ABC News Live Update: New CDC report sheds light on COVID-19 cases among children

Plus: Thousands evacuated as a fire rages through California and the future of TikTok in the U.S. could depend on Microsoft.
20:23 | 08/03/20

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Transcript for ABC News Live Update: New CDC report sheds light on COVID-19 cases among children
Good morning I'm Diana say no thanks for streaming with us. In today's update the new CDC report about Kobe and kids after a summer camp outbreak in Georgia hundreds were infected in just one week. What the report tells us about large gatherings of children in close quarters as millions prepared to head back to school. Also ahead thousands are forced to evacuate as wildfires raged through parts of California. These are flames burning overnight beside a highway near Los Angeles the apple fire has already torn through more than 20000. Acres our team is there. And Microsoft is in talks to buy tick tock after president trump threatened to ban the Chinese own social media company citing security concerns. President is now giving both companies an ultimatum. What this means for the future of take topped. But we begin with is he has the entire East Coast is now bracing for the tropical storm and a live look. At the radar shows the storm heading for the Carolinas. After picking up strength overnight. EC is set to hit several states already dealing with a surge of corona virus cases including Florida which has the second most confirmed cases in the country. And Jacksonville Florida people are waking up to winds of up to forty miles per hour our rob Marciano is there with the latest. This morning high winds and heavy rain and Florida FT CS makes its way up the eastern coastline. The storm already wreaked Havoc in the Bahamas over the weekend about snapping trees and knocking out power before heading to the US. Florida locals concerned about the potential threat. The last couple years every single storm has been. Really does has been on Barack terrorists and Lisa out of their advantage. Officials already closing off several major areas including beaches parks and testing sites for covad nineteen. The storm battering the state as Florida continues to deal with a surge in corona virus cases. And rob Marciano joins us now from Jacksonville Florida rob we know these things can change but what are we know about the storm's path at this point. Is this there's a forecast that has been changing since the beginning of it going through the Caribbean Puerto Rico in our in the Bahamas now paralleling the coast line. Of of Florida not making a direct landfall here team very close within like thirty miles right now it's about eighty to ninety miles to our east. And it's spinning quickly towards the Carolinas and that's where we think it'll make its official US landfall on the mainland sometime later on tonight. Into tomorrow morning between a Myrtle Beach. In Wilmington. As a category one storm that thereabouts sell a powerful formidable storm going into space that's that's been once again. Riddled with the corona virus they're dealing with a baton in via the Carolinas and parts of North Carolina there have been some evacuations then driving north into Virginia. Answer Jersey. Rather sliding right over New York City tomorrow night before weakening somewhat across New England. I'm on Wednesday tropical storm watch is all the way up to the New England coast are so we're gonna see storm surge even if you don't get but the strong winds you'll see storm surge along the coastline and you will see heavy rain. And I think flooding is going to be a me they're big issue maybe a half foot of rain between. South Carolina all the way up into US central New York's that would be a big play with us and really miss it out. Everybody on the East Coast. Getting a taste obviously it's not a major storm is not a category three storm but as populated as this basic business and everybody getting a decent that is quite remarkable self. Before the salt on on Wednesday. Anybody who is east and apple actions are gonna be dealing with insidious and some wasted reform including. Quite a big area rob all right law make sure to stay safe we appreciate you tracking of forests are obvious stay safe to. White House task force doctor Deborah Burks is warning the US has entered a new phase in the battle against corona virus listen. I want to be very clear what we're seeing today is different for march and April. It is extraordinarily. Ride spread. It's into the world as equal urban areas and everybody who lives in a rural area you are not and you or protected from this virus. And that's why we keep saying no matter where you live in America. You need to Wear a mask and socially distance. Doctor burst on CNN the CDC now says the US death could pull from cove at nineteen could top 180000. Before the end of the month. Medical systems and hot spots like Texas are overwhelmed California. Is now the first state to report more than 500000. Cases and Florida is right on its heels. Expected to hit that mark in the next few days but there is some good news pharma company Eli Lilly announced its in the final stage of testing a drug which it hopes. Will offer short term immunity