Celebrating National Sandwich Day at New York's Katz's Deli

ABC News' Charli James reports from the legendary eatery.
17:35 | 11/03/15

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Transcript for Celebrating National Sandwich Day at New York's Katz's Deli
Hey everyone ominous odds here in New York well you can admit that today it actually. National sandwich today happy national and Wednesday we here at ABC news. Never miss the chance to do a food related story because since the way we are. And are out AB it means is Charlie James at the thought. Of going out in the streets of new York and honing down one of the fact. Sandwiches in any such highly where did you end up. I'll add one it's not been mostly. In the next spot in New York City captain Kelley avenue might also note from numerous appearances in TV. Movie is an. It is also. Taurus that's today's. The inner you can see it's not even normal lunch hours and Paxton always packed here. And we are lucky enough comments and all of them have take down he is seen this generation owner. Have deli and he's going to give it a little more. And give it a little inside scoop on that snapped. Fifty leaving Iraq and damaged like every yeah me. If you hit them sandwiches and as you people write songs that. Not quite ill at you right and it would have us. Now we and Hewlett you come get the best and we know. Ever did. Though let's talk first and that it national and the today what are people coming here again look plastic. Opulent and most. It was coming on line a little bit about an ankle. We meet Johnny. Carrier and smoke it's toilets in it's pretty much everything. And I can say yeah many of the easy connection that you want to bring up branded. Concert. Not meant as. Get a look at the damage on the I don't think I'm him. I Sharon bluntly might the dirt and bill. It's definitely you're getting your and then. Yeah upcoming film let Teddy. Seen here in look a lot it's. Yeah it's would be her hundreds. Whether it's the way we meet meet Nickels. Or the declaration neon. In the back wall over there it's just. The original like this result no signs. We should have someone Atlantic and a raft companies. We will look at this and Anheuser was definitely things that bank genetic yeah Alison yeah. I'm turning it around on the Baghdad on the ground it. The look and tell the company. Hello I'm calling you hundred. I'm sure it's been about seven. Injection Monday it was on the wall different actors musicians celebrities and prominent regulars. Come to know help of the upon tradition started. Comedians are being Soupy Sales and fevered vote. Those are moments richer photo W. Now I Dagestan have anything everything all the action. It was springs attacking us here is one of my favorite. This man. And the famous movie here. Audience. Nine. Hair and a perfectly wrote if they can't see him. Yeah apparently that we don't act on that. Different payment. Winning them any other. There's been many many over the years overlooking the Roscoe. Enchanted across the universe the first Buren was actually contract on cherry tree back in 1977. Son Frank Sinatra. As far as TV shows are looking up 300. Travel channeling. I admit. In almost. Every night not not about parents not a better person yeah look at Chris entry into the. And hero and a half online news service and I think over the long. I'm the first step along. Which are one of the most popular items. About what else. Here's where food the really begins. And we just to name bullet on the Ellen yeah. We went live. Yeah 00 I know I know so. We'll regulars come in and they don't want a waitress in which takes. Constantly had to get an appetizer look better appetizer and hot. That's what's on the New York your regular. I don't hear their all of the possibility that makes this yeah two week. Against national sandwich and it's so politely telling myself I'm. I'm not yet. I've got to campus of places here we can take a lesson. Entirely at the the amendment places where there like a very strict rules like you can only get your hot. I'll just play and don't you think about ordering it any other way. They have. Changed completely in the hot not only will I so it's not that we. I'm making part time live. Gamble team that I mean when a potential when. From Chicago into all that crazy crap on time. Com jerky. Ambulances choppers and put Mayo on it and don't like Rick. Really want to get here but I want to it's. Not. When it hit you again come here online order here that I feel it. Seen one. These are part experts are artists. There for decades some of them come along and has been one. What my father. I'm thinking yeah. Yeah that. Let's talk about odd numbered around minus three pounds eating and property. So. Popular but car. What we do about it. And we just. One lead with an excellent spot that we do eat out. Turkey is coupled. All Nall and yet that in the hot dog killer from its popular. On music about 