The Breakdown: Ohio officials investigating shooting of Ma’Khia Bryant

Plus, the House votes on D.C. statehood and President Joe Biden announces a new pledge for the U.S. to cut greenhouse gas emissions in half.
25:40 | 04/22/21

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Transcript for The Breakdown: Ohio officials investigating shooting of Ma’Khia Bryant
I yeah. Hi everyone welcome to the breakdown I'm Diana stayed up. Then I'm Terry Moran an independent investigation is now under way in Columbus, Ohio after the deadly police shooting of sixteen year old went higher Bryant. Please body camera video appears to show his team luncheon at someone with a knife in her hand. Before she was shot and killed by police officer the officer who fired that shot is on administrative leave. Coming up a Columbus city councilwoman joins us with where things go from here and how that community. His reaction. Meanwhile the house has passed a bill to make Washington DC the 51 state. Mechanic passed the senate Republicans have pushed back against the move calling it democratic power grabs. The district's lone representative in congress Eleanor Holmes Norton joins us for more on. Band. On this first day president Biden is making a major pledge for the planet calling on the US to cut its greenhouse gas emissions in half. By 2030. We've got much more coming up for the former head of the EPA and the young activists urging the Biden administration to do more to fight climate change. We begin in Columbus, Ohio where the state bureau of criminal investigation is now looking deeper into the deadly police shooting of sixteen year old McIntyre Brian. Police say Brian was holding a knife and plunging at another young woman when the officer fired. That officer is now on administrative leave and Columbus city councilwoman Elizabeth brown joins me now. For more on this councilman brown thanks so much for being here I know this City Council president Shannon Hardin said after the shooting. We must push for a new culture in Columbus where guns are not the final answer to every threat and we must implement a new vision of safety in Columbus so. Tell me what would that new vision of safety look like to you. Well. Yeah thank you for having me and I just want to stress. The tragedy that we're facing here in Columbus this week. We lost a sixteen year old Childs on Tuesday. And it is clear over the last two days that our city he is breathing deeply Herman kayak and for her love Clinton's. And that's where not a new vision. Needs to come into play just as you say. I'm good at bottom line is we may not have every answer for what happened on Tuesday don't happen every answer today in my car but that vision. I have or Columbus is one where every person. On legion rain afternoon. We're still a life including my kind. Now the police department released body camera footage of this incident just six hours after it how it happened. How important that kind of transparency in cases like this. I think it's really important. I'm dead and mayor and he works at the policy U turn to released by the camera footage I think it's faster than. And I we never seen before. So that it was you'll night and I watched along with some troubling. Then the next day yesterday on the being released two additional. I'm camera there is trying to get additional officers sure I'm as well as 2911 calls it must place. Another Columbus City Council passed on drizzle on December named after Andrei held out lot of required officers to activate their body cameras. And provide first aid to someone injured we saw that happen in the Bryant case but it you say that there there are other visions that you have. We're changing polices agencies have talked me through those what are some of the other things that you want to do to see a difference here. Absolutely. I dare you interesting is that she had done it last. Some are important initiatives in demilitarized at least changed your. I'm to ensure that our officers show up on our street she is not a militarized different things. I'm we also took steps you restriction no knock warrants I'm to include affiliations with hate groups in background checks and then importantly I think we're talking about accountability which is sure what people always want to see and want to understand after police shooting actually I'm isn't dead meet weekly to the ballot. Police. I'm civilian review report. I. 72%. Calling for I'm subpoena power and a board an professionally staff investigative unit also I can division of police. To review citizen complaints. But we how. More to do you. Culturally and he. Wanted to be clear I'm in the Dax the majority. As I. We need clear that it me we. To change the culture inside the police departments should be eaten broccoli outside at least a party to ensure that it there are black and brown residents don't wind in. Fear of these situations. She and that's why initials and honesty. In his lungs but I think. We had a into the trees hearings and also taking real steps for a follow reforms so far should be gives me hope we're gonna be alleging more and Columbia asks. We have to do better. And then the mayor said that it appears in this case at least initially that the opera boxer was acting to protect another young girl but he called my Khai is. A tragedy regardless of the circumstances because he says it shows how prevalent violence is among children. In your communities so what are leaders they're doing to curb that violence. Well we we just established an extra million dollar fine and screw the 20/20 one budget passage and is dedicated to rehashing public safety. I Halloween allocated I have oh. Irony so far on the violence she intervention. Programming so actually investing in community based safety strategies. I mean recognized