ABC News Live Prime: Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Georgia election official on baseless fraud claims: ‘They continue to lie’; Dr. Fauci on the fight against COVID-19; Ethiopia’s war displaces more than 40,000 people
50:17 | 12/03/20

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Transcript for ABC News Live Prime: Wednesday, December 2, 2020
Flames traveled woman and her two children on the balcony of the top floors. Firefighters managed to pull all three to safety from plants including the baby. Thankfully no one was hurt. Corona virus crisis the head of the CDC predicts up to 150000. US deaths by February. Frontline health care workers brace for an expected wave of patience and the new clients who should assume they've been infected and who is being urged not to. Any indoor public spaces where people are on next. Doctor Anthony thought you joins us live in just a few moments to break down the latest recommendations and tell us what everyone should know. As prices takes a new. Deepens. Major news from across the pond to the UK becomes a first country in the world to approve Pfizer's vaccine. The FDA is expected to give its approval back home and what that scene could first become available. The latest on the one stone cold literally. Congress and efforts to move and alone senator Joseph Manchin joins us to talk about his push to put party aside and provide much needed economic. And two Americans. President trump refusing to concede his message to guests during a the White House Christmas party and what we're now learning about an alleged hate. Federal investigation. This has to stop. Taking initiative and leadership showed zone. Republican election official from Georgia calling out president Chung for his baseless accusations of fraud. What is this telling us tonight they just lie a lie in the continue to lie incident with some twenty innocent. Sometimes when he heard. In the humanitarian crisis unfolding as tens of thousands are on the run from bloodshed in conceal. Country's leader once heralded as a peacemaker by the international community. Now at the center of a conflict threatening the stability of the entire region. Good evening everyone I'm Lindsey Davis thinks so much for streaming with us start tonight with the first United Kingdom has become the first nation to authorize a fully tested vaccine. Now all lies on a team of experts here in the US and if it will deemed the same treatment safe enough for emergency use here. Until then his painful stretch in American history rages on today the White House task force is calling our country a quote very dangerous place anyone over 65 years older with significant health conditions is being urged to stay at home if you went out for Thanksgiving experts say a salute you have cold in the numbers bear out the threat and right now the biggest government operations some say since World War II is now under way the distribution vaccine pipeline kicks into high gear we'll talk to doctor anti county shortly but first honest leads assault on the severity. Of the current situation. Tonight America facing a new and grim prediction from the CDC as the crew rotavirus task force is putting out urgent warnings. Anyone over 65. Oh boy all indoor public spaces where people are wearing masks and to try it have groceries and medications delivered. The task force also issuing a stern message to the millions who traveled for Thanksgiving. Anyone under 48 who was weak members outside their immediate family should assume they are in. Infected sane you were dangerous to others and you most isolate away from anyone at. At increased risk for severe disease and get tested immediately. The reason. The director of the CDC scene there could be 200000. More deaths in the next three months I actually believe they're going to be the most typical. Time in the public health history of this nation a new search coinciding with the vaccine roll out. Today operation warp speed said they're estimating a Morton C approval in just under two weeks by December 15. It expects six point four million doses of the wiser vaccine. Available that day and twelve point five million doses of wood dirt up expected as soon as a week later. It's just making sure that we have everything locked. So when EU a decision comes distribution to the American people. Becomes immediate within 24 hours in New York the original epicenter of the pandemic massive hospital where houses like this one or stalked to the roof with supplies the governor is expecting would 170000. Vaccine doses. Within two weeks in what he calls the largest government operation since World War II you. As soon as the vaccine comes these syringes could possibly be used and it's pretty amazing to think that just in this plastic tube once its filled with the vaccine it could save someone's life. And it can't come soon enough the nations set to top 100000. Hospitalizations. In Michigan doctors had to perform an emergency C section or jasmine Logan to deliver her twins. All of this while she's court infected with the corona virus she did everything that she let all alone. So our babies could be state national after a healthy delivery jasmine had a goal on a ventilator. I'm keep him like he is up an immunity from all white any linked to my wife home. The emotional pull felt it every corner of hospitals across America. The amount of people dying every day from Coke would nineteen now matching peak levels from April. More than 2600. Deaths reported in the last 24 hours just that there and other Ian. They want you to limit fifteen minutes and currently eat walk away from the many that saying I just wanna die. Howdy walk away exactly and talking on his joins us now Tonya spoke with Frontline workers in New York today were preparing for that Thanksgiving search. Yeah that's right Lindsay we're seeing spikes all across the country and here in new York and the head of