ABC News Live Update: Questions concerning COVID-19 vaccine rollout

Plus, new body camera footage released of the moment before the Nashville Christmas bombing, and a police officer in Columbus, Ohio, was fired after the shooting of an unarmed man.
17:09 | 12/29/20

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Transcript for ABC News Live Update: Questions concerning COVID-19 vaccine rollout
Good morning I'm Diana say that thanks restraining with us in today's update the new questions being raised over the vaccine rollout. With twenty million doses promised by the end of the year and less than three million administered so far. Where does the US stand in the fight against corona virus. And the new details about that Christmas Day bombing in Nashville as newly released video shows what happened just moments before that explosion. Why investigators think AT&T may have been a target. And it's time to say good riddance to put it funny every year people gather in Times Square to publicly destroy any unpleasant memories ahead of the new year. We'll have more. I'm the one holiday where 20/20 did not disappoint. But we begin with the corona virus crisis here in the US December has been the deadliest month of the outbreak. And hospitals are reporting a record number of Colvin nineteen patients in this country. There also new questions about the vaccine timeline but there is some hope. For another vaccine now entering late stage trials giving our time is in Burbank California with more. This morning Los Angeles on the brink and just days Kelly can be expected to surpass 101000 deaths related to cope it nineteenth accounting taking new action requiring all travelers to quarantine for ten days. As the region reports a 600%. Increase in deaths since November on average. Nine to ten people in LA county test positive are listening she. Every minute. 96%. Of hospitals and LA county had no room for emergency patients over the weekend some hospitals now putting patients in conference rooms even gift shops because of the lack of space as the virus surges across the country just over two million vaccine doses have been administered. The White House task force pushing its goal of acceding twenty million Americans by the end of the year to January. And now a fifth vaccine is entering phase three trial so that the vaccine rollout hasn't been without difficulty it's. One pharmacy in Milwaukee forced to throw out fifteen violence that's 500 doses of them interior vaccine after they were inadvertently removed from the refrigerator and spoil. Saying his statement while some of the vaccine was administered a team members on December 26 within the approved twelve hour pose refrigeration window. And fortunately most of it had to be discarded due to the temperature storage requirements necessary to maintain its viability and in New York criminal investigation is under way. After park your community health allegedly diverted doses to more than 850 people not on the priority list park here are saying here actively cooperating. We will not tolerate in beef world. In the vaccination. Process. And daddy here's your evidence of the influx of patients hospitals throughout Southern California are seeing right now we taking you inside. Medical field hospitals and search tense like peas and throughout the area over the past few weeks but this morning at Providence saint Joseph's. We can't take you inside he sex that's because they are being used to actively care for patients as these hospitals overflow. Out vaccinations will continue to date for health care workers here at this hospital across the country and nursing homes for residents and staff. And this morning commonly Harris the vice president elect at her husband died a month they will also be receiving their first doses. Diane timing for the vaccine so crucial right now came the hard time thank you. And House of Representatives has voted to increase stimulus checks in the cove in nineteen relief bill from 600 dollars. To 2000 dollars. It's a rare point of agreement between president trump and Democrats in congress but. Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell has not said whether the bill will get a vote in the senate. White House correspondent Rachel Scott joins me now with the latest on this. Rachel good morning it seems a big question now is will senate Republicans. Vote to increase those checks or will they break with the president. That's exactly right guy and that is the big question and it's unclear if the senate won't even take this measure up. But what is clear is that the vast majority of Republicans. I'm not what the president on this so here you have the senate returning back to Washington today. They are likely to override the president's indeed till on the defense bill that would hand him his first veto override of the Trumba administration. And a major review in his final days of presidency. And president trump is clearly growing frustrated with his party today he is blasting them calling them weak and tired he doesn't. Want them to override him on that defense bill that he'd be towed. And so Connolly know is that it thing does bring this measure up he opens up an opportunity for yet another review of the president. In his final days in office what is clear though is that the president is insisting that these checks need to be 2000 dollars. But that's 600 dollars stimulus check is the number that his own team negotiated to you have Republicans. During this past weekend say tenable if the president wanted this his team should have just mentioned it sooner or Diane and regional. South factor and with the Georgia Iran ops now because it seems like Republican sour and tough spot. Yeah and this is really interesting because senator Bernie Sanders is actually asking. So filibuster. Did he tell on the veto override on the defense bill in till McConnell said that he will