna get them processed and then we wanna get them over to HHS will we will make sure that we find. Family members for them to go with our. Other shelter are guardians for them to live within and that is. The humane way to do it that's the way we're gonna do it and we are working very hard to make sure that those kids don't stay in those temporary shelters. Long NOR thanks to you White House senior advisor Cedric Richmond thanks for your time thanks revenue. And now to the investigation after the deadly riots at the capitol FBI director Chris for rate testifying on Capitol Hill today saying the FBI views the January 6 attack. As an act of domestic terrorism so what did he say about whether the FBI did in Knox and who was responsible here's our Chief Justice correspondent Pierre Thomas. Tonight in his first appearance before congress since the January 6 insurrection. FBI director Christopher Wray was specific and blunt about who was responsible. Quite a number who we would calls for a militia violent extremists probable a's were the oath keepers we've already identified individuals who advocate for what you call for white supremacy. The fact confirmed by the only capitol police officer whose publicly described in di tale the horror of that day. The television exclusive with ABC news there was a large number of people in that crowd. Go where races. Are often done said that mobs fought vicious. I'm exhaust it must search for instance sweat. Pepper spray. A good. Blood an cuts on my knuckles and well of the conspiracies claiming it was really left wing radicals posing as from supporters who attacked the capital. Do you have any evidence that the capital Turk was organized by quote fake trumped protesters. We have not seen evidence of that. The FBI director was pressed on why a key piece of intelligence. Warning that right wing radicals were coming to Washington to attack the capital did not result in more robust security. Why didn't the FBI sound. The alarm gray says the information obtained the day before the insurrection was put in the hands of DC officials. That information was quickly. Disseminated and communicated with our partners including the US capitol. Police including metro PT yeah and not one not two but three different ways. And Pierre Thomas joins us now from Washington can't the FBI director discussed the rise in domestic terror what clean with Arnold not score. But he says domestic terror cases have doubled since he took off his -- many involving radicals from the far right in white supremacist. Due June 2000 domestic territories is under investigation right now. And with that testimony there seems to a lot of finger pointing about the intelligence sharing leading up to January 6 where did all break down. Well indeed there was he said today that that intelligence from the Norfolk division which talked about an attack. Coming to Washington was share what officials here in DC but he said it was obviously not good enough Jews you. So many details to unpack thank you Pierre. Such next to the horrific and deadly crash near the California Mexico border that has left so many unanswered questions why were there an suvs shield with 25 people including children each and what led to the tragic collision with a tractor trailer. More than a dozen killed in Chile hard Tung has more on what authorities are saying tonight. Tonight the massive death till after this horrific accident. Member Ruth Ford Expedition to drivers signed completely wrapped around a semi pulling two gravel trailers. Officials say between eight year old man drove the SUV directly into the path of the big rig it's driver 69 year old man. Just after 6 AM local time in Southern California. We need as many ambulances you can have broken our rate now. Officials say the driver and 24 passengers including children were cream consigned EST beat. Many without safety restraints that's an improbable. Drew Griffin's that vehicle first responders fighting twelve people dead at the scene. Several passengers ejected. One person dying after being rushed to the hospital. Helicopters. Airlifted several patients the driver of the big rig also hospitalized but able to speak with investigators the intersection Imperial County California just north of interstate eight. Mostly agricultural area about ten miles from the US Mexico border. And Caylee hearts and joins us now from the scene of that horrible crash and Caylee you've been speaking to investigators already what are they saying about why so many people were packed into that vehicle. And Eugene that is the big question tonight why were they are so many people packed inside that as Indian officials say they're investigating but it's too early to know and ink for shore right now they say their top concern is identifying the victims many of them they say. Didn't have idea on that we just heard again from the chief of the California Highway Patrol learned to couple knew each tells bill about. How they were able to think twenty by people inside that SUBGG. They say is he the only had two seats in the driver's seat and a front passenger seat the rest of that vehicle had this seats removed and also learn age range of those passengers. Fifteen to fifteen victory GG and. Thanks to you carry her tongue. And when we come back and terrifying close call for one deputy performing a welfare check when someone shoots at her at point blank