critical care Europe now Sinai tells me they haven't seen the Thanksgiving surge yet but they know what's coming they've opened up an additional IC unit just didn't say. He says it's not a question it. But when currency. Tonya Imus for us tonight reporting in New York City thanks Tom. Now to the UK becoming the first country in emergency approval to the Pfizer Maxine refrigerated trucks like this one leaving a factory in Belgium are set to deliver the very first batch of doses in coming days. Maggie ruling has more on what we can learn from their Rolla. ABC's majerle. In London. Tonight just hours after the UK became the first country to give the green light of Pfizer's vaccine. The first my heels packed up an altar cold containers are shipped out of this plant in Belgium. Help is on his way with this vaccine from east a home weights things are going to be that's I'm we're going to have say some next jail. That at your body can enjoy. 400000. People could be vaccinated next week with the first of two doses. Starting with the elderly in care homes and their providers along with people over eighty millions of doses will follow. And what's being called the largest vaccination program in the country's history. It's very very good news but he's behind a means. The end of the story is not the end of on national struggle against. Against corona virus. The first challenge. May be convincing some people to even take the vaccine. I don't trust bit like I don't know what the diet I just does not take anything until I'm really not a news. Too much about it an uphill this being pushed out. Some skepticism there on the streets of London early joins us now from London an IQ what are the next steps at this point how Long Will take those were first in line to get the vaccine. It wouldn't get our first in line to begin as early as next week it's kinda hard to believe just a few days we get to people actually getting this vaccine to the Kuroda buyers here in the UKH a now we remember though that every one with this vaccines and need two doses even those who are back in next week should still be. Vaccinated for weeks now for the rest of everyone we are expecting millions of people get back into the end of the year much they warn us here in the UK ditch them back. House majority of the public will not get vaccinated into next year spell we're getting ready and a couple of tiny they told us that getting that vaccine soon we know there are mass vaccination centers being set up across the country but it simply to take some time so while we wage a scientist here continue to remind us that things like. Mask wearing and social distancing they going to remain is important as at Portland's. All right not stopping with any of that just yet manually our thanks to you. We are now fortunate to have doctor Anthony township director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases joining us thanks so much for your time doctor about it like to pick your brain about a number of aspects of this pandemic let's start with Christmas just a little more than three weeks away US currently has about a 100000 Americans hospitalized in Kobe we're still waiting to really get a full scope of the fallout from Thanksgiving so what's your message heading into these next holidays and once again people are hoping to gather with their loved ones. The I think the message is going to be very similar to what we said over Thanksgiving. If at all possible curtail. Traveling. When you have the kind of celebration which I'm sure we all we all want to have Christmas and Chanukah. To limit the number of people as possible and tried to get just the people who are the immediate household I know this very difficult. He want to have friends and other people come over the house and visit. But unfortunately debt puts you in a precarious situation because we expect. Does he concede based on the result of the travel in the congregating. During Thanksgiving. I would not be surprised at all in fact it's likely we're gonna see a blip in the sense of the surge upon a surge which usually comes about two to three weeks. After the event so two to three weeks from just this past weekend. Which was the Thanksgiving weekend. Would put us right before Christmas when people start to travel so it really is a precarious situation very unfortunate forests. But I think we just have to do the kinds of things. To limit the possibility of the being spread limit travel limited in door congregation. Keep the number of people that come into your house very limited hopefully just to the immediate family and do all the other things we talk about. Mask wearing physical distance avoid crowds in congregate settings wash your hands as often as you. Possibly can it's tough to do I know that this is a very critical time for us right now. What do you say to Americans who look at images of say the White House holiday party in a large number of people are gathered inside and wonder why can't we did the same. We'll because if you did you'd be putting yourself at risk you know I've always said and I'll repeated here. For that view is right now. That any kind of congregate settings where you have large numbers of people in door is particularly without masks is a very risky situation. It doesn't matter where you law who you are aware you're doing it it's a risky situation. So I encourage the people of the country not to do that. ABC news has obtained a private memo to governors from the White House rotavirus task force and it comes with the urgent warning to Americans under forty who had Thanksgiving with anyone outside their immediate family twists and looks that they become infected and quote you are dangerous to others you've been so vocal warning Americans about the dangers of coming why. Aren't these task force reports made public. You know I I'm not sure those are just internal members but I I can make it public right now and tell you just