ABC News Live Update: Tropical Storm Isaias makes its way up the east coast

Plus: How parents can spot signs of stress and anxiety in their children and a family arrest caught on camera.
24:55 | 08/04/20

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Transcript for ABC News Live Update: Tropical Storm Isaias makes its way up the east coast
Good morning I'm Diane Maceda thanks restraining with us in today's update what your kid's artwork could tell you about their pandemic anxiety. This morning we hear from experts on when parents should be concerned how to spot signs of stress and what you can do to make your kids feel safe. Also ahead the family arrest caught on camera video shows police in Colorado forcing kids to the ground some in handcuffs. After the family car was mistaken for stolen vehicle this morning we hear from the family. An investigation is underway after three hot air balloons with dozens onboard crashed in Wyoming. At least seventeen people were taken to the hospital we hear from some of the passengers this morning. Folk we begin with easiest here's a live look at the radar that deadly storm is making its way up the East Coast and it is moving. Fast he cius made landfall overnight as a category one hurricane in North Carolina killing at least one person. And knocking out power for nearly half a million not a storm is targeting more cities from Washington DC all the way up to Boston. Rob Marciano is in Carolina beach North Carolina with. More. Overnight hurricane EC is wreaking Havoc on the Carolina coast. Ushering in life threatening storm surge flooding. Damaging winds reaching 85 miles per hour with sheets of rain the storm too fierce for me to report on camera. Sparks flying right before thousands lose power in real leads in North Carolina. An apocalyptic scene and ocean isle beach multiple evacuated homes engulfed in flames as the eye of the storm Harvard over the town. Residents like he Thompson springing to action helping firefighters battle the flames. Attrition through the water didn't just script a new oxygen tanks forum in Europe and under those spring water whatever. Officials urging residents to shelter in place after possible tornadoes touchdown crews gearing up for rescue and damage assessments almost a commissioner or county is without power this time. Can open a mile North Carolina resident riding out the ferocious winds and surging water in the dark couch your first tell us house an early show. Moving water and bring sand inside filling homes with debris and Robin Roberts speaking with the North Carolina governor this morning. To have to deal with this as you said in the middle. Well the pandemic just the difficulty and planning for hurricane under these conditions we had to make sure that we had extra precautions as we planned for evacuation. Shelters to its double trouble wryly when you're dealing with a hurricane. Inco bid nineteen at the same time. And rob Marciano joins us now robbed this storm seems like it's not only aimed at the entire East Coast but it's also moving. Fast what does that tell you. Odds it's been picked up by a very strong jet stream much stronger than you would typically have in the beginning of August and that's creating a whole other problem is keeping its keeping its strength pretty well and it's pretty a lot of sheer so we've got a tornado watch that multiple term tornado warnings and tornado reports. Since this thing came on shore last night. The senator is just southeast DC right now there you see the the tornado watch out for Delmarva New Jersey Long Island. And much shoreline Connecticut not Hudson Valley I until this thing really pass sisters that's going to be a real threat. Along with the storm surge the heavier rain. The flooding and potential for more power outages we ordered apple rep happily people without power customers without power likely Nabil oh over a million people without power before this is all done. Man. And rab we've seen it go from a tropical storm to a hurricane a few times now could we see this strengthen again. Not not until like a hurricane but above we're definitely see somebody wind energy from the jet stream. Koppel with that with that troubles systems and that's why we're not seeing it. We can't as fast as we would have been. From and falling hurricanes normally we would see it at wind fall off quite quickly but we're still I have when's it actually closer hurricane strength. And it's almost all the way up to New Jersey so that's kind of keeping its strength it won't strengthen and farther. But it is. Making for a bigger Winfield so even more people will see the damaging winds out of transforming into what we call extra tropical which just means more of a mid latitude type cycle but that combination is really. Not good. And because of that we've got the wins and the but that detract EC right up the Hudson River and and the winds could gust over sixty miles an hour easily along the shore but. Inland parts of New Jersey and and and Manhattan could easily see damaging wind gusts of 4050 maybe even sixty miles an hour and Al carries in doing so huge huge. Population here Diane. I being impacted wit that destructive weather. Yeah that's for sure and red rabbit show your first hand look at how powerful a storm like this can be where we want to show some of the video that you posted on in mr. Graham overnight. What's it like to be out there. Law I I wants at every storm is different and every storm of Alice in some way feels the same when you get near the eye wall which which is when I went out there that the raiders blowing sideways it's coming down in sheets and waves if you're anywhere near the beach. You're getting sand felt any I was on the other side of our hotel in the parking lot away from the beach but the San was still coming through so. A cat feels like here in the midlevel watcher machine. With water and sand. Just bang you around it's I try to do is make some TV out of my phone but it just wasn't happening it says it was two two horrendous this thing take this thing. Much like channel ten days ago. Intensified as they come I came onshore