Aug. 23, 1992: Hurricane Andrew hits Florida

The storm's 140 mph winds left devastation in the southern part of the state.
2:40 | 08/08/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Aug. 23, 1992: Hurricane Andrew hits Florida
Good evening it could have been a lot worse for a great many more people but it was terrifying for some and faithful for a few. When Andrew roared across the Florida peninsula just south of Miami the wins over a steady 140 miles an hour and the gusts were a 165. The hurricane left a Verity messy imprint on the state. And by the time it was across the state and into the Gulf of Mexico where it is now eight people had died in the storm. We begin in Miami was ABC's Al dale. The storm came ashore just before dawn south of the city. Daylight revealed the widespread destruction. Power lines road signs and stop lights littered the streets and Honda's helplessly as the countless broken palm trees. The storm surge a flood of sea water pushed ashore by the storm was not as high as expected. But the wind and waves were enough to lift boats out of their moorings and on to dry land. Stacked cars one on top of the other and deposit this rifle ban on the company's roof. And in neighborhood after neighborhood Andrew had uprooted trees and ripped roofing and walls from thousands of businesses and homes. Steve Barnes and his family were among those who refused to evacuate. The deal with shingles from roof feeling off. We heard crashes into our house all the time did you at any point. Think that this was it that it was over two bloody writes I did at Smith Carter stayed with his house to and watched it almost disintegrate around him. Oh find. You gotta go through it or. The hardest hit area was Dade County south of the city mostly suburbs stretching and a rural countryside in the northern keys. In the entire Miami area two out of three homes lost electricity affecting more than a million people. Without power water purification stations had to shut down so there is concerned that the drinking water supply is not safe. People are being urged to boil their drinking water. The governor called out 15100 National Guard troops some of them engineers to help in the cleanup others to join police in keeping order and preventing looting. Still -- some looting did take place at several stores and supermarkets. After the wind and rain subsided roads were quickly clogged by people heading back to their homes and counting their losses or bless us. Yeah remember this. Many storm battered south Floridians relieved to have survived immediately began cleaning up the mess that the hurricane left behind.

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{"duration":"2:40","description":"The storm's 140 mph winds left devastation in the southern part of the state.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"49097640","title":"Aug. 23, 1992: Hurricane Andrew hits Florida","url":"/US/video/aug-23-1992-hurricane-andrew-hits-florida-49097640"}