ABC News Live Update: Attorney General Garland reacts to Chauvin guilty verdict

Plus, U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland launches an investigation into Minneapolis police practices, and the impact of George Floyd’s death on the country.
22:02 | 04/21/21

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Transcript for ABC News Live Update: Attorney General Garland reacts to Chauvin guilty verdict
Morning I'm Diane peseta thanks for straightening let us in today's update attorney general Merrick Garland has announced the Department of Justice will investigate the Minneapolis police department. The announcement comes after former Minneapolis police officer Derek chauvinist on guilty on all counts in the murder of George Floyd. Crowds across the country erupted in cheers as that verdict was announced. The boy's family themselves burst into tears as they heard the news. Now the Justice Department will examine whether the Minneapolis police department among other things as a systemic problem with using excessive force and discriminatory practices. Here's more on that investigation from the attorney general. Like so many of you I've closely watched the events in Minnesota. Although the State's prosecution. Was successful. I know that nothing can fill the void that the loved ones of George Floyd have felt since his death. My heart goes out to them and to all those who have experienced similar loss. I know such wounds have deep roots. And that too many communities have experienced those wounds firsthand. Yesterday's verdict in the state criminal trial does not address. Potentially systemic policing issues. In Minneapolis to Justice Department has opened a civil investigation. To determine whether the Minneapolis police department engages in a pattern or practice. Of unconstitutional. Or unlawful policing. The investigation. I am announcing today. Will assess whether the Minneapolis police department. Engages in a pattern or practice. Of using excessive force. Including during protests. And whether its treatment of those with behavioral health disabilities. Is unlawful. To. It will include a comprehensive review. Of the Minneapolis police department's policies. Training. Supervision. And use of force investigations. And whether other mechanisms are needed. To ensure constitutional. And lawful policing. The challenges we face are deeply woven into our history. They did not arise today. Or last year. Building trust between community and law enforcement will take time. And effort. By all of us. But we undertake this task with determination. And urgency. Knowing that change cannot wait. And joining me live now from Minneapolis has more on this they got Kenneth moan with us thanks Kenneth you know George plays Stanley we saw their reaction to the verdict terror there reacting now. To this news about the Department of Justice investigation. We're still waiting to hear from George for his family you as you can imagine Diane in the past the M. Less than 24 hours so there have been so many emotions going through this family. The but we know how they've reacted to. Any type of calls for reform or investigations into the Minneapolis police department. And they're looking for major reforms they're looking for major change. When it comes to how they feel about it. Any type of the next steps on the next chapter in the year welcoming it big say bring it on essentially here because they say they're still work to do you. And so George toys siblings. They have been in the forefront of this and winning. Comes to the next steps they're looking for some accountability. And they're looking for again Kelly change but drastic change. In the Minneapolis police department and police departments across this country Diane. And Kenneth and that's good family themselves we know you also spent a lot of time in Minneapolis particularly. Around this case so what this city what's it been like there since this verdict was announced in an idea expect people there in Minneapolis. We'll react now knowing their whole police department is going to be investigated. I'm looking down the street below me here and I and there are still some businesses that are boarded up but this city is starting to come back. It is starting to Rio Grande this morning what we really saw. After that verdict was announced was I think calling a better this past week celebratory. Moment here there been people who have been streaming a steady stream of people. In to George sportswear at 38 in Chicago just about five miles from where I'm standing here in downtown. They were him wanting to go there to pay their respects we know that some content autonomous zone as they call it where. Police are hadn't really not been welcome their media really not been welcome there as well. But we have seen people going there. There have been memorial spirit of that as were George Floyd. But tickets last breath right their cup crews are trying to cut through that thirtieth in Chicago so we've seen a lot of people streaming in. And two that area we saw people outside the courthouse is well but this. City is starting to come back guy there was an energy that we thought after the verdict was read. Hot in here when it comes to how they're responding to this news federal investigation into the Minneapolis police department. This is what they want it they wanted to shying this light on what they say systemic. Issues. And with the Minneapolis police