Brett Kavanaugh's testimony: The moments that mattered

The Supreme Court nominee denied sexual assault allegations by Christine Blasey Ford and called the confirmation process a "national disgrace."
2:43 | 09/27/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Brett Kavanaugh's testimony: The moments that mattered
My family and my name. Have been totally and permanently destroyed. Like vicious and false additional accusations. This confirmation process has become a national disgrace. I intend no ill will the doctor Ford in her feet and one. The other night actually in my daughter lives have set their prayers. In little lives all ten years old. Sad actually we should pray for the woman. A lot of wisdom from a ten funerals. We've been we mean no oil oil. I'd never sexually assault the doctor Ford. Or anyone. This whole two week effort has been a calculated. An orchestrated. Political hit. Fuel to an apparent pen op anger about president trump in the 2016. Election. Fear that has been unfairly stoked about white's judicial record. Revenge on behalf of the clintons. And millions of dollars in money from outside left wing opposition groups. This is a stark yes. Turned it down again telling its time to get this done. An FBI investigation is the only way to answer some of these questions. So receptive to stop the clock so I wanna ensure senator urban regardless of what you say to senator. Dodd again we're not suspending. This here. I welcome whatever the committee wants to do because I'm tell the truth I wanted to what you wanted IR and tell the child wanna know what you wanna do I'm reticent. I'm innocent of this charge that you're prepared for an FBI investigator don't reach conclusions you reached the conclusion no they do investigate questions. What you want to do is destroy this guy's life hold this seat open and hope you win at 28 warning you said that not Nate. You've got nothing to apologize for. This is the moat aren't ethical. Sham. Since app in and politics. In if you really wanted to know that truth you sure as hell what had done what you've done to this guy you're looking for fair process. You came to the wrong town at the wrong time my friend which you say you've been through hell. I would then threw. Howland and so this is not a job. This is fail.

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{"duration":"2:43","description":"The Supreme Court nominee denied sexual assault allegations by Christine Blasey Ford and called the confirmation process a \"national disgrace.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"58137595","title":"Brett Kavanaugh's testimony: The moments that mattered","url":"/US/video/brett-kavanaughs-testimony-moments-mattered-58137595"}