British Tourist Loses Foot in NYC Taxi Crash

Jason Green says doctors had to amputate what was left of his 23-year-old daughter's foot.
1:49 | 08/21/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for British Tourist Loses Foot in NYC Taxi Crash
They'll have not heard anything from Bellevue about Shawn green's condition but her family if you -- is speaking out her boyfriend telling the press in their native England. That she is awake and talking saying quote she is as upbeat as you can be about this he added. She's determined not to let this ruin her life. -- -- -- -- -- Our Sean Green wanted to quintessential New York City experience. But she wound up living out a quintessential urban nightmare you could hear her screams reverberating near Rock Center yesterday. After a cab jumped the curb and plowed into -- and this morning from their home outside London her father spoke about. She's in recovery now and they had to amputate what's left of her foot Jason green told a British paper. We are really close family we're all devastated by what has happened. We don't know what to say she screamed bloody murder I just solid -- not a guy you -- -- -- -- -- -- -- common. Good samaritans may have saved Greene's life by fashioning tourniquet to stop the bleeding but doctors couldn't save her foot. And now attention turns to what caused the grisly scene. Police confirmed the Cappy Mohammed he moan and bike messenger Kenneth Olivo had been involved in a rolling altercations they made their way up sixth avenue. They blamed each other for the crash last night Olivo gave Eyewitness News his version of events. The -- came so close to reality of the Texas. I tell you back -- you stop. You know. He got angry and not because I was trying to get out of his way he essentially turns his wheels to come after -- So this is he said he said between the cabbie and a bike messenger yesterday police decided to rule the whole thing an accident. The only penalty to -- got was two citations.

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{"id":20024585,"title":"British Tourist Loses Foot in NYC Taxi Crash","duration":"1:49","description":"Jason Green says doctors had to amputate what was left of his 23-year-old daughter's foot.","url":"/US/video/british-tourist-loses-foot-nyc-taxi-crash-20024585","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}