Aug. 26, 1992: Hurricane Andrew hits Louisiana

The storm's tornadoes and flooding caused destruction along the Gulf Coast.
3:12 | 08/08/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Aug. 26, 1992: Hurricane Andrew hits Louisiana
Today Louisiana's turn and when hurricane Andrew crossed the Louisiana coast west of New Orleans early this morning it was only slightly less Meehan and when it devastated southern Florida. In the south central part of the state along the Gulf Coast it was only hours before President Bush declared a state of emergency. Much to everyone's relief there has not been a significant loss of life people certainly got the message from Florida. Four days in several hours since Andrew became a hurry came it is now a tropical storm and is rapidly getting weaker. But what a morning it was in Louisiana we begin with the ABC's John McKenzie. As the hurricane came ashore in Louisiana but what if not only torrential weights that cause flooding. But a series of tornadoes that level whole neighborhoods and rural. Pension value in this world. The roof couldn't happen to you are so quick to recognize grabbed. In the city of that plus 35 miles west of New Orleans the tornado injured thirty people and killed weren't always. Inside in the. Two seconds. The winds knocked through April. Yeah you know. He meaning the his name and he comes in it. His nickname is something I'm missing his. The storm's pull down power lines late this afternoon more than a 140000. Homes in the state were still without electricity. In Lafayette the heart of cajun country and who barreled through tell smashing windows ripping open stores. It winds clocked at a 120 miles per hour. Closer to the coast the damage was even greater this is what's left of Franklin the main street the grocery store the clothing store. Those who didn't put up before the storm are doing it after the storm. We've now about looters. On the outskirts of town more evidence of Andrew's power. Ruined so badly damaged hospital had to be evacuated. The problem was not only wins would waves that flooded low lying areas. There was a road under this water the main road to the island of Della crow. The fishing village was evacuated yesterday but today some of the 200 residents return with sandbags hoping to prevent further damage to their homes. New Orleans itself missed the brunt of a hurricane the elaborate Levy system around the city was not even tested. Tidal surges here were less than six feet. The main problem in New Orleans was flash flooding and finding ways to keep the drain pipes open. And all of the evacuated areas are now clear. And we're friends and to give an all clear announcement this time. The mayor says he expects local business and government to resume normal operations tomorrow. What happened Amoco's many roads are still close still flooded so that it could take days before the full impact of the hurricane here was no. John McKenzie ABC news Norman's.

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{"duration":"3:12","description":"The storm's tornadoes and flooding caused destruction along the Gulf Coast.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"49097681","title":"Aug. 26, 1992: Hurricane Andrew hits Louisiana","url":"/US/video/aug-26-1992-hurricane-andrew-hits-louisiana-49097681"}