CDC releases new guidance for those who are fully vaccinated

The CDC says that fully vaccinated individuals can be around unvaccinated people without masks if the unvaccinated individuals are low-risk for COVID-19.
4:56 | 03/09/21

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Transcript for CDC releases new guidance for those who are fully vaccinated
Free an epidemiologist ABC's medical contributor doctor John Brownstein for more on all of this doctor Brownstein I wanna start with a cold mid. Relief package that's expected to pass the house tomorrow we talk about the economic impact of something like this but how might this help from a public health perspective. Front and we have to remember that debt relief package from the with the party 'cause we needed resource is to fight. Desirous of horses relief for individuals but also. Resources for public health it resources for a broad scale testing. Infrastructure for vaccines. And our public Health Department has been so under funded. And you need dealing with responsible pandemic this area are also testing in our back. Vaccines so we need those resources in order to keep hitting these three million unique formulating vaccines and get to the other side of this pandemic whatever Clinton's meeting bring to support that our sparks are going to be so critical. I must have is no guidance from the CDC for those who are fully vaccinated the headline here. Is that they can see other people who are also fully vaccinated without wearing masks but what are some of the important deet tails in those guidelines. Yeah super excited at CDC is now clear you know credible how could work for people to get back to normal life. These are scenes from my parents production and so we got to make sure people understand why so hard to get taxiing. Into it allows for -- needy people to agree with other people there are city indoors and without masks. I think that's pretty clear but it also I was back. These people can visit those that are unvaccinated. From a low risk hustles of those older people that are an artist complications from Kobe and the desert headline errors you can go hug your parents and grandparents of data and fascinated. Bomb you know those that are high risk groups or Harvard medium hard setting he's got to keep doing the same things. He does he's sending terrified guidance around the ability for I don't I don't need to quarantine or get tested if you didn't they didn't they supposed to call him so. Again busy he's he's now starting to provide guidance that you can get back to normal life he doesn't it you know glued. Car because we still don't know fully where a vaccine can prevent nations mission. Disease but I think ultimately can help a vaccine uppity you know Stanley is quite such a powerful motor Nader for vaccine acceptance but he just to go along way. To getting a vaccine deployed across this country can't do these guidelines also applies to people who have recovered from Coleman's. No absolutely doesn't apply to people didn't but recovered from east specifically about those that have been fascinated. On the enemies and emphasize is still a big gray around that we don't know if you didn't recover to what extent he has immunity there's a huge amount of beer and Asian population. And so you know from now the CDC is saying here is finally to those in the backseat remember doesn't recover from commodore also recommended he get the vaccine so I'm really intrigued someone who's recovered from Kobe and I'm back. Hated person in the CDC guidelines and how you expect this guide is to change as more and more people get vaccinated. Yeah I mean I think it is he changes around trowel and business right so. We can expect to see sort of this idea that maybe you don't have to quarantine when you've traveled across state or maybe even internationally. I think there should be more guidance on air travel. And you know car travel I think people want to start moving around and this SEC founding members across this country and potentially rich internationally sprawls a policy guidance on businesses now remember the CDC got answers to some things million dollars. Postal and that's because these are very. Controlled settings in a restaurant for instance you mean Arnault whose parents have called it ends of the CDC was trying to be conservative there but as more people get our. Did I miss you those are requirements around mass gain in places like restaurants are go away. And then we heard that great news for me a minute there's an early indications now that the vaccines are protecting against other variants what data do we have I'm not at this point. I think overall the data that we see especially when he's considered a trial data from JJ you know these vaccines are incredibly Democrat our crops and services here disease and mortality. It's a confusing time when it comes to dairies and vaccines you know we are seeing some see really started to relax requirements around. Singing gathering and so you have a little bit worried that these parents just started staple. I'm seeing user data. Game wastewater in Texas showing that receives berries increased so you don't while he's you know BCC yarns are really citing going too far right now. Is not the best. Idea because things are being numbers of cases are still greater than what we had over the summer where we had more restrictions so you know again you know we talk but this all the time you know we should serve start inching towards normality but. Really I'm if we can just keep our foot on the gas. A little bit longer I would have an amazing summer and we're so close to arresting and thank you.

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{"duration":"4:56","description":"The CDC says that fully vaccinated individuals can be around unvaccinated people without masks if the unvaccinated individuals are low-risk for COVID-19. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"76343236","title":"CDC releases new guidance for those who are fully vaccinated","url":"/US/video/cdc-releases-guidance-fully-vaccinated-76343236"}