Authorities work to identify body found in search for Mollie Tibbetts

The body was found a month after Tibbetts, a University of Iowa student, disappeared.
3:37 | 08/21/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Authorities work to identify body found in search for Mollie Tibbetts
Welcome to ABC news live are gonna get right to those breaking developments out of Iowa where investigators say they have found a body in the search for missing Iowa college student. Molly tidbits our affiliate reporter from Des Moines W ally Angelina sell Saito who is standing by with more on action on the all of us now an Angelina what do we know so far. But. They cannot eat out of art that. They found a body early this morning in italics she Audi in the rural Iowa. It is a court where Brooklyn is located in out she out. And they're not your army of what The Who the body is great allies are not really comment on it but they will be holding a press conference today at fort PM central time. And aren't we get more updates on a. And I have they said at all where the body was found or or if they have any idea cause of death anything along those lines. They haven't confirmed anything along built why we can't tell you that right now we are. We know that there is the rep locked up in. The curtain the Iowa to about fifteen to twenty minutes away rather abruptly there are black police records there. Out we are still report on our way there where about 3040 minutes late recording checking that out. As we get their rejected the what's going on that we do not know where he balance. At another hot ever get right now. And and render you spoke to Molly's father this morning would he tell you. He did Tommy no come out to me that get out that spoken immigrant I'm Oprah on that been covering this case. And he has only been a very strong very. And very willing to do whatever he can't buy Molly. I don't doubt that added change now but tell that it was the Olympic order but a little bit different than what he's given me before. That we Dag you know that he left it back to California on Saturday at because he was told by a lot where many of the best in the family to try yet. Get back to their new very abnormal really tried you avoid heat going on allowed it going not we know that Jacque we're being moved into college is well. Though the family was really encouraged to try killed if they're in very normal to try to keep looking not. Flooding back toward ongoing. Rotten what he thought that it's going to take awhile they thought of what investigators at old and so I'm giving that this news. Did you come out like that this morning very unexpected for the Bailey unexpected for everyone really. Yet certainly sounds that way and Angelina I know. Molly's brother who apparently dropped her off. When she was out of work with us dog sitting has been ruled out as a suspect same for her boyfriend and his brother. Is there any sort of inclination that police have any leads here. We're not weaker at Lee that we ask them about. Rob armored that they exit property several I am happy to take a high draft add. According to what he told me. I'm but it would not confirmed that he looked about spectacle and tired act that David investigating Molly K they've been treating it as a missing person case treating it actually collide but it would confirm. If they had any aspect. Throughout it all or part I've felt. That something elegantly going to be asking them today to see if they have any development act yet how it happened. Quote the body might be. I Angeline associate there. From our affiliate an island to going thank you so much and Salinas again twenty year old Molly to the two disappeared. About a month ago while jogging in Brooklyn Iowa or last seen jogging in Brooklyn Iowa investigators now say the search for her has turned up the body. And we will learn a bit more later on today when they have. The news conference on that.

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{"duration":"3:37","description":"The body was found a month after Tibbetts, a University of Iowa student, disappeared. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"57309795","title":"Authorities work to identify body found in search for Mollie Tibbetts","url":"/US/video/authorities-work-identify-body-found-search-missing-student-57309795"}