this wants him in the middle of night which makes it even more frightening. Then again there were allowed people on the rose and that's the good news. There powerful storm and it's not even Diane even close to the peak hurricane season we're off to a record start and that doesn't bode well for the next two months. But he said it like being in last machine at least you look nice and clean rob. Apparel on his back this morning I gotta showered naked guy I about got fifteen staying safe we appreciate the report banks. And now let's get over to Cape May, New Jersey when of the many coastal town still bracing for this storm are Stephanie Ramos is there right now. Stephanie look like you're also bracing for some win like we just saw from robs video from last night what what's it like they're right now. Basically what rob said that Watson machine feeling that's what we're in right now should just calm down in the last five seconds but the way into the brain that stand just. Really whipping all around this a little bit. And here. And got a wall here kind of blocking. So that strong wind but we're here in this area in Cape May, New Jersey there is a tornado watch in about. So it is really intense and it really started to pick up in the last. Half hour or sell but we've sort of enjoy a lot of the officials in this area the office of emergency management and they are taking all precautions necessary to keep people safe here. We're here on the beach a lot of the beach equipment that. These lounge chairs a lot of me but they usually have got here on the beach has been secured away from the shorelines and and then fly around become a dangerous projectiles. And then also asked. Business owners in this area to lock up. As you can imagine their outdoor furniture their bench and their umbrellas all of that's that can fly around because the wind is expected to top. 75 miles per hour but along with the rain that we're feeling here at the coastal flooding is also a major concern Diane. And sadly hasn't pandemic impacting the storm preparations. Well and yeah I mean business they have to go. You talk about anything once again they've already had to shut down from month. They opened dump it doubled up on all of their outdoor furniture and thinking that they couldn't. Nathan business if you make up some of that business this summer but here they are again closing up shop clerk who knows how long. Until the storm at least passive but. And this is something that there unfortunately getting used to. All right our Stephanie Ramos their from Cape May, New Jersey Stephanie. We appreciate unit crew stay safe. The United Nations Secretary General is now urging schools to reopen as soon as the corona virus is under control warning that the pandemic could lead to a generational catastrophe. Meanwhile at least 45000 new cases of -- nineteen reported in the United States yesterday keeping new cases under 50000 for the second straight day. A low the country has not seen for weeks FDA commissioner Stephen hunt joined GMA this morning with some advice on how we can keep those cases going down. We really need to practice he's common sense public health ventures and watching. Wear masks. Follow your local ordinances protect the most vulnerable and wash your hands frequently that actually the message we want the American people to know that we had to take this seriously. And we see need measures George work. In terms of the plateau or the decreasing cages some of the Sunbelt states so we know that this is an approach that does work. Thirty states around the country are seeing surges and hospitalizations. And officials insist that we will keep seeing an increase as long as people gather and crowds. Like this party at a Beverly Hills mansion overnight. Where there wasn't a face covering and site police responded after noise complaint they did not issue any tickets or make any arrests. And now to an interesting way that kids might be expressing their pandemic anxiety a New York Times article shows how one family is seen emotions play out on the page. So how can you tell the difference between creativity. Or signs of deep anxiety and fear Debra Roberts has more on the. For nearly six months now kids all across the country have inhabited a strange new world no classrooms no camp. No groups of friends. Since Euro Olin in five year old jewels clean on at home more than a 130 days since the pandemic began. Our processing their feelings through aren't Marxist into an Austin he wrote about their drawings and a New York Times column. I was just kind of over one homes by a how instinctively. They sort of are able to do what artists do what you as hazardous takes the sting nets really bothering you inside and turn and parts. The current world from their perspective. The Brothers have found a common enemy the corona virus villain. The video game but they're working on. It's. Direct copy of Super Mario Brothers and so if you look at the drawings a lot of as villains and the elements are just swapped out. For the corona virus and germs. It's no secret to parents that the pandemic has been hard on our children. In fact in Gallup polls study showing 29% of US kids experiencing emotional stress over social distancing. But what does art and creativity signal deep anxiety and fears. Should be concerned wins short hammer you lose a bow. Martin disturbing images. For instance tombstones. Windows are armed. Into our concern. In many and he let stuck. Oh. Theory inches as well. King hon need a psychologist with the child mind institute says we should pay close attention to our children's drawings and art work and talk about it. She says ask questions. Start is there open ended what. You know who are these characters. We used to review safety her by. Reassurance that piercing. You are there at an heir apparent to protect them. Remember we're and a pandemic but don't obsess EU just don't want to be just thousands basic rules as for the cling on artist. Then dances for now he's not too worried. He talked to him enough if you spent enough time with a mile you don't know something's wrong. You know T is drawing