exactly what's there. We have to be really very careful. What we call communities spread is generally spread by people who are not symptomatic and the chances of a younger person who's infected. Of being not symptomatic. Is certainly and pretty good like about forty to 45. Percent of the infections. Up people who don't have any symptoms that's the innocence inadvertent spreading of infection. So that's what we mean by that if you going to be in a situation. Where edu traveled you've been an airport you've been at a crowded train station you've been. In a congregate sitting. Really you need to assume as strange as that seems. You need to assume that you might actually be infected even though you have no symptoms and for that reason. Wear a mask so that he could protect those around you particularly. If what you going home to the family you might have an elderly individual or someone with an underlying condition. If they get inspected it may not be like you namely with no symptoms that may be Neil wind up in the hospital. With a serious consequence. That's happening all around us this is a made up this is the reality. Of what's going on right now and our country we had over 2000 deaths yesterday we had between 100. And 200000. Infections. Per day we have 99000. Hospitalizations. That's real stuffed. That's not fake and that's the reason why we give these kinds of warnings of what people need to do. And you talk about real stuff of course the CDC is now officially reduce quarantine guidelines for Americans with a negative test to seven days in ten days without it says is this change backed by real science. Well you know it it's backed by by real science but it's also backed by expediency for example. We are pointing out. That when you have a very long quarantine period people are reluctant to get tested because people may be because of their job their employment. If financial situation. They can't afford to be out if they're positive for fourteen days so if you lessen the quarantine period. Ten days without a test seven days with a test it might encourage more people to get tested when there in a risk situation. So the total net affixed. May do you may be protecting more people by shortening the quarantine period. That's the rationale behind that decision. Now to the vaccine we notifies a vaccine was approved in the UK today if data Madieu and are approved in the coming weeks. All about the long term side effects of the vaccine since we only have had a few months of data on and is it an acceptable risk. Knowing that we learn more about the vaccine in the months to come. Right. Now it's an overwhelmingly acceptable risk vaccines historically have been extraordinarily. Safe when you look. At the risk benefit ratio in their one thing that I think people need to understand. It kind of slipped by in older discussions. Previously but the overwhelming majority something like ninety plus percent. Of the adverse events that occur occur between may be thirty and 45 days from the time you get the injection which is exactly. The reason why the FDA says they will wait sixteen days before at the time half of the people got their Lance dose. To see if there are any adverse events so built in and baked in to the process. Of when. The FDA. Is even allowed to issue in EU AEU blow already baked in those sixty days there so that's pretty safe which makes us pretty confident you never have. In intervention that's 100%. Risk free. But when you do risk benefit ratio. The benefit overwhelms any risk. Any idea when you think he'll personally recent house. Well I'd wait my turn I mean I'm I mean my age puts me in the elderly group Campbell's select health care providers so Derek kind of two things right there. I will wait my turn to when my turn comes up I'll tell you I definitely will get vaccinated in I would recommend that my family gets vaccinated. Real surprise that an effective vaccine was about so quickly in a new research so many other viruses like HIV aids in the biggest game changer is at the messenger RNA technology. Ian I wasn't surprised at the speed because I've been talking about this for months that the extraordinary. Vaccine platform technology. Allowed us to do things in a matter road weeks to months that previously took us several years to do so that was not surprising also the enormous amount of investment. That was made to pre purchased vaccine doses to be able to give them right away what I was pleasantly surprised that. Was the extraordinarily high degree of efficacy of the vaccines both. The more Daryn and the Pfizer. You know 9495%. Is almost as good as it gets that's always has good as measles which is the gold standard. Of a highly effective vaccine so that's really good news that actually pleasantly surprised me. So many Americans of as you well now with their lives on hold pretty much this entire past year Aziz vaccines are rolled out though are you able to kind of look in your crystal ball for us as far as what. The summer and fall may look like a head on and still masks and social distancing. As late as next falling think it. Well getting us back to normal is gonna depend on two things one is going to be continuation. Of a baseline degree of good public health practices. The other is we already have a highly efficacious vaccine. In order to make dad ineffective. Program you have to have a grab a large proportion of the population getting vaccinated I would say that would be at least 70%. And may be more. Of the US population. If we can do that. We key get a blanket of immunity over this country. That as we get into the summer and early fall we could be very close to normal not exactly but really close to normal so that does not a problem with children going to school there's not a problem with doing many of the things we do normally that we've not been able to do over the last several months so that's the reason why we encourage people. To