2 Charged With Murder in NYC Stabbing

Comunale was last seen Nov. 20.
1:25 | 11/17/16

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Transcript for 2 Charged With Murder in NYC Stabbing
It's total us. He torched everybody. Everybody came in contact with this left him. Here's won a kind. Joseph com you now Lee's father is inconsolable. Shocked by the brutal killing of his 26 year old sign. Connie Allie went to Manhattan with friends Saturday for a night out. Police say he got separated from his friend at a club and was last seen entering this luxury apartment building on the upper east side. They had yeah. All the currency people might seem surprising unit down there investigating Robert traps. Police say they found commune Ali's bloody clothes inside and bloody evidence in a garbage bag outside the building. Charged with murder are Lawrence deal Leone and James rack over the son of wealthy and prominent New York City jeweler. Jeffrey rack over. Additional charges include tampering and hindering prosecution charges. Police say coming Allie was stabbed fifteen times in his body was found dairy and a shallow grave in this wooded area. In Monmouth county New Jersey on Wednesday. Which takes him some of the people collecting a lot of evidence as we go around the city speaking to different people within that night the club. A people who were in the apartment choir. Police say a motive for coming in alleys murder is unknown at this time and we're still waiting for more. That night and held its fans ABC news New York.

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{"duration":"1:25","description":"Comunale was last seen Nov. 20.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"43616440","title":"2 Charged With Murder in NYC Stabbing","url":"/US/video/charged-murder-nyc-stabbing-43616440"}