CDC issues Thanksgiving travel warning as COVID-19 cases soar

The CDC has issued a Thanksgiving travel warning as cases rise before the holiday, and Pfizer files for emergency use authorization for its vaccine.
7:50 | 11/20/20

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Transcript for CDC issues Thanksgiving travel warning as COVID-19 cases soar
Joining me now for more on all of this infectious disease specialist doctor Todd Halloran is here good morning to actor Eller an. I'm wanna sir this new emergency guidance from the CDC here urging people not to travel for Thanksgiving or share the holiday outside their household. Was this morning inevitably going to be issued around the holiday or is this a sign of new concern. Will. Good mourning Diana and this is sage advice really agreeing you know look we've reached we're seeing. More cases than we've ever seen before the death tolls rising very soon were going to be he went from wanting to get 22000. Sedate what I mean by she is we are going to so urgent task. And Andy is inevitable because remember in cases from three weeks ago. Show is just today so we're just going in the wrong direction I think the CDC is basically saying we are to limit arm mobility he's too good things to travel and gathering. Obviously you're going to gather people problem outside your home team try to keep it outdoors as much as possible injury in doors opened those windows when you're traveling in a car perhaps our own opened those windows is Welsh key to masks on its physical distance don't have everyone around one table space the table so more than sixty should be don't. The but the best advice is to to keep the ball small. And that even partially answered this already and that answer but I how do you balance. All of this with pandemic fatigue but more importantly without basic needs are human contacting a loneliness has consequences to. It really doesn't I can tell you personally I'm really feeling and not just couldn't demonstrate achievement is condemning present and I think many Americans and people around the world really feeling that you know a few ways to really. I'm combat can demonstrate she is number one be hopeful. How. Okay dad she gains are common these are just couldn't scenes he's got seems low grade this will likely be the way. And this index which insight I know it's not just around the corner for most Americans but we will be seeing most Americans won't be able to be vaccinated by 2021. Other thing we have to think both self care are okay she ended and less sleep kind of seek to versions that are better shooting and Andy and Andy she'll. I think these are ways and also we want oh and each sort of you don't didn't you know my eyes social media and things like. You can get us more anxious of Boca boat around the pandemic these things are really accelerate condemning fatigue and and ways to sort of combat. Now. You brought up the vaccine to let's go their Pfizer's says there filing for emergency use authorization. Cheat day. They expect at first patients could receive this that for the end of the year what does a timeline look like on this right now. I can't tell you how excited I in the Balkans so utopia he's supposed to Mitterrand in December 8 to December 10 let's assume that is going to be yes because we know the because he is high and you know we haven't heard any safety issues so the safety should be an excellent. So you can imagine the distribution we've heard is going to happen immediately probably within 24 hours of DD UA. It's given so. You can think that there will be a lot of people it can get vaccine by mid December. On average takes about one cent to two weeks probably before really developed an immunity in our body. So by new years there will be many people in the United States debt. Start to and to build immunity but not enough it's going to be able to really curb the pandemic that's not gonna have been canceled dollars and 21 remember we probably need somewhere in the average of fifteen percentage. Americans Chu to get this scene before we can probably really see it change. Significant change in curb this does this you don't viral play. Lend to that point chief operating officer of operation warm speeds said today that they have about forty million vaccine doses stop stylish. And are ready to distribute based on a detailed plan so what are we know about. That side of things because efficacy is one thing that's what happens in a lab at these vaccines are only effective if people actually get them. It's a great claim to have seen dozens of lives and since vaccination or does and so you don't know what we're talking about here is availability. Which we know we we just heard eight shots ability. Remains to be seen you know hopeful that the infrastructure has been put in place we know that the companies like Pfizer and are done a lot of work to really be made as hell. It it is smooth the way is possible show and then the last thing. Does acceptance how we need public acceptance and I really hope. And do we we can be put our faith in the scientists. And and in the volunteers. Who got into these remember we're talking about tens of thousands of people nearing a hot. 100000 people duties pastry trials are based on who participated in these studies so how. You know I I actually eight will be the first person standing in line to get this vaccine is great I'm eligible and I hope you will be true. And I am I personally can say that I well I trust you and the many other experts like doctor you've been insuring us that this is going to be shades but before we go until we need and Euro some. Welcome go on not getting and I do wanna it would send your question definitely got from Twitter one person asks if masks and social distancing work why is there a second wave. And why haven't the number of deaths exploded like a number of cases it's. That's very important I'm glad as well as the number one even if we alternate custody in the United States there's still warned his second wave because we take the masks I think we're doing better masking and published you also know there is unease even masking we've seen by the way I want to note that the states and communities that are out there done the most asking top 1010 how blessed cases of masks or were there not a 100% how the masks and Indians and the study shows a 70% reduction but still a massive production but that's the reason we don't -- masks alone has masks with physical distancing the ventilation is still important so they are there are. Doctors and and vaccination will just be 11. Other additional factor we have to. This is like a war you don't just in the army and army navy air force Marines we are to attacked this virus are all fronts. And another tutor are once you know can we call this wave a second one or is this a continuation of the first weighing. Or is there no wave because we never side down to zero. It is such a good question I'm not gonna give you exactly answering always or some people call this the turn we can I think it's we are you are in the United States where you are in the world. I can tell you in Massachusetts raw image just feels like the second wave we had us spring wave and then things really went full or playing the summer and now of course there it is surging again she and other parts of the country does need the third -- what's really important the most important thing is no we have waves were and how quickly we can crush this virus we have to schlep in the current again otherwise we will be it is very possible to weaken piecing over 2500. Deaths a day. Dad is coming if we don't change things. Right doctor Todd airline we appreciate your time in your advice. As always any of you have questions about over that you wanted to try to answer here on the show you can sentenced me on Twitter at in Armas in a we will answer as many as we can.

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{"duration":"7:50","description":"The CDC has issued a Thanksgiving travel warning as cases rise before the holiday, and Pfizer files for emergency use authorization for its vaccine.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"74319226","title":"CDC issues Thanksgiving travel warning as COVID-19 cases soar","url":"/US/video/cdc-issues-thanksgiving-travel-warning-covid-19-cases-74319226"}