Accused Cop Killer Eric Frein Makes First Court Appearance

Army of law enforcement officers surround suspect as he's walked into Pennsylvania Courthouse.
11:09 | 10/31/14

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Transcript for Accused Cop Killer Eric Frein Makes First Court Appearance
They ordered him. To surrender to get downers knees and raise his hands. The 48 day manhunt for Eric freed ended last night the accused cop killer was caught in an abandoned airport hangar at Pennsylvania. I'm tired Hernandez in New York freeing was just brought into a courtroom in Milford Pennsylvania. Taken out of a police car and walked into the courthouse with an army of law enforcement officers surrounding him. Bout before we go to bat let's check in with ABC's Martha Gonzales who was in Milford with the latest Marcy. High tide us right he was brought into this courthouse a arraignment set to begin any moment now. This after spending much of the night being questioned about what police described as a well planned ambush and a skate. And accused killer right back where the search for him began. Nearly seven weeks after police say Eric freeing shot and killed a Pennsylvania State trooper and injured another at this police barracks in the Pocono Mountains green was brought back. Wearing handcuffs that belonged to the officer he's accused of killing. Investigators calling it one sign of the justice they're trying to bring for corporal Bryan Dixon's family. We have been in contact with trooper Douglas and his family. And and as well also corporal Dixon's them in and relief and gratitude. Where there reaction. Bring was captured around 6 yesterday evening by US marshals canvassing the area around an abandoned airport. Police say he was caught off guard and though he had weapons nearby. Bringing surrendered peacefully he did not just give up because he was tired he was gay but because he was caught. The end to a long and ten searched the skilled survivalist and marksman hiding in the woods for 48 days. Fears he could strike again forcing schools to close and causing lots of sleepless nights. Actually fell late goes in the war zone a couple of weeks ago it actually is a good thing doubted. He is caught in now could finally rest and. And green faces a list of charges including capital murder the district attorney here says. He will pursue the death penalty time. RC there's obviously a lot of interest in this case from the very long manhunt police at the scene for us there in Milford where you are. Well a lot of relief he is you heard that gentleman saying that you know people really feel like they can kind of get their lives back to go back to normal hill Halloween festivities were canceled for today there wasn't going to be any trick or treating and a lot of these communities. But now that freeh has been captured. Halloween is back on. Good news for young and old there RC Gonzales in Milford Pennsylvania thank him. Let's head out to Aaron could turn skiing with more on freed and his capture and his court appearance let's start with his appearance. Up physically he has seems to be injured do we know what kind of condition he is after 48 days on the run. I did you know from all appearances other than those scratches on his head and and a cut on his nose he appears to be. OK I mean he's caught he's fairly clean shaven so clearly he was comfortable enough in his surroundings to stop and shaves at least a couple of times during his. 48 days on the run. And we were told that this all took so long because he is a survivalist and he did know. The terrain where he was so so well state police. Kept calling this vast terrain a big search area in the end he never strayed very far from the scene of the crime he was caught about thirty miles away in an abandoned airport hangar. But Eric screen seems to have been comfortable enough we've his surroundings to tip to shave two. Go about his business whenever it was that that he was doing in this time period one of the things he wasn't doing though was taking pot shots at police and that was a big fear tie. They feared ultimately this was going to come down to a violent confrontation they were prepared for it. I think that's why you saw as he was brought into court under heavy heavy guard but in the end. And he surrendered quietly not a shot was fired even though there were guns and knives found in the airport hangar. We know. Because he in fact targeted law enforcement which is why he's being held right now. That's right corporal Brian Dixon was shot and killed another trooper was shot and wounded back on September 12 and cookies they found a letter from Eric Freeman indicated a little bit more about. How he did and a little bit of a wide but dated why specifically he had this. Hatred for law enforcement we don't know whether there's something in his background or not he does have a little bit of a criminal record not much. But a little bit and in a Pennsylvania and an upstate New York. But freeing what's able to elude police by going from hiding place to hiding place. They always thought that he did have it out for law enforcement that he had his hatred for law enforcement. But they never were able to to fully explain why that is maybe we'll get it that. As the court case unfolds for now he's charged with first degree murder murder. They of a law enforcement officer of those are capital offenses as he heard from Marcy Gonzales the district attorney will seek the death penalty we're told. But he also faces a host of other crimes including weapons discharge and it did that the list goes on. And as his court case. Ago winds winds through Pike