department here. And we know that when it comes to the police chief art Don he says that there were a number of reforms that he enacted when he took control. Of this police department what about three years ago. But there's a lot of work to do when it comes to the policies and procedures the choke polls Powell. Suspect is detained. I'm we've seen some high profile incidents in this city powerful Mohamed nor and now under chairman and George Floyd. And so. This city wants to see change there was talk about disbanding. The police department that didn't happen but their budget was cut by a small percentage. And at this city councilman mayor here again promising reforms of the police department people die and they want to see change. And tenant we know the verdict is in but the whole trial isn't over just yet Derek Shelton and is said to be sentenced in eight weeks what are we expecting to see there. We're expecting for the prosecution. Ask for more than what the judge is likely be keen under. Current state law we know that the sentencing guidelines cyan. Bad time for the second degree murder charge unintentional and also this third degree murder charge he gets twelve and a half years or so. Potentially for that more serious charge of second degree to be fifteen years. We understand in eight weeks the prosecution we've seen signs of the prosecution plans to ask for a lot more for that second degree manslaughter charge about four. I years because when you look at your shirt over his record he didn't have a record no criminal record before this ends today. And so the family is asking for the maximum and we talk about the maximum patent we look at the number of years. You looking at decades I hear something like forty years in the maximize different degrees of forty years for second degree unintentional murder. 45 years for third degree murder ten years for second degree manslaughter most likely he won't get that but all eyes will be on what happens I backcourt. An eight weeks some are calling it the next battle because defense is obviously going to argue that because he didn't have a previous criminal record there. That he doesn't deserve. And you know the harshest sentencing guidelines here. But the state is gonna play and keep Dallas and the attorney general has also indicated that the state will push for. Quite a few years for their children and he's being held at a local facility. That is called the Pope park heights facility in Stillwater Minnesota very close to Minneapolis here. We saw that news mug shot overnight from here Joseph he was transferred. I've many people saw that image of him being led away in handcuffs and image that so many across the globe who wanted to see since George Ford took his last breath time. Tenet mountain forests in Minneapolis thanks Kenneth. And for more on as attorney general investigation into the Minneapolis police department I would have gone out of former NYPD chief of detectives navy's news contributor. Robert boys from Robert thanks for being here again the attorney general. He just said is launching this investigation into the Minneapolis police department and they're looking for any. Unlawful or unconstitutional. Policing practices how significant is this probe. It's going to be pretty in depth about probe into gonna find some things Tuesday I looked to video person was Auburn and they found. A discriminatory practice of employment. Can two into minority neighborhoods certain. That was once saying to you see policy review patterns practices procedures all these things. The patents only discriminatory when we look at things when I look at arrests. You know disciplinary. Procedures is really in depth interview. Investigation and is talk trendy department would stand it. Now they don't. Should make changes and I believe they will the civil penalties will be overwrought and then you have two boys see big changes coming I think the other point that we can can expect that. And Minneapolis responded to really horrible shootings. That I can bankable top I had. But snow. Hello Floyd and the other fellows who can't Ngo so always things is really bad there IC changes I really like you've earned I know he's got he's has made changes. However this is going to take other steps as well. No more neck restraints that I see coming though I'm as well as any place across the country. Get ready she'd been out there is still is still supporting those he that your she's replaced music. I think a law enforcement officers and other members of the law enforcement community what will react to the news of this program. Why are you. He's got a view didn't expect this coming this is the only good the other issue I'll fall if you own. Our after the criminal trial you're going to see this what happened there what went wrong and is nothing wrong wicket. This is a good practice to get better but are always the roads looking to get better I can make changes in our apartment. So you'll see this we had this in the NYPD and as we have oversight here. Looking at our practices in our procedures there's nothing wrong with it and we'll take the outside information and make changes as well. Is this is an ever evolving world so I think most clear thinking please executives will embrace it. And it did -- two goals and an investigation like this one is to uncover any wrongdoing an obvious you fix it but also. To instill more trust in the public for the public to know that their police departments