Boston Marathon Bombing Suspect Manhunt

One bombing suspect dead; law enforcement locks down city of Boston to search for second suspect.
3:00 | 04/19/13

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Transcript for Boston Marathon Bombing Suspect Manhunt
This is a special report from ABC news. This is an ABC news digital report good afternoon -- -- Hernandez in New York it has been up fast moving story out of Boston today. Police in the Greater Boston area are on it all out manhunt. For the surviving Boston Marathon bombing suspect has the city is on a virtual lock down. Here's what we know so far one of the bombing suspect identified as 26 year old hammer lane is -- I had seen here in the black -- Has been killed in a firefight with police after a dramatic chase. Through the Greater Boston area the other suspect his brother nineteen year old college student -- cars are Nyhan is still on the run. Believed to be armed and ready to fight to the death possibly wearing a suicide bombers dressed. The Brothers are both ethnic -- -- they lived near Boston and had been in the US for about a decade. Their uncle today said they had struggled to settle themselves in the US and pretty much. Have ended up heating everyone we go now to to -- Bradley in Watertown Massachusetts to mark. Hello from Watertown Massachusetts just outside Boston this has been a day of chaos and confusion. Millions have been told to stay indoors as authorities hunt and terrorists. That massive search for the terror suspect is evident everywhere Watertown -- communities in and around Boston aren't locked out the -- -- for asking people to shelter in place in other words to stay indoors. -- doors locked and to open the door. This morning police have released a new photo of Joseph cars or diet who was involved in a shootout with police and is now on the run. Officials -- he is armed with guns and explosives. Yeah I don't -- all you -- -- you come -- His brother temelin -- was shot and killed when he engaged police last night. The big break came on Thursday with the robbery of a 7-Eleven in Cambridge at 7:30 PM. A surveillance camera inside the store captured the image that match the man identified hours earlier as suspect number two. A short time later police say the Brothers ambushed a police officer on the MIT campus killing him. Approximately. The suspects carjacked this Mercedes and led police -- -- wild chase through the streets of Cambridge -- neighboring Watertown. Eyewitnesses say the two men fired weapons and tossed explosives. The car -- pursuing leads. The uncle of the Brothers who lives in Maryland had this message for his surviving nephew of ice age if you -- Germany is still -- And we'll put didn't have. To reiterate no vehicles other than emergency vehicles are on the streets. There's an air surveillance in the sky one law enforcement officials said this is the most tense day. -- long time. Live outside Boston -- -- Bradley ABC news now back to you. All right we're gonna have more information on all of the segments have to -- story but we want to go back to to -- live and ask him to bond we do know that police have searched about 70% of the neighborhood. Is it possible he's not there are police saying at this point that they're thinking of attempting down the search. -- -- this is still an ongoing investigation we heard hours ago. That authorities were closing in on the suspects now we know. That there is a residents in Cambridge where they are going to do a controlled detonation. To try to get rid of a bomb they are very concerned that there could be additional bombs the suspect is obviously very dangerous and having been engaged. -- with law enforcement and fire fight they know he may be willing to take his own life. So distilled. A lot of tension here at the force have still not been -- allowed to go out and about it is remarkable we haven't seen anything like this ties into. -- -- -- Some other information that we're getting -- -- about a new car -- the FBI is investigating a green Honda with Massachusetts license -- The number 11. -- -- six. GE Z seven do we have any idea about the whereabouts of that car. Yeah that's really fascinating time because the FBI has been very quick. To put out bulletins to put out information about these suspects remember just last night. They released their photos and they were on the trail there was that robbery at the 7-Eleven just a couple hours later so. Law enforcement wants the public good -- -- they see something. To give them a call -- phone and it is a good car they couldn't -- to them apprehending the suspect -- but again -- the latest information we have is that they are closing and on the suspect but make no mistake about it. This is not over -- authorities said this could go all week. -- they are right to -- Bradley thank you to -- reporting live for us from Watertown. Massachusetts this afternoon -- to go now to the news conference from Massachusetts governor pat Deval Patrick also Boston Mayor Tom Menino and police officials their latest briefing from this afternoon hearings. Of points we want to make myself than there. Colonel or colonel Alvin. And achieve