Al Sharpton Fires Up March on Washington Crowd

The civil rights activist declares to "keep on fighting until the dream is a reality."
3:00 | 08/28/13

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Transcript for Al Sharpton Fires Up March on Washington Crowd
It's. Fifty years with the -- And then it came to -- It was quote. It wasn't a -- cause problems. It was in the middle of the coast to break down the -- of -- -- In America. After candidate. And all got caught my hair. -- pot and Dayton beat him crawl. We. Some of the -- -- have the right. When we can't have this -- after he. Saying that we will replace. -- -- Platoon role tennis -- call it changed its tune to ask. Yeah. -- opponents of questionable. And -- muted language. Not definite but -- -- close -- saint. They probably wouldn't you know it can't -- this candidate grounded -- would halt the scalp treatment has not been friends. I understand he's just like alcohol laden and popular beach. Carl we we don't reason. Column. Generous. -- -- Kennedy the most generous and I'll valued at up to us. It's so what does not quite the quite simple. And had not been -- We -- Not the candidate. -- Jordan. Street horrible cost that is that it -- -- because that's not what. -- economic impact we have to cross does not. -- continued discrimination and advancing crossovers. -- -- keep on fighting and we've got to vindicate. And stand out as suspects. Three it was towards general race with his three. Until the Houston business. The last -- we've made it this -- Not because what we had enough hockey. What -- we had an office. Because what we all. Because schoolhouse. And we thank almighty -- -- given -- a mob -- Group. That brought us a long way he brought us what this points to amazing grace. People out -- probably but not not a pleasant day. Let's hope I -- no way and we thank -- what is -- and we've dogs to fight. He's brilliant he's been made public to thank you.

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{"id":20097624,"title":"Al Sharpton Fires Up March on Washington Crowd","duration":"3:00","description":"The civil rights activist declares to \"keep on fighting until the dream is a reality.\"","url":"/US/video/al-sharpton-fires-march-washington-crowd-20097624","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}