look at the data which is sound data about the safety and the efficacy of the vaccines and go out there and get vaccinated. And lastly congratulations. Are of course in ordering a cover of people magazine's most recent issue as one of their people of the year and looking at the cover here you say I believe we internists around what gives you this hope after such a dark year. You know I think it's a combination of what we know works the public health measures but also. The extraordinary lift that we're gonna get that help that I say is on the way. With a vaccine. This vaccine right now it's its degree of efficacy getting it within less than a year. Of the discovery of a new virus is is beyond unprecedented its most extraordinary. So that's the thing that gives me hope but also electing the bravery of the American people and how we've been able to handle this. As a nation and particularly the health care providers who put themselves and their families at risk. Every time they go to work in the morning they are really heroes. Well and we see you as well as a hero doctor county thanks so much for your time for your steady hand on the wheel during all of this and thanks for coming on the show tonight. Thank you good to be with you. And despite those dire warnings from the White House zone cogan task force including doctor algae as we've mentioned the president is going ahead with a series of holiday parties last night the president spoke to his guests about. Pursuing four more years even if it's. Four years from now and only today he elaborated on his repeated claims of election fraud in a 46 minute video full of also. Jonathan Karl reports. Just as the president's own corona virus task force has issued its most dire warning yet saying the risk is that an historic high. The White House is defined public health guidelines. This video shows an indoor White House Christmas party last night. Guest packed shoulder to shoulder. Lots of Christmas decorations but very few masks. And it's not just one party the White House scheduled this month. Has multiple holiday parties as the white house Press Secretary boasted today. That we all engage in a celebration of Christmas and there were there only out of its operations. As the White House continues to engage in reckless behavior. Trumps former campaign manager Brad Parse gal an architect of his 2016 victory. Says the president lost this year because he appeared unconcerned about a pandemic that has Americans scared. I think if you do in public and publicly pathetic you don't want. Wetlands like that I think he could've leaned into the Pacific run away from. At the party last night trump spoke to his guests not about the rising Colby death told but about his own political future. Floating the possibility he may run for president again in 20/20 four. World news. Presently continues to lie about election fraud. Just today releasing a 46 minute video repeating fact free conspiracy theories about the election being stolen this even after as attorney general told the Associated Press yesterday quote. We have not seen fraud on a scale that could've affected a different outcome in the election the president also suggested he's concerned. He may be prosecuted after leaving office. Just as his allies are talking about preemptive pardons for members of the trump family and even trump himself. It's unclear if he could pardon himself but in the past he has said he has the power to do it. Yes I'd wrap it up right the part myself. But I'll never have to do it because I didn't. Our thanks to John and when we come back. All. Gone. To Paul. Yeah. Our conversation with the Georgia Republican election official whom police arrested members of his party who claim without evidence that the vote was rigged. It says their words will impact his vote in the hotly contested Georgia runoff. Humanitarian crisis how the leader of Ethiopia go from just recently winning a Nobel Peace Prize is now being accused of potential war crimes. Relief negotiations are apparently heating back up we'll speak was when the senators leading the charge for a bipartisan compromise. Next. Richard L two months of home. In the long stalled negotiations over Kobe economic releasing a surprise live today House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer back tonight 38 billion dollar bipartisan stimulus framework they say could be the basis for immediate negotiations. Is priced sex all spread around the halfway mark of the one point nine trillion dollars past announce the results Republican package it totaled 500 billion dollars meanwhile senate majority leader Mitch McConnell says he's working on a smaller more targeted relief Bill Walsh this as more Americans are set to lose pandemic benefits on December 31. On the Kobe relief negotiations we bring in democratic senator Joseph mansion of West Virginia who helped put together the 908 billion dollar bipartisan stimulus frame lurch senator always good to have you on a show thanks so much for talking with us. Would you Lindsay RU I am well so. How important is it the democratic leaders Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer now support your 908 billion dollar proposal at least as a starting point even though your price tag is about. Half the one point eight trillion and they were hoping for. Well everyone needs to remember this is our hope that emergency relief package gays framework and now we're putting that we're putting the language took to make it to bill. But this one and a green did the people that we were able to do something in a bipartisan market. And Roy Blunt these are distinguished Republican senator from resort probably said it best he said this 908 million dollars if we can passage today. Probably means more than two trillion dollars in January or march 2 trillion dollars vs 900 million because of all of than they did dire need of people out. And if we let. This economy collapsed