Brooklyn borough president on police reform

Eric Adams, Brooklyn borough president, discusses how New York City is handling public outrage over George Floyd’s death.
4:11 | 06/04/20

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Transcript for Brooklyn borough president on police reform
While a second straight night of mostly peaceful protest and relative calm in New York City here to talk about how New York City is handling. All the public outrage over George Floyd's dad is Brooklyn Borough president Eric Adams thank you so much for joining us and we should point out you spent 22 years. On the new York city police force you were one of the co founders. Of 100 blacks in law enforcement that's an organization that works to improve the relationship between police and the African American community. What has your reaction been to what you're seeing here in New York around the country around the world. My number one concern is that these young people have the rights is pursue. What justice enough police agencies but we also heard it fundamental. Fundamental obligation. To make sure our city is safe. Last night we have a police officer that was stabbed in the neck we don't know that was a terrorist threat we don't know that was part of the group that's attached to them finally. All hope what is happening across our country and we must be vigilant about making sure we can protest but we can't to a wooden barn. It's as Borough president how are you dealing with all of that. My goal is to Bjorn of ground to talk to the organ not exactly communicating with them many of the organizers here to tell them how to do it apart those who are here to burn down the city. There's a difference between good peaceful protest purchase is sweeping the nation. And olds who are trying to embed themselves. In the peaceful protest they're not looking for police reform in the could to destroy our cities and I'm talking to you organizers to share with their conduct and apply those people try to get him out of your movement. So that you don't cause of real damage shuttles innocent protesters who welcome. Well written at that distinction obviously so important and speaking a police reform used that training is key when it comes to police. But that training has not yet a bald what do you want to see change. We need to number wonder did of our goals all this is who have the characteristics. Are bureau affront. Lying of these very tense encounters. And then we need to train officers on how to. Opportunity. How though he. And what happened in. Minnesota's very important. The first time you've seen prosecutors say to enforcement officers you are your brother's keeper if you stand back and watch someone committed no crime you are held accountable like Saint John that's a very important message that we have not seen. The terrorists yeah I want to talk about accountability do you officers need to be held to a higher standard than they are right now. Without it to operate about this small moment. The law enforcement community as a police officer I had to writes that even the president of the United States are playing god with this one but the president of the United States did not have. You have the right to take a week liberty and the right to take a life. That is so deep impressions to America. And if you give that right to someone you must be held to a higher standing and high oversight. And we're not doing that well here in our country far too long we have become a safe evening put those who want to use their power and abusive way and that corrective way at this is not the broad brush and demonize every person or dornin uniform hopeless unabashed because this an admirable oak are large number of people who we should reminded of what would aren't what they do as illustrated. But we need to hold people. But how to boo and a very real way you can't give police officer have put up they Dwight Howard Signet six symbol that we saw at radio city police officer duty of the date or drive over. Crowd pulled down her face mask of a young man named Mason and his base that can happen. Well we certainly appreciate you were a very powerful and important words Brooklyn Borough president Eric Adams thank you for your time today. Cute picture.

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{"duration":"4:11","description":"Eric Adams, Brooklyn borough president, discusses how New York City is handling public outrage over George Floyd’s death.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"71069197","title":"Brooklyn borough president on police reform","url":"/US/video/brooklyn-borough-president-police-reform-71069197"}