to the virus and could be used as a bridge until we have a vaccine. In the meantime the CDC is out with a new warning about coded and kids. The report examines why a Georgia summer camp at a major outbreak despite taking several recommended precautions. And the implications for schools preparing to reopen Steve Boson Sami has more on this warning to parents and administrators. What went want to do is show you that things that we're gonna do to keep your camp first bank. Despite their many efforts to keep their campers healthy and safe this morning the popular high harper camp in Georgia run by the YMCA. Is closed after hundreds of kids got sick with Covert nineteen. The number positive test result so far according to the CDC. It's 260. Campers and staff members here on its to ran for example they were taking extra precautions. Everyone had to have a negative Kobe test on file before they got to camp staff members were required to Wear face coverings. And campers had always stay in their designated groups. I was surprised. Because they had done such a great job and it's exactly. And pre screening. Counselors making sure that they were class did it. Between June 17 and June 21 363. Campers a 123 staff members and 138. Trainees arrived act camp. Concerns grew on June 22. When one team staffer started feeling sick testing positive for coping nineteen. On June 24 the camps started sending campers home before deciding to close for the summer on June 27. Out of 344. People tested 260. We're positive about 76%. Caron jest send her kits to the camp and says she learned that there was an outbreak to a phone call and an email. Because every camp was actually out awards I didn't understand how the power. They toxins in space. In the CDC report health officials pointed to several issues saying that staffers wore masks but campers didn't. And that daily vigorous singing and cheering didn't help investigators also found that windows and doors weren't left open for better ventilation. He's like Jim Barnes and now. You sleep away checks. Are places where this virus is most efficient at spreading because essentially you're close proximity and there's just no Anwar room. Foreigners virus actually she did it. In a statement the YMCA who runs the camp says that they followed every protocol outlined by the CDC and the American Camp Association. And they underlined that many of their parents reached out to them in the spring. Asking them to open. Here's what schools are up against here in Georgia in Gwinnett County the largest school district in the state. More than 200 teachers and faculty members at tested positive. The Pope at ninety. Classes start today students are learning remotely today but teachers still potential for war. Diane. Art hopefully if you lessons we can learn at least Steve thanks. We still have a long way to go that's how White House chief of staff mark meadows a summing up negotiations in congress over another stimulus bill. Weekly 600 dollar enhanced unemployment checks and now expired. But while both parties say they want to extend enhanced benefits. They can't seem to agree on details senior White House correspondent to city of Vegas here with more on that. To see you both sides say they want to deal both sides say they want enhanced benefits so what's the hold up. Yet it seems like there wouldn't be one given that everybody seems to be on the same page about what they want but you just edit the holdup is essentially. These stimulus checks they 600. Dollar amount that expired last week the Democrats want to see that continued they want the 600 dollars Republicans on the other hand. They really want to see this trimmed back what they're saying is they feel like this amount has been a disincentive for people in Philly people are making more money in some cases. We this check then they would have had they actually gone to work so they wanna see this pared down to about 600 to about 200 dollars other. There was a big week weekend's meeting ads in negotiations that happened on Capitol Hill both sides said that there was progress made. But we are at a stalemate now over how big this stimulus package should be going forward. What are the options on the table is a possible short term relief outlook the White House would like to see at least at extend these benefits for another week or so but the Democrats. Led by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi they're basically saying no dice they don't want this to be. A piecemeal solution peace talks are expected to keep going to date Diane. But you said at the cheapest after the White House mark meadows he said that it doesn't look like he's very optimistic about progress that's being Nate and then on toppled all that. You're the clock is really taking the senate is expected there are scheduled anyway to go out on a month long leave starting at the end of this week. And this is Syria where are just learning now that the president may be considering some sort of executive action on unemployment. What's happening with that and how might this that affect what's happening in congress. Well we're not even sure they would be an executive action actually this is something that would be dead unilaterally. At the White House and I