range. Doctor Oz save someone's life today but in an airports will explain. But up next the challenges and sweeping changes being proposed to how we vote in different states across the country. The Supreme Court hearing one Republican challenge today some say it's about protecting the vote others say it's about suppressing. Stay with us. Throughout the past year we have reported extensively on all the changes to voting in America because of the pandemic and because of our politics. Tonight we're bringing back our series ballot watched because there is an unprecedented new wave of state election laws on the rise and she aimed at making it harder to vote and today the Supreme Court the justices heard a major case that could make it harder to challenge restrictions. In the years ahead. Here's our Devin Dwyer. Today if the Supreme Court a major showdown over voting rights as Arizona Republicans defend to state laws that limit how ballots are cast. These measures are designed to provide water. And a security elections. And provide confidence in the results one measure requires election officials to throw out votes cast in the wrong precinct. Another bans the practice of third party ballot collection or allowing someone else to turn in your absentee ballot for you. To us it's a fundamental issue. Right vs wrong it's all the integrity there's no evidence of widespread voter fraud in Arizona where 80% of voters in 20/20 cast ballots early. Democrats say the real purpose is to make it harder for minorities to vote. People have less access to mail them in drag getting out back is a big deal or somebody who lives in rural community were you. Your seventy miles from. Our that you share with a bunch under. Your heart and I and that's a whole different story. Section two of the voting rights act of 1960 five's his loss which result in a denial or Richmond have the right of any US citizen to vote. An account of race or color our legal. The provision has never been tested at the High Court but eight years ago a hostile conservative majority effectively guided as separate part of the law. One that required states with a history of racial discrimination to pre clear election rule changes with the Justice Department. Court need to send a strong statement. That the voting rights act we will be there were the American public especially at a time when we see politicians in the state. Trying to put Beers about ox Republican lawmakers in at least 43 states are considering more than 250. Proposed bills that would make it harder to vote what do they do they do things like restrict access to vote by mail. Impose stricter photo identification loss V slash voter registration opportunities. And they aggressively purge voters from many of the measures target early voting which exploded in popularity during 20/20 and led to his stork torn out. Thirty states made it easier to vote by mail because of the pandemic but now at least 24 states are considering measures to steal it back in future elections. Who are though lose all or all voters lose booster or access review said within that subset. You would see that it is almost inevitably ignite either our borders workers. Democratic election lawyer Marc Elias says the tidal wave of new laws reflects former president trumps a lie that the election huge loss was rigged. They are restricting voting arts not just in states they are doing it in red states as well and and is that reason that I shall confident that this is an art shown you'll teach or real. As it is anything else. We must pass comprehensive election reforms. And we must do it now. As trump prods his allies Republican controlled state legislatures have been moving quickly. In Iowa Republicans are sent to governor a bill to slash their early voting period by nine days in a post tighter deadlines on mail in ballots. The fact of the matter is there are Americans across this state debt have some concerns about what happened in this act last. Election. I. Georgia which helped decide the presidential race in gave Democrats control the US senate protests as Republicans advances sweeping crackdown. Now all Republicans in the Georgia General Assembly are trying to change the rules of the election here in Georgia. Rules that you rob. Because you're hey did you see in November and a third and again on Jaron of the. House bill 531. Is designed to begin to bring back the confidence. Around voters back into our election system. They want to restrict placement of ballot drop boxes cut hours for early voting on weekends require photo ID to vote by mail. Murder people who have a driver's license. Which happened. And maybe that's no big deal I have to due. For somebody who doesn't have a license that have jumped to a legend who are in need these measures. On me you know regeneron. Mostly her really don't think the auction more secure. Even a few cents on the in addition little and oh there there's nothing makes election more shore by. Stating that. The election to its shorter more than. Half of all voters believe it's 120 election was secure to view shared by the trump Justice Department and dozens of federal judges. Still nearly three in four Republicans disagree. How do you restore confidence here at the electorate. Senate Republicans hated it bought her one. It is that it quash. I think the real challenge for democracy and order. Beyond laws and lawsuits. Is how do we get to