are doing the right thing and if they won't they'll be hand held accountable so. I'm not know what I wanna take a look with you at the initial. Report that the Minneapolis police department issued. Right after George Floyd's death and it says man dies after medical incident during police interaction. Among other issues it makes no mention of Shelvin restraining Floyd it only says officers were able to get the suspect into handcuffs and a noted. That he appeared to be suffering from medical distress now knowing what we know now. How significant are some of the omissions in this police depart police report. And how do you fix dad in order to instill more trust when the public reads these kinds of reports and there is no video to show us what happened. So at that juncture they should and it doesn't cause the investigation launched immediately can't say it is they're just selling it did. They just in capsule was it partially you can somewhat incorrectly. There once you have it doesn't cause the you have and that's good news respond we have we changed our policy New York City as well we've created the force division. So the force unit would come and do an immediate investigation to see what it actually happened there. By going into our own body one cameras his cameras around. And around the area that was going and doing campuses all whole supposedly looking at the offices that they had any prior incidents went ahead are monitoring lost so this was sure it happened. You should be you know death and custody UC's it is treating quite seriously. And it's not something you just quote you lines I don't know they did that they should do that and they will do that going forward to having an immediate response to investigate these these as some sort of doesn't cosmic. And in terms of being able to trust what we read in a police depart in a police report. How important it for the public to know that and how important is it toehold. In the people responsible accountable if the police report doesn't match up. With the events that actually happened. So I think it's important to get the information out so you don't have myths misinformation going out there so each police commander in that city should have a Twitter account to put information out. To get it and get in touch windows or resting getting and come together with a group is important information out so you don't have misinformation which we see throughout aren't. Rumors going around and get spared and people react to those rumors and what is his more not let's not factual. So I think putting out digging Twitter accounts using social media get information out there let them know what happened let them know you took immediate. You know. Action is of RC office officers standing. If he's a modified it restated owner or not she stayed on there you have to get that in really two good to be transparent and get the word out that use so do you see your analogy and you won't vote on it. So Robert in this case were not put up bystander video shot by a seventeen year old do you think that we'd be talking about George plays its case today. I don't know I don't know if you would have been knows where this went by and I don't think he will he might not have been convicted. Without that by senator video that is today's world you see you all the time. They hand held phone camera has changed policing. No one does suppression policing anymore if you do with society or worse and worse our investigative policing is a way to go precision policing. Where you identified certain gun criminals that are courtroom the main drivers of crime. And then and then pursue them. Now this this point you're part of policing we call suppression policing so we see changes and a lot has to do with the camera I salute him. And I have no problem all important that young gross audio woman measures such as I was very courageous in doing so I think you've changed coach Doug project trio. So time Robert Boies we appreciate your time is always thank you. Thank you. And now we have a verdict in the trial of Deere shell and some of the key players in that trial are opening up about George Floyd's murder what they saw that day and experience in the courtroom. One of them Donald Williams joined Good Morning America for ABC news exclusive interview. We'll bring that to you after the break. Welcome back are looking live now at George Floyd square in Minneapolis this is the scene. Where George Floyd was murdered now memorial in his honor. It was also the scene yesterday. Where people cheered fists in the air jumping up and down as the judge read out to the world but to jury found former officer Derek shoving guilty on all charges. Influence murder. Earlier on GMA Michael Strahan spoke with MMA fighter Donald Williams who was there in George Floyd square on May 25. As dare show then held his knee on George Floyd's neck Williams testified during the trial and here's what he said about the verdict. Your testimony had a big impact could likely help the jury convict children to how you feel about playing a role in bringing justice to join Floyd and his family. And. Did. Two this idea man in collect a lot of weight is off our shoulders. Them defend the ASEAN justice. For a murderer George Floyd. And that the world is you know certain and making change in C. Dead. Decision continue to. And how we were able to use your enemy training to lead live even more credibility. To your testimony. Because he's been