take up this measure on the 2000 dollar stimulus checks. So what that could do is possibly delaying those two senators from getting backed into ordered his days before those critical runoff that will decide which party he's controlled the senate. This'll also put dosed two Republican senators on the record either standing by the president or going against the president and we know that especially in Georgia. They are hoping that the president's base turns out to vote. For those two Republican so that they can't keep control of the senate. And Rachel meanwhile president elect Joseph Biden is raising some new concerns that political leadership in the Defense Department. Is not cooperating with the transition what are your hearing and how concerning us this. Yeah Biden not mincing words here he is saying it is nothing short and irresponsibility. He is blasting the trump administration saying that they are obstructing the transition that they're putting national security at risk. Biden saying simply that is seen as isn't getting the information that they need and they really don't have. Any time to waste your were three weeks out from inauguration day in there was already that. Three week long delay where the drug administration refused to talk of Biden transition team. The Defense Department though is pushing back on all of this they say they are fully supporting and cooperating with the transition Diane. And Rachel doctor eyes she's job dean of brown university school of health said on GMA earlier that. We're seeing similar issues are the vaccine roll out that we saw with testing earlier this year let's listen. Colony's way from the end of the year we're obviously not gonna hit her twenty million target. Issue here in my mind is too full there's a little bit of getting the vaccines the State's. But the biggest problem is getting the vaccines from the states into people's arms there's a lot of steps and it just hasn't been much planning that hasn't much investment. And we're starting to see departments of health that are really stressed. Having to try to figure out how to get all these vaccines into people. And it's going much more slowly than I think the federal authorities cited what. As so Rachel give in no way you heard there from doctors how our president Troutman president elect Biden. Planning to speed up the administration of these vaccines we have them in the country but that doesn't do us much good if they're not actually in people's arms. Yes and it's just so critically important to getting this virus under control so a transition official tells us this morning that president elect Joseph Biden will Kumble for the cameras today Annie is expected some blasts president trump for the peace of the world out. Of this vaccine distribution and he's also expected to kind of lay out his plan to speed up this process but. One Joseph Biden has been clear about this this is why the transition and having these two sides talk it just so critically important than anything get the information that he needs he says that hit the ground running on day one we know. That getting the pandemic under control. Is the number one priority for the president elect Diane understandable Rachel Scott in Washington thanks Rachel. And newly released police body cam video shows what happened just moments before the national RV explosion. The suspect died in the blast but investigators are now looking at a possible connection he may have had to AT&T. Marcus Moore has the latest from Nashville. This morning investigators are piecing together clues from that devastating Christmas Day bombing in Nashville trying to figure out why 63 year old Anthony Quinn Warner. Blew himself up inside and are being at an AT&T building and overnight newly released body camera video showing the moments police officers responded to the scene. Her sorrow perfectly. I'm just moments later the bomb detonated. You be chaos officers evacuating people who were still in their home. Last knocking down a building. And shattering windows and doors for blocks investigators are still looking for Warner's motivation behind the attack. He was not on our radar. Sources tell ABC news investigators are looking at a theory there Warner may have been motivated at least in part. By a paranoia over five G cell technology. Conspiracy theories falsely allege five G networks can weaken the immune system among other things and intelligence agencies warned earlier this year. That threats against five G communications infrastructure. Are on the rise. Everyone knows that the father did work break in feet interviews are still being conducted the department. Eight you know sex white then. Any whatsoever and for the motive. The New York Times reporting Warner told his ex girlfriend he had cancer. And gave her his car and a neighbor telling ABC news just last week Warner said Nashville and the world quote. Is never going to forget me. And add Diane that neighbor who I met also said that if he had known. What Warner was going to do he said that he would have died a trying to stop and and that that everyone else so that neighborhood would have done the same thing that this the certainly has come as a huge shock to the community and anyone who had any contact with Warner. A back here at the blast scene just behind me authorities. I still have that area blocked off and they're still debris on the ground and and quite a devastating scene there. Kabul we understand. That some business owners a later today could be allowed back into the area for the very first time. The survey what is left Diane. I'll be an emotional moment for them no doubt Marcus Moore from Nashville thank you. And the police officer who shot and killed an unarmed man in Columbus, Ohio has now been fired. The public safety director ruled out and play did not live up to his oath when he shot Andre hill. Was late to turn on his body camp and