a place in which both political parties agree. That we whole century old fare for election in Arizona attorney general Marc Bern a bitch says the answer. Is in the rule of law look I'm a first generation American. I understand how important. The deal symbolically. Emotionally. Om and practically. Wright to notice. You want to make sure that everyone is competence of the results and no one can go around saying that somehow there were some shenanigans or something or somebody was disenfranchised. And Devin Dwyer joins me now DeVon you covered today's Supreme Court arguments. Over Arizona's election laws and I know you're so good at reading the legal tea leaves what did we learn about just how the justices might rule. But do you it seems likely that the court's conservatives while actually uphold those two Arizona laws the one. On out of precinct voting in the ban on ballot collection justice for Kavanagh pointed out that since many other states have these rules. And since a bipartisan commission in 2005 actually found some legitimate concerns for about collection. He said there are reasonable race neutral justifications for both and of course even a Biden administration surprising to many people wrote a letter to the Supreme Court said that he didn't think. These two Arizona laws violated the voting rights act but the big question is how will the justices write this opinion. What sort of cast will vote date create. For figuring out win loss due constitute racial discrimination. That's the big concern and tonight -- democrats' civil rights advocates are very nervous. That this conservative majority on the court will make it harder to challenge election laws in the future. Fastening DeVon been even as we wait for this decision in the house tomorrow is expected to pass a sweeping package of new voting reforms backed by Democrats what might that accomplish an and what do you think the Republicans will say. As backlash. And he even as all of those state restrictions are in the pipeline there on the horizon Democrats tomorrow in the house. Will out vote to pass this sweeping deal at 800 pages juju it's called the for the people act. Of 20/20 one and major democratic priority it it would set some national standards for voting it would mandate automatic voter registration. It would expand voting by mail mandate drop boxes in certain places in fact the bill would Eaton and each. Two weeks of early voting in every single state. As you alluded to Republicans are opposed to this they say it just favors Democrats politically. And that's why judge refuses very long odds in the senate with that Richard the majority. The Democrats tonight saying they're gonna fight for their did you. Clearly the lines are drawn thanks to you Devin Dwyer. Actually. And still ahead here on crime six Dr. Seuss books will no longer be published we'll explain why the publishers took this action. On what would have been his 117. Birthday. The Russian vaccine being deployed around the world's. Helping that nation restore some of its luster on the global stage but what really know about these shots. And if the coming release for polls there's are so popular as polling seems to suggest. Why are almost all if not all Republicans so far opposed to it. We'll take a look behind the numbers. But first our. Tweeted today. Saint vaccine that city. Yeah. Errors as. XE XE you've got a lot telling aren't the only shot today and let us now this on the cheek yeah. We turn now to today's politics and why parts of president Biden's agenda that are widely popular according to the latest polls should will still face an uphill battle in congress here's a closer look by the numbers. 210. House Republicans unanimously opposed president Biden's one point nine trillion dollars. Pandemic relief plan that passed the house with near total democratic support. The stimulus plan is popular though 76%. Of all voters get. Including 60%. Of Republicans according to a morning console Politico poll. Our partners at 538 suggests the Republicans aren't too worried though about a backlash for opposing popular policies. Because of the electoral college and are heightened partisanship. Fifty democratic senators represent a 185. Million Americans. While the other fifty Republican senators represent a 143. Million Americans giving each of those voters a lot coarse way. Also it would've taken just 257000. Votes it's. Three states for president trump who won the presidency or even though he lost nationally by more than seven million votes. Because once again of the Electoral College. And finally party loyalty is now at a record high. In 20/20 just 4% of congressional districts had split tickets meaning they backed a presidential nominee from one party. And a house candidate from the other party that's the smallest share in seventy years. And we still have a ton morning gets you tonight on find a third accuser now coming forward with allegations against New York's governor. President Biden taking his first action against Russia and what his administration is demanding the Russian government do. And could later Johnson have been the first podcaster at her. Well maybe not but you still have to listen to some of this remarkable new project from our friends and ABC audio. The former First Lady in her own words as she witnessed moments that we've all read about in the history books. But first a look at our top trending