ABC News Live Update: AstraZeneca announces COVID-19 vaccine

Plus, tips to help kids cope with the pandemic during the holidays, and with no stimulus relief, how more people are turning to crowdsourcing to help others.
16:18 | 11/23/20

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Transcript for ABC News Live Update: AstraZeneca announces COVID-19 vaccine
Good morning I'm Diana stayed at thanks for streaming with us in today's update president elect Joseph Biden's White House senior staff is expanding as he prepares to officially announced his first cabinet picks tomorrow. Sources say Biden is expected to name his closest foreign policy advisor and think Lincoln as a secretary of state. He's also expected to named Linda Thomas Greenfield as the next US ambassador to the UN. Meanwhile more Republicans are calling on president comes to concede the election. After a court denied his team's effort to toss out millions of Pennsylvania ballots. Biden leads that state by 80000 votes to trump campaign has now lost at least thirty court cases challenging the election. Millions of Americans are packing airports across the country ahead of Thanksgiving and despite the CDC warning to stay home for the holiday. The TSA reports more than three million people pastor at US airports from Friday to Sunday. This week is expected to be the busiest travel period since the start of the pandemic. And now the CDC is making it clear that people should not be taking cruises right now. The agency's upgraded travel risks to level four cent the highest risk level for potential corona virus infection. If you do take a cruise the CDC says to get tested before your trip and stay home for at least seven days. After returning even if you get a negative test. And Tyler Perry got in the Thanksgiving spirit over the weekend giving away 5000. Boxes of nonperishable groceries. And a 25 dollar gift card for other goods to Atlanta residents. The food dry was originally set for Sunday 8 AM to noon on a first come first served basis but by 10 AM every box had been claimed. At one point the lines stretched for five miles and some even waited overnight. Many who didn't get a box still went home with a fifty dollar voucher. And now that breaking news from AstraZeneca overnight the pharmaceutical company says its vaccine may be 90% effective in late stage trials she. Making it the third drugmaker now to produce a highly effective vaccine Stephanie Ramos has the latest. This morning as new co but nineteen cases sky rocket across the US a sign of hope. Officials saying the first vaccines could be ready next month we are. Ready to start shipping vaccines within 24 hours. From a proven. Spicer and buy on tech filed their FDA applications for emergency use authorization on Friday. Adjourn expected to be right behind them now an independent evaluation is under way. The committee overseeing it set to meet on December 10. They could go to recommend FDA approval that same day if the FDA agrees and issues an emergency use authorization. The vaccine could start rolling out within 24 hours and health care workers could start receiving it as early as December 11. And by the end of December operation warp speed expecting to have enough doses of the vaccine for twenty million people. By the end of may help officials say in order for the vaccine program to be effective around 70%. Of Americans need to get density needed. If you get an overwhelming majority of the people vaccinated with a highly efficacious vaccine. We can reasonably quickly get to the herd immunity that would be a blanket of protection for the country. The challenge now convincing Americans it safe the vaccines have been developed as authority. And a scientific community has ever have been doing this for more than thirteen years. Diane at this stage health officials don't believe the vaccine will be approved by the FDA for those under the age of eighteen. The by the spring of 20/20 one officials say kids including toddlers could be immunized Diane. All right interesting to see the way forward here Stephanie Ramos thank you and with the holiday is likely to look different this year in many schools going back to remote learning parents might be worried about how this changed. Is affecting our children how can we find new ways celebrated how can we help our kids coach. Doctor Rachel bused in from the child's mind institute is here now with some advice doctor Richard thanks for being here you know we are in year that children are resilient so how much should we worry about are his right now. Thank you so much for having me good morning kids aren't really resilient. And at Seton giants they also struggles that we really any follow and they're each. In terms of what's his heart Democrats are expressing some concerns we definitely want to ala and find out what those are. And more school districts now are moving back to remote learning look tenant fact. Does that have on kids at her for so long to limit screen time now they have to learn and socialize on screens. They really do in this ghosts you kids are amazing ability to adapt and while adding really think that this is all about modeling. And coping and modeling resilience from Karen interest rates are present the expectation this is different this is hardly can do things kids all power in the east and yes it requires flexibility around screens. Senility and. So does that mean. Motley she modeling does that mean us being com us encouraging them letting them know that we believe that they got is a combination of both. Yes it's a combination of both so. Caregivers should we really want to model we are not anxious hoping even if we don't accomplish we want to send an exchange. I get it again this is hard but Morgan get through she's really look to ask you listen to what we sank didn't really look at. What we do you as we want actions and our words you deal. And then you look at the holiday is that's normally where recon and decompress and in my the other craziness going on but we count on holidays this time of scamming coming together you kind of forget about it all. Of course this year the holidays are going to be yet another thing that's different so what we do to make kids still enjoy this time and still you'll seeing. A really good question. I think we want to start a sneaking it simply just bullying sneaking plans to wheat and see what information did and somehow. Any idea what we end up doing as a consolation. Race or information out now knee plans and then you're giving ballot you do and you're making a look and we also. We really want to set expectations ahead of time zone and we do plan than a ball I think. Who households come together the adults should be clear out what to expect in terms of social distancing mask wearing just when you're in India name and who really reduces uncertainty innings. As some children have already started expressing concerns about Santa Claus visiting they know that. Other households aren't supposed to be in their house other worried about that doctor Anthony that you said in an interview that Santa is exempt from social distancing because he has quote. Good innate immunity what do you suggest parents tell kids who might be worried about Santa. Spoken like a true thanks straight at us like English I would come. Obviously look envy you your child's