at least don't solves islands in our community they're really you start upstream yesterday invests in young people looks kinda in the next few insurers and their friends thanks. That is so much on what are I'm ten million dollar science is starting to do and we also to think about each other ways in which our young people. Are hurting right now. After Kobe actors when he when he. I really think it changed and the instability among aren't used in every city across this country in every community she can't be understated and so we did we want to look at investing in the resources in addition to violence intervention strategies time Columbus city councilman Elizabeth brown thanks for your time today we appreciate it. Need you for having me. But today the United States House of Representatives passed a measure that Democrats he strikes to the heart of racial justice. And democracy it would make the District of Columbia the 51 state and joining us now to talk about this is a congressional representative. For Washington DC who could not even vote on that measure today congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton welcome on this big day congratulations. I'll thank you very much. Close so first. I do get help us make that connection. How did the racial justice movement in the spotlight on voting rights after his last election. Do you think it helped boost of momentum for DC statehood. I think you guys but it is important to remember that saw most of its 220 years astronauts. Colombia has been a majority why jurisdiction bush today was much emphasis on black. So many African Americans live hear radio can be. They'll pay boost simply because some of the concerns a racial justice. In our ally our country although I shouldn't. District will probably be a majority why. City when the next census is out of just as it has banned from also it's to London's what do you Spanish so even want. Almost all the people here except on route 13 or why candidates who wasn't shy about its. Equal representation. So this has been a long flight three I know that is your your my congresswoman writer right now I'm my family as you first introduced this. I back in 1991. Pass for the first time a couple of years ago and 2019 and I got a Biden administration firmly behind it Chuck Schumer says he's gonna bring it up in the senate. It does this have a real chance this time do you think. Ahead increasing chances now we know there's Spanish. Has. Bin any place where Eagles go to guy that's why Democrats who took all of this and it. And fewer call insanity must play in all and I seen all one nation and that wasn't filibustered. It wasn't a filibuster which requires sixty votes. Support DC statehood. It's because of filibusters. For a Republican. Woods and the senate from passing any soul where people gave the senators who lost we're going to be able to do anything. I that are unless we get rid our filibuster and I am predicting here. That filibuster is on its last legs not because of DC say you know. But because this and it doesn't get anything done because other filibustered. When it gulls slow everything else in Gulfport DC statehood as well and we will become the city's first Indian. Well let's talk about that let me ask you an obvious question as. Somebody who lives in the district to a war plan right now. Used as we mentioned you'd could not vote on that bill. When. There is statehood for the just of Columbia. How would it affect your position in person holding that position in ways that that I as a resident and citizen here. Wouldn't seal would recognize what difference would make in my life. Important point. Remember I do Mo. On. Them all matters in committee I chair a subcommittee. I Olympics. Even when Democrats aren't aren't something called Mineola all of the whole glass on amendments but aren't final passage. Remember from the she's at Columbia each time. Oh he still matter. Affects only the District of Columbia. The most important difference it will mean bill is not. This vote didn't lead in that condition of Collette we will have tubes senators as. Pass a lot of matters in the houses act that was voted last year. Oh but below the most effective house members she getting. Madison pass but what do I have to do I can't. You know senators. I've got to go in the air and. Now eyes and. I am very grateful. That I have been able to find many allies would you tell me yet matter just follow pass and I had gotten passed in the house. So let's talk about the about the politics we've touched on a Republicans. As you as you noted almost unanimously opposed here they're calling this partisan. Political power grab they and they say the Democrats just trying to bolster their numbers in the senate. To help them with presidential elections as well so how do you answer that then in this divided country. People's perception is will benefit the Democratic Party. Too much. Issue are how. For Syria and it is not being raised uniquely for the District of Columbia and she clay. That issue was raised winning an Tierney. Territory once and Thomas saved the difference. Between others. And the district is that. Most often in fact almost always. Say he's coming in. True latitude. So that was a Republicans say Indiana democratic state the last ten or why he was the last who lowly flip it on the absolutely bad isn't even guarantee. The district is having to do it on its own yeah. Is doing fairly well honest almost the latest poll. It was a very GAO old. Andy show that she control percent of the American people remember that number. 