for a. And as summer winds down one study finds that 66% of parents are anxious about sending their kids back to school this year so. It's more important than ever to keep a close eye on our kids and try to make sure our anxiety doesn't rub off. On them Deborah thanks so much for that report. And not have family arrest caught on camera police in Colorado or trying to explain why these kids were forced to the ground in handcuffs and how this family car. Was mistaken for stolen vehicle now the family is also speaking out. Claims and L as an hour with more and we do want to warn you this video may be hard to watch. The sounds of children handcuffed face down on the pavement. This morning prompting a new investigation after a Laura Colorado police mistakenly believed. They'd found a stolen car driven by Britney Gilliam day here. For chi it's. Scream my name like that. Is the most heartbreaking thing ever Gilliam says without warning officers pointed guns at her first six year old daughter twelve year old sister and two teenage nieces. We're not the criminals here I understand if you just junior commended meet at it did don't hear. And say this in ma'am I'm glad I went from I thank you. Because here among likely person apparently stolen vehicle but the way you did your job. With the chance. Here's how police explain the mix up. In Aurora automated license plate readers at intersections check for stolen cars on Sunday the system alerted dispatchers could kill Williams car was stolen. But in reality her car shares a license plate number with the real stolen vehicle a motorcycle from Montana. The mistake is that album the officer was going off for what dispatch told him it was confirmed. So he could face the officers started doing investigation aren't so look in computer found that it was not. It was not listed only vehicle she says she doesn't. One an apology but wants Aurora police to do better to. The whole point UB and honey substitutes at center court that people you cannot protect is certain it's on the set school anyway you try to see if. Just last month three Aurora cops were fired and one quit after posing for pictures making fun of the choke hold used on Eliza McLean. Three the 23 year old died last summer after this encounter with police and paramedics he committed no crime. I Gilliam tells me she is not anti police she says she's actually dreamed of working in law enforcement but says. She's now rethinking that career after what she says was a terrifying encounter with police. She also says that she believes she and her family. Might have been treated differently if they weren't black now for its part Aurora PD has apologized and says. They are reviewing their policies and training Diane. President trump is defending the US response to the corona virus pandemic in an interview overnight again pointing to expanded testing as a reason why the US reports so many cases. But the high number of deaths in the last few weeks is a sign of the country's doing much worse than most of the developed world. Here's his exchange with axis. Well don't we get. We do more tests we have more cases. Otherwise we test more women. Top line that's a good thing not a bad thing that the top Janet if if if if hospital rates were going down and gets what going to I'd say to brief fake. You did you have to be priced. All going out embarrassed. Dow's Americans are in hospital who watched thousands Donnelly. There's usually talk about new cases new cases new cases. I'm talking to update when you look it's not death is way down from where it's it's it's a fascinating day was to the top house and went on to 500 now it's going to. Excuse me where it was is much higher than where it is right now went down it went up right. But now it's the. That a pandemic is a key issue for our health and the economy and also key issue in the election which is now less than 100 days. A way ABC's political director Rick Klein joins me now from Washington Rick. What make of this interview. Well Diane I think it's an remarkable window into a couple of aspects of the president and how he. Manipulates information how he receives information. Statistics that. Did his chosen narrative. And I think his seeking out of of praise of credit for how corona virus has been handled is is another kind of constant that we've seen for the last couple of months even as confidence in his leadership is seriously deteriorated. He has confidence in himself and his own handling has not wavered and I think. In the face of some tough questioning from Jonathan swan are back COC saw president who was trying to still create his own reality. Around what this disease is meant to the country. And I need an hour expecting to learn who Joseph Biden will pick as his VP when you think that announcement will come and any thoughts on who it'll be. It Diane its interest thing just last week Vice President Biden said to be the first week in August will cure we are actually though. Biden aides have have told me that they're looking more to the latter part of next week right in the runup to the convention that would be more in fitting with how previous picks have been announced. And there are couple innings getting a lot of scrutiny we've heard a lot about Sena that senator Connell Harris and another California congresswoman. Karen bass both of them have had a whole series of bruising stories out there in the last couple days which could signal that tell a lot of Democrats are either interest sitting in stopping her or in boosting her. The other person that you. Continue to hear a lot about his us senate Tammy Duckworth of Illinois she's a combat veteran who has close relationship to vice president Biden's son beau. I and I think job any of these women obviously would make strong compliments Joseph Biden has the religious decide who was the one that the checks the most boxes. All right and today's Election Day in some states including a titan GOP primary in Kansas. But some unusual circumstances explain what's going on there. A usual with Italy's it's it's a familiar name to people watching that the trump sought over the last