County criminal court we may get a a sense of of that motive why did he. Target specifically corporal Dixon or was that just a target of opportunity. What is expected to happen in court today. This is just a preliminary appearance preliminary arraignment the charges will be read. We don't know whether he'll enter of Cleo or not whether that's required I'm not sure hill. And and it should be very quick and afterwards we should get a statement. From district attorney Raymond talk and he talked last night though tie. To say that the charges were capital offenses and that he would pursue the death penalty. He's not going to be able to say very much because we're at such the BB early outset of the of the chart of the trial. But that this begins a prosecution that is going to be watched by the entire community not only to get bored motive perhaps. But but also to see justice in you heard governor Tom Corbett last night. Talk about that the need for justice for that community not only for the family of corporal Dixon. But also for for that entire community that was paralyze the last 48 days Marcy mentioned. Halloween being canceled but schools were shut people were forced into their homes. And that's why I think we talked to one guy who said his whole bar broke into applause from the news came on that Eric Freeman was caught. Have we heard anything from the family of the straight trip are afraid allegedly detailed. Haven't heard anything from corporal Dixon Stanley although undoubtedly they're they're they're feeling relieved and I think. That has to be the prevailing feeling among all of Pennsylvania law enforcement from the outset. The state police told us that he hadn't yet it out for law enforcement he'd he'd be may have been searching specifically for people in uniform. There were rumors going around about. Affairs are different love interest and and none of that appeared to attempt to play out ultimately it seems. Eric screened with someone who wanted to target cops and he did in the case of corporal Dixon he did so fatally. Case of the other trooper he was shot and wounded and and that the fear had been. That while he was in hiding and wall all of these law enforcement officers were searching and there were hundreds of them. These last seven weeks that he would just start taking shots at them. And ultimately when the US marshals found him. It seems as if he was surprised that that mediate he was in an airport hangar near that airport hangar. That marshals had divided up the area in two agreed pattern as they commonly do the search for suspects. And when they came upon him they simply said identify yourself surrender and he did. Do we know in terms it is preliminary appearance in court today whether he's got a state appointed attorney has he hired an attorney do we know that at this point. I can't imagine that he's hired an attorney I think you'll see a a court appointed attorney because the Vick case is so freshen because he hasn't. Really been in contact with anybody that we know of for the last seven weeks so whether he's been able to hire an attorney doesn't seem likely. We're not sure what kind of resources he would have anyway so you'll see. Of the prosecutors from Pike County. A very likely a court appointed attorney that may change later. But you know his his Stanley did not appear to be helping him any during the last seven weeks that we know of maybe that again wolf we'll find out changes but. Eritrean seem to be on his own. About cameras in the car do we have an expectation of fact going forward. No never never in Pennsylvania so you'll see you'll see Eric freed in his court appearance but you did see him walk into Courtney orange jail jumpsuit. Handcuffed initially he was cuffed with corporal Dixon's hand cuffs. That's a law enforcement tradition cop killers when their caught if they're taken alive. As a symbolic gesture are handcuffed in many jurisdictions with though that pulse of the deceased. Law enforcement officer and and then he was brought in paraded for the cameras and I think that was done very much on purpose other that the perp walked. Was something that I think the V Pennsylvania state police. Wanted to duty to show people that he was indeed caught that there was nothing left to fear. In terms of news conferences and and we we've had very regular updates from law enforcement about his surgery expecting anything later today about as it. Appearance in court. No other than this appearance that should be it he'll go back to the Pike County correctional facility where he spent the night. And then it's just a matter of his case winding through the courts. That the prosecutors had drawn up document so they've made they assume that this day was coming so there undoubtedly prepared they've been collecting evidence along the way. They may have to arrange for witnesses remember there were a lot of sightings. Of Eric freeing. All along the that this search route and it seemed like there was a neighbor. Near the abandoned airport hanger said that she saw him crossing the road and that may have tipped off the marshals where to search so. There may be some of those eyewitnesses to come in and helped positively identify him at trial. But the evidence seems to be overwhelming and once they have that the bullets the ballistics all that. Together you'll see all of that come out trial. NBC's Eric. Terrorists he thank you so much. For joining us. And you can keep up with this story in real time by downloading the ABC news app and star in this story for exclusive updates on the go for now untie Hernandez New York.

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