completely people have nowhere to war. Businesses have been shut down with no support whatsoever. Can be a hard time having sings reopening yet. I don't the stock market seems to be going well for whatever reason. But I can show you main street is not rule America is hurting very badly. We just need Mitch McConnell to allow his Republican colleagues. They're doing it anyway Mitch so you might as well work with us we need all the help we can get to get this done as quickly as possible. Would you have this finished by next week Lindsay. Or Mitch McConnell how do you plan to bring him to the table. Well I think we'll miss you know there's there's not a more better tactician than Mitch understanding how to count votes what's going on I think she'll find out. Then there is Republicans that rule vote. May before the deal that he wants to put up. Because they think this is a much better. And much more needed process that we're doing now with Kobe hitting harder than ever Lindsay we guy. Basically more demands on our hospital. We have more demands on our front line workers than ever before and again the end of this spending goes into the year. All she uses so would that match your bill cannot said this for Lindsay rural hospitals get nothing. And mr. skinny bill nursing homes get nothing nutrition assistance truth gets nothing. State and local governments get nothing rental assistance people will be evicted. I was eviction moratorium goes I'll get nothing opiate treatment gets nothing nor does Brock and get anything. There's too much left and you much need. And that's what we're dressing and I think Mitchell see that many many of his Republican senators agree with this piece of legislation they've been working all with us number proud of that. And maybe you'll change who knows but then. We have to what you see on hope. Better angels inside of us to come out broken out happens with Mitch. Now you've also though expressed some concern that progressive members of your heartedly congresswoman a OC could hamper compromise relief bill does colosio and Schumer support change that equation at how do you plan to bring everybody on port. I think you know we just have to deal with that it was handled we have been hopefully the congresswoman and then and her supporters will understand. We'd love to get a lot more to we think they need is there. But it's just not going to happen because you have to basically work negotiate and compromise. That's what we've been doing. There there's a lot of Republicans don't want to do any more than a five under and there's a lot of Democrats and don't want to do anything less than one point two trillion. But with that that's not sometimes. How you negotiate you get a final deal. We've got a process now that we truly have met the emergency needs of our country. Up until April 1 now that's what you have to realize this is December want to April law. It's a short period of time the first quarter. Which will be the most challenging time we've ever had with this endemic on our economy and the well being of the people as a vaccine starts rolling out. But it won't be Foley. Implemented. So maybe the second. Order we're told her sometime Oakley sooner than later. And you talked about you know the need to get our better angels tuned to kind of emerged so. Yeah obviously hoping for the best but realistically what do you think that the odds are that we're gonna get stimulus really by the end of the year. Right today as we should be. I'm giving you better than its 50% chance I think I'm well over 50% moved in the sixty or seventy. Is that children good. I've been around long enough snow. It's when you hear the chatter and people voluntarily come up. Usually I'm chasing people down and I have a comfort level walking on the Republican cloakroom and it. In the jaw and all my friends so. I'm kind of a rover on that when it comes to meet here and come to our other colleagues they know who all been on the front lines we are doors wrote I'm sure everyone to commit we got more people anticipated action so I feel that momentum I truly do. And now I saw also where the chamber of commerce United States chamber of commerce. Came out and we have all the labor unions coming out when did you ever get chamber of commerce and labor how many times working for something they say. I might not be what we wanted to. It is best we have right now the week in June and the needs will be met for the emergency time we're talking about and that's what we're trying to do. So more than 50% glass half full on the issue. And yes I'm always yeah. Last we like that optimism senator mansion thank you as always appreciate it thank you Lindsey appreciated. Still ahead here on trying to 737. Is back in the air and we are there for the flight test the payment protection from. If he was aimed at small businesses but just released data painting a far different picture. We also take a look at how much money companies with ties to the first family received by the numbers because. All of the day. Former lawmaker Gabby Giffords posting this photo from when she was morning in today. She stood by her husband's side as he became the newest senator of Arizona news. Yeah. Welcome back everybody we turnouts and new information that we've learned about the paycheck protection program or cheap chic she designed to help small businesses and pandemic it was of course signature program of the two trillion dollar emergency collect relief acts known as the cares act which she looked by the numbers it's. It might surprise and likely two million businesses receive more than 525 billion dollars unforgivable loans from the federal government. The newly released data reveals that the top 5% of businesses were laid claim to majority of that cash. Specifically 600 businesses received loans of ten million dollars included large restaurant chains like PF Chang's and Boston market. And even those so called