gotta say this is according to all the sources that we're talking to in the very early stages at this point it's unclear. Exactly what the White House could do on its own when it comes to being like. This stimulus check or a moratorium on evictions for renters in this country so again very early stages. One idea that's being at least advocated by some a white outside White House economic advisors is to. Have the IRS essentially put a halt on payroll tax cuts that would give the president this tax cut he's been pushing for but he doesn't have buying and on congress but again Diane is also on the very early stages in the sources that we're talking to inside the White House say that the first goal is to cut a deal with congress. Again though there are stalemate on that once so remains to be seen how they're gonna get out of this mess. A lot of moving pieces here's the city we appreciate it thanks. Over to California now where wildfires have forced more than 8000 people from their homes. The apple fire has now burned more than 20000 acres in Southern California sending smoke as far as Tucson Arizona. And three fires in northern California are now so big they're visible from space. ABC's series -- in Cherry Valley forest since the serene what's the latest. I should real earning overnight that only 5% of this fire is contained. Now this home burned down two days ago but you can still sees parts of its smoldering right behind me. Overall this entire fire still completely out of control now this is the only home that we've seen pouring down but there are thousands of without their still threatened. And Serena and you spoken with some of the residents who had to evacuate how does it pandemic affecting. Diet it is still hard for that we spoke to a couple yesterday one man was in his novel means is what was apparently teens. They are really struggling with this they had no place to go. They had a hard time accepting the medication they needed we spoke to another mother who had a one year old toddler they were sleeping in their car from Knight before because they couldn't find. I'm tolerant there was no would take that man. They were just really struggling with dealing with this with so many things going on triple digit heat during the pandemic and now this explosive fire. On top of that get this their suspicion that this could be. Started by an arsonist at there are arson investigators on the scene. They are trying to figure out exactly what caused this fire to there's that added angered some of that are feeling that this might not in and then started the natural causes. Terrible and we also know firefighters are out there they're working tirelessly to try to get this thing under control. Any progress. You know what's so far she's 5% contained and it doesn't sound like a lot with actually improvement from the last couple days. Initially the first 24 hours and with 0%. Contained but firefighters are saying that this could take days to get under control. They have a lot of work ahead of and let's hope the weather will help the rounds are in shock. We appreciate the update stay safe thanks. Microsoft is in talks to buy tick tock after present from threatened to ban the social media app. The president is citing security concerns related to the Chinese owned company. Now he's giving Microsoft 45 days to strike a deal. Rebecca Jarvis has the details. It's. Just can't get enough. Quick nearly a hundred million American users it's known for its viral dances when. That an addictive short videos. So this weekend to talk forever remembered. Commitments that tick tock users reacting to news that the app could be banned 36 million Molly. I mean liability from its. Morning evening. Recently the app has been used by more and more young people taking shots at president trop we may be banning Vick got we may be doing. Some other thing this morning tech giant Microsoft continuing its talks to acquire the app. Issuing a statement saying the company looks forward to continuing dialogue with United States government including with the president. President trump agreeing overnight to give tick tock owner bite dance a 45 day window to be sold. On Friday the president sending shockwaves through social media making this comment we're looking at tech backward maybe banning Vick got. The app is already banned on government phones because of security concerns with the Chinese own company. Tick tock cannot stay in the current format that was it risks. Sending back information on a hundred million Americans when asked if you would recommend downloading the app on personal phones secretary of state Mike Pompeo saying. Though only if you want your private information in the hands of the Chinese Communist Party. Tick tock writing in a statement. US user data is stored in the US with strict controls on employee accessed. We are committed to protecting our users' privacy and safety as we continue working to bring joy to families. And Microsoft now says that if the deal goes through the experience wouldn't change for tick tock users but it would have added security. And Microsoft would insure all private data take tops American users is kept in the United States Rebecca thanks for that. Our I try not to drop your morning coffee