Accused Baton Rouge shooter stole book between killings, DA says

Officials said Kenneth Gleason allegedly stole “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” in between shootings.
7:54 | 09/19/17

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Transcript for Accused Baton Rouge shooter stole book between killings, DA says
We start on Monday September 11 at about 0038. Hours. With the shooting where nobody was injured. At sandy ridge drive which the same street as his home not far from his home without home was shot three times with non millimeter. Where three showcases were found as long as well as one project now at home was occupied the time. By citizens living in the home. That was reported to the sheriff's office that case was worked at time of knowing it any idea of any suspect at that point. And the show case is where eventually collected. On that same day. Repeat. Our sheriff's office received a call from an employee edge if you move. And that your group reported that they saw someone put in a gun in Bush's. And the that was followed up on the uniform patrol officers that the sheriff's office and made a report. No gun was recovered there was no video that was recovered however a description at that time was given. As a white male in a red car again nothing to be connected. At that point. Later. On Tuesday September 12 the following very custom security. Calls either out. Station. In Baton Rouge when the police stations or cause police headquarters indicates that when they're looking at fair owned securities. Through their own cameras in their parking lot. They saw white male stand behind a red car. And it appears if you took the license plate off his car that cares if you put up garden it's out of the trunk of his vehicle. The pure point did not Bjork if you do not initially respond to their cause was just caught did not you can actually make I don't think to dispatch. But the video that was captured and still photographs were able to be recovered. Were kept an open on a jump drive which will do to move it later. Tuesday September 12 as you know at twenty to 32 hours. A third point to Florida boulevard buyer Canadian Bruce Cofield was killed. And witnesses describe a red card a white male wearing tactical gear. And are there are some video there to sort soon but obviously video that we're not really able to use very much. At 2229. Hours that day. Linda learn that this video from Walgreens and government and Canadian against us soon are close to there at mid south. We find that video we know that the video was taken on that date right before right after the homicide where we don't know about the video and told Friday. Wednesday September 13. Books-A-Million a 1046. Books-A-Million reports to the sheriff's office that someone came in the store and stole a book. The book that was stolen was called ultimate detractors guide to the galaxy. The sheriff's office took the report and in that reports indicate that there was a white male with a wrecked car and potentially they could. Identify the person at that port. Things have not link up that no one really knows about that report for stolen book that's a couple of dollars worth of book. Thursday September 14 at 2308 hours at 3014 Alaska street. Donald Smart is killed. He's killed with 109 millimeter rounds and those rural cover those shelters and recovered along with one projectile. There are some video of a rate car on Alaska street at videos not very descriptive and I was not very helpful to us are cute. Witnesses who potentially are described. White male and Rick Karr things are now starting to. Come together white male red car and again at some point in this we still don't have the description of the Books-A-Million and he a custom security at the time. On Friday September 15. The showcase that have been picked up from the two scenes appear to be the same caliber nine millimeter we have to African Americans that. Or kill us and be killed in the same matter that is the car wreck car that struck by. I shoots from the car and eventually after that person is taken down at ground. Then gets up that car and apparently extends over the victim out victim is injured or dead and continues to fire. Not been and is the national integrated ballistics network. That's run through the ATF office. They confirmed those hits on Friday that this is these two these projectiles or shot from the same weapon. At this point. The sandy rich shooting which is the first one has not yet been linked to really put together. On that same day on September 15 right after we hear of the night and gets. The batteries placed Martin receives a call back from custom security indicating that they have. This footage of the red car a white male average priest goes to. Not an upstart you have customs security and they pick up. Any. Video. Which has the description of you wrecked car. Then. He white male. Practice taken. The license but up back require potentially putting some duct tape over which is. Obviously an American flag and a business where the call was potentially bought this is telcos aren't he'll also noticed in the proper. There's that tip in the box. That's picked up that point. The lieutenants. Of the batteries police department or notified by captain Rick your net that we have been wrecked car and a white male and gives them. Descriptions of this at this point is where the Baton Rouge police. Uniformed patrol sheriff's auction while on patrol and state police uniform patrol worked their tails off to try to find. This wrecked car and in fact on Saturday September 16. A bad news please spot for vehicle which matches the description and fact mattresses well. Then stops this vehicle and takes this defendant because you'll note the American flag again. And the less is based on doctor Karr also have the same. Death in the back of the bumper. This officer had actually stopped them. Was working for free extra duty just trying to find Spierkel. In fact does later that very many search warrants issued. But this defendant is book in jail. Interviewed. Is conducted. On Sunday September 17 he's released on the part of I want to Belmont for the gun charges that he had. And then again on yesterday Monday September 18 he's rearrested on the book theft from the sheriff's office. Early this morning. Through their hard work do we just think this crime lab and Joan avocado. We were notified early this morning that. The prime web who have worked diligently all night long that process all of his DNA evidence which. Is incredible amount of work. But they link to DNA. On Alaska street that is to showcase who's taken DNA taken from shell casings to this defendant swapped second of this defendant. The crime lab is now working on DNA from another location. And awaiting further results before anything is an ounce this is aren't extremely unusual. Two. Not only received neither is also quickly Indian they've received so quickly however are actually received. And firing DNA. On expended shell casings. Is something that just doesn't happen across the nation.

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{"id":49958610,"title":"Accused Baton Rouge shooter stole book between killings, DA says","duration":"7:54","description":"Officials said Kenneth Gleason allegedly stole “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” in between shootings.","url":"/US/video/accused-baton-rouge-shooter-stole-book-killings-da-49958610","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}