small businesses were defined as having 500 or fewer employees chains like shake shack with 8000 employees still qualify because each location at the passable number of workers. Recipients also included attendance of president child and son in law and Jared commissioners real estate holdings 200000 dollars went afford tenants of commissioners commercial property in New York City for example. The program ended on August 8 with 133. Billion dollars still unclaimed. Still wants to get to hear on prime. See Christmas decorations when a train hit their car. I report. Cops stories on My. That's coloring cases and hospitalizations. Despite the nationwide on the CDC changing its guidelines on corona virus quarantine this. Now the agency saying people who have been exposed to someone would permit same team that has no symptoms can quarantined for seven days as they haven't negative test and ten days was no test. And secondly original fourteen day period the United Kingdom approving Eisner's corona virus vaccine for emergency use went 800000 doses expected to be available to health care workers and the elderly in the next week. The White House considers a coded wrist right now to be an historic high of corona virus task forces telling the nation's governors that but they're not sharing publicly ABC news obtained this latest briefing which says all Americans under age forty who gathered with non household members and Thanksgiving are quote dangerous to others because Americans are urged to isolate and get tested immediately older Americans are told to not go anywhere indoors where someone is not wearing a mask. Boeing 737 Max is back in the eighth after all the planes were grounded following two crashes that killed 346. For the first time that anyone from the public has flown on the planes and that was grounded nearly three years ago. American Airlines flying reporters today on a mission to restore public confidence in the Max. There are. Like. Here in the Max cockpit you'll see it street just before we set it up completely updated its flight control system and it's all in the soft. That's software was triggered in boat crashes involving lion air 610 and Ethiopian 302. One of the multi sensor gave the wrong information and sending the nose of the planes down not once but multiple times the system now uses to sensors and can only send the nose down want us. But some victims' families calling today's flight a marketing stunt. Neither of us would ever done on a 737 Max. A tragic collision in Fresno California and hanging them. And the. An Amtrak train slamming into a minivan killing the child in the Stanley was not on the train tracks waiting online to drive down what's called Christmas tree lanes and everyone in their cars spewing holiday light displays for the traffic congestion is eight and all of problem until it is Christmas tree killing every year. Are three other family members were treated for minor injuries. With less than a month ago when he when he is likely going to hand as one of the three hottest on record. That's according to the world meteorological association which says global temperatures are now more than three degrees and higher than in the late eighteen hundreds. Phase next don't prolong the. New timeline for blaming humans and mark Simmons basics founder Elon Musk says she's highly confident his company can put humans on the red planet possibly as soon as 20/20 four from the SpaceX is developing its starship rocking the rumors the company hopes will carry 100 people. At a time. His unique holiday gift. Every summer and turning blue and the scent called. Carbon must clings to smell like the Canadian rapper himself hill wouldn't notice of must have been amber prison. Kazmir swayed and velvet. It cost about eighty bucks it includes a marker for you to writing the recipient's name on the candle. Welcome back and how do you go from winning the Nobel Peace Prize being blamed for humanitarian crisis all in just months. This is a reality for the leader of Ethiopia outlaw so much of the world is gripped with the pandemic there is a crisis brewing in his country with deadly consequences. In panel reports. What you're watching is a full scale humanitarian crisis sweeping. While much of the world is gripped plant virus and vaccine. All of this. The grip on Warren wolves but the 40000 people who fled the fighting and bloodshed in the north and to grind region many with nothing but the clothes on that back. If we work in our CB it'd be very very very dangerously self rhino here at least we are safe. When we try this game we didn't take any kind of like a car by gates we just on these kids. Walking for days to get to the two keys a river. Where boats ferried them across to sanctuary in Sudan. Last week they were normal families with normal homes today. That refugees. We never expected to be rid Fiji. We never expected I can tell for sure hundred person. And this is what now passes for whom. A school lead tented camp Mitchell for as little shelter with dignity. He it would mean tell terrible tales of the biblical struggle some even giving us while we were fleeing. And. I keep her in the desert under the strong sun known was around you can have including. And some people Sonnen peaking towards me in keep the PP a bath in some random puddle. At Venice refugee camp fourteen he can have received and hands I have no clothes to Wear. Their exodus is propelled by an all out war between the ruling party in the two grime region known as the TP left and Ethiopia's central government's. Officially hundreds of already being killed human rights activists fear the death told is even greater. But when he meaning it is an indiscriminate attacks are both I don't. Activists say did bean reports the ethnically targeted killings the who's who managed to escape described scenes of carnage. And people were filled with bullets knives swords and ran into the desert and an