it would remove tennis shoe thing you know just plain and painted pictures. Because of the world tomorrow what I see seen in you know in what I was Fijian. And believes manager my credibility in anime and my profession actually helped oh. With the story alive because a lot of you wouldn't understand wouldn't let chili's woo us. It's and during your testimony would have recordings but Joyce Floyd's life was being taken was re played you've got emotional. What was going to your mind as you re watch them. Okay it was. Very the question is harboring him because IRS they have not watched in the yields. Not stay away from. In the media and ask great judges from home won't see him. And just to say the police. On the sword she definitely knows how and why it was very very emotional relives see. Inning giving the court. Absolutely we can definitely understand that and then do you think this verdict will be the beginning of change in a way to police in Iraq with people of color. Yes we will all the dead changed its season have been that is because that's who we need to change. I can't agree more with you on that may want to think he would join us this morning Donald. And you know this this thank you thank you for us all like to Riverside. Our thanks to Michael and Donald Williams for that conversation. And for nearly a year George Floyd's death and the outcry after it sparked anxiety and stress in communities regularly traumatized by racism. Joining me now for more on the health impacts on that is a director of the university of Connecticut health disparities institute. Doctor wisdom Powell good morning doctor Powell what do you think. Well what do you see as their reaction from black communities today's hearing not only that dared show then was found guilty but also now that. The federal government will be investigating the Minneapolis police department for things like discriminatory practices if they find it. So good morning Diane its failure to be back. And I really appreciate the question. I think that the emotional fallout that we been bearing witness to over these months both. Fallout related to the pandemic and the fallout related to racism. Hence taught us that we have a lot of work to do to repair the emotional and psychological injuries that these events have produced. Particularly and especially among black indigenous people of color. Plus. I will head that I believe that many of us. We're absolutely emotionally relieved at the the outcome. Verdict. And I think many communities will experience some degree. You don't just restore it sends a whole. And also restored a sense of me. As a result of that verdict. But we have to be vigilant about a long term implications. Because the one mistake we can make in this moment is in believing that we cross this bridge and that would there's no more works to do. We have Shealy justice's work to do restorative justice work to do and that will take some time. And Elton. Throughout the course of this trial going into this trial ray most of us the video of what essentially was George Floyd's death what was his murder. Over the course of the trial within sub that video and so many others of this event over and over and over again. And that of course takes Emmental tolls on now that at least that part of the trial is over. How do we go forward and take care of our mental health and make sure we all process and particularly those in the black community process. What we all just saw and how to properly move forward from that without just ignoring it. Absolutely. Life that we all have to be willing to. Reached out and see the kinds of supports that we know we need. To shield so it is really important that we sign that someone some group that some some supportive system. That we can lean into in this moment is going to be really important for instance it takes stock. Howell. The aftermath of this. These events are showing up in our emotional lot as paying attention to sleep pass. Patterns how the weather network eating the ways we used to eat what an honor enjoying. The things they used to bring us joy because the way to try operates. Is that it can really not only Fisher memories. But it also can fragment dozen ways and leave us disconnected from the scene loses used to make us happy. And we have all been upholding pat. For so long that it's really important that we take the time to take stock. Of our interior lives and all the ways that this. Tragic set of events has reached happy. Here's a row it's not just the emotional. You know impact because we know that there's a clear association between racial trauma. Hands depression anxiety and also behavioral health risk taking but we also know that racism gets to me. And in ways that can affect our health long term so the most critical thing we can do is to make sure that we are connected to health systems. That we have a routine. Way of connecting with our primary care physicians that we don't have what we need to get one. And more importantly we need to be stopped paying attention to the emotional signs and symptoms. All right doctor was in Palo is great to have you thank you. Keep him. And that doesn't for this ABC news live update I'm Diane Maceda thanks for joining us remember ABC news live this year for you all day with the latest news context and analysis. I'll see you back here at 3 PM eastern with Terry Moran for the breakdown have a great day.

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