64% of the American people now support state owned the reason. I believe that number is rising activity. I and have to today's vote I think you will rise again. Is because. Mullis residents. Our country didn't hole but Zack. People who live in the nation's capital they're never the same rights they have I think yeah. Our only because of the hearings. And the kind of to me such uses just occurred on the floor today. That argument is winning more and more support across the country. Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton thanks very much good luck. Pleasure and today is Thursday and with that we're taking a look at the race to combat the effects of climate change. When we come back president Biden's Earth Day pledge to fight it during today's climate summit. And yeah. Welcome back to the breakdown on this Earth Day by day meant to spotlight protection of our environment and planet today president Biden said a new goal for the United States in an effort to combat. Climate change we'll have more on that in a moment but first chief meteorologist ginger Z spoke. To the first ever White House national climate advisor Gina McCarthy about the administration's pledge for the planet. I have frenzy is the retirement this is not about the planet it's about people who yeah. Column. Ends bluntly you prioritize and so that we can make the biggest dent. In this crisis for people. And most on that we mall looking to reduce greenhouse gas emissions that cause climate. But I think the point that I'm trying to make here is that we can do it in a way that benefits people can now. We can do it in a way that looks at health benefits particularly for the environmental justice communities that and then he hammered by pollution. 52 long less investment and being made then and other communities. And we can look at opportunities. To actually bring new solutions to the table -- show people. And it's impossible to win this battle and that the with a way to win it. It seems at a going to be better for us and imagine within that two trillion dollars of infrastructure and those are the examples. Crews to get the job stress and live got into a lot of electric infrastructure work to do to get them cleaned by twenty exerted side but the most important thing I think. That that president Biden is really focused on is that. If we do this right we're gonna grow a lot of jobs. Take me into the conversations at the lighthouse how often does president Biden talked to about climate change and what is he said. You know we do have a leader that understands that this is an end to sectional issue. That the issues of the pandemic the issues of economic development dead that we have to stay safe and can move forward on. That issues of the climate crisis and the racial issues and can all come together this was Smart enough to not act like Derek crests. But instead act like bush serving hold people not just portions of what they've considerations. So these conversations are being had. Not to question the direction that we have a weather climate change is real and it's really just all a bio. What do we do now how do we escalated. How do we work at the private sector to make sure that the scope and cases as fast as it can be. And then it's all of framing of hope and opportunity. This is not sacrifice sacrifice doesn't OK now I don't know by Eugene. Let go around and ask people what they want to give up you won't get a lot of dances. But ask them what they wanna yes and no telling who in this is what they should want to get. Hope and opportunity are thanks so White House national climate advisor Gene McCarthy and her chief meteorologist. Ginger C. And at a climate summit with world leaders today president Biden announced a new pledge for the US to cut its greenhouse gas emissions in half by two point thirty. And to reach zero emissions by 2050 the president says the move we'll not only help the environment but also the economy. I see an opportunity to create millions of good paying middle class Eugene jobs. I sea lion herders find thousands of miles transmission lines for clean tomorrow resilient grid here. I see workers. Kathy hundreds of thousands of abandoned oil and gas. A need to be cleaned an abandoned coal mines and need to be reclaimed. Traded stock Max Payne ladies and checking it helps our communities and that's where we're headed fascination. And that's what we can do if we take action to build an economy that's not only more prosperous but hello. Share being cleared for their entire plan. For more honest for join. By an NI Iran Hart another sunrise through many years led climate action group and a thanks for being here what do you make of these new goals that president Biden is sending. They did so much for having me it's not a standard detailing just a furious and I would say the president Margaret's. We applaud. The president I didn't think this new commitment and so let me just DD United States is an early to the of the world in recognizing that the climate crisis is real and demands urgent action. But we also have a responsibility to tell the truth and the tryst is. That this commitment is not yet ambitious and I asked. The United States has historically the biggest polluter and as one of the richest nations in the world how as an AM moral obligation. To do more than just the bare minimum when it comes to thank our missions and the good news as is that we how does it resource as I'm ideas we under the leadership. To cut our emissions by more than 60% high tiny thirty and do our fair share and transitioning our global economy. Away from fossil fuels in line with the most updated science all that remains left to do is build the political will and get it done. Well a minute let me follow up on that does so. What is your vision wondered what would they an ambitious as you say an ambitious climate program. Do how the administration. Need to meet that ambition. Well men vision and actually. Dare I mean president Biden expressed very well in the sound by Asia's created