30000 pounds. And it's and it's all curious and feel passionately so we. You know up strongly you feel traditional shop as a needle. It's from valley very tender funneling people. When it's just that Jews helped him out and it's cheers for three weeks it's been smoked for about 47. That's forgets all about. Why didn't you outside. Technical problems. Salt and pepper look for an their although sleep is really come together in the. Content song magic differently apparently higher and so they're here. You can Garrett RTS. No way you know it's its side. We'll need for one little moment. And most phone and customer. My regulars let me know if it's perfect at. Another happy happy happy about that it not 120 years we've learned how to. Biography on the. Exactly it's not an autobiography immediate of the delegate. But yeah that's on the fifth generation overall. Thirty Mike Campbell in. Stanley is no longer. For many many decades. Phones and so we wanted to get Furman 25 anniversary something on the river. Show everywhere. Where we come from. It's only look at it coming and going back years from now. I'm gonna get your. Oh yeah that's how we're now. Hey Charlie and various even at stake it's not 3 o'clock. The New York it exactly I'm lunch hour the place is packed some people just do they get through every debt. Like let me ask you. That's quite yeah. If they end. So point the line. And that's all the time. You let me. Here. Literally around borrowed. Oh yeah are you happy that we had situations. Let's see if we could reach a really good about 102. What. Com. Find anybody here. Coming couple thousand people would come indoors. We had them line goes down or. Corner that was that was something else that was christmastime last year it was a little little chaotic and we'll Christmas coming up. Again if you're like cleaning up the surrounding. I'm here. Perfect holiday. Can we take a little look on the other side could hear anything. Content online and people. We need right I'm. It's. Around. I'm. Look good timing. Happened I didn't think he seemed to get on a slap what does that it was but should now happen guys you. It was building event will run. Who's on your. Aren't you honestly that you're gonna have the talent. More distracting. Yeah yeah. Cheered. Again right now for a closer to being cared she doesn't move. Odds are. These are the final seven. On these great. Relief. Under it for so long that he tries its Placer who literally fall apart. The probable right. So so instead you. It's even years. When and how they that was home. And it. We'll let me the Huntington and that's something that we don't end here. Back and everybody. But yeah actually not here. The specials and its use of practice. I miss these sounds like a pretty sandwich and anyway that I look at. Which is whether they're here. So little. Ago so. And let lobotomy is there and I'm. It's. Kind of like a pet prairie and help. Factory. And a Little Rock. There are many that. And that it's him comfort with the we make ourselves a picture right here fifth. At new vehicles which take about three days and it was a little later. And then we have wrinkles. Next sea cucumbers. That is just one step and tonight Carl. And and what the other is more like talent. That came calling. I don't know I don't know these you know these are little free. That's it seems pretty good thing seems to work out and you. Yeah. Ninety's eating that you and yeah. That's one of my favorite customers of all time. On the ocean in point 70 and time and she's 94 years old she comes used to come every Sunday with the resistance. A split decision Orleans. And every time she can she tells you see story in every time she cries and Billy when. That's why I'm here that's. But we don't change anything because it's. Angels Camp. Feeling. I'm not having grown up in in this passionate very telling it was actually. He made right here on them. So we're a little late Obama got excellent. You know I you're not reaching down in there and grabbing the minutes will be right. That's offensive kids. Aren't so on the everyday. Today here it. Our in New York that they currently have here didn't sandals you have Delhi to celebrate. How much of the permanent. In 1970. Come on down this damage I. And I am happy. TI. In this like even time this Charlie kind because being around. Me and heating unit that's probably really benefits. Please give my thanks go out. Now I now we'll be back here you our meeting. I think it's Charlie day with helping about celebrate. National each day think watching. There and hear from war.

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{"id":34943966,"title":"Celebrating National Sandwich Day at New York's Katz's Deli","duration":"17:35","description":"ABC News' Charli James reports from the legendary eatery.","url":"/US/video/celebrating-national-sandwich-day-yorks-katzs-deli-34943966","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}