stories on The from from the. Johnson and Johnson and Merck. We'll work together to expand the production of Johnson and Johnson's Maxey the White House announcing a new partnership between big pharma companies Merck and Johnson & Johnson to get more shots in the arms of americans' fears all this meet me yeah. And I want tracked him enough vaccine supply. For every adult in America by the end of the name. The president also announcing that under the federal pharmacy program pre K12 teachers. And child care workers. We prioritize per vaccination and now with the new Johnson & Johnson one dose shot making its way to hospitals across the country several states are easing restrictions Massachusetts is lifting indoor dining limits and opening other indoor facilities like champs to 50% capacity to good news here. As having another effective. Vaccine it is now time. To open Texas 100%. Earnings deep concern about potential as an actress actor. And I. Vernon Jordan former advisor to former President Bill Clinton and civil rights activist has died Jordan made headlines when he saw the University of Georgia and over its integration policy in 1961. He then worked for the NAACP. The United Negro College Fund and was president of the national fervently. In 1980 Jordan was badly wounded by a white supremacist sniper in 1992. It was an advisor to Bill Clinton when he ran for president and in a statement bill and Hillary Clinton said from Brian Jordan brought his big rain and strong heart and everything and everybody he touched it was a wonderful friend to Hillary and Chelsea and me in good times and bad. Jordan was 85. Dramatic video showed him my doorbell camera Ohio shows a man of opening fire on sheriff's deputy at point blank range as she stood at the bullets narrowly missing Warren county sheriff's deputy Sara bought before she returned five rounds. And she had begun to suspect are charged with attempted murder deputies had to come home to conduct a welfare check from them on the people. Six Dr. Seuss books will stop being published after growing calls that some books contained racist and insensitive images in the book if I ran still. Old white man with a gun standing on the cage that sitting on the heads of what appeared to be free Asian and and miss some stereotypical image among Middle Eastern man riding what looks like an animal. In a statement Dr. Seuss enterprises saying these books portray people in ways that are hurtful and wrong there has been increasing criticism over the way people of color are for trade books by Dr. Seuss have been translated into dozens of languages. And are sold in more than 100 countries. Surgeon and TV host doctor Oz jumped into action today to help save a man in Newark Airport demand from the collapse of baggage claim last night that draws washed oversaw the the sixty year old man appeared to be having a heart attack. The host and a Port Authority officer named Jeffrey Corzine let the man over and then started performing CPR. They ultimately used a defibrillator to revive the man. Doctor Osborn condos harrowing moments to DMZ alive and his wife was standing next absorbed processing what was going on the pulse in his first thing you do when this policy you give the patient also we CP ourselves getting out Shas. Compressed he's articulate his blue. Well it worked to man's alive he's in intensive care now. Doctor Ross says he could've done it without the Port Authority officers helped off the Supersonics at. He didn't even recognize doctor Rossum first because he was wearing a face mask once he figured it out the opposite total better now with them than a heart surgery. For a while he was one of the most popular governors in the nation but now New York governor Andrew Cuomo is fighting for his reputation and potentially age is job. A third accuser has now come forward with allegations against him this time for making an unwanted advance at a wedding. All this coming with an independent investigation underway Stephanie Ramos has more. Tonight New York's attorney general now investigating claims by a third woman accusing governor Andrew Cuomo of inappropriate un wanted advances. And a Brooke who didn't work with the governor tells the New York Times she met him at a wedding reception in 2019. According to the paper Brooke says Cuomo put his hand on her Bayer lower back when she removed his hand with her own the governor remarked that she seemed aggressive and placed his hands on her cheeks he asked if he could kiss her. Rock provided the times with this photo she says was taken that night today topped New York Democrats pressed on whether the governor should resign. These women have to be listened to. I've always believe that sexual harassment is not acceptable must not be tolerated the bottom line is just let me say on this issue. I have a great deal of faith in the attorney general's investigation. New York's other senator Kirsten Gillibrand didn't want to talk about it. She was the first senator to call for Al Franken to resign would she was accused of sexual misconduct now she's called for an investigation but she has not called for Cuomo to step down. You think he's written I'm. They're allocation. But one New York congresswoman says this third allegation on top of the two women accusing Cuomo of sexual harassment. What's the last straw. Kathleen rice tweeting the time has come the governor must