Black Santa hate mail draws backlash

North Little Rock, Arkansas, resident Chris Kennedy discusses how his community rallied around his family after he received a letter attacking his Christmas display that featured a Black Santa.
6:47 | 12/08/20

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Transcript for Black Santa hate mail draws backlash
It's supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year but for one family in Little Rock, Arkansas things took a turn for the worse all because. Of this an inflatable black Santa Chris Kennedy as the owner of the Santa that you see there on your screen he's also the person who received a letter in the mail from someone claiming to be Santa Claus attacking him. For not having no white Santa. Joining us now to discuss a letter and the subsequent support from his neighbors is Chris Kennedy Chris. A bit of the back story on what decorating for the holidays means to you went and what your reaction was when when you receive this letter. As he cheated by daddy used to decorate. Duchardt homes what it Orwell neighborhood problems started long viewed my dad passed away and it's given day. Just four so. And after that started decorating our home. Burden our partners. You know early. Just in remembrance to him four years ago when my daughter was born. She ended up having exes stage in DC needs you. So low they were she analyzed for broke in the hospital horror or four weeks so I wanted to do something special. From our wives and then new daughter. So. A had the house or. Decorated with lights and our first black center which was about four feet tall. And so since then. There's did a giant collects and in our front yard. It is just it's something that we've done for years and had no problems so this year. So what was the problem telling about the letter that you received. So. The letter how. It was definitely a racist letters it basically. It asks us or remove our. Our negro center close. And that we shouldn't try to succeeded try to deceive children's believe it is also white. Me it also goes state dead. That we she didn't work out move out of our neighborhood in boot out east of the rest of our race all right. Again not originally from. Moral overwrought so. I don't know what that actually. Be. We didn't pretty diverse area. And you know I believe that it wasn't so they did. Sad news I believe that it wasn't from Lewis said it was from the person includes. Big property owners association name only. But I do was not permitted. And then there is second page two it actually had a wife San calls. Let's talk about the reaction of your neighbors after you receive the letter we have some video from our affiliate in in Little Rock KETV. Who spoke to some of your neighbors the six quick listen to what they had to say. Be it crime not to say something. There you know settle thing if you see something say something. If there's one thing. We can be especially this season his. Together and this fear they can say anything. It that field to not only have your neighbors support but you to see them put up then their own black sadness. It's incredible. Largely because most of those neighbors you do you guys still haven't met them. But it's great. The that beauty is rallied around this it's it's even bettered that there are people that he. There own black Santas everywhere it's basically start started conversations with within other brand is about. About is that sending other people for who they are. We had a sign out front it says it's you know has gotten over budget different slogans are it would basically looked as low. And not with us the blacks and it is. It's it's a representation. Of who we are far brilliantly Santa clauses black. And we wanted our daughter to grow seen her self represented in and everything from fictional character's suit. Actual world leaders are broader I was or our house and it costs blacks. Goods. Anywhere else he's gonna be wallet that mainly. Looks like I personally don't understand why seeing. Seen Santa Claus as a quiet shared sure would in her hurt anybody else you win you could easily its financing your own children like we do so our daughter. Have you been able they get any determination as to who actually sent this letter. I know. We have not. But I definitely after got a letter I've definitely wants the police department ends to the Postal Service. You file complaints to try to figure out who did it but the at a dead end. Didn't do the letter was put in. And monitored. Those talks and held so. And the purpose that we were able to track it was CD location that it was felt from. And that's about as far as we've gotten what they. Lastly what's your message to the person who sent you this letter and also other children and families who may have a black Santa at home who might find this disconcerting. My message to the person that city it is. Despite whatever you may see you'll all will still show you look a blows. All people that you walked up today tomorrow and apologized. I would definitely is set be a quality of show you'll bugs to children. I just want you say enjoyed Christmas it'd have fun with your families. Laugh and smile and love each other's it is most are what each other she can't. And and just in schori DS spirit of the season. End to their parents just remember. Christmas is about the children is not about us. We as adults we had zero we have to be stronger. It together. We have you know the better together. As a community we are better together than we are good but it. It we see the sign right over your head blown it lives here thank you so much for your example and for your time tonight Chris we appreciate it. Thank you.

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{"duration":"6:47","description":"North Little Rock, Arkansas, resident Chris Kennedy discusses how his community rallied around his family after he received a letter attacking his Christmas display that featured a Black Santa.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"74595902","title":"Black Santa hate mail draws backlash ","url":"/US/video/black-santa-hate-mail-draws-backlash-74595902"}