then didn't administer any eight. The police chief applauded place firing saying in a statement. This is one accountability looks like Stephanie Ramos has the details. This morning the white Columbus, Ohio police officer who fatally shot an unarmed black man on tree hill has been terminated officer Adam coy in nineteen year veteran was administratively charged by the Columbus police department for quote. Unreasonable use of force. Not turning on his body camera and not rendering aid to hill who was lying on the ground for several minutes before he received assistance from emergency responders such a and aside. Within days of the deadly shooting both the mayor and chief of police were calling for hallway to be fired. And after hearing Monday morning. The public safety director agreed concluding the actions of Al employee do not live up to the oath of the Columbus police officer or the standards we end the community demands of our officers it was just days before Christmas when officer quarry confronted 47 world hill. At a residence he shares with his daughter and her children. The officer responding to a neighbor's complaint. But it gray at QB is critical applications keep it up and running and then turn up for awhile. Here you can see him holding a cell phone in his left hand to his right hand was not visible. At this point officer coy raises his weapon and fires overnight killed Stanley calling police firing the correct move. Adding we need to re define a relationship between police and communities of color. In which it doesn't turned deadly for a black person with a cell phone to encounter it law enforcement officer. Diane the Columbus police chief says officer employed full now have to answer to state investigators federal charges from the Department of Justice or possible. Diane and right Stephanie Ramos Forrest thanks death. And jazz musician Keon Harold is now speaking out after posting video of a woman fall C accusing his son. Of stealing her cell phone Harold says the woman even attacked the teen in a hotel lobby aging banker has more. This morning jazz musician Keon Harold is going public after posting video and instant drama please say shows an erratic woman going after his fourteen year old signing. Claiming the teen had stolen her phone. Yeah. And I'm married and asks are you kidding me yeah. In the world the confrontation happening in the lobby of our little hotel in downtown New York where the Grammy Award winning artist claims the hotel manager. Sided with the unidentified woman asking the team to show her his time. Hell would you open and this means that you. Then the whole week in and month. There are no I'm from yeah. Harold alleges that she scratched him and tackled his son and the good. At one point the woman is seen on the ground it's not clear if she was pushed or fell. A representative from our low hotel says that they reached out to the family directly and in a statement say. More could've been done to. We want to apologize to mr. Harold and his son for this inexcusable experience. Harold tells us at the hotel told him that Ann Hoover driver later returned that woman's phone. He's asking everyone to follow the golden rule the NYPD is investigating this incident Diane. All right Adrian banker thanks for that. And an annual New York tradition seems more fitting. Everett this year good riddance day welcomes people to Times Square to leave behind unpleasant memories from the year. And this year that ritual was a little different than usual but 20/20 provided plenty to work with here's WABC's Diana Rocco. 22 money going out with a bang in Times Square as a small socially distance crowd gathered in person and virtually to celebrate good riddance day goodbye to a year many won't soon forget and all that came with that I just wanna David Ogilvy not deign. But I covet I can't I want to say good credit for my rough three much quarantine at my uncle's house one by one volunteers shredded the difficulties of the pandemic here as they set their sights on 20/20 one. Dominic you're ready to sick about result outlays and has repressed the nation as an emotional baggage according to national body drop that down there. And. And the partial list of good riddance included things like the toilet paper shortage and the sickness Tony twenty brought. A new study suggests 65% in New Yorkers would like election talked to go away and two in five parents are wishing good riddance to remote learning. Goodbye paper file folders. That's a funnel it. Meanwhile preparations are under way as this year's Times Square celebration will go on as planned but not as usual this year is guess are by inside only and everyone else can watch on TV or stream online. It's going to be live entertainment the ball's gonna drop. But there's not going to be people just like hair fur Goodman say it's a much smaller crowd has basically going to be no people that are permitted in the Times Square. Still lover and likely has something on airlift they'd like to say good riddance to him just days from now the performances will begin and for the very first time Swanee Swanee. Will finally be hindsight. And good riddance to it Diana thanks. And that does it for this ABC news live update I'm Diane Maceda thanks for joining us and remember ABC news live is here for you all day with the latest news context and analysis. We'll see right back here at 11 AM eastern. Had a great morning.

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{"duration":"17:09","description":"Plus, new body camera footage released of the moment before the Nashville Christmas bombing, and a police officer in Columbus, Ohio, was fired after the shooting of an unarmed man. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"74953471","title":"ABC News Live Update: Questions concerning COVID-19 vaccine rollout","url":"/US/video/abc-news-live-update-questions-covid-19-vaccine-74953471"}