resign. Cuomo is getting a measure of support from one New York Democrat the head of the state party whom he install. Chairman Jay Jacobs releasing a statement calling it both premature and unfair for anyone to opine on the outcome. Until the investigation is complete it. Stephanie llamas joins us. Now and Stephanie walk us through what this independent investigation could look lie. We'll juju New York attorney general Letitia James she received that formal referral from the governor's office on Monday so we gives Kirby ability to hire an investigator to look into these allegations now her office also has subpoena power which basically means that they could interview whoever they want. Anyone on the governor's staff the accuser is basically adding and also can obtain documents for instance tax passages if they needed to now. This investigation and could take weeks even months it's really unclear at this point YouTube's clearly morning common Stephanie New York Governor Cuomo used to hold multiple press briefings to large audiences but he has been quiet in recent days. Absolutely the governor is holding. Press conferences three times per week but he's been largely out of sight and scene since last Wednesday and when we reached out to his office to get a reaction to the third accuser. We are referred back to his statement his response to the second woman to accuse them of impropriety where he claims that some of the things he's sad. May have been misinterpreted as that unwanted flirtation YouTube what we know you'll stay with the story thanks Stephanie. And in developing news tonight one of the first people president Biden nominated to serve in his administration at Owen beach. Has withdrawn her nomination due to a lack of support such. Near attended was president Biden's pick to be his budget chief. But from the beginning her confirmation has been a flashpoint for both parties. Because we're past tweaks critical of both Republican members of congress and senator Bernie Sanders. Tendon deleted many of them before her nomination but that wasn't enough for democratic senator Joseph mansion church who announced he would vote against her. Effectively dooming protect. No word yet on the replacements. Well by the administration announced sanctions on seven Russian officials today the first against Russia over the government's poisoning each and detention of opposition leader Alexi no mauling each which the trump administration declined to act on. But some supporters and of all they say these measures fall short meantime Russia is making diplomatic efforts through distribution of its co in nineteen vaccine to countries who haven't been able to secure vaccines produced in the west. After first facing scrutiny on whether Russia's vaccines actually work now the question has become whether they can meet worldwide demand here's ABC's Patrick. Regional. Ones much criticized Russia's sputnik V vaccine has now chewing the international arsenal of vaccines to combat the pandemic. In Latin America's sputnik be seen as a lifeline. Shipments of desperately needed deuces are related to punted countries across the region. Back in August Russia declared it had approved the world's first compete nineteen vaccine. He was met with much skepticism. How good the Russians actually definitively proven. That the vaccine is safe ineffective I seriously doubt that they've done that. And at that time Russia hasn't. He rushed the approval process announcing it was Reggie even before starting a key phase three trial but in December Russia published results of that trial. And just last month the lancet a prestigious medical journal published a peer reviewed study showing spending V is safe. And of a 90% effective. David grout an American living in Moscow decided to get the vaccine. When I first heard that Russia had a vaccine last September of course I had my doubts medical technology is not one of the things you think of when you think of Russian. Know how. So I I was skeptical. He has now had booths Schultz old sputnik BI had mild fever and had a body aches sort of chill feeling. And I also took some painkillers and the next day I was fine. The wall most Russians and now eligible to get the vaccine many are still holding off. But only around 2% have been inoculated. And in a recent poll 62%. Of Russians said they don't want to get the sputnik V vaccine. The overly hasty approval last summer. Partially to blame. A lot of people they don't trust ins and they don't want to be vaccinated because they sold this. Question some experts concerns about next in about safe SE and the efficacy. The wild as little appetite in Russia to get the show us. The Kremlin has turned to using its vaccines as a diplomatic tool. It is not a donation we are paying for them but if the Russian government had and allowed the shipment we were not be able to access these vaccines today. But Russia is facing a production probe. Them as to months or was around fifty countries from Latin America to Asia have ordered one point two billion doses of the Russian vaccine. Hungary is the first European country to begin using sputnik beat despite the European Union know it yet approving it. But they haven't received close to the 600000. Doses the country was supposed to get the first month. He only got like 25%. Did at all the amount because his foreign funds. Ian. Base. This week Slovakia and the Czech