the Watertown. Police force. -- Devoe. We're not going to be able to stake questions I'm sorry -- know you have I know you have many first -- -- I want you we all want -- The members of the public. Who have respected. Our request to stay. We know what inconvenience it is in Watertown in Cambridge in particular that really throughout. The areas that -- to ask for -- -- for this there's been enormously important and helpful to them any any law enforcement we're trying to do their job. And we thank all of you for helping to get that message -- The stay -- -- request continues for the time being that is unchanged. There -- continuing developments in media any investigation. Which we will be able to talk about not now but later. -- is important is close scrutiny -- And not open the door. Keep the doors locked not open the door unless there is a uniformed. Identified law enforcement officer on the other side -- is requesting. To come inside. Think that's all I want to offer mr. man. Coming -- that you won't be one difference. They couldn't possibly. -- and -- Moment. The other version of the public sticking -- -- Publishers didn't want to. We'll be -- Republicans want as we get the admission. But be patient but. Various -- true. Most of us and we -- one city. Websphere community forums. Terrorists win over Portland here to work. -- -- us. British -- as important very very much. The. Good afternoon but again my name is activity Alvin and the -- have returned -- the Massachusetts state police. Don't thank you for -- -- they that -- -- be here at 1030 and we're obviously waiting time but it's indicative of the of the -- we continued to rundown here. And things changed exchanged. Quickly and sometimes we have to change direction. I want to begin by saying we are progressing through this neighborhood going door to door street to street. Were well over sixty or 70% of what we want -- cover up there. We do not have any development to tell you in terms of that search up there there has been no apprehension at this point. The second thing I want to talk about just briefly is that this afternoon. There will be controlled explosion if you will. By some of the explosive ordinance folks over in Cambridge. That's going to happen on north Clark street at a house that we have secured earlier today. It's done out of an abundance of caution. It's done for the safety of the law enforcement officials that are over the air. Before they proceed with -- search -- that premises so that will be happening this afternoon as well. Our plan at this point is we are gonna continue with following up and neighborhood we get several other new leads that just developing in the last few minutes -- working on that. And I will be back here I hope within an hour. Slightly above that. To give you the next briefing. It should we have any development between now and then I'll be back even sooner so I wonder what turn it over to -- -- police from ma. -- Thank you colonel. I while I want to thank the media for getting the word out to spend a lot of heroic actions did you hear about the next few days what happened last night and early this morning in all of the last. A couple of days -- but he knows but I want to also want to speak to Watertown community. You've done great we've done everything we've asked. We need some more time. We got to stay -- homes. Stay in place. We has -- we still have some work to do even after we clear the area is a major crimes seem -- notice that takes some time. But I have an issue -- all the gentleman behind me that did not -- leave until the town is safe so we -- goal. Today tomorrow and in India over the weekend before we got that whole crime scene under control. But that -- -- our community has always stood strong it and I've asked him to do this morning and they've done terrific but one thing. -- there you have a news conference from Massachusetts officials on Italy's of the investigation as of earlier this afternoon in the mean time. In uncle of the suspects -- and -- -- -- lives in Montgomery village Maryland he's spoke out today about his nephews and their alleged involvement in the bombings. -- In the end it if I just been following days I've been following it from -- from day one but never -- would imagine. That somehow out. Children of -- -- would be associated with them. So it is it -- it. Witness made it was shop. It again. I don't know this family does not know how to -- -- did -- we did -- victims. That thalidomide you over the last time you saw I don't know we've not been with that's intact with that family what number of years. But Campbell -- full pardon me. Here now they never leave Vietnam and never leave here the last time -- it's time I saw that employs 2006. That's what I'm -- -- December 2005. Did you ever know them don't have any ill will towards the united no no no I never knew -- an emphatic yes. -- I would guess that made them myself anyway I think provoked this. -- -- -- Hatred that those -- -- able to federal themselves. These young -- I can imagine. Anything else. Anything else to do with religion which is -- at that brought -- that they. Military training and no not -- not