Big brands boycott Facebook over hate speech

Facebook is just “tinkering on the margins” of controlling hate speech on its platform, says expert Yael Eisenstat.
7:20 | 07/02/20

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Transcript for Big brands boycott Facebook over hate speech
We turn out to FaceBook and a growing list of companies that have vowed to stop advertising on the platform over how it handles hate speech and other content that they consider harmful. Over 500 companies worldwide including big brands like Coca-Cola Unilever and Pfizer have joined the stop it for profit campaign. To temporarily boycott the social media giant. Celebrities like Prince Harry and Maggie mark we'll have also join that call. FaceBook says it invests billions of dollars each year to keep its community safe. As bands 250 white supremacist organizations from its platforms. Agree to an audit and through AI finds 90% of hate speech even before users reported. But FaceBook also says it quote has more work to do. For more on the issue we bring I'll Eizenstat a visiting fellow at Cornell text Digital Life initiative and Facebook's former head. Election's integrity yell thanks for joining us. Can be Y think these companies are boycotting FaceBook and do you think that FaceBook is doing enough to combat hate speech. Samar it's actually really great to see so many companies and that with their dollars and say that they're not gonna tolerate that anymore added that point cut. Let's connects. It would not consult everything there's a whole myriad issues. Related to how socially aren't I hurry happening monetize a house each cars on the class arms. That and Wayne now. A lot of activist and academic and even immediately and they captain speaking out for awhile now two years after the issues. But there reawakening. Teens unfortunately little there's really to me it's and wine is by hurting. Eat Procter and whining I fret that regulation and seeing me companies and that and saying we don't want to act and threatening next heat each we don't believe I was doing an apt to relieve taxes I eat from some of them. Dangerous things are happening hanging pot farm is I think early crates stacked. She is an inning and that. Its you know wouldn't be situation and there's there's right now in response and Mark Zuckerberg made an announcement I aunts and that she just an enemy. Aren't important but they're very react rate they're they are the things that they can denounce or the lack animal contents should AT down on what she AT and act out certain speech and certain people. When I never really attracting me is the really systemic issues and why their form its own rank to be exploited in the immediate. I bad actors. I extremist groups like people who won new inner ear narrow action news and notes the harder things that many people asking me to step up and U that they happened really acts. A study out having worked at the company how to they go about doing that how does a company would billions of users. Goal about regulating. Some of the speech had on the platform and do you see any problems. With FaceBook going out and doing. Yeah I mean there's no passion and extraordinarily complicated situation and because I want to thank you and mark aggregate I don't want him to be our leader true. Right it isn't very its east. I will if you. Credit market its. It's not just the beach when is this a voter suppression tactic is. People have been trying to highlight bespoke for a while that he I not only on their platform released predators. And and what happened it's T and why don't sting met an Indy. In many. Aren't they and then he went Anthony Hill at security it's a federal officers are in Clinton's during the black eyes matter at season really serious matters and yes if complicate it with. Almost what three million people communicating on a class aren't cheap figure out how greatly she does each at. Would what I aren't concerned about an a lot of people are more concerned about it RUE plus I miss the are you recommending me he credits to people. Didn't did these people get an immigrant groups. Are looking. Or is it because you recommended that routine that. These are the bigger question that really hear from treaty consistently eat it situation that many people are really trying to hold the company accountable. Sounds like the hunt the ticket deep a look at their algorithms and how they make those recommendations that so I ask you from from a legal standpoint there's been a big debate. With a lot of social media platforms claiming they are not. Publishers so they are not subject to the same lots of publishers and interfering with this speech kind of monies that lines so. Where do you stand on where that line should be in how do they tread carefully not to cross it. Great cash and to meet or not publish a traditional parents eight or 918. User in the New York Times they don't have actually act checked everything that happens on or. But to claim that they just in each arm is utter nonsense. There out there than cherry contents they decide what you see in what you don't see it and any great year I had at any crank that by an aunt recently in his war this week. To explain happy Perkins. Its dealings. Saying there are near exits as ninety. That end I think that everything you see our eighth Perkins when you came to look for each. Aren't being mean you are like in a mom's great irony and then an anti back at this journey you're happy you're looking for necessarily eat. Sailor to Clean Air Act and you aren't Alton not act they're sharing your kind of exciting went means you're dealing Jones he. Finally another salacious content is at queen's keep on Alan that in order to sign your car so that they can sell advertising. We'll have to really teeny camera lens to get Israel TE. Police and I'm tents and really. That need to be handled and rank now just thirteen earning and marching. At staying well T down and it's the real and we'll be different there is still a hat. Wait she passes on their loans but at the very eat it very different staying in all have our policy. Which eats grits down and saying fourteen algorithms and Nolan reading recommend these and acts. Some of the cooler but also bee pollen even had a haven't been inclined than evenly. Is quietly to be pain knee did not have these very same college scene against the president of the United States of America and that's where a lot advanced. Current. Situation and the apple a few weeks ago. I'm willing ILU say it's a lot and and it is for sure but it sounds like we need a lot to examine this very large issue appropriately we so appreciate your insight thank you for taking time.

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{"duration":"7:20","description":"Facebook is just “tinkering on the margins” of controlling hate speech on its platform, says expert Yael Eisenstat.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"71567930","title":"Big brands boycott Facebook over hate speech","url":"/US/video/big-brands-boycott-facebook-hate-speech-71567930"}