accident mountains to hide. Today we came here and we only just made it. Tensions between the teepee in left in the central government have been brewing for years but it all came to a head last month when the TP LF attacked bases but only to Ethiopian defense forces in two grown right. In the moved to reassert control prime minister be meant ordered the military into two grind to dissolve the TPI left. Results are all that was brought to. We want to send a message to the public in Mattel to save themselves from any artillery attacks and free themselves from the junta. After that. There will be no mercy. Abby was deemed a reformer when he came to power in 2018. Evil winning the Nobel Peace Prize to ending a decades long war with neighboring Eritrea. But this latest incursion has raised grave concerns apaches leadership. He Norman lions. In imminent he you know Iran eyes and cast in the country and it. And that's why we're here. Over the weekend Ethiopia's military took control of the capital of two grown like. Prompting the prime minister to declare victory claiming not one civilian had been killed. But until today communication and access to to grind it being completely cut off. Even now those claims a hard to verify. The unique thing that's beyond dispute. The school is tampering families of Pollack's. Rep Gil has become a refugee and she says her mother was killed and even now she doesn't know when it has siblings Nam. The lost. He's too much to dance. In the fight for self determination this war is far from Aruba. The TP outlet says it's not backing down and the royals so grave concerns over the fate of tens of thousands of and we're trillion refugees who were inside to grind. With recchi. Being in that area yeah. We are worried that they had been caught in the conflict. Ended we do note that. Without having access to cash. You'll. Who that that supplies were very much reading out of the had run out already. For weeks humanitarian she had been unable to reach the region. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo went on the record calling full quote a stop to Diallo and free safe unhindered humanitarian access. And today the government signed the deal allowing access to such aid groups but for those still into drawing the fear is that this rule is far from over. That moo lives will be lost more people displaced. For the tens of thousands who've already fled Africa's newest refugees. No telling when already delivered be able to go back home the impaneled for ABC news life. So much uncertainty about just how long they'll being displaced our thanks to Ian from that. Election officials in Georgia have repeatedly urged the president and Republicans to speak up and put a stop to increasingly violent rhetoric around the election there including threats to staff members and election workers Georgia election official Gabriel sterling had these heated words yesterday. It asked to stop. Mr. President what. You have not condemn these actions or this language. Senators. You've not condemn this language or these actions. This has to stop. We need you to step up. And take a position of leadership shows up so much didn't get hurt someone's gonna get shot somewhat gonna get killed. And it's not right. Gabriel sterling is kind enough to join us right now thanks so much for your time tonight appreciate you coming on the show now since she made those comments yesterday that has not back down in fact he's really doubled down continuing to make unsubstantiated and false fraud accusations. Late last night he treated and exposed the massive fraud in Georgia. If he's listening tonight what's your message to henin and how concerned are the people really an up physically hurt or worse because Wallace. Message to him Mr. President please listen to our original message you're your language in your actions are continuing to keep potential in and I'm highly concerned about it at this point. I mean is one thing secretary. State and Georgia and or at least and his wife being sexual lies reds over personal. Sell. I've gotten threats and at attention outside my house you know we kind of asked to be in Israel's three week. You know I bet on TV some editor for office. Twenty something contractor. Is working on elections who does the job. Now be having his name out there. Saying he should convert trees and an ancient god have mercy on Russell he's just a contractor during the like short and simple process. And the environment at least that is all. It needs to be called out in east. And this many of these false claims being made is a vote flipping conspiracy theory about dominion voting systems can educate our viewers as to why this conspiracy theory is just that and vote flipping is not possible of the paper backup system. Let's start with and with the easy math problem in Wisconsin in the counties where they used to mean in voting systems president won 59%. In Pennsylvania. She encounters relieved Armenian and systems yesterday June and a half percent. And in Georgia. Having a persistent hand market when he by percent of our mouse traps and she needs are southward on me Al mark and bites a person. Into the inner cabinet is locked Al. In our case is a great risk limiting ought to kind of showed that the outcome of the election is correct what Anders didn't. Since Steve Martin was so close mature as a presidential. Candidate Cole and reed talent. Normally we need to hand retaliating the real one hubris in different human beings Russell or process but in this case it's such a good job. It was a point 1053%. All number balanced at all 0099%. On margins. It was a resounding success showed that the east Enders did what they said. And even today I'm. Any Powell was asked about this error at a rally she had an Alpharetta Georgia. And resort and into a handgun and a minute and work just noted indebted it is on all computers mean they just lot. They live in the continue to lie