couple years Chris call back who just lost the race for governor he was on the president's. Election reform commission he's trying to win a senate seat in Kansas but it that he doesn't have the endorsement though president trump and that's a large part because there's an establishment candidate Roger Marshall the Republicans think has a better chance of keeping that seat red. And in this race. The Democrats are actually spending millions of dollars to boost Chris call back even as both Republicans try to profess their loyalty to Donald Trump. The Democrats are weighing in because they think that actually the nomination call that would give them a chance to win. A senate seat in deep red Kansas that is unusual for sure. All right Rick I know you're busy but before you go we wanna play on the ground of our favorite political trivia game stump Rick flag and a ready. But still it's Greg first question for you if Joseph Biden wins in November he would be the second ever president born in Pennsylvania. Who was. The first. Wow I got nothing on this one I do not lose Pennsylvania and who who is who has been elected president I. I don't I don't even I don't even hazard a guess on this I know it's up. Lou we Eisenhower has a place outside Gettysburg. And buy up up. The answer Rick Lyon is James you can end but I like being through and people extra little extra and there. Our next question area. When was the last time Kansas elected a Democrat to the senate. Wow you're just you're just bring in the high heat today Diane I was not prepared for for any of these I don't think I have a good answer on this one Dominic go. I'm gonna go with amen it go with 1984. It was nineteen. True that 1930 do senator George Miguel was reelected Rick find. Thank you reply another tough lesson this I don't know I Diana's is this is this is a bad debut on your program I apologized to the viewers you will be back annual redeem yourself I'm sure that's. Red color and having a thank you thank thank you again for. And we might even meet the young girl spreading compassion to kids in need eleven year old Lucy Blalock has made it her mission to bring comfort to children who need it most. And she's doing at one stage at a time ABC's will Ganz has her story. Macy won't explain kid so I want to turn and I love it sounds. At least he. Lucy Blalock is an eleven year old from a small town in Tennessee making a world of difference for kids all over the globe Lucy selling homemade blankets for Kidd o.s who could really use them. The idea coming to her at just eight years old after gifting her friends blankets for their birthdays. And ending her. Sinner in the union are you're gonna he would need action. Sooner asking Ron you're in the room. Loans yeah. The family received sixteen nominations for youngsters deserving of one of Lucy's Posey used creations. Accurate and that. She. And mom and not. Column and three years and more than 500 blankets later Lucy Steele says yes to every single nomination comes a lot. Kids. Sing like he had Hanson. Learn just as it needs. Already turning Buhner hatched an inconvenient or ants aren't and he met his past me. Lucy taking the time to understand each child's situation and getting to know them a little bit better so she can choose the perfect fabric. And send the perfect blanket which brings more than just some extra warmth. Knowing that my armor and war. Lucy stitches a heart into each one of her blankets with her name and it like the Picasso signature. Lucy's love blankets as they've come to be called. Have now been sent to fifteen different countries and of brought comfort to sell many families. What is it means we choose see your daughter so much Brian Allen. New owners in this. In east me very. Crowd parted house making it very hard Perot per person. Eight and then inspiring. His seat as well runner per hour. This desire to murder. In her literary. Changing the world one stitch at a time and these past few months selling masks for those who need them. Or. That's all in addition to Lucy's Le blankets. Each candidate. That kindness just. Like we're not easy sent out at us it actually see any Atlanta police are any easy. What is geared right she New York here is blue. Want to make it's and don't know it's. Any in Edmonds an eye on. Spending at. Its use. Engineer. Kindness always matters by the way the families having a hard time keeping up with all of the requests that they're getting something you want to help you can figure out how to donate. That break or money at Lucy's looks like it's on face that in its grand house up for warm and Fuzzy Diane. Still like a total flak curry no she's eleven years old. Lucy thank you for your hard work and will again thanks for bringing us that story and an awesome. And win a few more stories for you before you go an investigation is underway after three hot air balloons crashed in Wyoming sending at least seventeen people to the hospital. One passenger says everyone on board was in shock afterward but they say they're feeling grateful that this crash wasn't worse investigators believe it was weather related. And check out this incredible rescue when a small Pacific island three sailors were found thanks to their SO west side. A search had been ongoing for three days before US and Australian officials discovered the men more than 100 miles from where they'd set out. And the beloved 1947. Children's book goodnight moon is being remade into a pandemic parity the new title. Morning zoom the vocal turn the classic bedtime story into a narrative about zoom. Bread baking home schooling and other pandemic rituals Italy published in the fall in our house that would happen food engines lots of and that doesn't even as ABC news live update I'm Diane Macedo thanks for joining us and remember ABC news live is here for you all day with the latest news. Context and analysis. Up next Lindsey Davis on how one man that brought his brainstorm to life. Transforming residents and senior home and to some of the stars of your favorite album covers. Have a great day everybody sixties.

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