to again I've seen them when they -- -- I don't know -- -- and then on into the game. Com. Let Muslims like kitchen what if petition. -- -- -- If that happened most -- found it radicalize them but it's not my brother. Just -- back. I really didn't read that -- -- Think big -- It didn't have. I mean look kids or anything -- he's been looking like it. -- loved Clinton might get Obama know they have little or no -- Yeah. I'd rather than the -- I don't know anything. About -- You know -- my family this has nothing do with that. I yeah. Let me. And of course what. What a shame. Yes what a shame that you might -- that. And really open honestly as much as I note and let the influence of them everything -- -- It's -- personnel. -- the book I didn't like I just want it. I just wanted -- -- -- away from yeah. He's not. -- the United States thinks that all the days they can't articulate these 2003. Why they didn't. Why they can they came they came to when they've moved to this day. Today. So they know they dig into. Him. What I. Think he later admitted that indicated that day it ABC defend them as -- -- -- yes they've lived. -- -- -- Well I hope love and certainly. The -- -- -- -- events that. Me myself and these family had nothing to do with them over long long time yeah. A look -- -- there last time I spoke with the with my. But what about 2009. You feel about America and good evening and it's. -- today I teach my children and what are you might. This days DIA deal -- war in the entire world. I respect this country I love this country. -- gunship. Which gives chance to everybody else to be treated as a human being and just be human. Still human being that's what -- -- about these. Uga again proper name spelling -- Robert my name who's gone you as -- -- end. Sign me -- and art and. -- I don't know I don't know I don't know again I don't know I'd -- them -- that it and if I. Me -- -- web that they well in Bolton. If that's -- Do you bring -- into. Responsibility. Yeah. And would not mind him. Just did nothing to -- was just yet they just different -- that -- well people. Born in -- the one of them just if you look forward in the eastbound at the neighboring regions and is -- Pakistan -- England haven't seen him in years. And then he's been out when -- and did you recognize their eyes and and this morning when I was contacted -- -- -- -- -- -- -- When you -- other pictures on the news -- -- these pictures I want to -- have you seen the pictures might live open up Internet what you. Well John -- I still think she looked up what we are right now his -- -- -- if you -- -- you still there and we and -- We'll put didn't. And that -- dead. And injured and from -- from -- quote giving it from these people. -- not replying won't -- -- in this family. People should be reported shame on -- -- in our family it's finance and then. People that -- on detect diet -- and ethnicity. But everyone mound -- is that playing with -- Chechen. Did put that shame on and tie at the institute. That's what I would think to yourself and and what happens what ever want and put yourself did discretion of those who -- -- -- I'd like that I would not yet not yet. Quick. -- Good. Thus -- might well put them. That would -- Three months ago -- -- know. Where. Art. They can't hear from from -- to stop. It. And -- his stuff. Bought me. There's an idol and the militants -- it bought it -- to admit this I think. On the losers what I think what then no idea that it didn't know what it. Hey -- it what you can't answer. But one final. -- -- -- -- And now and yeah and. You respect. I'm thrilled with the. We. Hope. They don't stop there. Shedding them would agree. It -- to meet with them and it just -- that -- -- in front of them seeking debt forgiveness. To get into. And -- part of the back. That's -- -- -- and McCain may. Yet -- Talking a little about. Then we also heard a short time ago from the suspect on in Toronto Canada her name is marriages are -- I have. And she believes it's possible her nephews were set up. -- knowing these hoo boy use. Knowing and believing they would -- that's went cold. Would I not right away present action -- -- How could happen how. -- -- What is believed what prompted an Elvis. Reaction. But I want to know. -- what are they. Quickly quickly at first -- -- -- They could not done this way -- -- -- all -- -- -- just a foot -- two guys are walking. And I find it strange senator -- is walking in the front. -- is -- why don't they come together. Student together as Brothers they used them. So there are you suspicious that maybe they -- Do they know I was -- suspect is what stage. At what stage. Who needs a lot of -- looking for those who need to be blank. -- before. -- these attacks he's -- being set up by someone else on the authorities do you think they're being set -- by someone else. Don't know when somebody else who -- -- were interested in this case you blowing up people. And you want to bring attention to something. -- purpose. You -- get that. Might you do that white -- Do you still being set up. People elect. Former city union country is that's how let it. Always straight way. -- student asked walker and