Will Bill O'Reilly's departure change Fox News?

"The View" co-hosts discuss the effects of the commentator's departure.
4:11 | 04/20/17

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Transcript for Will Bill O'Reilly's departure change Fox News?
So welcome back we were. I'm pose a question and it is this youth thing that. Bill's departure is want to change the culture are now now that seems to be all the kindness I said I read that thing meant. Tucker Carlson said about. You know sexual harassment. It's it's certainly not enough created by black right. Right it's just not enough I mean they got rid of Roger Ailes and they got rid of Bill O'Reilly I think they are starting to realize that it's unsustainable this business model that they hat which is just. Pay women to shut up but I think if you're truly gonna change its hostile work environment. You've got to have training you have to have an HR department that has real teeth. You have to have a diversity officer that someone can go to and make this complaint and that person have to have the power to. I hear you saying before or outside wearing the break that he did not. Come on to write her rescue I worked I worked on the O'Reilly and I did not address. Misses this Kelly either. On May and they and I did that Kelly together what's with what what do they have in common they're both lawyers of the bully picks his target say. You know that they would sue him he's totally not innocent and it sag. One night I do think the network has has a significant changes though I think they are headed in the right direction I think that Ellis Jane on the final I think they fired two people who were represented about what the network wasn't Roger Ailes was king mayor Bill O'Reilly was. The lead program there went off on the people would think of Fox News they would be develop badly injured man that helped up by holding those two people accountable I think it does make a big statement that that's not what we're about moving forward and I think that's an Oscar chairs put I'd say the anchor hi Gary I think is possible. So you've gotten rid of this sexual harassed says and now he's and we know what's. Racist act. The last race who would you define as racist that's been around it Tucker is Ellie is being -- now let you know whats is name while not Wally was that man's naming the morning back. How out of his seat goes yeah you shake these are the guys. Do say there is it is yeah. And sell have you and you know this honestly this is a terrible this is the gentleman that went down to Chinatown not a lot. Atlanta so he also moved depths of the two of them moved up and out of where and they war. So that will be the next thing to work on because there isn't. I I want Fox News to do whatever they're supposed to death. OK if they have left opposition that they catch I don't mind here and it I don't mind and opposition. But when I don't want to hear act as I don't wanna hear racist innuendo off I don't want any after. Again veiled woman had meetings stuff or you know what they sent snagged and you know voters believe he luck on the tiny bulb and do what I had to pull Watson but so they let boys also all of one pence at one of them said to Maxine Waters several years now get off the crap about you remember early hallway in -- hot and that he did not apply a cigar necklace I have a statement from Bill O'Reilly that's not just hair put I'm gonna put up period on I sent via and that is. I don't mind what your politics arm. I just don't think you can sustain and races and see no hate decent society if you wanna be news. There still fellow Riley has issued a statement he says over the past twenty years of Fox News. I have been extremely proud to launch in lead one of the most successful news programs in history. It is should mend asleep disheartening that we part ways due to completely unfounded claims I will always look back on my time at fox with great pride in the unprecedented success we achieved. I wish only the best for Fox News Channel. It sounds like track doesn't. Tremendous sons now today. It lies just and what little I just say one thing about. All of these sexual harasser is if they noticed there or become the victim when Clarence Thomas what was under the gun from Anita Hill he said that this was a high tech lynching I guess I guess he was referring to racism also but at the whenever of card they're playing it's victimize them. The other victim not yield mojo when they feel uncomfortable not you know who lost your job let me cooler. Half.

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{"id":46913591,"title":"Will Bill O'Reilly's departure change Fox News?","duration":"4:11","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss the effects of the commentator's departure.","url":"/US/video/bill-oreillys-departure-change-fox-news-46913591","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}