but I want to keep that spirit alive and and and Christmas is magic. Already thinking NC police say he stands and the elves you know. Christmas magic and so morning encouraged not to worry and that sands and the LC illegal labor weighs all around the world how to they everywhere and 190. I. And I got a viewer question on Twitter that I wanted to relating you asking about. What you do with an only child in this circumstance has kids don't always open up to parents as easily as they might open up to another sibling but. If your child doesn't have a sibling open up to what can parents do and that's an area. Did really interesting question so I think our kids are entrenched even an. Only children and children with siblings so I think are all parents should just. Always keep the that window opens Otis the communication. Sometimes kids don't want to link. Is his heart is hurting you and me and our. Eighty do you want to talk re reality they're experiencing if they don't say oh my how things now remain questions now when you do you want your am an and I think just knowing what your. So some. Only children are super comfortable being in depend NN encircling on our own large you know. Only east ends including bird hits with multiple siblings. Bruins are so parents and really check ends and the line to each. And some people need a little more prodding even adults sometimes US wants and you say no not find even a really not Arabia that's one or two more times that person opens up so much how do you strike that balance between may be revisiting the topic every now and then but without you know burdening. Your kids or your partner's show that matter your questions right. Eight children and it's a good question so are comedians and remember your tastes immediately as I notice. Majesty would you answer and that. Me eat a little bit more Tito rather than just saying are you okay you want to talk so I noted that you've been a little bit cranky on route you know and and give some suggestions or notice. It is an hour and you recommend this is why that concerns me Chile each other outside rim is different and you okay. All right doctor Rachel bust and we appreciate your time today thank you it's and one of those topics on the minds of so many parents thanks for coming on. Thank you happy Thanksgiving Day to you in your spamming. And as we try to help our kids are also finding new ways to help those. Outside of our household with no government stimulus and site. The Wall Street Journal reports more people are turning to crowd sourcing platforms like go find me chief business correspondent Rebecca Jarvis has the details. This holiday season many Americans are depending on the kindness of strangers to make ends meet. Whether accepting food donations or as some are trying by crowd funding to pay their bills I think this trend that we're seeing wit so much giving despite the fact that this is one of the hardest economies in our history. Is is it real silver lining to this pandemic. Esther lead ad well was working for arts nonprofit in Washington DC before being laid off in June. It is true real whirlwind of emotions it can't play can not only was there and I mean but also that while the inning dear creating go fun meet Paige to pay back debt accumulated during the pandemic raising nearly 6000 of a 9000 dollar goal and a little more than a month. Let me as quarry air. So that it was very. Hard. Action Jim. Meanness concert photography business also struggled to stay afloat during the pandemic the single father of two was selling some of his photography equipment and cutting back on expenses the new fear I've been doing before when an eviction notice landed on his doorstep. Jim's friend Joseph started to go find me on his behalf. The total reaching more than the goal. Thank you so much. The Bordeaux where hard you have kept me in my house you've got through for a kid says you don't seeds. Experts say one of the big benefits of crowd funding is convenience. They also say if you need to ask for help remember these three tips. Be honest what compels people to did he is an honest story a story where they might see a connection. Be specific there's no such thing as over sharing you really want to understand. How your money is going to create impact and follow up in many cases these donors are not expecting anything you return but they would love to know. Howell you're doing. And a reminder generally speaking what you give to a personal fund raiser on go find me that is not a tax deductible. Donation it's considered a personal gift it's still can be a great way to get money into the hands of people who need it. The most right now and another thing to consider if you're thinking more broadly about giving to charities this holiday season. Think about the food banks they have a giant need right now so do a number of medical and health care supply charities which put these items these vital items. Into the hands of communities who need them most and a great resource to keep that the ready during the holiday season is Charity Navigator dot org. It rates charities they look at exactly what these various nonprofit organizations are doing so that you know. The money that you're giving will be stretched the farthest and given to the people who need it the very most this holiday season. Diane film. We're now more than ever Rebecca Jarvis thank you for that. And it was a star studded night at the American music awards yesterday and despite a small and socially distanced audience there was no shortage of excitement. The show even debuts a new awards for rap hip hop and Latin music Lara Spencer has the details. Do they turned up the heat. Tony Tony American music awards giving fans a night they would not for guests. A small but mighty audience socially distanced in the upper balcony of LA's Microsoft feeder. But the show went on. Post Taraji. I know them boxes went out girl. Did you. Had jaw dropping performance is drones surrounding Justin Bieber or zias. The only bull. Do believe but didn't flight over Royal Albert Hall. Katy Perry taking to the stage for the first time since welcoming her daughter daisy. The weekend storming a deserted LE bridge with incredible performance featuring Kenny G. And lots of fireworks. And one of these moments Kelvim Devoe reuniting for the thirtieth anniversary of their song poison. Show making AMA history for Latin artist debuting for Grammy Awards. Becky Jean taking on favorite female artist delivering a powerful acceptance speech. I dedicate this aware at solid by immigrant where experience. Aimed at this and detonate his students and immigrant families it's because of my family mildly beat those guys stand here today and we Kelly doesn't that he thought let's get a more so. But it was artist of the year Taylor Swift. Who dropped a major surprise the reason I'm not there tonight as an actually re recording all of my old blues. Originally recorded since an amazing I can't really pretty yeah. And RA Lara Spencer thanks for that report so many fans gonna wait on that she. And that doesn't that is ABC news live update I'm Diane -- remember ABC news live is here for you all day with the latest news context and analysis I'll see you back here at 3 PM eastern with Terry Moran for the breakdown. And.

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