the Chechen have to prove myself twice tripled his more. -- -- -- up -- and they Latin. -- Had they they were tracking your -- overnight and that they were following the vehicle that they were in and that they were throwing explodes the companies and Tammy fox land saint. What I'm not getting contacted they want to know my PD meet evidence then ask me. What do you think I heard those reports that's -- The question do you believe. The evidence -- -- evidence. Question do believe they could do this. Have it is -- degree. I just would yield -- What else. I told that all. Food all of -- -- -- -- it's not -- Seemingly did not find out yet. But. It's not easy and I. Think -- You know it's not. He knows he could -- his potential. You know since an and then -- -- -- that was. Always. Demands more of our children. -- next -- especially and it -- its -- So. As. Jack potter yes you know his. -- -- -- when they came to the United States where they had been living with what brought them here. -- -- -- -- -- Going through my people weren't -- -- to -- went. Public 2001. So then -- 2002 my older brother came. To the states that's why can't -- about his paperwork myself. Refugee protection claim your brother or their husband brother you know. I'm. In it -- 2000. Boys' father when he's white and little -- hot. Came to the states that's when I filed a petition for it later refugee status. And we've also learned that the FBI has removed a computer from the suspect's sister in New Jersey police say the woman is cooperating in the investigation. ABC news also spoke to a mechanic in Cambridge 61 of the suspects' cars this past Tuesday the day after the bombing. They had met before and he says he definitely noticed a change in the suspect's demeanor here is the interview with ABC's Byron Pitts. -- -- we've been told that can happen any moment few minutes ago law enforcement came out here is where the president public gatherings said. Cover your ears. They'll be allowed blast that was about probably three or four minutes ago and for several minutes people -- -- -- but since then. Everyone's relaxed a bit -- and we're waiting for that that sound explosion. Law enforcement has maintained a sizable presence here for several hours as I mentioned earlier the FBI special ops team was here. Men dressed in camouflage a heavy gear we've seen a number of bomb squads come in position. A time of gold the Boston. Fire department is also here they've run fire hoses down to the house that white house on Norfolk street about a block and half. And where we're standing right now we presume to help out with the effort to. Dispose of this device that they're concerned about. Also George we are getting a a growing picture of Joseph hearts movements these last few days we talked to my college producers here from ABC news. Have talked to a gentleman who is a mechanic. Who all works in the shop in the neighborhood who's making his way over to us now. And we'll talk some now it. Assert -- -- -- good morning could -- second place so what you're telling my colleagues now they. That you believe he saw one of the young men no -- I don't believe -- -- -- emotional abuse and an on all 1230. This this past is that yesterday after the bout this one. And what and what -- -- No idea how to cut that he drove Marshall -- and owns a two weeks ago and -- -- -- the problems of his girlfriend. Our focus on Tuesday and he came. And those -- and got to pick -- up my god because my friend months ago mr. -- has Obama but you know -- remove the rear -- and remove its lights. And they say I'm Andrea Arnold and I noticed he was very nervous -- -- -- you know he's being in it was ambiguous. You know shaking his legs and a Vietnam but like -- -- you know I knew him abroad like Julius. And this is a different kind of kid he was agitated -- -- -- very agitated you know before it was very polite you know is -- merely use. That you couldn't you know that you could you know. Notice. Ridiculous valuable person would you please -- via a description of the vehicle -- -- the -- as a white Mercedes you know which had tickets probably 07. -- -- -- you know peachtree -- immortal. And the Adam you know we have -- -- In light at the -- -- wanted to remove debris about what to make sure that personal damage and undercarriage Massachusetts and that is -- -- But what I do -- it was my mistake vehicles like you know -- political in the parking lot. And you know give Paula Gonzales ought to wore them down. An enemy until people look to like with a gun inside it sure didn't pay by credit card by always been -- always come to additional -- -- you know a lot of friends that you -- us that the independent authority. Some -- Russia and they are identical to be used to go to MIT and ultralight nice -- an -- -- brand new -- In an old dressed nice like you know any of -- and he didn't you know like to -- -- -- indication where and how they're accessories -- and I mean you know I'd been dealing with the -- students boy you know. Do you know I don't additional fifty years and I know a lot of reach speeds come through Boston which you know Islam. Holders it is only got money from their