an incident in which somebody into a frenzy and I said yesterday someone's going to get her shot and or. When we're talking about. Gallup and fraud how much does all of this hurt incumbent Republican senators aryan Georgia just today ally as a presidential including Sydney Powell told a large crowd. Not to go to the runoff. As the dumbest thing I've ever heard in my life to say elections not gonna matters to know about. And everybody should go vote Republican Democrat libertarian green I don't here go to vote we have a great system in this in this state. It really allows you to know your milk can't we just did a hand tally of all those things. And I find it ironic another one of those people there has not voted Republican primary Lynnwood since 2004. And he never took on Republicans don't both Republicans in the senate races ever done enough these senators asked my boss to resign at some surgeon. Though it's kind of hard to say how much more they want and it did. On an up front and and again as young item or not armor public I'm still gonna go in and I think it's important senate Republican hands. But in this particular situation they ought me. Our box. Don't want to lose a trump supporters but it might bite act. Acting as where they're gonna lose another child support and says a box they can't get out of the present an unfair to him in the situation is unfair and continue to. Question the outcome a selection not just in Georgia and Arizona and Michigan. And Pennsylvania. There is no proof but he. Is just not. But yesterday you specifically said to be silent is to be complicit right and you were calling on. Leaders were calling on the senators' end so I'm just curious because it was such an emotional and really compelling. On the hook for those two because there are things that are important across the more honesty is important leadership's important. I personally thank you they showed some leadership they would get more votes rather than less. Looking ahead to the Ron odds how challenging music for you in the state of Georgia to run free and fair elections in this current climate and what do you see is your biggest challenge. It makes it more difficult thing we're going there right now is the fact that these election workers and election directors all 100 none of our counties. Are getting work into the grant. Now to get the added pressure people questioning them monitors round. Questioning them saying you're gonna get be going to prison near they're getting breast assemble a similar nature not quite desperate you know you're get a prison we know your are the conspiracy. These people are just doing their jobs there's tens of thousand crossing. Across Georgia lumber out I'm proud of the work they're doing they don't there. Circle back and this is my last question to you. You were talking about. Basically questioning the leadership basically saying that people were staying silent are putting people's lives in jeopardy and so I know that it sounds like you feel that they're still some upside but when you're just questioning someone's. Willingness to allow people to potentially be hurt by their silence. I guess has got to grappling with with you still saying yes you're gonna you're gonna still vote for them on and it yeah you're your compelling argument yesterday then seems to kind of fall. Little hollow. The human being sometimes mean. Dealing with ambiguity here around. And tried to balance out we think is the right thing for the long term vs the right thing when you're in a moment. And it's tough. But I that are Republican all my life I care about those guys fighting for 35 years offers campaign worker was in 1986 Mac and and reelection they lost in Georgia. And the long term of this coming continue to fight some sanity sanctity of my party. And policies and ideas might work. I was angry. I still believe that. And I do think it a step they can do better people will respond to leadership. I gave this speech yesterday I had no idea will be picked up the way it ass. It is dated out of sheer gut reaction. And I think people liked and appreciated it it doesn't. We have to continue to try to make sure in the best country and attacks from the left and the right on the efficacy. And just a validity. Of our election system on model now continue to defend the election system in the country we have the safest must secure election history. I won't go to might then believe. I know that's true we also have to sites or does other values that we all wanna. Look and institutions are undermined because they're. President trump was wrong. Question the welcome Stacy aid was wrong to question the outcome. He's due senators they still have time in my opinion to step up and step out and do the right thing and think well. Well. You know the privacy and it's a great thing but right now I am public oh. Add to the bank for right now I still have one of their signs my are just one. Get it I. It does sound a little weird I'm still pissed and I'm trying to keep it all straight as I go through the mole multitude of interviews I'm disabilities implementation. I'm not supposed to be spotlight and any shadow forgive me but knowledge gonna have the best thing to sales and. All I'm and I think of people find your your passion really compelling yesterday that you Preston and so we thank you for that and we thank you for coming on the show. Gabriel certainly thank you. And we'll be right back you. Adding to forgo tonight. Our image of the day Santa Claus taking a self administered the test in the parking lot of the Rancho Mirage California library on the first day of drive through testing he is one person definitely needs to be tested and that is our show for this -- be sure to stay tuned to ABC news not for more context and analysis of the day's top stories. I'm Lindsay Janus thanks so much for sharing with us and good night.

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