Battling cancer amid COVID-19 outbreak

Leukemia survivor and breast cancer patient Loriana Hernadez joins us to discuss her concerns about being at high risk for coronavirus and how she is keeping herself healthy.
5:35 | 03/27/20

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Transcript for Battling cancer amid COVID-19 outbreak
So many of us are feeling scared and alone right now the fear can be especially acute bill for those battling other medical conditions like forty on Hernandez used. Being treated for breast cancer and I want to thank you very much for joining us first of all Lorena. Thank you so much just even during those stories is getting my heart racing and beings idea going through I can imagine. So your current I'm sorry go ahead go ahead I was saying it's trigger a lot of ET steeper me were hurt that how. Ryan I can imagine that would be the case now your compromised immune system makes you especially high risk for co mid nineteen. You're will -- a survivor now in treatment for breast cancer what kind of therapies do you have to have. Well right now I'm not currently going under any therapies that what are the biggest issue at risk for me is that why you're looking as a driver in a India. I have been under a transplant I don't have my own DNA and I are. Happens actually rejecting some blood transfusions. Fast forward five years later I was diagnosed with breast cancer likely due to the full body radiation to state my life. And that has had an elite I actually you lay it out each and every day one nurse I'm to my house. Balloon so trying to recover from breast cancer would have compromised immune system early Kenya and doctors at Johns Hopkins and I slipped and med. Try to you know treat me. Abbott has been very stressful because each and every day we have nurses have to come into our house. Out we've taken some steps at a hole in my husband is trying to learn to deal with the nurses do impact the women so we could limit anybody coming in and at a house. Right of course an Anna how are you managing to keep yourself healthy I'm and that and that's one and one way but what sacrifices you need to make right now. Well for many stay home if not rob let me ask you fight your life yet in Allen in here with white art presents its tribal. I was separated from my son for more than a year I was wearing the yellow gal aren't proper precautions. And I was hospitalized per year and then. Sit stared death in the face and his friends and it that you breast cancer. If they Tony ready to sit at home since January they say sit until June or July. I'm okay with that because I just wanna see my son grow our it's pretty simple. Be addicting I tell you what's one thing IP control and it is stay home. The other thing is and I I say this from when I was diagnosed with leukemia is what I call to wreak eaves and armor and a white expert here present her bail. And I say that we all have to prepare each and every day in our wise that how are here we show up to any illness. It may not be Kobe it could be cancer would ever made be so we can all present well to our medical team. And then position ourselves to prevail and sought is saying is each and every day despite my little energy levels is right the depression despite fears were out. So if doctor but it happens to me I'm prepared to best in. So I can present well but I can do is stay home and Freddie. And be with my family but it's hard for me to try to explain that's at a people when I see people. Interacting a nice I tell that you your hat and on the floor crying and and knowing that you have a chance of death. And and not senior sign a Nazi Beers and let recede again it just doesn't always click her everywhere right at. Hi friends get frustrated with me when I see you and I'm in the house. It you're great example for all of us so I hear you talking I have low energy and anxiety and depression but anybody does watching you right I'm sure feels inspired. No there are many who now fear going into the hospital and possibly risking corona virus infection but the may also need. To Dell for various cancer treatments are essential surgeries for example let's look at calculations of the U had to make in managing your health in this moment and I correct that you don't have to leave the house and all. Well we've made some changes tomorrow that was supposed to see my leaking it Dr. to its negative Johns Hopkins at the global leader in fighting coping eaten. Talking with my looking at doctor and my actions diseased he lets us Hopkins. They didn't opulent with state for me to come and I don't eat you know permission from a very risky surgery. A double mastectomy Horry bone marrow transplant survivor I know it's very complex talking with Bentley said we don't want you to come into the building until June 3. So for me that's a lot of anxiety so weak they are still in remission from leukemia because of a breast cancers are great. The other steps we take it is made he let husbands or did it will patents that we can eventually not Abner is. Come into the house they're heroes and are amazing that they. Eight other patients. Throughout the day and also. My appointment next week with my pet medicine doctor might surge in a breast cancer surgeon will be it's called an appointment. So we're doing everything we can hound group pictures imaging is timing. To do everything that I don't leave the house that are it's probable that the warriors are survivor knows currently in treatment who college talked to me say. I have to go win and their nature in net roots music don't have a way to fight it actually its right. That's the reason when people say why episode homeless is ridiculous. I realize it's a financial impact but when you're talking about life's you can say I staying home if it's huge. I would ask yeah. I would imagine that you are on giving people new perspective and new reason. To stay at home just by hearing and seeing you Laurie on a thank you so much and we and we wish you continued health.

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{"duration":"5:35","description":"Leukemia survivor and breast cancer patient Loriana Hernadez joins us to discuss her concerns about being at high risk for coronavirus and how she is keeping herself healthy.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"69827126","title":"Battling cancer amid COVID-19 outbreak","url":"/US/video/battling-cancer-amid-covid-19-outbreak-69827126"}