parents. He then your shop well a number of times what type conversation to have with them Monday we always I talked to him before the -- -- -- You know seems like we -- -- -- And -- -- you know clubs and that they always telling me you know I -- buy this Scotto and -- body of premium. And call one you know Buddhist type but need jobs and you know so it you know like it's -- 300 -- other customs. And we need someone -- he was insisted he wanted his guard one civilian and then your buddies are over -- -- -- Minnesota will be Wednesday. And laser light one of these guys in on my friend was a -- might and music -- -- -- to Utica right now or was he by himself was fueled by and so. Good -- order groceries -- much you know which is struggling 200 yards from -- Do you know who else let's of -- house for them not know I knew his brother and I don't know that I knew him you know -- impersonal but the ongoing business and they always. -- to -- yeah. You know which Franzen and how would you describe his brother what kind of personalities it. You know it's normal person same -- simple -- and talk to me you don't always nicely. You know addressing I's all time high spending -- and -- you know. And you know England and realized him this morning. When you saw the pictures all the television yesterday I saw the pictures FBI victors. And I notice you know a new one pictured Padilla and here and I noticed is no it's because he's got a big nose -- -- -- -- and I do. -- Obama wasn't sure but analysts this morning so that -- -- their campaigns have eleven political and we must not with a hood on. I knew. And if it's it was -- -- was it was -- -- new vehicle that are picked up from her shop Tuesday afternoon was a Mercedes did -- witnesses. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm next to you right now and I could do nothing I wish -- -- at a time. You know. You know that it was him you know that's why -- fighting with myself -- -- you know only through community. You know excuse you know -- soon and it. And samba and it is what it is always -- -- Yeah. -- -- -- -- -- today you're not alone I'll never name again please Eminem's new birth to a joint news. Thank you so much so relation. Georgia -- the information that the gentleman this mechanic up. From a popular auto shop just across the street from. The young man's house says he brought in this Mercedes-Benz he says it was his girlfriend's vehicle yeah he brought in for repair work the work wasn't done on Tuesday but he came Benson and -- panic mode agitated it was a -- I think -- -- earlier. Insisting that he get his car back right now. George time. -- that was Byron -- speaking earlier today. With George Stephanopoulos and the mechanics who saw one of the suspects just yesterday just Tuesday -- -- While the police and the FBI search for Asia car is -- -- the younger brother in connection with the bombings were still learning more about the older brother -- relayed. It is Martha Raddatz has more on suspect number one who died earlier this morning in a firefight with the police. I wanna read some captions -- of these captions -- some photographs of the older brother Cameron went on the web. And we've gotten permission to read that captions to these photographs they're wrestling photos -- at a -- -- says Cameron practices boxing. -- the -- crew mixed martial arts center originally from Chechnya but living in the United States since five years. Caroline says I don't think they -- five years old -- -- for the last five years. I don't have a single American friend I don't understand them. He said if he wins enough fights their Caroline says he could be selected for the US Olympic team. Caroline fled Chechnya with his family because of the conflict in the early ninety's and live for years. If this says Kazakhstan we believe it's Kyrgyzstan before getting to the United States -- a refugee. Caroline says he doesn't usually take his shirt off in in this particular picturing has assured off. So girls don't get bad ideas I'm very religious. -- Rowland says he doesn't drink or smoke anymore. God said no alcohol a Muslim he says there are no values anymore and worries that people can't control themselves. And the last one Caroline says his girlfriend is half Portuguese half Italian and converted to Islam. She's beautiful man. So these again are captions on a series of photographs we have permission to read these captions the photographer put those captions on the photograph after he did a photo session. With camera -- at this martial arts center where he was working out most of them you can see him working out. He talks about how he does that all the time and that they do it better there that Jim and any other place and then all these other she's also with a young woman. In several of the shots when he's talking about his girlfriend. I was ABC news' Martha Raddatz this has been an ABC news digital special report anti Hernandez in new York and you can keep up. With the latest on the manhunt in Boston on We return now to our regularly scheduled programming. This has been a special report from ABC news did.

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