Republic also appealed for doses. Russia is banking on producing its vaccine elsewhere. So windy and this out on a stool. And a lot of you know with the doors is of roles. Estimates. Hold that soon will have this production I think and the moment it's impossible and the moment Don not it is human rights. We've new variant surging in Europe and other parts of the world. The need for more vaccine is stark the question now can Russia keep pace with the promises it's making. As it continues its diplomatic efforts all over the world. Patrick regal. ABC news. And when we come back Lady Bird Johnson a remarkable figure in American history during a turbulent time tonight. Hear her in her own works. Reggae icon metal Livingston and known to most as Bunning Wheeler. One of the founding members of the whalers along with legends Bob Marley and Pieter polish and die. Stirred up as you can hear him. One of the groups most influential. Funny when there when Stephanie three years old. Now coming to light in rarely heard audio diaries full of surprises. I come in here with some of my worry that isn't so demanding. And wait for lending to come home from his wearing. History remembers her as a poised and proper First Lady who stood solemnly by her husband Lyndon Johnson be. As he was sworn in as president on one of the nation's darkest days. Just 89 minutes after John F. Kennedy was to clear dead. You know again so you can. Saturday Bangladesh. Our shop. But now the reality of cool Lady Bird Johnson was and the vital role she played in her husband's administration. Revealed in a new podcasts from ABC news. In plain sites Lady Bird Johnson draws from more than a 123. Hours of audio diaries most of them never before heard by the public. She began recording the diaries just days after the assassination. He can't HK. But in cold blood. Back and executed or hot. Exquisite details. Of cake and diet parent get fact that look at somebody. Coming in their alma. I don't know that's all right I have to say there. Error error a pace should sit. I want him to speak of they have done a heck. Lady bird admiring the deeply private Jackie Kennedy for how she carried herself and her husband's public funeral. Grieving alongside the nation. Bit it's a congregation of great freaking great it's great character. I don't think I would agree. And it was Jackie herself who prepared lady bird to assume the role she had held just days prior. Walking her through the White House. She went on to say a lot of things like don't be frightened of this house. So happy she uses my marriage had been spent he and a you're being happy yet she repeated that our rent arrays so sure trying to reassure me. Blamed birds and being First Lady was like being on stage playing a part she never rehearsed. But it was a role she carried out with tact and paving the way for those who came after her. She established a modern structure of the first lady's office. She was there when her husband handily won the 1964. Election and was sworn in for another term on the steps of the capitol. Setting yet another historical precedent. Racial equity a priority for the Johnson administration became rumor priority to. She traveled through eight southern states promoting the Civil Rights Act the first solo whistle stop tour by a First Lady. Speaking up even when crowds made it clear she was not well. I'm paying me for real. This then I'm reading. And it why. We know how in Paris Beckett. And fat yet and I'm not I haven't done. Lady bird also adopted a cause of her own then branded beautification. It was at its core environmentalists and. The National Park Service was assisted by members of area garden club. In planning the first of 800000. Up to build boats. But flower power alone couldn't resolve the issues of the 1960s. Vietnam were very heavily on president Johnson and taints his popularity. At. And in her recordings with her southern drawl lady bird revealing just how close he came to walking away from the White House is. He was black man could ever anxious suddenly found on could attract seen. I want to go to the range and outlaw human dignity even able to calm me and they demand Spanish and they may even want to impeach me. When he made the decision not to run again. Lady bird played a key part even helping him trapped his speech coaching him as he prepared to drop the bombshell announcements. And curriculum and good quietly remember pasting and drama. I shall not seek. And I will not accept. Denomination on my party for another term as your breath. Lady bird left Washington leading ripple effects still felt today a legacy only now. Fully coming to line up. The remarkable in plain sight Lady Bird Johnson is available on apple podcasts Spotify much. And all major podcast platforms with new episodes posting on Mondays you can subscribe now wherever you listen. And Julius finds new book Lady Bird Johnson hiding in plain saw action is available for pretty order now. And before we go to night and the image of the day. Look at this. Dare doubles driving you can see. Cars and motorcycles along a wooden fence known as the wall of debts. This all playing out in Bob gras Afghanistan. To the delight of onlookers. And that is our show for this hour stay tuned to ABC news life for more context and analysis of the day's top stories I'm juju Chang thanks streaming with us.

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