Axon, major manufacturer of body cameras, unveils upgraded device

Cincinnati Police have already started using the new cameras, which will allow supervisors to tap into a livestream and watch police and citizen encounters in real time.
8:43 | 02/18/20

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Transcript for Axon, major manufacturer of body cameras, unveils upgraded device
Body cameras have transformed police work across the country they've given jury is a window into those split second life or death decisions. That police officers often make while on the job. But as we don't know they're not without controversy many critics have pointed out that because officers can control when they hit the record button they control the narrative. But today Norman travel to Cincinnati where acts in a major manufacturer of body cameras. Is unveiling a new upgraded camera they say could change the way these devices are used. For the better. Nevada. This minor tropics and turned deadly in less than two minutes important Barnett and. I. It. Then the bad old Florida 43 year old CN yielded book stands over what looks like a model G and put a license. At a commuter and what you had a right. This morning fifteen encounter captured on body Cambridge University of Cincinnati police officer Henri tendency reaching for the car door anything. Got bigger then. And this decision and I give it a shot in exceeded those cars don't rule out. Yeah tensing races after it crashes and still rising. Yeah yeah yeah. It's. Moments later. And sends this message over police radio. Yeah OK OK yeah. Okay. Tensing later claimed in a police report he was being dragged by the vehicle and had to fire his weapon. The protesters say that's not what the video shows. And prosecutors argued tensing should've never pulled the trigger. This is the most asinine that I've ever seen a police officer. Make. Totally unwarranted and. This case sparked days of protests in Cincinnati in serves as one of many incidents involving police body camera video sought to add to police accountability. Documenting an encounter that's still open to interpretation. Arizona based tech company. Acts on enterprises is aiming to eliminate some of that ambiguity with an ax on body three. A police body camera that can live stream events and real time and they're starting in Cincinnati. That's a blown out it's like going from the iPod the iPhone. I would think it's a total game changer mean imagine if you're a police commander and are trying to ascertain what's happening at a remote location. Especially if things are getting heated or dangerous and yelling screaming and you're trying to interpret what's happening over radio. If you can see a live video stream from multiple people on site. You're just gonna happen who legally different and far better understanding what's happening. We traveled to Ohio ahead of the lunch at Cincinnati police department officers trained on the new technology. The scenario. A bank robbery. It officer simulating a felony traffic stop in practicing with the new life stream capabilities. Those officers activate their life that turns on both of their body cameras once those Iran. They're able to reach out to the real time crime center to ask them to monitor their live stream to that they are able to see anything they encounter. Real time crime center I'm accessing officer house he's camera now. That's and give them an extra added layer of awareness to the situation. Four supervisors might be tuning in that situation and they can walk potentially if that was crime incidents going on. To gain a perspective. In real time as to what's happening that's never never had a capability for. Work right now I gotta listen what we're saying do you understand. And in the case of a real emergency every second to end every piece of information counts police departments have praised. We want more information right now tax on senior product manager China McCray says in consulting with police departments across the country organizations. Wanted more for less. More access to immediate information while lessening the burden on officers' staff to remember to activate cameras. That can also happen over our signal technology. Where an officer draws or weapon back in fact trigger recording as well as things like the light bar. Or even barking or deploying. Teaser. Cincinnati police lieutenant Steve Saunders explains this technology. Would have been crucial back in march of 2017. Win Damien McRae ambushed officer Ken Grubbs and his partner opening fire as they responded to a report of domestic violence. The mineralized person was armed the body cameras were rolling at the moment person present a firearm. And an officer were shot he fell back on the actually manually. And the presence of mind to mainly turned his camera on. We're told the older model of body cameras were always buffer so the cameras generated video from thirty seconds before being manually turned on. But lieutenant Saunders says with the acts on body three not only with the cameras have captured the entire encounter. But the crime center can also view their live stream as added security and to serve as extra eyes on the scene. So that technology that advance the technology is amazing it's gonna make our officers saved her safer for sure it's going to be the community safe was well. The shooter was later sentenced to more than forty years in prison. But with increase accessibility comes increase concerns police officers now face with supervisors having instant access to their body camera feeds. During traffic stops and countless other in cat owners. There has been some concerns and in what it is. We'll show is that officers are knocking out there her body cameras viewed arbitrarily. Someone has to have their camera on an activated. And when they do the creators say that adds Val hew to the community. That community can also feel like there's an a witness in addition to the officers there it provides a level of and layer of transparency. For both the officer and it and the community member. But as with the case against University of Cincinnati officer re tensing for the murder Samuel deposed. Video evidence doesn't guarantee that everyone watching. The same surveying. If you were not trivial cameras there will be no different. Based on the other incidents because a second officer was ready to robbery and every lie big the first officer. Stated in the report. We need a video was going to be brother. Ten white into black jurors deliberating tensing state and 2016. Did not see the same thing here on able to reach a verdict on either count on our count Q. The hung jury failed to reach a verdict on charges of murder and voluntary manslaughter. And in the 2070 retrial. Night white jurors in three black jurors were also deadlocked resulting in a second mistrial. Prosecutors ultimately decided to drop the charges against tensing while this new technology is designed to increase transparency. What's perceived as justice remains in the hands of a jury. And today joins us live now in shenae is such a great report. I know the top priority is keeping officers in the community safe but there's also the issue of trust how does act some see this. Improving police community relations are certainly hoping that it makes it better because now police have. The option for acts or security act tries on the scene but also the public has what can feel like a third subjective witness but the company tells me that their ultimate goal. It's to make a bullet obsolete which sound revolutionary but they plan to do that by creating technology that empowers these agencies to make more critical choices. In the most important moment so that everyone goes home at the end of the day on it sounds like a great plan hopefully they can pull it off. I don't Cincinnati already started using this cameras how's that going right so it's been about a month since Cincinnati police rolled out these new cameras that got about a thousand. Police officers on the street already enabled with the new devices and they just wrapped up training training with the light streaming capabilities. It acts on his working without a handful of other cities looking to implement this new technology so we could see this spread we could see more of it today Norman thanks so much today.

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{"duration":"8:43","description":"Cincinnati Police have already started using the new cameras, which will allow supervisors to tap into a livestream and watch police and citizen encounters in real time.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"69038136","title":"Axon, major manufacturer of body cameras, unveils upgraded device","url":"/US/video/axon-major-manufacturer-body-cameras-unveils-upgraded-device-69038136"}