How to get the best Black Friday deals

Experts say to wait for Cyber Monday. ABC News' Janai Norman reports.
1:24 | 11/22/18

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Transcript for How to get the best Black Friday deals
Cheating years now to a final preparations for Black Friday as millions of Americans rushed to get the best deals we've some tips on what to bite and what not to buy this year. This morning the final countdown to those door buster deals. Shoppers are already lining up but you may not have to you. Our Rebecca Jarvis spoke with mark L lead author of bargain fever and putting attain its all about the online tool box. You have to get up and get out of the house really they just have to get up staying UPJ's and shot. Before to war breaks. If a TV is on your wish list Thanksgiving and Black Friday are your best bets for budget TV but if you're looking for a mid range or high end variety experts say it might be better to hold out until Cyber Monday next week. Meanwhile with Toys 'R' Us now shuttered target Wal-Mart and Amazon are trying to fill the boy ate the weekend that full press must. The toys will be slashed in prices. And if clothes or on your list this year consider holding off as well. Analysts say apparel sales will pick up right before Christmas as retailers rush to make way for a new stock in the new year. But if you insist on braving the crowds tomorrow consider putting on a smile and negotiating. Many retailers offer hidden deals and promotions. To have to ask. So smile will go a long way that it will that.

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{"duration":"1:24","description":"Experts say to wait for Cyber Monday. ABC News' Janai Norman reports.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"59359571","title":"How to get the best Black Friday deals","url":"/US/video/best-black-friday-deals-59359571"}