Brawl Breaks Out in Ukraine Parliament Over Flight MH-17 Vote

Lawmakers brawl after vote to draw on military reserves in the wake of the downed flight.
9:03 | 07/23/14

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Transcript for Brawl Breaks Out in Ukraine Parliament Over Flight MH-17 Vote
Bare fisted brawl in in the Ukrainian parliament today as lawmakers. Are -- to presidential plan to call up more reserves. Potentially up to the age of fifty and send them to the Russian border in the east. For so called anti terror operations hello I'm Michelle Franzen in New York. They rumbled and -- while in the east pro Russian forces released this video. They say shows two downed Ukrainian military aircraft. For more now we're joined from Kia by ABC's -- her ski and on the phone from eastern Ukraine near the Russian border. -- -- -- -- -- let's start with you the rebels saying that they shot down these two Ukrainian military jets where did this allegedly take place. And has anyone on the Ukrainian side confirmed or denied. Well this that took place not far from where flight seventy went down in fact in that quite controversial. Because both sides had agreed holding some sort of the cease fire. Around that area now what we are told by the ukrainians militaries of these work two planes that. Were shot at at least one of them went down. Again not far from that wreckage and the most controversial label all ukrainians that the shots were fired across the border from the Russian side. And with so much attention on these rebels -- right now they're surface to air capabilities especially are you surprised that they would be firing. In the -- -- -- aircraft again so soon. What they have said the rebels have said that they will continue to shoot down. Military plane to fly over them I -- don't forget. There is reward going on that this is one of the things that made this investigation -- difficult. This is a war zone and they are not neither side appears ready to stop what they're doing while the investigation goes on. And Aaron I want to ask you what has been the reaction to this latest report back in -- yes. Well simply shocking from the defense ministry that the -- missile that -- shut down the two SE Tony the two fighter jets from the Ukrainian military was fired. From Russian territory according to the defense ministry spokesman a short time ago Michelle and he said that the rebels did not possess the kind of weaponry. That could have shot down this plane it had to come from the Russian side Casey pointed to the -- altitude the planes were flying out at the time and -- he said that that the rebels just didn't have this particular kind of hardware. But US officials have been concerned. -- for the last couple of weeks now that the flow of heavy weaponry from the Russians to the Ukrainian side of things has not stopped even with the downing of flight seventeen. Likely US intelligence officials say by accident as the rebels were targeting more military jets. And you know this latest strike comes less than a week of course when that flight Malaysian flight seventeen was down let's turn out to those black boxes. Now in England what is the latest on the condition. And on the investigation. They're in good condition they've been able to download. The cockpit voice recorder and get some of the analysis under way they'll do the same thing tomorrow Wednesday that data recorder. Remember though the black boxes aren't going to say anything about a missile and -- the black boxes may only serve to remind us how normal this flight. Probable he was before it was shot out of the sky with a surface to air missile but the US says was fired by the separatist. The good news here is that while other damages suspected of being tampered with -- the Australian prime minister used the term cover up. The black boxes appear to be intact in good condition and the analysis is underway now in Britain. So -- idea let's talk a little bit about that divided parliament that we started out with how common is this first of -- on -- there are real divide inside the Ukrainian government Aaron about how. To go forward dealing with the Russian rebels. Well sure -- there's there's a Communist side to things and then there's of those who are a bit more on the progressive side of things fist fights are not uncommon in parliament here. And in fact some Ukrainian simply rolled their eyes at the latest news that this particular -- broke out as the parliament was debating a presidential decree. To call up more reservists up to the age of fifty so they could be sent to the Russian border in the east to try and take back some territory claimed by the rebels. Some in the parliament of course didn't like that and this just goes to show how much healing this country still has to do. They were deadly. Protests here back in the winter that ushered in the new pro western government it's trying to restore order. While simultaneously fighting a war while also trying to investigate now. The crash of a passenger jet. And hear -- you have been on the front line now for a few days. And you also mentioned then reminded this is wartime -- how do you rival -- a large group -- Ukrainian reserve troops. Impact that region. Well I'd like I said this is a war zone and these guys here and prepare for this for a long hot right now the city that I -- don't get. Is -- last stronghold of the -- they are digging in for a fight this year that they will not surrender. I can tell you most of the streets here are pretty much up to the eleven million people. And anybody who -- has slowed the more people are doing it now as the fighting grows closer just in the last couple days. We've seen. By the Ukrainian military firing shells into this area here and -- -- overnight we've heard a lot more explosions. So this is something that everybody here is extremely worried about the -- here are not willing to backed out. -- Ukrainian military. Appears intent on pushing forward despite the fact that everybody guessing both call on both sides to cause -- little while all the investigation goes on. And tear it I want to turn now to the dramatically different side of this today the return -- the focus. As those bodies at the flight seventeen victims began to arrive in Eindhoven and now on their way to -- over some where the identification process. Will continue and start here many people. In the Netherlands stopping to take -- over overpasses to page. -- honors and respects to those people but specific numbers aside you observed human remains. Still the crash site at the perimeter there. What we arrived here we were one of the the first crews who were not based in the region to arrive on the scene of the crash Friday. And there were at that time and human remains everywhere the smell was absolutely all holiday was just a very. -- -- excite. By the neck. Date as bodies were still there the outrage grows that they were on the site and they were applied that afternoon that they started removing them from the from the crash site. That was -- -- day -- so almost everything had been -- that we were just there not too long ago and dare look pretty much everything has been removed at this point out. That has been somewhat controversial. Because in order to get -- -- remains. The emergency workers and indeed. At the rebels themselves and had to move. And in some cases cut apart parts of the fuselage order to get -- You know body that they've been trapped inside that the controversial because this is -- the crime -- and any disturbing. Be the wreckage could be tampering or or disturbing evidence of what was. But who was behind it and there's been some -- been allegations made that the he's -- rebels have take advantage of this. By using the opportunity to move the wreckage and potentially. Remove any evidence that could implicate them. And -- and on the ground in -- memorials have also been springing up -- a show of solidarity. Or is there something else at play here. Well I think it's a show solidarity some say it's -- -- embarrassment that ukrainians know this happened on their turf in the middle of a war zone that the a battle but they don't necessarily want to be fighting. And there were no ukrainians on board there were no Russians on board these -- 300 innocence perhaps even ignorant of the conflict between the two sides. At the memorials -- seemed only natural this year and ukrainians brought flowers and candles. I just an ocean of those things in front of the Dutch embassy in particular. The ducks lost most of the passengers aboard flight seventeen. And and in that -- that mountain of of mementos stuffed toys a reminder that more than eighty of the victims were children. ABC guarantees or ski in -- and are cured -- idea in the east thank you so much for joining us. You can keep up with this story in real time by downloading the ABC news -- starting this story for exclusive updates on the go. For now I'm Michelle Franzen in New York.

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{"duration":"9:03","description":"Lawmakers brawl after vote to draw on military reserves in the wake of the downed flight.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"24682098","title":"Brawl Breaks Out in Ukraine Parliament Over Flight MH-17 Vote","url":"/US/video/brawl-breaks-ukraine-parliament-flight-mh-17-vote-24682098"}