for this next story. Because he's so called murder hornet has been trapped for the very first time in Washington State the dine horn it's. Get to be about two inches long and you can guess by their nickname they can be very aggressive. Now researchers are trying to find any nearby nests before hundreds more tax. Healy. This morning Washington State officials preparing for what could be a massive standoff against international killers with a deadly name. Murder hornet's. We do have a response team ready to rupee area off and perform an eradication. Wishful. Essentially destroy him as the hornets. Researchers finally trapping one clue and asked could be here by the Asian giant hornet can be really problematic. In the United States specifically because it is an invasive species these hornets need to Asia were first spotted in Washington State late last year. They can grow about two inches long about five times as big as honey you can see here at the insect that was caught smaller than a typical giant hornet queen. What that means to us is that at least one of them went through. To produce breeding cast and their can be 200 to 300 queens kicked out and some of us will succeed. Now the clock is ticking to find a nest before mid September when those new queens in drones will hatch. These hornets are expanding out the size of their colonies. Or one big push at the end of the year in the fault. If we can actually catch them now. At this early point in their development we can eradicate these organisms so that they do Napa come established in states experts around behind. Even using infrared cameras to find their next Whitney do you film is banned. Murder wanted to live up to their lethal name killing up to fifty people in Japan each year. But they pose a much bigger threat to honeybees. Honey bees are incredibly important to our food secure these organisms can decimate Honeybee colonies in because RBs have already dealt with so much a murder hornets can be quite. These next two months or when murder warrants are most likely to be spot. Still officials in Washington Stater asking residents in beekeepers to keep an eye out reporting sightings and if you do seem like. I can't keep a safe distance. K Lee you do not have to tell me that twice I will be long gone if I spot anything that looks like when things but thanks for being. All right on to more positive news mission accomplished two astronauts are safely back on earth after a two month space mission and it added that's not cool enough. It ended with NASA's first splashdown landing an almost half a century ABC's you would need to add in Houston with a look at the. Historic mission. That historic re entry welcome back to play editor of the twos so called space dad's astronauts Bob think it and Doug Hurley splashed down off the coast of Pensacola Sunday. As they enter Earth's atmosphere extreme heat 3500. Degrees walking all communications for court and some minutes and you get. At first acquisition of signal it's. It's time we can all breathe a sigh of relief. Soon the chutes deployed and the dragon splashed down with tropical storm east idea it's far enough away. A recovery boat loading up the drag in the heat shield underneath it charred by that reentry. Locals to flying Coast Guard restrictions dangerously racing in their own votes to get a view maybe next time we shouldn't. Announcer or landing them. Overnight Bob and Doug are arriving in Houston and seeing their fans. It's a little bit overwhelming fit to to see everybody here considering the things that have gone on the last few months since we've been. Off planet we came home safely to our families and it took a lot of people a lot of time to make that happen. So glad they're back home now remember this pose a test mission. And that's a says this is so important because it now opens up space to private space travel. And the kind of groundbreaking research that you could only do. In the micro gravity of space very exciting days ahead in this new era of space travel Diane. All right let's do GO enormous space you go first. A few more things to know before you go at teenager who disappeared more than a week ago has been found in the woods outside Seattle. Eighteen year old gee if you just spent eight knights lost in the Cascade Mountains she survived on berries and water from a creek. She's now in stable condition in the hospital rescuers call it America. Elon Musk got an invitation to Egypt after tweeting a theory that the famous pyramids were built by aliens. Egypt's minister of international cooperation responded saying. I follow your work with a lot of admiration I invite you and SpaceX to explore the writings about how the pyramids were built. And also to check out the tunes of appeared to builders. And the race for the Stanley Cup is heating up in the NHL bubble the Colorado Avalanche beat the saint Louis blues on a buzzer beater. But the highlight of the game was actually in this image. Check out the Jumbotron showing in gains attendance. Zero. Only and when he won. And that doesn't for this ABC news live update I'm Diana say no I remember ABC news live is here for you all day with the latest news context and analysis.

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