the vision of creating millions and good. Union jobs building a clean energy economy and reinvesting in our country's communities. In terms of the actual number is the most recent science is saying that the United States meaning to our missions. Dying as 100%. By 2030 if we're going to do our fair share. In a meeting that global target of 60% by 2030 because historically. So much of the responsibility for the climate crisis but at lighting like Anheuser McCarthy said this is not necessarily about soccer ice. It's also about opportunity and hope there is sound much good it dignified work. In building's future that we need and that's why sunrise is calling for the creation of a civilian court. And whole host of other equity and justice initiatives to realize this dream of a sustainable and just future for our generation. None and as senators Shelley Moore of Cabot on the top ranking Republican on the senate environment and public works committee. She just sort of many critics who have argued that Biden's climate actions are too aggressive too ambitious. For the economy and she says they could kill thousands of jobs in her state alone by moving too quickly and the idea that. Those jobs will be quickly replaced with renewable energy jobs she says. Is a fantasy world that does not exist so what's your response to that. I would say is that scientists. Economists and activists agree eat. Bennett the biggest risk Meehan ran right now is not interesting he knocks. We absolutely can't create jobs by combating climate crisis we just saw a new proposal rolled out from senator murky and a congressman Alexandria. A court has. Just this week. For a civilian an accord that would create one point five million jobs in pioneers and those jobs would be. Revitalizing. And injured reinvesting in communities that have been left in this country shirt to lock my own Stanley has mixed in apple lacks an instrument than most impoverished and most suspect did it. Communities in this country when it comes in a legacy of the fossil steel industry so I know that it is important to include workers in this transition and not as absolutely what to do and I think there are many ways to do it. And our brawl hard and how the sunrise movement with. And ambitious climate change program in the political will that we need to see it done thanks very much. Thank you actually. So what does the real life impact of climate change look like one placing those effects firsthand is. Holland Michigan where locals are trying to combat the devastating effects of coastal erosion on Lake Michigan. Our ginger Z is there. Enough CEOs and this is Lake Michigan do 105 greatly. If I massive lakes straddle the US Canada border in man. More than 20% of them all freshwater on the planet. In in the past year they've seen the highest water levels. Ever reported. And now increasingly violent storms are pushing that high water against the shoreline. You voting and sending homes crashing into the. One he just hold your breath. When he we'll end here. The winds start to rattling the windows then we go here a couple of. In the last eighteen months this gorgeous lake has been torturing the people that live here. Highest water level at. In more than a hundred years of record it has family is like the grains that lived in this house behind me literally living on the yes. Concerned winds and storms that they're home woman it's just collapsed. And it keeps collapsing call absolutely. When we bought it has just. It was about a 45 degree angle dissolve vegetation we have and that can't believer now. Over the flop just beautiful. And now it looks terrible looks you know looks like. Garbage field down there. Raising Arizona hail Mary may just last save their home. They've installed a 550. Foot steel wall with their neighbors and its reinforcement boulders and Sandra. Let me installation costs about 2200. Dollars per fines and distant an erosion protection who is not covered by most homeowners insurance. Does this water based it's more under fly but it's called natural event is the reason why you could no longer build. Properties within 500 because short. Let me break it down the Great Lakes have cycles high water and low water and that happens just about every thirty years her. In the last seven years Lake Michigan and link here on have gone from their lowest water levels on record. To the highest an unprecedented swing that water scientist down Simon Says who is the result of climate change. When you look at all the evidence temperature. Hydrology Hydro dynamics and that's a factor. Greenhouse gas emissions. And the human impacts were having at a military base. Simon and so many others calling for a global carbon diet we have to reduce our production of greenhouse gases. That way we could slow down the warming of our planet and help preserve the Great Lakes. Fresh water is right here. Rated you know that we're looking at and it's gorgeous it's beautiful and we want to protect and preserve her for the future it's not just for us but for future generations. So the connection is there the rapid change from water levels high to low happens so quickly easily the cycles take about thirty years we know that the water level is going down and the Great Lakes now but that doesn't mean that the erosion stops Diane. Amazing to see you at first hand example ginger zee in Holland Michigan thank you. And a programming note for you at home be sure watch June jerseys it's not too late Thursday special that airs tonight at eight and 10 PM eastern. Right here on ABC news live and also streaming on Hulu. And that does it for us here on a breakdown I'm Diane Macedo. And I'm Terry Moran we'll see you back here tomorrow at 3 PM eastern until then have a great.

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